Motochikaaa! I had a lot of feelings when I got this photo back, gosh <3 My anchor is my baby. Stoked to bring this out again for the comic expo! I’ll be wearing this on Saturday so definitely come say hi!! Hope to see you all there!
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Have you thought any more about poss going to NZ? Xx

Oh gosh, I have indeed although things have not been clear in my mind for a while around it all. I am slowly coming to realise that I may never feel “ready” to make a decision but that I should try to listen to what I believe is right for me deep down. As you may have seen, I heard from Bristol University last week and they have said that I can defer my entry (after talking to the admissions tutor) and have asked me to get back to them as soon as possible. 

I am incredibly worried about “making the wrong decision” but I know that if it were another person in my position and they were asking me for advice, that I would remind them that there is no “right” or “wrong” decision. 

The opportunity to travel to NZ under such circumstances may never come my way again, and I don’t want to look back in regret having not taken it. Yes I am incredibly worried that I may be trying to take on more than I can, but this is still many months away. Personally, I don’t know whether I would be “ready” to head back to University this year if I am honest. I came home for a reason and that was to get better. It has not been easy thus far and I know that there is still time before i would be going to Uni but I really feel like I need a bit more time to FIND ME. A bit more soul searching? Discovery? Not only that but I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to go travelling - in particular to NZ to see my family out there. Looking at the opportunities out there and the tours of the islands fills me with a sort of excitement that I have never felt before. I want to explore. Travel. See the world.

Yes I am worried about going to University at the age of 21, but in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? University will ALWAYS be there no matter what, whereas the chance to travel like this may not. The last thing I would want would be to go to uni and settle in and say that I would travel afterwards but then get tied into a job straight out of University like my brother did. I don’t think I will get this opportunity again. Yes seeing seeing more people go this Sept/October will be difficult and watching as all my school friends graduate even before i have started university will be even harder. but  maybe it is okay to not be there. Maybe it is okay to take my own path, to find out what I want from life a little more. There is so much more to life than just following the education system because that is what we have been told is the “right” thing to do - I want to go when I AM READY. And maybe that isn’t this coming year but that’s okay. 

As you can probably tell, I am definitely swaying one way rather than the other.

Making a definite decision is proving extremely difficult. Almost impossible. But I WILL make my decision. I will start to put myself first and actually LISTEN to what I want for once. THIS IS MY LIFE. I MAKE THE CHOICES. And heck, if this isnt a motivator to help me really break free of anorexia once and for all then I don’t know what will be xxxxx

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Your drawing of Levi crying... *strangled noises* I WAS RECOVERING FROM ACWNR PART 2 AND THEN I SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL ARTS AND ITS ALL COMING BACK AGAIN. Gosh darn you for being so talented. (except not because I love your art so much)

Yee I still can’t get out from this feeling, the OVA really fucked me up. Have you watched the OVA and heard Levi sobbing? Ugh- /brb crying (thanks by the way :^))

Nian broke up, my favorite couple of all time broke up and i felt  horrible about it because their happiness was my happiness their pain was my pain,their love was making me happy every single day and when everything broke my only hope for Nian was TVD and now Nina is leaving the show and all I feel is pain… my heart is breaking, gosh, I wish they were still together but all my dreams and hopes broke like my Nian did. Please Nina stay because Delena is my only hope, because all I have got is Delena’s love. Their love is pure as Nian’s. From the begining I wished for Delena. Everything was great until she came along that horse and ruined everything.
I can’r deal with this… hurts, hurts soo much :Xx

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Gosh, no Kai, you’re so precious!Q___Q <3<3<3 More… it’s like I find it difficult to be still on tumblr for some reasons?ç___ç Even if I miss a lot of people there, really!T___T </3 So I’m glad you noticed me and replied like this!;U; REALLY!!!<3

awh ;; gosh you’re too kind ;w; <33

aah, I understand. Lately tumblr has been difficult to be on (even if I seem to can’t get away from it like ever no matter how problematic it gets orz) so it’s all right ;v; 

feel free to come back whenever you feel ready! chances are we’ll still be here for you c:


This ep of Arrow hit me right in feels!

Teacher Oliver moments.

I just wanted hug Roy/Baby Arrow close and growl like a Mama Bear every time someone even looked at him funny.

Ray totally won me over completely during this episode. Come on spin-off and getting your own girl to mend your soon-to-be broken heart!

Speaking of which, total spin-off hints (and hello, Cisco! did I time travel back to Tuesday?)

Soooooo much Team Arrow goodness! Seriously, guys, where have you been all my life (or this season)? Love it!

Olicity. Mmmhmm. I see you two.

Those last ten minutes though!!!! I think my heart just went through the emotion cycle of the fandom washer.

Pretty much “Broken Arrow” rocked on all levels.

lalaniinthesky replied to your post:[Do not ask me for music recs I’ll give you 543548…

…*slowly raises hands* may i have some anyways?? im always looking for a lot so c:

[Oh gosh, I have so many musical suggestions…

The Script:
You Won’t Feel A Thing
Exit Wounds
Long Gone And Moved On
Talk You Down
If You Ever Come Back
Science & Faith
Bullet From A Gun
Walk Away
If You See Kay
(all of their lesser known songs are my favorites tbqh)

The Cab
Angel With a Shotgun
Lovesick Fool
La La
Her Love Is My Religion
Living Louder
One Of Those Nights
I’ll Run
Take My Hand
Vegas Skies
This City Is Contagious
Lock Me Up
Stand Up
These Are The Lies
(aka the most s2 Fitzsimmons song to ever s2 Fitzsimmons)

Junior Doctor
literally all of their songs are fab but my faves are
Uh Oh
Perfect Girl (Make Her Mine)
Mirror Mirror
Beautiful And Blind
Not Now
She’s My Rushmore, Max

Honey, I’m Good
by Andy Grammer might be one of my fave songs right now

Marianas Trench (Jess got me into them she also has fab music taste)
Celebrity Status
Desperate Measures
which I made an edit to forever ago because hella fitting
By Now
Pop 101
Here’s To The Zeroes
one of their newer songs hella fab
Ever After and the entire Ever After album tbqh (I’ll list most of the songs from it)
Haven’t Had Enough
Toy Soldiers
B Team


The White Tie Affair
The Letdown
Candle (Sick and Tired)
Scene Change
The Enemy
Take It Home
If I Fall
The Way Down

And probably more artists but that’s what I have off the top of my head]

Today is just one of those days, when all is going well. Your life is finally coming back together. Your feeling the best you’ve felt in years and then boom in a matter of seconds you have to change everything. You have to know what to put first? What’s most important in your life? What will you regret?
When I turned 18 I voluntarily took on the responsibility to take care of my Mother, My little sister and My brother. Everyday I tried my hardest. All I ever want to do in life is give my 100% at everything and oh gosh was it soooo hard!
Along the way I got help between school and work, people worked with me. I worked 36 hour weeks at 7-11 and went to school the best I could. Now I wasn’t a straight A student. I never thought I was the best but I honestly tried so hard and was so happy the day I graduated, because in that time I had done all that while still taking care of my family. Most of all my mom was there through it.
Now this is not a story asking for any help. This is just a 20 year old girl who wants to share her story of hope, because in my best times came to what people would say is the worst. Most young people like I who had spent months saving and planing to move away from home and get an apartment with there best friend while driving across country, well they wouldn’t give that up for the world. Some tell me I’m strong but I just don’t believe I am as strong as I could be.
For the past 5 years now I have watched my mother die at times I thought. I watched her have seizure after seizure and all I did was pray. She’s gone through so much with chemo and radiation that now her heart hurts, but everyday she wakes up and takes care of my sister while I’m 12 hours away. She’s trying so hard and doing it with a smile on her face everyday.
All those 4 months I’ve been gone and she’s told me she’s okay, I know she’s been lying. I can hear it in her voice I can see it in her face. She may be fooling the world but she can’t fool me.
My mom is the light at the end of my tunnel. She’s worked hard with the help of friends and family to keep me and my sibling safe and warm. So when I get a call that I didn’t want to hear I was more upset she didn’t ask me sooner to come home. I did senior year when I moved back to take care of her why wouldn’t I now!!
She does what every mother does and wanted to see me achieve my dream! I get that because ever since my little sis was born that’s all I wanted for her. So I decided that I can’t abandon the women who has done so much for me. I couldn’t move to Colorado earthier and abandon my best friend in an apartment he couldn’t afford without my help.

When my mom told me how things were going I was upset cuz I’m so young and just want to be it. Taking on all these reaposibilitys is hard I’ve Been doing it for a long time and I don’t know how to handle it, but when I thought my friend would be mad he was supportive. He knows will always be friends and that calmed me some.
My mom is strong and I look up to her. I put a smile on my face now everyday and think I could have it worse. You could have it worse, we all could. So instead of hating everything about your life. From not having a relationship to your car having a flat, please don’t get sad or angry because yes it sucks but it could be worse focus all your anger on just being happy. Cry if need be cuz that’s a good thing to do! But don’t be upset so you ruin your day more.
I know this is a lot of mumble jumble but I just can’t sleep and I just want others to maybe read this and know that you can make a bad day good. If talking helps do it just don’t sit around and be sad! Be happy! Know people care about you and love you no mater what. Stop dwelling on everything bad that could happen and get up to make it better. Do not complain if you are not willing to fix it, because in that time of complaining you could have smiled and laughed.
Don’t ever give up hope and don’t ever stop trying keep fighting just like my mom!

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I've been having tests and scans since october. I feel your pain. My doctor was like lets hope that we have all the answers this year. 3 cancer scares but everything is coming back great aside from not being able to have kids ever.

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!!! I may on that path as well, there’s a history on my mom’s side. I’m glad you’re okay though, minus the last part of course :(

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Hey I watched your cute video on you tube. You two are so cute. How did it go with meeting your mum, was she cool? I want to introduce my gf to my parents but scared it goes badly. Any advice?

Hello there :)!
Well I’m sure Laura was nervous to meet my parents but I wasn’t haha. Both of our parents met up and my family paid for the meal which we had together. My step dad took us to do laser shooting which was fun! Honestly it went really well and she’s more than welcome to come back. (She’s my pets favourite person now…not at all jealous)
Gosh advice on introduction, depends if you feel comfortable enough with your parents knowing? And if you think they react well. If they haven’t met her before I’d introduce as friends first then once they get to know her as a person not just your girlfriend then by all means go ahead. I’m not big with “here’s my girlfriend” I’m pretty chill with what people find a big deal so personally I’d just say “parents, I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend :) she’s lovely” you know better than I do but I hope it goes well.
Much love 😊
H ~

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Gosh, now I feel like an ass for saying most fan fiction is crap. I read it all the time, so how crappy can it be? :) Still, the others pale in comparison to yours; that was the point my poorly chosen words were trying to get across. Be true to YOUR story. Can't wait to keep reading!!

Nah, man. We all have those fanfics that are obviously crappy, yet always have us coming back for more. No shame. And thanks, again! :)

I feel so terrible right now and i wish id stop crying and i wish my throat would stop burning that much and i wish my chest would stop hurting so much and i wish my heart wouldn’t had drop that hard and oh gosh i wish id finally get better
I feel like it all comes back, all the voice that went away. Now that youre gone they are back again fuck
I wish it wouldnt hurt that much
I miss you so terribly oh fuch im so sorryi
I wish id stop existing for a while, its too much for me
Please miss me back fuck


Isn’t it unfair when you’re still in a shock to everything that happened and the other person is doing just fine? Like, how did that person moved on?

After all that we’ve been through, how could you just forget it like that? I’m way too impressed. I wish I could name somebody or blame someone for all the pain and sorrow I’m still feeling but it’s all my fault. I was lost, that I forgot the first lesson: “Keep your eyes open at all times.”

Why? Am i that easy to forget? Sometimes I wish I could be like him: easy to forget, easy to go on. Someday.. I will be okay. What goes around, comes back around.

Gosh, I should stop stressing myself out. My main priority now is my studies, but there are times wherein I still wonder what he’s up to or if he’s doing well (which is absolutely yes).

Denise, stay strong. Hold on.

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+ What's it like, this new set of horns? Do they feel strange?

Anonymously send me ’+’ and a question and my muse has to answer honestly no matter how uncomfortable it makes them

  “Oh my gosh, I love them!” the red head jumped up, hands up in excitement as she hovered happily.

  “They did feel really strange at first, actually. It was this sudden extra weight on my head, and to be honest I’ve bumped my head even more than normal now, with these.”

  “I used to bump my head on people’s elbows and stuff all the time~”

{[Sorry if this feels janky and ridged, I keep getting distracted and coming back ||D]}

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I really hope Tucker actually missed junior cause it really doesn’t seem like it and that makes me really, really sad




sorry I lu u bby

Haha I knew this would happen. Fucking coming right back to me when shit doesn’t go your way. I am SO HAPPY I told you to piss off and that I want nothing to do with you. Thank you for finally realizing that you wanted me yet you were afraid, that you knew I made you a better person and that all the shade you threw this past year you regret. Best feeling ever oh my gosh. But bye bye to you now.

Reverse Culture Shock

Exactly today of last year I was waiting and hoping that I would receive the NSLI-Y scholarship to go to South Korea for a year. Unfortunately that never happened because I honestly wasn’t experienced enough or mature enough to handle a year away from home. However, I feel like being in college for three months and coming home has taught me a ton about the process of the honeymoon period, culture shock, initial adjustment, mental isolation, acceptance and integration, and even reverse culture shock (Gosh, I sound like my college success class). 
Reverse culture shock is the strangest of all though. The people that you loved and the culture that you once knew, just seems completely strange. It makes me want to go back to Rexburg or go somewhere new and never have to experience the reverse culture shock. 

Because I went through the experience of college for three months, I feel ready to finally be able to study abroad or go to a different country on my own because I know that I can handle anything. (Well almost everything..)

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My point in telling you that was NOT just to moan about our issues together, my point was to try new things, different brands of depression meds, or add or anxiety! Good luck bby girl, hang in there. You can fucking do this!

wow thank you so much for all of this. I was admitted into a mental hospital before, so I know their games & it does suck. I do feel like Zoloft caused my suicidal thoughts to come back again. Thank gosh I’m off of that. my ultimate goal is to just get taken off meds completely. I’ve been going to therapy every week and it’s been kinda helping. I still have some hope. Anons like you though help so much.