gosh was this scene hard to gif!


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

Under the cut you’ll find 95 gifs of Will Tudor as Sebastian Verlac/Jonathan Morgenstern from episode 2x16 ofShadowhunters. All of these were made by me for rp purposes only. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THEM INTO GIF HUNTS. If you make them into gif icons, please credit me; and if you use them, please like/reblog this post. 

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Hi! How are you? I was wondering if you would like to write something about Loki teaching the reader self-defense. At the beginning it's very hard for the reader but then she gets better and better till she finally gets to beat him. (Kind of like that gif with Loki and Valkyrie when she's on top of him.) Of course, if you don't like it you don't have to write it! Sorry for any mistakes and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Title: Self Defense Training  

A/N: Oh my gosh dude, I’m so not good at writing action or fight scenes lmao! I tried so hard! I used some stuff from a couple krav maga videos to help me. I hope I explained the moves clear enough. Anyway, if the fighting sucks, I hope fluff is enough to make up for it!

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 818

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#BonesWeek12018: Favorite “First” Anything for a Couple/Relationship

I absolutely adore Booth and Sweets’ relationship, and this is the first scene that comes to mind when I think of their friendship starting to blossom (forgive me if there is an actual “first” before this, I have a hard time keeping up haha). Sweets is still very much “the kid” at this point, so most everyone - especially Booth and Brennan - don’t take him as seriously as he’d like or deserves… but that doesn’t discourage him from trying any harder. So, in my opinion, the fact that Booth opened up to him for his opinion on a sensitive, personal topic, it’s a significant moment for the two of them.


Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Paul listening in on your conversation, and he loses his cool when the guy leans closer to you.

“Oh my gosh!” you exclaim, laughing as the guy laughs with you. “You’re so funny!” tears brim up between your slit eyelids as you continue laughing hard.

“I’m not that funny, you’re just easily amused.” the boy teases, leaning closer to you.

Down the hallway, Paul see’s the scene unravel and he cannot help his trembling. The way you’re laughing with that guy made him mad, made him lose control. “Dude, calm down! She’s just talking to him.” Jared hisses, pushing Paul towards the exit.

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“Hm… I can be serious. I think sometimes I can be… I can be a little cold and she’s [Olivia], she’s icy at times and hm… [Interviewer: You seem to laugh a lot though.] Yeah, oh I’m quick to laugh! [laughs]”


Disney ladies + (some) personal favorite outfits

Okay, so you know that GIFset with the whole “booby traps haha cool” scene that’s been circulating lately? Well, I have discovered the versatility of the famous second-to-last GIF. Observe.

Bad puns.

Someone insults your friend.

Someone says, “Ninjago is so stupid!” while standing behind you.

Someone takes a jab at your favorite video game, musician, or book.

You’re in a class full of idiots.

Your brother is watching you reblog stuff and you didn’t know he was there until he breathed a bit too hard on your neck.

It is very useful.

anonymous asked:

F(x) reaction you accidentally hit then on the boob😅😅

Haha I like this idea, here you are anon! :)

Krystal: You slip and helplessly grab on something, so you that you won’t fall. You hear a squeak coming out of Krystal, and as you stand up again, you see what you were grabbing the whole time…

*blushes* “(Y/N), you did that intentionally, didn’t you?”

Originally posted by 9oldenstars

Victoria: You two are sitting on the couch, cuddling and watching some horror-movies, and you suddenly get jumpscared, and you accidentally hit Vics chest.

*gasps* “Gosh you scared me more than the scene, Jagi!”

Originally posted by periwin5les

Luna: You hit Luna’s chest while hunting a mosquito that annoyed you for too long. Her expression says it all.

“Did. You. Just hit. My Boobs, (Y/N)?” (I can’t stop using this GIF)

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Amber: Amber and You are at the beach, playing some Volleyball and you play the ball to Amber but she doesn’t get the ball, resulting in the ball hitting Ambers chest pretty hard.

*cries in pain*

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Day 2 // Can’t Sleep (Love)
External image

“Somebody wake up my heart, light me up
Set fire to my soul, yeah, ‘cause I can’t do it anymore
Gimme that can’t sleep love, I want that can’t sleep love
The kind I dream about all day, the kind that keeps me up all night
Gimme that can’t sleep love” -Pentatonix, “Can’t Sleep Love”

this gif went through series of editing and hard work, sorry for the delay huhu

when i read the prompt for the first time, this was the only thing I thought of

this song is super catchy and I just wanted to make an animation out of it, so here’s another day for soma week ft. Mak’s Animation + AUs! Here’s my College AU post-confession scene:)

just seeing this makes my heart flutter good gosh

EDIT: YES IT FINALLY WORKS OMG!!! Please click the external image to see the gif. Thank you!!!

Gosh, i just love this scene. Specifically this set of frames, so so so hard.

I love how the camera zooms into Marinette. I love how she is frozen, I love how she takes it in, I love the way her eyes are scanning Alya and memorizing this moment.

This moment, the moment where Alya was hurt was the point where it became Unacceptable. The moment where all her doubts and self hatred just die.

And it feels like she’s thinking, “Okay, world, you want me to be Ladybug? Then buckle your fucking seatbelts because NO ONE is putting my best friend in danger ever again.”

I love the Love Square™ ok. I love the relationship between Adrien/Ladybug/Marinette/ChatNoir. But Adrien had nothing to do with her decision to put on the mask. Yes, she was concerned for Chat Noir. YES she wants to save him. But if you examine what we’re given, it was Alya that pushed her over the edge to embrace and accept her responsibilities.

Girl friendships fueling growth.

Girls taking on the hard things.

Girls being terrified but doing the thing anyway.

Excuse me. I’m crying again.


*seeing the new video on my youtube dashboard*



*5 seconds later*


*seeing the first scene of the video*


Me: “AH, that’s why they went to London.”

*Kai appears*



*trying to understand what’s happening*


Me: “What exactly is he doing there?”

*Kai disappears*

Me: Kai … please … don’t go…


Me: *almost crying* “Oh my gosh! A new logo!” *realising that Kris and Luhan did really quit*

(not all gifs belong to me and sorry for some mistakes, my english is not perfect. :)