gosh you are killing me


Your mother is never coming back. Your father will never love you. The only reason he wanted you was to use you. You wanted a brother so badly, because then at least you’d have someone to share in the pain. That empty feeling that eats away at your soul and makes you feel like you want to die, day after day after day, it never stops.


It seems that way, doesn’t it?

chloe: you’re so cute
chloe: you’re like smartest most talented person i’ve ever known
chloe: i dare you to kiss me. i double dare you. kiss me now
chloe: i don’t think anyone is good enough for you… besides me
chloe: we were meant to be together at this exact moment in history
max (literally, in her diary): who KNOWS how she really sees me??

Calum Hood Dirty Imagine

you guys frickle frackle.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. I hope it wasn’t to dirty for you, my writing is pretty graphic. Very graphic , much intensity . Hope this shook some of you guys, gosh it killed me writing it.



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hello may i request a rfa + v and saeran hcs where mc slap their butt playfully (nsfw or sfw is up to you) thank you


  • squeals
  • really high pitched squealing too, he’s so startled, poor boy
  • starts to blush, his face looks like a tomato, holy shit
  • he’s GLOWING
  • stuttering mess “wh–what was… that for?!”
  • “what if I did that to you, huh?” and 2 seconds later realizing this conversation is only driving him deeper into awkwardness “i mean– not like that. or actually, yeah? uh– forGET ABOUT IT!!!”


  • i think it honestly depends on where they are
  • say, if they’re in public, he’s probably gonna laugh it off and wink playfully at them
  •  “just you wait. what comes around, gets around”
  • if it happened with nobody around, at most he’d flinch slightly and look at them with a smirk that says it all
  • “gosh, you’re killing me, you know?”
  • to return the favor, he’ll go easy on them and launch at them for a tickling attack, of course with stealing kisses in between


  • probably stiffens and drops everything she’s currently holding, since she feels like she was being jumpscared just now
  • “(y/n)! don’t do something like that!”
  • she’s a blushing mess too, but tries to remain cool and collected, so she clears her throat and tries giving them a somewhat strict-looking glare
  • but do not be fooled, she’s not going to miss out on the next opportunity. the second they walk past her, she’ll playfully slap their butt as well
  • and she’s probably going to suffer from a laughing fit for a solid minute afterwards


  • honestly so confused
  • why would you do something like that out of nowhere? what are they trying to tell him???
  • out of all the rfa members, jumin honestly is the one most likely to turn this into something less playful and definitely more steamy
  • it’s almost like he’s making it his goal to fluster them as he grabs their hand they just slapped him with and pulls them close
  • “could there possibly be anything else you want to touch? one or two things certainly do come to my mind, at least.”


  • “kyaahh, my weak spot!! i didn’t take you for someone who would be into spanking, you’re so kinky!”
  • acting all twirly and giggly. really over the top, too
  • he grabs onto his face and shakes his head, as if trying to hide his blushing BUT THERE IS NONE
  • pretends to have forgotten about it and then, when they least expect it, he slaps their butt in return… while doing sound effects “wooooo…OOSSSHHH! ding ding ding! 100 points!”


  • “what the– (y/n)!” he’s trying to sound somewhat judging
  • but let’s be real here. he can’t help but chuckle
  • guiding their hands right back to his butt, maybe having them put their hands into his back pocket.
  • “i don’t mind” he shrugs smiling
  • he still looks like the purest angel though, how is this even possible?


  • he yelps and fuck it almost sounds like a moan
  • and then he immediately covers his mouth with his hands because he just managed to give out the secret that this is his kink
  • in deep denial though, what a tsundere.
  • “no?! i did not moan, that was… the neighbors dog or something, your imagination, whatever.”
  • and when they do it again, he moans again and that’s where he gives up and shuts up their teasing by pressing his lips to theirs.
Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine-

“What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

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You sat on the bleachers in the gym while your best friend, Montgomery De La Cruz, was practicing baseball with the team. You didn’t normally come to practice, but today you were forced to because Monty was your ride, you didn’t mind though. You loved supporting him in games and watching as he continues to improve at the sport. You were just reading a book, when you hear a small groan and some of the boys laughing a bit. You look up and see Monty holding his arm, a ball rolling just feet away from him. You frowned and looked at him. “Are you okay?” you asked, a bit of concern laced in your voice. He just nods, blushing a bit as he held the bat in his hand. Jeff smirks gently, “He was just a bit distracted” he says. “Distracted? Montgomery never gets distracted, not in baseball at least” you say, and watch as Monty blushes slightly, glaring at Jeff. “Oh, trust me, he is always distracted around a certain someone” Jeff mumbles with another small smirk. Monty shakes his head, “Shut up Atkins. Let’s just continue practice” Monty mumbles and starts hitting balls again. You blushed a bit at Jeff’s comment, but figured it most likely wasn’t about you. You liked Monty, you always have, but you knew the feelings weren’t mutual. You shrug it off gently and look at your book again, getting captured in the story again.

30 minutes passed before you looked up again. All the other boys were gone and you saw Monty staring at you, the bat in his hands as he fiddled with it a bit. He quickly opens his mouth, blushing a bit. “Um, practice just finished. I’m going to go get my bag and we can go.” He quickly gets out of the batting cage and goes to the locker room. You blushed a bit and put your book away and get your bag ready, going over the the locker room and leaning against the wall outside. Monty comes out and smiles gently at you. “Ready to go?” he asks. You smile and nod, heading out to his car. 

“Practice was fun today” you comment as you get in the car. He smiles gently. “Was it? It was definitely a easier practice.” He nods. You smile. “Yeah? That’s good” you nod. “How is your arm feeling?” you ask, causing him to chuckle a bit. “Good, it wasn’t that bad of a hit. I don’t know what happened though, I was hitting every ball perfectly and I looked away for one second and didn’t realize there was more to hit.” He says. You chuckle softly, “Is that what happened though? Jeff said you were a little distracted by someone” you said quietly. You hear him swallow as he shakes his head. “That’s because Jeff is a jerk, he doesn’t know anything.” Monty says, a bit of defense in his voice. You shake your head. “No, come on Monty, Jeff is your best friend. Who is it? Who do you like?” you ask, a smile on your face. “Did she walk past the window or something? Is it Sherri? Oh, or Rachel?” You suggest and watch him bite his lip. You gasp, “Oh my goodness, it is Rachel” you giggle and look at him. “I knew it, I knew you liked her” you smile and sit back in your seat. He doesn’t say anything as he stops at a red light and turns to you. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” he says softly, catching you off guard. “What?” you whisper. “Why would you want to kiss me?” You ask softly, your heart fluttering a bit.

 A dry chuckle coming from his lips.“Why would I want to kiss you?” he mumbles and looks at you. “Why would I want to kiss you? Why wouldn’t I want to kiss you? You distract me. You look perfect in every setting, no matter what kind of mood you are in you always tend to smile around me, and I can’t ever get over how beautiful you are when you concentrate. When you read, you kind of curl into yourself a bit as you read the story. You are so absorbed and you can almost tell what’s going on in the story by your facial expressions. When you talk about something you like, you start talking really fast and there is this light in your eyes that seem to just make you look even prettier. Your laugh, oh gosh, your giggle, it kills me. It’s adorable, you just get excited and you giggle and I lose it. You are everything to me, you have complete control of my heart, and you are asking why I would want to kiss you?” He snaps a bit as if it was obvious,and his eyes meet yours. You can’t help the deep blush creeping on your face, your heart racing in your chest as you stare at him, completely speechless. 

“Monty” you whispered, but before you could say anymore a car honks behind you and Monty sighs, driving forward and going to your house. His words were playing through your head as silence filled the car. There was tension, but a good kind of tension. You arrived at your house, Monty pulling over at the side of the road and parks. He looks at you, and you bit your lip gently. “Ask me again” you say softly. He furrows his eyebrows together. “Ask you what again?” He asks. “Ask me what you asked me about 10 minutes ago.” You look at him. He bites his lip. “What would you do if I kissed you right now?” He says softly, looking at your eyes. You look at him, slowly leaning in. You close your eyes as your lips meet his in the middle, it was soft. His lips were soft along with the way the kiss started. It was soft, but passionate. You felt the weight lifting off your chest as the kiss deepened. He pulled away slowly, resting his forehead on yours. You catch your breath a bit, moving your hand to hold his. “I’d kiss back” you whisper. You feel his lips on yours again, a soft smile on his lips as he does, and somehow it made you feel safe. You were finally his, and you couldn’t be happier.

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whispers since u said a very long time ago it was okay 2 share things inspired by u...i wrote a fic called turn to stone on ao3 abt the foretellers largely spurred on by ur hcs. it's abt ava and invi and they just fuckin die.


oh my gosh

first off, i am SO honored. like, you can’t even imagine how amazed i am to have gotten this ask and i can’t believe my little weird headcanons helped to inspire a fic??? like??? thank you.  that really lifted my mood 10000%

second, why??? no?? that hurt??? a heck of a lot??? like??? Their relationship was so beautifully written and i love the little ways you showed emotion, the little actions Ava used like taking Invi’s head in her lap, and the simple but so impactful ways you set the scene!! that was beautiful also it made me want to cry

thirdly, @ everyone else!! read this!!! http://archiveofourown.org/works/11587986 dang this fic is gorgeous and it has gone on literally every one of my fic recs!!  and it will tear your heart out!!

thank you so much for telling me, anon! i really, really enjoyed reading it, and i would LOVE it if you told me if/when you post more of the series!! it was a really great fic and i’m honored to have inspired a small part of this excellent fic!

When I’m With You || Minghao || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 //

Word Count: 4162

Genre: comedy, fluff, ex-mafia!au, casual writing

Summary: Minghao was unfortunate enough to be born into a mafia family. Although his dad had learned from his mistakes and was now leading a clean life, it didn’t deter his old enemies from bothering his only son. In order to avoid them, Minghao moved to a different country. Here, he thought, he would have peace at last but then he met you and you might be harder to deal with than the gangsters he faced back in China. At least the trouble with the gangsters made sense but with you? You were just dead unlucky.

In the airport that bustled with activity, a dashing young man stood, waiting for someone. His dark brown hair was slightly parted to the side and held up with a bit of gel. His brown eyes were hidden by a pair of sunglasses and he wore a casual suit, his blazer over a white v-neck. Anyone that passed him looked at him curiously, wondering if he was a celebrity that came out to meet his girlfriend who was arriving from a trip. This handsome young man continuously glanced at his phone, checking for the time, and then looking back up to the time board at the flight schedule. A sigh would leave his lips and he would shift from one foot to the other, his hands in his pockets as he waited for his friend’s flight to land before repeating the process of checking his phone, then the time board, and then the exit of the terminal again moments later.

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Lovesick Blues Part 4

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A/N: Thanks for bearing with me guys!

‘’I don’t know what to wear…’’ you mumbled under your breath as you pulled out every single date appropriate piece of clothing you had. Right as you were about to let out a scream of pure frustration, you heard your phone ding.

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Apollo/Trucy Swap AU

Basically an AU where everything is the same but Apollo and Trucy’s roles are swapped. They’re ages aren’t, Apollo is still older and Trucy is younger, just Apollo is the magician that Phoenix takes in and Trucy becomes a Defense Attorney. (I haven’t finished SoJ yet so I don’t have all the details yet)

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Rooftop Talks

Summary: Your parents throw another boring partying but you meet someone interesting
Paring: Bucky x Reader
Words: 1647
Warnings: This is my first smut be nice.


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When you were born your parents create a fundraising in your name to help the poor and sick children. Every year, one week before you birthday, a lot of business man would come with their families at your house and donate a few thousands of dollars to the cause and spent the rest of the night enjoying a party that cost more the all the donations together.

You look at yourself in the mirror; your mother would hate your choice of wardrobe. You are wearing a long black dress with a generous Neck line and a high slit on the right side you were also wearing a pair of black heels and a beautiful necklace .

A few years ago you had come up with plan that make your parents happy and survive this night without getting crazy.

You arrive early and help your mother to change the vases of place and hear her complain about the maids or anyone as usual and them when all the guests arrive you start to talking with the friends of your father first. They are not drunk yet so they don’t touch you in any away that is not inappropriate and only hold you for a couple of minutes.  

After that you go talk with their wives about fashion or any trend of the moment a few of them are really nice so it’s not that bad. But the worst is their sons they look at you like you were a piece of meat.  They would do anything to get in to your pants.

You spent a few minutes talking with all guests and appearing as many pictures as you can. You don’t drink or eat this hour you spent socializing with as many people possible so nobody can miss you when you when you disappear.

You are in the middle of a boring conversation with a guy that doesn’t stop looking at your cleavage when you heard your mother calling you from afar. “Here you are, there is some people that i want introduce you. “She takes you to close to the bar when you see two man talking "Gentleman this is my daughter reason this foundation exist.” The two man turn around and you see Iron Man and Captain America.

You mother leave you there alone and you start to talking to them “It’s so nice to meet you two.“ you say shaking their hands and given than a kiss on the cheek. The conversation is pleasing especially with Steve that is a true gentleman "So only two Avengers came to this party?” Steve picks another glass of champagne" No, Sam is with Nat in the buffet and Bucky is somewhere else.“ You smile at him. And after a few more minutes of conversation “You are going have to excuse me. I need to talk to my mother.”

You stop in the kitchen to grab a bottle of champagne and some food before go to your safe space in the rooftop. When you open the door you see the skyline of the city you love so much and a man sitting on the floor looking at the same sky as you. “You know the party is downstairs. “He looks at you surprise and murmur a sorry.

You sit by his side, offer him some pastries and say" Don’t worry, how can i judge you for running away from there? I do it every year.“ he smiles to you and you two get introduced. He knew who you were there is pictures of you all around the place your face is the face of this charity and of course you knew who he was but was nice give him the opportunity being however he wanted be for tonight.

In silence you both start to eating and sharing the champagne.

After you two finish eating "Why are you up here anyway?” you ask and he just shrugs “Honestly i was feeling uncomfortable… everyone was looking at me … weird … i should get used after everything that I done … but…i wanted to be away from them.” You stay in silence listen to him and you feel angry. In the little time you met this man he was nicer than everyone downstairs.

“Don’t worry about them they hate everyone.” he gives you a bright smile and say “I am used to but you why are you hiding?” you get up “Look at this view. Downstairs people are talking about golfing and how much money they can spend in one night; here i can stay alone away from all that.”

He agrees and you continue to talk “I know that i sound selfish after all it’s my foundation but… i never asked for any of this i don’t want this party, i don’t want a stranger old man with his hands all over me. When i was a kid i just wanted a normal party so i cope in this away.”

“Why do you continue to come to these parties?” you sit again and place your head in his shoulder “ They are my family somehow i am loyal to them… I can’t run away from this, even if i want.” he puts his hand on yours and you continue” I tried to run away from my family name. I don’t need they money to survive but every place i go people know who i am.“

"This i can relate.” he says to you “Sorry i shouldn’t complain about my life to you i sound ridiculous. “Don’t be i like pretty girls talking to me. Usually people only talk to me about my past and everything i done.“ you place a kiss on his cheek and try to change the subject "What you want do with your life now?”

“I don’t know, i think I would like to write. Ever since i start to gain my memories back. Write is the only thing that keeps me sane.” You smiled kindly at him “Then you should even if it just for yourself. What type of books would you want to write? Fantasy? Romance? Adventure?” he shrugs “My memories maybe i still don’t know.“ You agree getting up and before notice you pull him to a hug. He seems surprise about you actions but relaxes and put his arms around getting closer to you.

After a couple of minutes he pulls away and asks "Can i kiss you?” you agree and he crash his lips on yours. The kiss surprise you is slow and soft. You place your hands on his chest and he pulls you closer. You can taste the champagne in his soft lips and feel every inch of his body against you.

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The kiss start to getting deeper and rougher that you feel yourself taking of his jacket. He stops the kiss and you murmur a sorry “Don’t be doll; i just need to know that you want this. I don’t want cross a line.” you place your hands on his belt and kiss his cheek felling his stubble against your lips “I want this.” he gives you a cheeky smile “Let’s get you out of this dress.”

He turns you around and start to working on your zipper. Kisses are being placed on your neck as your dress fall on the floor and you look at him. You feel yourself blushing and being self-conscious of only being in your panties in front of him when he says. “You are beautiful.“

Before you can say anything he pushes you against the wall holding your hands above your head. His metal hand starts to play with your clit with fasts movies that were taking you to the edge. He let your hands go and start to massage your breasts. You feel yourself getting closer at his every move "Bucky i am…” your orgasm hits you and you feel yourself falling, when he holds you in place and taking off your panties that are in your ankles.

Getting closer to him you start to take his tie “I think you are to dress for this. “He let you take his clothes off while he is kissing your neck. He push his pants and boxers down ” Are you sure you want this baby girl?“ you say yes and he grabs a condom of his wallet.

He enters into you slowly letting you get used to his size "Gosh you are tight. “He starts to pound into you. You are so lost in your own pleasure that you don’t even realize how loud you were being until you he shuts your mouth with a forceful kiss. "Gosh you are killing me with these noises… so pure…so fucking hot.”

His hands are all over your body, you knew that you couldn’t hold much longer the pleasure was too much, he was hitting your g spot so perfectly “Let go baby girl i know that you are close.“ You keep whispering or shouting his name like a prayer “Next time i have to use this pretty little mouth for good use… so pretty.” at his words you lose it and have your second orgasm of the night. In a couple minutes he has his own peak.

As soon as he gets dressed he helps you with your dress. He pulls you closer to him and you two stay in silence watching the sky. “Thank you for tonight James.” he laughs and kisses your forehead “Honestly Doll i should be thank you that was incredible.” you keep talking for a while until you hear the door open. “So here are the two of you?”

Steve is lean on the door with a goofy smile “Your mother is looking for you for the final speech.” you smile at him and give a quick kiss on Bucky lips “ I am going duty calls, until next time baby.”

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