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Oh my gosh your art is SO cute! It really makes my day, your Umbreon's so floofy. Much love from the PNW! KUDOS ♡

i’m not able to draw anything right now but!!! thank you SO much!!! i’m so glad my art can make people happy, and i hope you have a great day! 🌟

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Can I request a modern fic where Raven is a nurse and Jason gets hurt and gets treated by her. And wants to ask her out so he keeps "accidentally" hurting himself to see her. Thanks :)

“So… you think you have a broken arm?” Raven looked up at his x-rays, her eyes poring over every little detail lit up on the film. Her nostrils flared just a bit as she noticed that there was nothing wrong with him – absolutely nothing. Rubbing her temples, Raven turned around and met his vibrant green stare with a sigh. “Mr. Todd-“

“Jason.” He smiled, the movement sitting somewhere between cocky and embarrassed. Raven wasn’t quite sure how he managed to look at her like that, but he did. “You can call me by my first name you know. I feel like after three visits, we should be on a first-name basis.”

Raven sighed and sat down across from him, turning off the light box where his x-rays were mounted. “Jason, then. Look… I know that you know that you do not have a broken arm. So, what are you doing here? I am not going to give you a medical marijuana card if that’s what you’re asking. Not for a broken arm.”

“What? No!” Jason looked offended and he pulled back, crossing his arms over his chest for a brief moment before he remembered he was supposed to be in pain. He jerked and set his hands at his sides. “I mean… I fell off my steps, I was worried that I might have sprained it or broken it. And last week I happened to just be a bit… clumsy in my yard.”

“You have the reflexes of a cat, I can tell. I’d hardly call you clumsy, no matter how you slice it.” Raven lifted an eyebrow. “And you are telling me that in the last two weeks you’ve been ‘clumsy’ enough to come in here at least three times.” Her cheeks puffed out in defeat and she looked up into the ceiling, knowing that looking at him would just work her up even more. “Okay, Jason. If you don’t want a medical marijuana card, then what do you want?”

“Coffee?” He shrugged. “I mean, with you. I would like coffee with you. After your shift.”

He could not be serious… could he? Oh, for the love of all that was good, he was serious. Her lips twitched and she looked at him with a laugh bubbling out from her throat. “You did all of this, and paid all that money, just to ask me out on a date?”

“Coffee. Just coffee.” He glanced away and itched a still-healing scar near his jaw. “It’s just… last month when you stitched me up, you were nice and cute… and… I don’t really meet a lot of nice girls working thirds, so…” He shrugged and jumped off the examination table, reaching for his jacket in the corner of the room. “Sorry. I realize how freaking weird this must be. I’ll just pay my copay on the way out and you won’t have to-“

“I get off in four hours.” Raven wasn’t exactly sure why she was agreeing to this, but for a moment he looked genuine. He didn’t put on that charming little smile and try to flirt with her (she got that a lot), but he said just coffee. She could do just coffee. That was okay. “I like the place on the corner of Main and Taft.”

Jason offered her a little, lopsided smile, but said nothing.

“I’ll see you there, right?”

He nodded. “In four hours.”


drunk me started crying last night because black girls are so pretty and im pretty sure my friend has a video but it was just me with tears coming down my face saying “nobody is like us” “we’re so pretty” “gosh your hair is so cute” “i love being a black girl” and then texting this boy I like about how pretty black girls are and he’s just like “yes girl y'all are but please stop crying”

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Oh my gosh!!!! Your art is so CUTE!!! L love the way you draw EVAN AND DELIRIOUS!!!! SO CUTE OWO!!!

I’m glad to think so! I’ll continue to draw cute pictures in the future. X)

Thank you very much!!

Crush (Hanbin Scenario)


Can I request hanbin ikon scenario when he has crush on you and all member always teasing him when they are around you (like hold your hand or everything). The reader is idol. Thank you 😉


Haha, yeaa, sorry about the wait. I hope you enjoy it, like it’s kinda angsty,,,,but yea. Also Hanbins POV, like is wierd,, but oh well. Also sorry for the lack of posts on the blog. Both admins are really busy with school.

Genre: Fluff | Somewhat Angsty endish part

Word Count: 2000+

-Hanbins POV -

“Hey, Hanbin can you guess who’s coming over to practice today?” Yunhyeong said teasing the leader. Hanbin’s face turned a light crimson as he began to feel slightly embarrassed. Bobby placed his hand on the leaders shoulder and began to laugh. Junhoe began to add onto Yunhyeong’s comment.

“Yeah, Hanbin,” He made sure to put more emphasis onto his name. 

“It’s a girl, she’s an idol, and her name is-“

“Junhoe sh-shut up.” Hanbin spoke feeling quite flustered. Other members knew he had a crush on you, it was pretty obvious. He had an extremely bad habit of staring at you. However the leader couldn’t help it, he loved watching your facial expressions light up as you talked. He loved to hear your smooth voice. He loved hearing you sing, he also enjoyed watching you dance. His standard of perfection was you. He loved watching you play with your hair, or play games with the others. He normally just stood to the side and watched, he didn’t want to interfere, or do something that would upset you. When you tried to get him to join, he would reject the offer. He felt that he had to somehow reserve himself so you wouldn’t become disappointed with him.

He had a terrible tendency to be a perfectionist, and he always was so pessimistic when it came to everything he did. Whenever he did something and made a slight mistake, he would become extremely upset with himself. As the leader, everyone held him to a somewhat higher stander. Everyone always expected him to be perfect, they expected more than what he could give out.  However when he was around you, all the stress disappeared. When he saw you and how calm you were, it made him feel relieved.

“A-anyways, when is she gonna get here?” He mumbled, he would never admit this, but he was quite excited to see you today. Jinhwan began to giggle.

“Ooooh” He cooed. “Is little Hanbin excited to see (y/n)?” Jinhwan had found Hanbin’s crush on you extremely adorable. He would always get giddy when Hanbin and you sang together. To say the least, Hanbin hated it. It always made him even more embarrassed to be around you. Seeing Jinhwan’s wide smiles and encouraging text messages that normally said something along the lines of ‘You’re doing so well, now just ask her out’ Words could not describe how much Hanbin hated it.

“Jinhwan are you reall-“

“You address your Hyung like that?” Hanbin rolled his eyes, Jinhwan found these moments hilarious. Seeing how Hanbin was so flustered while talking about you.

“Sorry, Jinhwan Hyung” Hanbin spoke with annoyance in his voice. “I was going to ask, are you really going to tease me about this?” The leader was slightly annoyed, and it was clear that he was. The other boys just laughed.

“Mm, Hanbin, she’s on her way.” Donghyuk spoke.  

“Okay…” Hanbin paused. “Wait, did she text you that.”

“Yeah, Hanbin, she loves me. Of course she would text me.” Donghyuk spoke slightly cockily. Chanwoo snorted.

“You got something to say Chanwoo?” Donghyuk glared at the younger, and the two of them began to burst out laughing. Hanbin chuckled slightly.

“I’m going to get a drink, anybody want anything?”

“He just wants to see (y/n).” Yunhyeong spoke slyly.

“I-I n-no.” Hanbin stuttered.

“I was right.” Hanbin felt his cheeks becoming the crimson again; he quickly closed the practice room door and went to get the drink, to cool down. As he walked away he could hear the boys all laughing in the distance.

As Hanbin walked to the vending machine he calmed down. He felt his cheeks return back to the normal temperature. He pulled out his phone and began typing a quick message to you saying,

Going to get soda you want one??’ 

He breathed deeply, and then hit the send button, not but two seconds later he saw the three dots, which indicated that you were typing. He felt a slight smile growing onto his lips. A few seconds later you responded with a 

‘Hell yea, get me a coke (not diet, regular!!!!)’ 

He chuckled quietly.

‘Noted, diet not regular.’ 

When you two did talk it normally consisted of you two teasing each other.

‘Noooo!!!! Regular! diet is horrible!’ 

He chuckled quietly again.

‘Alright, noted, regular not diet.’

‘There you go, also see you soon; I’m like ten minutes from the building.’

‘Awesome’ Moments after sending the last text he put his phone back into his pocket. He could feel a sly smile on his lips. He would try to cover it up but he was too happy.  He inserted the dollar into the machine and made sure to get you a regular (not diet) coke. He laughed at how passionate you were about your soda. You said you’d never drink diet again after seeing YG drink it. Hanbin laughed thinking about the party where you said it was your last time with diet soda. It was a random memory, but a funny one.

He walked back to the practice room happily; thinking of the kind of practice today would consist of. It made him happier that he was finally seeing you after your big promotion; it had been a long two months. Your promotions were nowhere near the end, but you finally got a break. The smile on his face began to grow as he thought of you and him finally hanging out.

“Look at that, the crushy boy is back.” Bobby laughed.

“I’m glad you managed to make it back, I thought you would get lost while you thought about (y/n).” Junhoe teased. This time around Hanbin wasn’t bothered by it, he didn’t ignore it, he just didn’t care much.

-Your POV -

As you walked towards the practice room, that the boys spent about 90% of their time in, you smiled. The two months was long, but you were happy you’d finally be able to see Hanbin. He was probably your favorite to be around, out of all the boys. However you’d always get confused, he seemed to have a good time when he was around you. He’d always be laughing or smiling, maybe even commenting something snarky. However he tended to reject your offers to hang out. You never thought much of it, but you couldn’t say it didn’t upset you when he was distant. However he had recently gotten better about it, he was more open and just happier in general. You thought it was the stress of the promotions he was currently doing. It was pretty understandable, especially with him being the leader and having to look after the group…constantly. When you turned to the corner you heard Bobby say something.

“Look at that, the crushy boy is back.” You paused before opening the door, what could they be talking about? You shrugged it off and entered the practice area.

“Hey guys!” You smiled and waved at all seven of them. Your eyes drifted to the figure standing next to you.

“Here’s your diet coke.” You frowned was Hanbin being serious?

“I told you regular.” You whined. He began to laugh.

“Gosh, your whining is so cute. I made sure to get you regular.” He was smiling.

“Thanks for the REGULAR coke.” He chuckled. You heard some ‘ooh’-ing come from the boys, it did make you smile. However when you looked up to Hanbin his head was turned slightly to the left, but you could see a slight red tint on his cheeks.

“Hanbin are you feeling okay?” He seemed surprised when you asked him. You reached your hand up and touched his forehead.

“You do feel a little warm. Are you sure you aren’t sick?” Hanbin lightly grabbed your wrist, his cheeks still crimson.

“I-I’m fine (y/n).” You could hear quiet laughing among the six other boys. To say the least, you felt confused. You felt like you were being left out of an inside joke or something.

“Hanbin, if you don’t feel well you should rest. You work too hard sometimes.” You sighed and looked at him. His cheeks became brighter.

“I-I think we should practice.” He quickly looked away from you and went over to the computer.

“But (y/n) just got back from promoting, why would she want to practice?” Jinhwan whined.

“Well, I guess I could teach you guys my dance.” Donghyuk and Junehoe snorted.

“I don’t know if learning a dance is fun…” Donghyuk started to speak.

“But it’s a girl group dance Donghyuk, they’re always fun.” Yunhyeong said.

“I’d only do it of you guys wanted me too.” You mumbled. Bobby smiled.

“Gosh (y/n) how are you still single.” You saw Hanbin’s entire body tense up as Bobby spoke. ‘What’s going on with him?’ You thought. The boys, including Hanbin, were being particularly odd. Like they normally teased each other, but not to this much. This was too much; they were hiding something from you.

“(y/n) are you okay?” You mumbled a startled ‘hm’ when Chanwoo spoke to you. How long had you been thinking? It couldn’t have been that long, right?

“You’ve been staring at the wall for like two minutes.”

“I-I yea.” You gently placed his hand on your shoulder and smiled.

“Will you teach us the dance now?”

“Of course Chanwoo!” You grabbed your phone out of your back pocket and handed it over to Hanbin, who was staring intently at the computer.

“Hey Hanbin, can you hook this up?” He made no eye contact with you as he took your phone. What the hell? What was that?

“Hanbin, are you positive you’re okay? Because you’re sure as hell not acting like it.” You could hear a few other members laughing quietly in the background. You didn’t bother to look; you knew it was a mixture of all six boys.

“I” he paused, for a little too long. “I- yea I’m fine (y/n), well actually I am feeling a bit odd.” His fake laugh didn’t fool you at all. You knew something was up, but you weren’t able to tell what it was. Sighing, you finally snapped.

“What is it with all of you today?!” You almost screamed, but you were trying to keep your temper.

“All day you guys have been laughing, do I have something on me? Did I do something stupid? Just tell me what it is, please!” Looking over to Hanbin, he was frozen in place. You could see his chest moving slightly up and down as he breathed. Looking across the room the other boy were all looking guilty.

“God, can you guys not tell me what it is?!” You took your phone from Hanbin, he willingly let go of it, not throwing a fit. You know what? It would have been better if he said something, maybe then you would know what’s going on. Since no one was still telling you anything, you decided on leaving.

“Well fine, if none of you guys are gonna tell me, I’m just gonna go. Call me if you have something to say.” You walked over to the door, and still, no one moved. Hanbin stiffer than ever.

“I- (y/n)-“

“What is it Hanbin? You’ve been acting the weirdest” His body loosened as he stood from the chair. Looking at the boys faces, they were all grinning.

“Why are you guys smiling, is this funny or something? I just do-“

“(y/n) just breath for a second.“ Hanbin spoke quietly cutting you off.

“What gives?” He ran his fingers through his hair, and sighed quietly.

“Well the others are teasing me because they-“

“He has a crush on you (y/n)! How oblivious are you!” Jinhwan cut him off.

“Jinhwan!” Bobby, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong yelled in unison. Peering over Hanbin’s shoulder you could see Junehoe silently laughing, nearly falling out of his chair.

“What.” You said bluntly. Hanbin laughed nervously.

“Yeah, Jinhwan said it.”

 -Admin A

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Literally every time I see Aragorn's 'but it is not this day!' speech, Not Today starts playing and the other way around. It doesn't help that the scenery in Not Today looks like LotR ; _ ;

lmaoo i didn’t even realise the scenery was this similar but you’re totally right nd you have it worse tbh, i can at least listen to the song without my brain making refrences to lotr.. though i don’t think i’ll be able to watch the scene without remembering this ask from now on

annnnnnnnnd i’m yet again humming the song


I’m so sorry for this stupid joke, please forgive me! But here you go, I love you and your art! You inspire me to keep drawing as much as I can! Thank you so much for being you!

o h s n a p . 👌 I^:’,

omg Grim, I’m so freakin flattered!! I’m glad you enjoy what’s on the blog here enough to feel motivated by it!!! (AND GOSH, YOU’RE SO SKILLED!!) Your Sans looks so cuuuuute!! It’s wicked cool to see ours together! AAA <333 

Recently in Magical Boy Anime-




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Oh my gosh your art is so cute I love it! If possible, could you draw Korekiyo Shinguuji telling a story, and nearly everyone's terrified while somebody is about to try and exorcise him? Or if that's too much then just Shinguuji please ^^'

wonder how terrifying it was :3c

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OH MY GOSH ! your fursona is sooo cute! And I have a small question , is your fursona a Taurus because you're a Taurus as well ? (By the way your art is amazing)

Yep! Just like me pollovy is infj, chaotic neutral and taurus.