For those confused about what’s going on with Hajime at the end of DR3 Future episode 6, it’s actually pretty consistent with what the ending to DR2 implied. Let’s take a look at the conversation Naegi and the others have in that particular scene.

They don’t actually say that Hajime and the others gained back their island memories. In fact, it’s heavily implied that Hajime woke up as Izuru, just as Junko claimed he would. But the ‘miracle’ that they found was that he also retained his feelings from in the game, and chose to be Hajime.

Bottom line, the Hajime from DR2 is not really gone, but neither is Izuru. The one we see at the end of DR3 Future episode 6 is most likely both of them (and I don’t mean that in a dissociative identity disorder kind of way). That’s just what I think is going on. I might be wrong.

We interrupt your Miraculous fangirling to bring you this heartwrenching news... No more Miraculous Korean streams til March 2016? WHAT THE WHAT?!


I knew it! I knew they were gonna pull something like this!
I was expecting this. Since today’s episode was the mid season episode, I was indeed expecting a hiatus of some sort. But not one that BLOODY long!

I was expecting only like a week or maybe even a month’s hiatus but MARCH FREAKING 2016!

Say it ain’t so! Please tell me this has only been confirmed for the Korean version of the episode?
What about the French? Will TFOU continue to stream to remainder of the season or will they follow their Korean brothers and go on hiatus too? That…would make sense if the French and Korean Miraculous shows go on hiatus after all, their English little brother is coming out next week so it’s only fair if they give him time to play catch up too, right?

I just need a confirmation but according Miraculous_Cartoon on Twitter, it’s sounding like no new episodes til next year QAQ Someone confirm this please?

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)


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