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Sex with the Avengers

Request: In your opinion, what is the favorite sexual position of each guy (Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Clint, Bruce, Tony) with a female partner? And for Natasha and Wanda (ONLY if you’re comfortable with)? I’M IN LOVE WIH YOUR BLOG! -Anon

A/N: Oops, I planned to write this quickly -like just tell you the positions, but now here I am, four hours later and all of the descriptions aren’t even containing one exact position. Sorry, I hope you like these anyway haha x AND THANK YOU DOLL ♥

Ps. Gosh, I’m such a trash for Steve.

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Keyword: His speed. Oh god, that speed. He would take time to have sex with you, but he would use his speed while teasing you –first, he’s kissing you against the wall and before you even realize, you are laying naked underneath him, his mouth devouring your dripping wet core, causing you to scream his name from the sudden contact.

Pietro would love to be on top; pressing you against the mattress, kissing your lips or sucking your neck demandingly. This position gives him everything he wants; chance to see your expressions, eventuality to touch you and the oh so good possibility to use his speed on you, fucking you hard while you tangle your fingers to his hair or dig your nails to his back, leaving marks he loves to see at the morning after your heated night together.

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Okay, but imagine…. possessed champions instead of blights….

Her Voice - Zig x MC Fanfic

[A little note: Something short, and something I can picture quite fiercely inside my head. My most angsty favorites. It’s a little sad, but I think it’s also a little sweet. Fair warning: there’s mild suggestions of abuse and violence here.]

[Summary: Zig’s nightmare leaves him reeling. He wakes up to her voice, the only voice that reassures him that it’s all just a terrible dream.]

There are no sounds at first, only images.

They flicker in and out, barely visible. He wants to shake them, but he can’t – no matter how much he tries. They’re stubborn. They refuse to be forgotten. They refuse to be left behind.

The images aren’t clear. Not at first. They distort right in front of him. They keep changing until they’re something else. Something scary.

He watches them blur together. He can’t stop watching. They aren’t a simple flurry of movement anymore. His stomach churns. He never stops watching. They’re dark and ugly, like a stain he can’t get rid of. They’re more terrifying than he realizes.

Suddenly the distortions are gone. The images swirl and become one. A vivid beginning of a time that’s already ended. They paint something so fresh, so striking that they mark his mind. He feels like he’s there, back in that house with him.

The same coffee coloured walls, the same carpet, and the same old tv that never woks the way it’s supposed to. The same crippling worry for her. He wanders. His stomach feels as if it’s tearing itself apart as he moves. A part of him wants to leave, but he can’t. He knows what’ll happen if he tries.

He hears voices but he can’t make them out. Not yet.

He tries to push past it. The fear that eats away at him, crippling his movement. His feet feel rooted. Move. Just move. He can’t run. He can’t think. All he knows is that she needs him. He shoves the fear aside, and stubbornly presses forward – clenching his little fists as the voices grow louder.

He can make them out. It’s his and hers – all blended together. Their words hurt. They’re all angry. Yelling. Screaming. It makes him angry, it makes him scared. Then he hears it. The crying. The shuffling of something being moved. He doesn’t hesitate, he runs.

He hears her crying, pleading. His little feet pads across the carpet in time to see it. To hear the loud smack that seems to resonate through the rest of the house. The crying doesn’t stop, not even after the impact hits. He watches in horror as he does it, again and again.

He doesn’t want to watch, but he can’t look away. Stop. Just stop. His hands shake, and he sees red. He hurls himself on top of him, yanking and screaming until he shoves him off. The blow hurts, it makes him stagger but it doesn’t stop him.

He gets back up, when he grabs his little arms. He struggles and pulls. He feels something pop but he doesn’t focus on the pain. His anger feeds his resentment. He twists inside his arms and yells. He yells so loud that it drowns out the rest of what he says.

He feels her pulling at him, screaming at him to get off. He hears him yelling angry words at her and gesturing at himself. He sees the pain written in her expression, and the anger in his. He doesn’t want to cower. He hates him, he thinks. He hears her screaming for him to get behind her tall frame. Then the voice changes. It distorts again and he wakes up covered in cold sweats.

It’s not them anymore that breaks through everything. It’s her voice. The girl with the blonde hair and beautiful eyes that never gives up on him. Her voice fills his head. It soothes him, bringing him back from the chilling nightmare. He doesn’t realize what she’s saying at first. He can’t hear her over his erratic heartbeats. But she’s been whispering the same words over and over again.

“It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream.” Her lips press softly to his ear. She places a kiss there. She murmurs the words again reassuringly, stroking his back. “It’s okay, you’re not there. I’m here. I’m with you.”

The words snap his thoughts into focus. They take some of the anguish away, some of the pain. He doesn’t hesitate. He dives into the safety of her arms. 

It breaks him away from his nightmare. He wants nothing more than to forget, but a part of him thinks he never can. 

He buries his head inside her lap and inhales her familiar scent. Relief finally washes over him. He’s not there, here’s here. He’s safe. Here in her arms, he feels safe.  He listens to her heart, beating in sync with his.

He’s grateful she doesn’t ask. She knows better than to ask. She understands that he needs the silence.

He feels her fingers in his hair, gently coaxing him to look up at her. Her eyes are soft. She understands, he thinks. There’s no disgust there, no pity - she knows he needs this. He needs her quiet voice to bring him back. 

“It’s just a dream.” She whispers again. Her gaze is steady, they don’t waver from his. They see so much of him, even the parts he’s afraid to show. She sees and yet she never runs. She never hides. She’s the first that doesn’t. She’s the first that’s willing to stay. 

Finally he nods. He releases a tired breath. He still feels the weight of it, the burden. But she’s here and he doesn’t feel so alone anymore. He doesn’t have to carry it alone. She carries it too. 

He sits up but doesn’t let go of her. He holds her closely, tightly. She doesn’t complain that it hurts, and he knows she’s doing it for his benefit. He knows she’s not going anywhere. Like him, she’s in it for the long haul. He closes his eyes, wanting nothing more than the rest of the world to disappear while in the safety of her arms.

Wish it was just a dream.
Only just a nightmare

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For the one shoot , make robbie cuddle sport then trixe finds out n makes fun of rob

Trixie crept around Robbie’s billboard, her greasy charcoal hair bouncing behind her, tickling her neck and reflecting the dim, grey moonlight as she gently tugged open the silo-like lid up just enough for her to squeeze through and shut it behind her. She locked it, something Robbie nagged her to do, and scuttled down the ladder. She’d snuck around this billboard many nights after fighting with her mom and needing a place to go, and eventually after he’d had enough of her pounding the cold metal until he woke up, he had given her a key. They’d grown closer and closer over the years, and now Trixie felt she could trust him more than most people she knew in the small town. Even if he was a villain.

She slid into his lair and dropped her backpack gently on the floor before looking up. Immediately she noticed the orange chair was empty. That was odd, considering he slept there as opposed to his queen-sized bed where she’d crashed time after time. She looked around the dark lair for a light to clue her in as to his location, but saw none. Now udderly clueless, she stood in silence for a long time. Her quiet, contemplative state allowed the gentle sound of soft-spoken voices to swim through the air and drift past her eardrums. Her face scrunched in a momentary expression of confusion and she slunk forward to the first door in the short hallway of doors that led to the different rooms of Robbie’s lair. She stopped in front of this bedroom and slowly pressed her ear against it.

        “What do you mean?” Robbie’s voice asked tiredly, “You can’t have tried every sport.”

        “I’m pretty sure I have,” a new voice answered, light and groggy. She heard the sounds of shuffling against sheets and blankets.

        “Are you serious? Racquetball? Diving? Skiing?”

        “Yes, yes and yes.”

        “What? What about golf? Archery? Aerobics?”

        “You think aerobics is not a cool sport? I think you are wrong. It requires amazing discipline-”

        “Okay, okay. So, mister “I’ve Tried Every Sport,” which is your favorite?” Robbie asked his guest.

It was quiet for a moment.

        “Wrestling!” said the clear, excited voice of Sportacus. There was a moment of Trixie frozen in fear as Sportacus let out a soft laugh and, no doubt, embraced Robbie in a hug disguised a fake wrestling.

        “It’s Sportacus?!” Trixie yelled, much louder than she meant to. There was a yelp from inside the room and then a soft thump as Robbie fell of the bed and scurried under the couch, his fragile state of mind broken by the exclamation.

        “Trixie!!” he sobbed. She heard Sportacus spring up from the bed, and the door opened. She stepped back to see the elf in baggy sweatpants and a blue tanktop, his face a dark, embarrassed shade of red.

        “Trixie, what- what are you doing here?” he asked. She let out a wheezy laugh of amusement and slight disgust.

        “Robbie were you- cuddling with Sportacus?!” she giggled. Behind Sportacus’s tightly-clad, broad chest she saw Robbie peek from under the bed.

        “Trixie get out of here!!” he yelled, throwing one of Sportacus’s boots half-heartedly towards the door. She laughed again as it stumbled a few feet away from him.

        “Robbie I knew you were gay but i didn’t know you were this ga-”

Robbie charged out from under the bed and she turned and ran, laughing as he chased her through the main room of his lair and out the exit.

She flew out from the lair and was followed by an exclamation of “and stay out!” from her dear friend Robbie Rotten. As she stood, the remaining chuckles dying away as she pulled out her phone to call Stephanie and ask if she could stay with her, she saw a discarded paper on the lid that she hadn’t seen before. 

“Dear Trixie

I’m busy. Go away.”


((heck omg this was a lot of fun 2 write?? thanks so much for the request!! I’ve always had hcs ab Trixie nd Rob getting along im glad i finally got to write something for this!! c:

Fun Fact

I am utter Kallura trash:

The ones highlighted are the actual docs I draw in (I’ve been playing with programs, trying to understand why Photoshop doesn’t have a da** stabilizer and why Illustrator isn’t user-friendly). And these are the Kallura docs I didn’t delete, because going digital makes me feel like I can’t draw (not. fun. whatsoever).

Nevertheless I seem to have found a program I like, so expect something a lot of Kallura content from me soon. A sneak peek of what I’m hopefully going to get done in the meantime:

Shhhhh. It will be cleaned up and colored through my blood and tears.

And if any of you guys are curious about/want me to finish a certain doc highlighted above… hmu, I guess? I dunno. I like some of them and am even willing to redraw certain stuff. I just lack the motivation/am lazy, and critical of my digital stuff in general (but I also hate not finishing things). 

Anyhow if you reached the end of this post, congratulations, you’re my new favorite person. People would pay to be associated with me. 

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Once again, I am so fucked up by roadtripping boys!!!
Just the idea of them going off together for like a little “ relief of stress ” kinda deal is so cute???

Their favorite places to travel together are v chill and natural kind of places, like their Oregon trip!
After their time together up there for business, they start planning actual work free trips!

Can you imagine Arin renting this cute, little traveling van? Just to see Dan smile, as the nature freak he is

They drive all over small towns, singing to 80s & 90s tracks Dan brought from home
They find mountain peaks, and drive to the top as the sunsets, to get that perfect sense of calmness
The van has and open back, which they have stuffed with fluffy blankets and pillows

They stay out on the peak for hours, watching old sketches, spitting topics left & right. All bundled up together bc it’s gotten chilly

Eventually they both realize it has been a long while, and the stars are already resting above their heads
Dan helps Arin onto the top of the van, and they continue their banter, only this time under the shelter of the night sky.

They wake up the next morning, after driving home, & staying up late to watch the entirety of movies Dan grabbed from his shelf before leaving

Arin wakes up first, seeing Dan curled up in his arms, fluffy head resting on his chest
He should move, get up and take a shower
Though, moments like these with Dan don’t come around often

Dan eventually opens his tired eyelids, only to find Arin creepily staring at him
He begins to ask a question, only to be interrupted by large arms wrapping around his back, and a kiss on the nose

They spend the rest of the day chatting in the hotel room, ordering room service, watching more movies, glancing at each other every now and again

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undinaes + ❣ ((((((((((((((((((((((8


           so let me tell y’all abt how much i absolutely adore @undinaes. the misty to my ash, my sweetie pie, my wife, the most adorable human being in the world. where do i even begin with this walking meme i call my best friend? when we first met, we just clicked so fast, that i honestly have trouble remembering what my life on this site was like without her. puddin has this way of just making everybody feel loved and welcomed into a new fandom. she goes out of her way regularly to spread positivity to others, even when she herself is not feeling good. i can say honestly that puddin has brightened my life substantially, and without her, idk where i’d be right now. she’s helped me through so much– directly and indirectly. her very personality has inspired me to want to be a better person, because the way that i feel whenever puddin is just…. her, i want everyone to be able to feel that as well. she’s just so GOOD. the kindest, purest good there is: that’s puddin. 

         she just loves her friends so unconditionally — she’d do ANYTHING for them. it’s just so sweet and pure how much she cares about everyone. even the people she barely knows!!! she has such a big heart; it’s truly just so inspiring how she manages to make everybody feel included— rip game night u were a blessing. ( there’s a reason so many of us are ready to throwdown when somebody messes w/ her ) when she says that her friends mean the world to her, she isn’t exaggerating. her friends quite literally mean the world. she’d literally give the clothes off her back and her entire house to a friend in need. whether it be a question about your computer, or advice about a specific situation — puddin has got everyone’s back. 

        she knows just how to make somebody feel better about themselves or a situation and it seems like it comes so naturally to her that i constantly find myself in awe of her. i could honestly go on for years about how good puddin is and how much she means to me. 

       the very first time i looked at puddin’s blog a little over one year ago, i was like this blog is so detailed and thought out i will never be on this level, puddin is hella out of my league wtf. ( IT’S STILL TRUE TOO BUT SHHH ) 

      she pours so much effort into ALL of her muses, that she makes them her own while still maintaining that canon feel; i am always floored by just how much detail she can put into a single aspect of a muse. whether it’s a small detail about the muse’s personality and/or quirks, even down to the way her muse smells — you can tell how she’s thought about it so much, to get it just right. and then she makes it seem so effortless to put that much detail in; i can honestly say that i feel my writing has improved just by writing with her. 

     and then you have her graphics??? every promo, icon, theme, etc has this little touch of puddin to it and her Aesthetic is adorable. every time she shows me a graphic or one of her themes, whether it’s for me or not, i find myself almost breathless because of how beautiful everything turns out. 

     i know this is all over the place now but i just wanna go back to puddin as a person because honestly, there is absolutely nobody like her in this world. she’s one in a million. one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever met ( both inside and out ). if anybody in this world deserves to find a hundred dollars on the ground it’s puddin. she just radiates positivity. also, she gives really, really good hugs — i can confirm as i have literally hugged her. ( and i am blessed af ) not to mention, how cute she is when she gets excited abt penguins and sharks. ( btw puddin i still have that video of the penguin that wouldn’t jump in the water while i was filming i would kill for her, i’d fight a whole human for her. i would do just abt anything for puddin if it meant that she gets to feel the way i feel whenever she’s just her wonderful, kind, caring beautiful self. i love that big ol’ nerd with all of my heart and i’m so, SO glad that we met. 

tl;dr: puddin is a goddamn gift to humanity and nobody can convince me otherwise

new blog!

I made a blog for GH Entertainment soloist and The Unit participant Kim Soya! because everyone needs a pretty girl in their life. I will be updating her pictures and maybe posting gifs too.

Follow it here if you’re interested, update will start soon :)

Once you wake up, it'll be a new morning (6/7: future)

“What’s this thing?” In the glass of the shop they’re visiting, the ugliest figurine Riko has ever seen is staring at her, her ecstatic expression made ridiculous by her unevenly placed eyes.

“Is that supposed to be you?” She asks her girlfriend who’s still pointing at the thing and gaping. “It looks like your happy party train outfit and it has your hair color…” She looks back and forth between Chika and the figurine. “Kind of.”

“That’s not official merch. Probably a knockoff?” Suggests You.

“We should call our commercial rep, that’s illegal.” Says Dia. “And hideous.”

“Truly hideous.” Confirms Chika. “I love it. I’m gonna buy one!”

“I swear to god, Chika.” Riko follows Chika, who got the ugly figurine preciously cradled in her arms, through the shop. “If you put it above our bed I’m breaking up with you.”

“I won’t!” Says Chika with a giggle. Riko isn’t sure she believes her.

Riko is woken up by timid knocks on her door. She didn’t close the blinds the night before; the sun is blinding when she opens her eyes. She grumbles and rolls around to turn her back to the sun, ready to get back to sleep. The person knocks again.

“It’s our day off!” Whines Riko. “And my head hurt.”

“I’ve got water and painkiller.” Says Chika’s voice through the door. “Open to me?” Riko’s culpability at the ugly words from the day before forces her out of bed.

“Ugh, fine.” It’s only when she opens that she realises she probably looks like a right mess, pillow creases on her cheek and hair all other the place. She rubs self consciously at the skin under her eye and lets Chika comes in.

“Your room’s nice.” Chika goes straight to Riko’s window and gazes at the view.

“My room’s empty.” Replies Riko, conscious that the boxes scattered around the room don’t really makes it look welcoming. Her closet is the only thing that looks okay right now and it’s because the doors are closed. She knows she should tidy it up, but she doesn’t feel that ready to admit that the dorm is her home now, for at least a year. She hasn’t moved out of her flat in Germany yet and doesn’t really knows if she will stop renting it. She really does love it and intend to go back to her old life after their touring ends, after all.

Riko sits cross legged on her bed and gestures for Chika to do the same. Chika pushes the bottle of water and the pills in her open hands. She’s so close Riko can see the freckles on her nose. Riko’s always liked idol Chika of course, with sparkling dresses and shiny hair and glowing skin, but she always loved this Chika more, wearing soft comfortable clothes, no make up covering her freckles and red cheeks, her hair in a messy ponytail.

“Because you said you don’t know me anymore, I thought we could play truth or truth.” Riko’s blank look makes her laugh. “You ask a question to which I have to answer truthfully, then I do the same. No lie, we can’t skip any question. We need to get rid of the past if we want to build a future, right?”

Riko’s head hurts and she’s not sure she’s ready for such a serious discussion. “Okay.” She answers anyway.

“Let’s meet again, Riko-chan?”

Riko can’t help but smile. “Let’s meet again.”

“You start, then.”

Riko considers Chika’s orange and white tracksuit, a reliquat from their old merch. She remembers Chika wearing it during lazy days in the dorm. “You still wear that old thing?”

Chika cocks her head. “Is that your question?” Riko nods. “Yeah, I guess. It’s comfy. I wear it to clean around in the ryokan. Why did you cut your hair?”

Riko passes a hand in her hair. “It was terribly damaged after all that straightening and it was getting in the way so I cut it.” She shrugs. “That’s a terribly plain answer. Some things never change, I guess.”

“You were never plain.” Chika’s expression is open, sincere and it suddenly makes Riko very mad. “I never thought you were plain, Riko.”

“You say that but you still left.” She accuses. “Why did you left us?”

Chika looks down, fingers nervously playing with a thread coming off her sleeve. That’s what she wanted, of course, when she proposed that stupid game. A confrontation. A chance to explain herself, maybe? “My mother fell sick.” She says, voice small. Riko freezes. She’d been close with Chika’s family once and thinking something might have happened to her mother and she’d been unaware is insufferable.

“Is she alright?”

“Yes. It was something affecting her sight, not a life threatening illness. It made her unable to run the ryokan though. She needed me.”

“But why did…”

“My turn to ask a question, remember?” Riko stares incredulously at Chika. “You agreed, remember? Did you dated people in Germany?”

“Are you seriously asking about my dating history right now?” Chika shrugs. “Well I did dated girls. Never longer than a couple of months. Ranked from uncomfortable to fucking creepy. Why did you broke up with me?”

“I wanted you all to keep singing without me.” She shrugs again, still playing with the cuff of her left sleeve. “I knew you would quit for me. I didn’t wanted that. I didn’t wanted to be responsible for the end of Aqours. Too much guilt, you know.“ She sighs. “Tell me about that creepy date?”

Riko wants to refuse, wants to press for more answer but Chika looks so defeated she thinks she can maybe give her a break. “Well it started nice enough? The girl was cute and she treated me to a nice restaurant so I went for a last drink at hers. She lived in a tiny tiny studio. She tells me to sit on the bed, you know, and that’s when I realise she has that enormous Aqours poster on her wall.”

Chika gasps. “You dated a fan?”

“Wait, that’s getting better. I start looking around of course and see something half-hidden under the covers.” Chika’s mouth is hanging out open, her eyes shining happily. “That was a fucking body-pillow of you. She was a fan of you! Gosh, that was so embarrassing.”

“What did you do?”

“I trash talked you.” Smiles Riko. “Told her you were a real diva and used lots of auto-tune, that your feet smell bad, I don’t even remember. Sorry?”

“Don’t be, that’s hysterical.” Chika is laughing so hard Riko is half afraid she’s going to choke but she also feels more at peace with herself that she’d be for a very long time. She reaches for Chika’s arm and squeezes it.

“She even had that figurine, you remember the one?”

“No?” Chika is crying now. “Not the one, oh my god.” She falls on her side on the bed with the force of her laugher. Riko doesn’t resist the need to lay in front of her and laugh with her.

“You really did put it above our bed, back then.” She whispers with a soft laugh. “You took it with you everywhere we were touring to. You said it was your good luck charm.” She pauses. “You took it when you left, too.”

“I was wrong about that.” Says Chika quietly. She reaches for a strand of Riko’s hair; Riko lets her. “You were my good luck charm. I didn’t realise it six years ago. I thought I was being selfless, quitting you all without a word, but I was wrong. I felt better about myself if quitting you felt like a sacrifice, not an abandon. I was selfish and ultimately my selfishness broke off Aqours. I’m still so selfish. I can’t even imagine you forgiving me, Riko, yet here I am, begging you for forgiveness.”

“You made a mistake.” Chika chuckles uneasily. “A big one, yeah. A really big one. I didn’t thought I could forgive you but look at us? I didn’t thought I wanted to forgive you, but I already did without noticing.”

She opens her arms for Chika to buries herself in, strokes her back when Chika starts crying, her tears wetting Riko’s shoulder. She whispers endless sorry against Riko’s clothes and Riko keeps holding her through it. She doesn’t know what’s going to happen now, but she doesn’t doubt Chika and her will keep finding each other til the end.

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oh my gosh can you please do winner's seungyoon as a boyfriend?? i am such trash for both him and your writing. whenever you post it always brightens my day. thank you <3

OMG OMG OMG OMG YES YES ~ WHEN I SAW HIM ON WE BROKE UP I JUST SDFGHJKL YOON!BOYFRIEND IS LIFE!!!!!!! YES YES YES …okay I should calm my ass down.. but anyways, thank you for such kind words! I am not worthy but it really means alot to me :) so thank you soooooo much *hugs* I hope that you are safe wherever you are and I hope that you’re happy <3

WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon as a boyfriend:

  • Would try to flirt with you through ugly pick up lines and cringey aegyo 
  • Might as well feel like the third wheel because his first love is his guitar 
  • Seungyoon would let you play with his hair, especially when you two are cuddling.
  • Despite being bad at aegyo and flirting, he still manages to be smooth af
  • not with words but with actions, liking wiping the side of your lip or kissing the back of your hand.
  • Is a mother to four boys, so expect him to be motherly to you as well
  • he’ll ask if you already ate or if you already arrived home.
  • As responsible as he seem  to be, he’ll definitely rely on you more.
  • Especially during working days where he just wants to sleep in with you and continue what you did last night, but you would encourage him to go to work.
  • When stressed out during recordings, he gets quiet or isolates himself. You make sure to leave notes and a bit of a snack for him to eat to make it atleast bearable for him.
  • Since Yoon has luscious lips, kisses from him would vary from slow and sensual, to hungry and needy, to sweet and innocent, but his favorite is when he lets his lips rest on yours for a bit, before doing anything else, just because he could feel your breath and taste your lips.
  • Expect him to help you shop for clothes, because that guy loves to coordinate his clothing.
  • He would always cup your cheeks and kiss your forehead whenever he leaves for work~
  • Yoon would ask relationship advice from Taehyun~
  • Taehyun being your median whenever you two have a misunderstanding.
  • Lots and lots of songs written about you~
  • Seungyoon is the type to make you think he’s leaning for a kiss, but is actually just getting something beside you.
  • Which makes you pissed a bit, because you want that kiss.
  • But then when you turn around he would smugly kiss you <3
  • When he’s sleeping, you tie up his bangs to expose his forehead
  • The rest of the winner members acknowledge you as like the second mother, since Seungyoon is the first. lol
  • Would probably be jealous when you dote on the groups’ pets more than him.
  • Which makes him use his aegyo voice and you just cringe again
  • Would gladly take your picture! (Bonus, he would LOVE to take your ootd for instagram)
  • Dates on the playground and in the park!
  • He would make you sing while he plays guitar even when you insist that you sound like a potato
  • Seungyoon would be the type to put your hands in his coat/jacket pocket whenever you are cold or would share his coat/acket with you via backhug style.
  • Pokes your nose because you are really cute!
  • Seungyoon just loves you so much because you are the missing piece inside of him and it makes him happy that he has you to lean on for the good and bad~

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“Can I have this dance?” or "I'll wait." for IronHusbands because you made me trash for this ship gosh darn it

(You said or, I said and, it’s going to be a thing).

“Can I have this dance?” Tony asks, sweeping grandly in front of Rhodey.

There’s something sinfully decadent about a holiday party, just a few of them, friends and colleagues, when barely six months prior a war tore their old friends away from them. The party is low-key, but Pepper was smart to suggest it. She was smart to get Peter to help her with it, too, and now the Avengers Compound looks like a sad office party with superheroes and expensive decorations.

Rhodey stands, shakily, from his wheelchair. The braces aren’t the steadiest yet, but they keep him upright and they keep him walking. “I’ll lead,” Tony says.

“Why do you get to lead?”

“Because I know how to dance?”

“Screw you, I know how to dance just fine, and…”

“Boys,” Pepper scolds, walking by.

Suitably chastised, they move to the dance floor. It’s really where the couches are supposed to be–now pushed back against the wall–cleared for the evening and empty of all people beside them. “FRIDAY, give us a better song.”

What A Wonderful World starts, and Rhodey snorts. “Your AI is a bit heavy-handed, there.”

“She’s learning,” Tony defends. He starts moving them, slowly and carefully.

“Sorry it’s not…” Rhodey fumbles, almost losing his step. “Sorry it’s not the best.”

Tony smiles softly. “That’s okay, honeybear, I’ll wait. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to show me your sick moves.”

Rhodey smiles. “Ass.”

“You love it.”

The song ends. “Hey, Rhodey?”


“To another year.” Tony leans in and kisses Rhodey’s cheek.

Rhodey grins at him. “To another year,” he echoes.