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Once again, I am so fucked up by roadtripping boys!!!
Just the idea of them going off together for like a little “ relief of stress ” kinda deal is so cute???

Their favorite places to travel together are v chill and natural kind of places, like their Oregon trip!
After their time together up there for business, they start planning actual work free trips!

Can you imagine Arin renting this cute, little traveling van? Just to see Dan smile, as the nature freak he is

They drive all over small towns, singing to 80s & 90s tracks Dan brought from home
They find mountain peaks, and drive to the top as the sunsets, to get that perfect sense of calmness
The van has and open back, which they have stuffed with fluffy blankets and pillows

They stay out on the peak for hours, watching old sketches, spitting topics left & right. All bundled up together bc it’s gotten chilly

Eventually they both realize it has been a long while, and the stars are already resting above their heads
Dan helps Arin onto the top of the van, and they continue their banter, only this time under the shelter of the night sky.

They wake up the next morning, after driving home, & staying up late to watch the entirety of movies Dan grabbed from his shelf before leaving

Arin wakes up first, seeing Dan curled up in his arms, fluffy head resting on his chest
He should move, get up and take a shower
Though, moments like these with Dan don’t come around often

Dan eventually opens his tired eyelids, only to find Arin creepily staring at him
He begins to ask a question, only to be interrupted by large arms wrapping around his back, and a kiss on the nose

They spend the rest of the day chatting in the hotel room, ordering room service, watching more movies, glancing at each other every now and again

A/N: This sure got long um. Anyhow, I probably should’ve written something more interesting like Garroth going into depression over Vylad’s death or Nicole getting engaged to Garroth or James sneaking out Garroth to see a festival. Actually, those pages are for later.

Name: Garroths Journals

Series: Minecraft Diaries 

Word count: 713

March 27, 1549

Tomorrow is the one and only, the Spring Masquerade Gala. Now usually, I’d be enthusiastic to be attending such a grand event, but this year is different. The reason for my lack of enthusiasm is because of the events that happened yesterday afternoon.

Here’s a little recap; Caspian and I were having lunch in the castle gardens and were discussing our plans for the gala. Apparently, his planning on dancing with three different partners. (Which in my opinion, just seems hard.) He then started to describe all three partners. One of his “partners” is French Duchess’ daughter who has black hair soft as a horses’ mane, black eyes that could be compared to a night sky, and she ever hardly speaks but when she does everyone within earshot listens intensely. As I recall, her name is Victoria Antoinette Moreau the Third. The second partner he described was the exact opposite. He met a Lord’s daughter a few months ago was, as he described: cheerier than a rabbit with a bag of carrots, has golden hair that shines in the sunlight, and a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms. Felicia Kappenberg. Now, this was a surprised to me, his third partner is Alistair Richmond. Second in line to the throne of a neighboring kingdom. In all honesty, I have no problem in Caspian dating other guys, but three different people at the same time? I’m not even sure they all know each other… But maybe if they all met and got to know each other, they might work things out. I didn’t suggest that to Caspian though. You know, because I have no actual confidence.

After he was done talking about his partners, he sighed dreamily and swooned. (I think? But I’m not entirely sure. He seemed happy though.) Then I said, “Okay, so you really like them! That’s nice. But it does seem kind of hard.”

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oH MY GOSH ANOTHER HISTORY LOVER 😍😍😍 You're welcomed in my trash can anytime 😄 What's your fave period of history?

Thank you so much! And honestly, I don’t know for sure cause it always changes, but I’m becoming very interested of the time before and during WW2. It’s a very wide subject in our schools and I didn’t like history before. But after watching the series Hunting Hitler and The Curse of Oak Island it actually made me think more. You know how in school we only know those things we need to know (like years, names of people, places, all boring stuff etc) but series make this more interesting. I also like Renaissance which is partly because of Assassin’s Creed, but I also want to know about Goryeo, Korean dynasty, along with Edo and Meiji period of Japan.

Who are you?

As you guys know, I was holding a scenario contest in honor of my one year anniversary but I couldn’t help it and wrote my very own little drabbles for the theme :-) Some of them were indeed inspired by some submissions but I promise I didn’t take from your original ideas.

Mark: “Oh my gosh, I have so much to tell you– today was just an absolutely wreck. Trash. Absolute trash. I’ll never live it down” you grumbled, “I went up to him, ready to confess my love for him–okay maybe not, but I was going to talk to him–and guess what I did… I SPILLED MY WATER ON HIM. WHAT A NIGHTMARE OH MY GOD, HE’LL NEVER GIVE ME A PASSING GLANCE AGAIN–” “Erm…” a deep voice, very opposite to that of your best friend’s voice, “I don’t mean to be rude… but who are you?” the voice muttered. Your heart stopped, your face flushed, and you swallowed thickly. You slowly moved the phone away from your face and nervously read the caller ID. “Mark Tuan” it read. Oh. My. God, you freaked out. “Uh, sorry! Wrong number!” you screamed. “Wait! Y/N?” he said your name. You didn’t say a word. “Don’t worry about spilling the water on me earlier” he laughed, “I thought it was cute”

JB: Doors slammed as you tried to keep JB away from you but he kept following you. “Leave me alone, Jaebum!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, trying to get away from him. “Just talk to me! You’re not even giving me a chance!” “Talk to you?!” you whipped around, “Now you wanna talk?! All we ever do is fight, Jaebum! Open your eyes!” you yelled. Your chest was heaving, your skin hot to the touch, your hair disheveled. “Well how are we supposed to make things work if you don’t give me even a damn second to talk?!” he shouted back. “We can’t, Jaebum! We just can’t!” you raised your voice even louder. “We can’t…” you murmured, “You changed. I changed. We both did. But it’s like I don’t even know you anymore…” your voice almost broke, “… Who are you?”

Jackson: You were out of breath from sprinting. I knew I shouldn’t have walked home tonight, you cursed yourself as you tried to find your way back home through the darkness. “Y/N!” the voice called out after you. What the fuck, how does that stalker know my name?! you panicked. You suddenly found yourself at a dead end alleyway. You whipped around and saw the dark shadow approaching. “Stay back! I have pepper spray! Don’t get any closer!” “Y/N! Relax! It’s me!” the voice panted as he keeled over, hands on his knees as he caught his breath. “J-Jackson?” you murmured. “Yes… it’s me…” he panted. “Oh my god…” you covered your mouth. Jackson was your co-worker at the restaurant you both worked as servers. “I saw you walking home as I left the store and I was trying to ask you if you needed a ride… but you just ran off” he approached you, his handsome face still apparent in the dimly lit alleyway. “Sorry… force of habit” you lowered your head slightly embarrassed. “Ah… don’t let it be. I’ll talk you home from now on if you need a ride” he grabbed your hand, giving it a firm squeeze. 

Jr.: He whisked you around the dance floor expertly. You followed his lead, despite never having mastered ballroom dancing before. But with this mask across your eyes, it gave you the hidden confidence boost you needed tonight. He gripped your hand tightly, his other placed gently around your waist as you both moved in sync with other ballroom dancers on the floor. You pointed off towards the drinks, indicating you needed a break. He nodded and led you off the dance floor. “You’re an amazing dancer” you complimented him as you sipped your drink. “You, as well” he smiled a dazzling smile. “Wow… where have you been all my life?” you joked, laughing, “Who are you, if I may ask?” you leaned forward, trying to get a better look at him under the mask. He removed the eye mask carefully, “I’m Jinyoung”

Youngjae: “Youngjae, she’s awake!” JB sat up as he had briefly fallen asleep. He accompanied Youngjae to visit you at the hospital, but you had awoken for a few days. You fell into an induced coma from pneumonia and Youngjae was beyond worried for you. “Y/N?” he called out your name softly. You opened one of your eyes a little wider, the other still squinted. “Y/N, oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay” he walked over and grasped your hand. “I’m sorry… but… who are you?” you murmured in a raspy voice. JB and Youngjae exchanged a solemn glance. “I’m Youngjae. But we can talk about me later. What’s important is that you’re okay” he exhaled, his heart clenched.

Bambam: “Oh my god! You’re Y/N, the coolest, most exclusive jewelry designer in the business right now!” a strange, tall, skinny man approached you. “Ah yeah… that’s me” you chuckled nervously. “I’m a huge fan! I saw the personal pieces you sent Mark and I was honestly a little jealous. I was wondering if you could design some earrings or maybe even just a bracelet for me… in fact, my birthday is coming up and that’d be super cool!–” he rambled. You swallowed thickly and your gaze shifted nervously, “I’m sorry… but uh… who are you?” you asked. “Ah…” he looked a little defeated, “I’m Bambam. A member of Got7″ he rubbed the back of his neck. Your heart stopped. Well, fuck.

Yugyeom: “To whom do you belong?” Yugyeom growled through his teeth as he thrusted into you from behind. You whimpered as he continued to thrust. You couldn’t find your own voice. He was handling you so roughly but it turned you on so much. “Whose are you?” he growled again. “I’m yours! Yours, Yugyeom” you moaned. “And don’t you forget it” he smirked against your skin before thrusting harder, “I’ll make sure you won’t” he grinned.

when you be sw trash lately
  • friend: my gosh, why are you drawing so much Star Wars stuff?
  • My thoughts : cuz I must placate the almighty force God! And these peeps just to perfect not to draw I mean c'mon.... Daisy Ridley is my life now! Ughhhhh Han why?!??
  • why emo son? Why!?!? Storm pilot is just too cute to be real. John boyega is me. I am John boyega. We are one...*contiuous ramblings about Matt the radar technician and how he is pretty much my aesthetic*
  • actually said: cuz I can't wait for episode VIII.