gosh why can't i remember the name of the show this guy is from

I can't help falling in love

It began, as many things do, with a tweet.

Any plans for meeting the infamous @Y/N anytime soon? I hear she’s been obsessed with your work

Gosh, I wish! You think anyone would notice if I ‘casually’ bumped into her?

It didn’t feel earth shattering, in that moment. You hardly even paused. You responded before you had a chance to think.

No need. I know a guy who may be able to set you up.

The next time your phone buzzed, it alerted you to five new private messages.

Were you serious? Because I happen to know the best burger place in all of New York

That is if, if you like burgers. Do you like burgers?

What am I kidding, who doesn’t like burgers.

I think they have sandwiches there, just in case. You know, if you don’t like burgers.

Oh my god, I’m gonna stop talking now.

You hit respond.

I love burgers. It’s on.

And that, of course, is what led you here, three blocks from the Richard Rogers, waiting patiently for one Lin-Manuel Miranda to show up.

“Gosh, I’m so sorry i’m late. There was a problem at the theatre-”

He stopped short. Eyes wide, mouth open slightly, he stared at you for a minute before shaking his head, seeming gaining his composure, and sitting down slowly.

“You’re pretty. I mean, I know you’re pretty. You’ve always been pretty. I’ve seen you before. Not in like, person. That would be weird. You’ve never seen me before. It’s just, you’re so. Wow.”

He trailed off, face heating. You spent a moment taking him in. Slightly hunched posture, flushed face. Eyes bright and beautiful, watching you carefully. You smiled, shaking your head.

“You’re fine. I’m itching to try these burgers. Someone told me they were New York’s finest.”

He smiled, and just like that, the tension was broken. You spent almost two hours in that tiny booth, snatching fries off the others plates and telling stories.

He was the fastest friend you’ve ever made.

Someone tell @Y/N to take a break. She’s been writing for three hours!

He had attached a picture of you, bent over the piano in your apartment, pencil in hand. You smiled at the tweet, before calling out to the man on the couch.

“I’ve got a deadline, Mister. Not all of us have six years to finish our work.”

“Maybe I would have finished faster had I had a dashingly handsome, terribly hungry best friend waiting on me.”

You shook your head, before standing slowly, and held a hand out to the man in front of you.

“Come on, Mr. Handsome, lets go. Burgers are calling my name.”

The internet, understandably, had a field day with your newfound friendship.

From: Mr. Handsome
The internet thinks you’re pregnant again.

To: Mr. Handsome
Darn. How will we break the news to them?

From: Mr. Handsome
You may want to do it carefully. I worry they might take it rather hard.

It was almost scary how quickly he became a permanent fixture in your life. And an even more permanent fixture in your home.

Hearing the front door unlock, you glanced over to see the door swing open, bearing a tussled brunette, whistling softly.

“I got milk while I was out. Did you finish the laundry?”

“Yeah, the last loads in right now. You hungry?”

“I was thinking burgers for dinner tonight,” he said, winking at you, before setting the bags in the kitchen, and joining you on the couch.

Lin rested his head on your lap, and you looked down at him, marking your place in your book, and closing it gently.

“Tough day?” you whispered.

He looked up at you then, smiling softly.

“Nah. I just missed you.”

You didn’t find it necessary to tell him you’d missed him too. From the look on his face, he knew.

You were never the most observant girl. So when you woke up, one morning, Lin’s head on your chest, you started to wonder when the two of you had gotten so…. domestic.

“Lin,” you whispered, shaking him softly.

He opened his eyes then, and rubbed the sleep out of them.

“You’re gonna be late for work,” you said softly, giving him a light push.

He glanced at the clock then and, muttering a string of curses, the hands around your hips pulled away, and he was up, shoving on clothes, and hurrying to brush his teeth.

It took you a moment to realize you missed them.

“Which one do you like better?” you said, gesturing to the dresses lying on the floor.

“The blue one. Why, do we have plans?”

“No, Daveed’s taking me out to dinner, remember? I think he might be vetting me,” you said, laughing.

It took you a moment to realize Lin hadn’t responded.


He looked up at you then, but his eyes were distant.

“Sorry. The blue one, for sure. He’ll love it.”

Something was wrong, but whatever it was, Lin wasn’t telling.

You spent the whole night missing him.

“Come on, come dance with me.”

“Absolutely not. Why do you think I never went into theatre?”

“Dance with me and i’ll take out the trash.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Handsome. It’s a deal.”

It shouldn’t have surprised you. Something was changing, slowly but surely, and you had felt it for months. But when it came, it hit you like a ton of bricks.

“I’ll wash, you dry.”

You nodded, grabbing the plate in front of you, and wiping it clean. It always surprised you, how easy is was to just be there with him. Neither of you spoke. Neither of you needed to.

You looked over at him, and it was instantaneous. Some people take years to fall in love, but with Lin, all it took was easy silence. Maybe you’d loved him for months. You didn’t know. You didn’t care. You didn’t even kiss him. He washed, and you dried. It was as simple as that.

It ended with a date. An almost date, and one too many drinks.

“That guy over there keeps staring at you. Should I touch your boobs or something?”

You laughed then, loudly and suddenly, and he smiled back at you. Then, eyes darting left, his arms unwrapped themselves from your waist.


The word was short, and utterly unreadable. You took a step back from Lin, and smiled at the newcomer.

“You care if I step in?” Daveed asked, question pointed at Lin.

His jaw twitched, but he shook his head. He stayed standing there a moment, eyes roaming over you, before seeing something in your expression that made him wince. Without a glance behind him, he left.

“Sorry about that,” Daveed said, leaning in, “he’s always been a bit possessive. How long have you been dating?”

He took your hand then, spinning you around, and began to dance. You looked for Lin, but you couldn’t find him in the crowd.

“We’re not dating.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“You might want to tell him that.”

You smiled then, and he spun you again.

“Do me a favor. When he comes back, tell him I asked you out.”

You shot him a look, quizzical, eyes questioning. He just smiled, and without another word, carefully let go of your hands.

“Go. Find him.”

You went

You found him outside, knees against his chest, sitting on the cement outside the bar.

“Did you have fun?”

He didn’t seem angry.

“He asked me out.”

His head shot up then, eyes scanning yours frantically. Not angry, then. Terrified.

“What did you say?”

He sounded calm, but you could hear the panic in his voice. You bent down, mouth against his ear.

“I told him I was a little too in love to bother with another man right now.”

You pulled back, searching his expression for disgust. It never came. Eyes wide, mouth open, he reminded you almost of the boy he had been that first day you met him, blushing across from you in a tiny booth, in the greatest city in the world.

He didn’t speak. He didn’t have to. Hands buried themselves in your hair, and before you could blink, his mouth was on yours. Your fingers clutched at his shirt, desperate almost, but your mouths were gentle. Slow. This was it, the moment where it all began, but tonight? You had all the time in the world.

Did I say it ended with a date? It didn’t. It began with one.

high school musical iii sentence meme
  • "This is the last time to get it right."
  • "Right now I can hardly breathe."
  • "This is the last time to get it right."
  • "Push harder!"
  • "I'm saving for a new fuel pump."
  • "Mmhm. Save faster."
  • "I want one of everything."
  • "What, are we celebrating or something?"
  • "Your room is way cool."
  • "You were in my room?"
  • "We should hang out tonight, man!"
  • "You're the second girl I've ever had up here."
  • "This place is so cool."
  • "Did I just say that?"
  • "I'm proud of you."
  • "It's a thousand one hundred and fifty-three miles from here."
  • "I wish it would all just stop. At least just slow down."
  • "I wish this moment was ours to own it and that it would never leave."
  • "Where you are is where I should be too."
  • "I'm looking at you and my heart loves the view."
  • "Right now there's you and me."
  • "Tomorrow can wait."
  • "Is this a pirate's wheel?"
  • "Oh! Very cute."
  • "Don't break him."
  • "She's so sweet."
  • "What are you? I mean, who are you?"
  • "I noticed on the board that you're in need of a personal assistant."
  • "How do you know my schedule?"
  • "One packet of sweetener?"
  • "If you own any orange, get rid of it."
  • "Don't be the last to pick up your tickets."
  • "Whats the lunch special in the cafeteria today?"
  • "I was thinking I'd select something modest."
  • "I'm moving into the library."
  • "We've got a yearbook to edit."
  • "This is our last chance to do something together."
  • "Oh, yipee."
  • "It's about all of you."
  • "Genius."
  • "I'm already packed."
  • "They got my letter?"
  • "Nice, guys. That's pretty funny. So, who's the big comedian?"
  • "Hoops all the way."
  • "I'm going to be the President of the United States of America."
  • "Golly gee, how adorable."
  • "What do I want? Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin."
  • "How can you think of food at a time like this?"
  • "He seemed surprised to me."
  • "Imagine having everything we've ever dreamed."
  • "A part for me?"
  • "Sound exciting?"
  • "With you we can win."
  • "Don't you want it all?"
  • "I want it all."
  • "They're gonna love me!"
  • "When Broadway knows your name, you know that you're a star!"
  • "She wants you on the show."
  • "We want it all."
  • "We're twins. They have to take us both."
  • "I don't know. Just do it."
  • "I need you right away. Look up."
  • "This has two weeks detention written all over it."
  • "Which one do you think I should wear?"
  • "I've never been asked to a prom. But this kind of sounds like an invitation."
  • "I've never been to a dance. Much less a prom."
  • "Take my hand"
  • "Keep your eyes locked on my eyes."
  • "Won't you promise me, we'll keep dancing where ever we go next."
  • "Can I have this dance?"
  • "Together or not our dance won't stop."
  • "What we have is worth fighting for."
  • "You know I believe that we were meant to be."
  • "So does that mean yes?"
  • "Where's our clothes?"
  • "Yearbook opportunity!"
  • "You think I'd be spending all of my time up there if it wasn't for you?"
  • "Why is that so hard to admit?"
  • "I still have decisions to make too."
  • "I interrupted something, didn't I?"
  • "Speaking of homework."
  • "Be careful, they're still hot."
  • "Hey, what's right is right."
  • "If that's what you call an invitation, you'll be dancing with yourself."
  • "I'm asking you to prom."
  • "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. It's so loud in here."
  • "Will you please be my date to the senior prom?"
  • "Guess now it's official."
  • "I don't think we have the choice."
  • "It's gonna be a night to remember."
  • "Hey, you've been in there for an hour."
  • "Stop doing that!"
  • "The difference being, I can actually carry a tune."
  • "Want to go to lunch sometime?"
  • "Your mom must be so proud."
  • "You can't get rid of me that easily."
  • "This better be good."
  • "I've got a lot things I have to do."
  • "Whatever happens, I know I've got you."
  • "I'll pick you up eight."
  • "All I wanna do is be with you."
  • "Nothing can break us apart."
  • "There's nothing we can't do."
  • "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
  • "The boys are back."
  • "I just want my future to be my future."
  • "For the record, I was a much better super hero than you."
  • "Gonna wake up the neighborhood."
  • "No one can stop us now."
  • "That's not what I wanted to hear."
  • "Why? So I can whoop your butt again?"
  • "You should be celebrating, not keeping a secret."
  • "Your future is calling loud and clear."
  • "Maybe I'll stay here next year."
  • "I mean, I get it that he's your first crush but..."
  • "There will be other guys."
  • "Not everything has to change."
  • "We've already proved it works."
  • "I realized I haven't offered my congratulations."
  • "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • "You really didn't know?"
  • "The only thing that could possibly be holding her back would be you."
  • "Special delivery! Margarita pizza, just the way you like it."
  • "What's a picnic without chocolate covered strawberries?"
  • "Is that what you were trying to tell me?"
  • "You gotta go. It's the right thing to do."
  • "Nothing is gonna slow down."
  • "You don't have to say anything else."
  • "I'm a lot better at goodbyes than you."
  • "I guess I should have known better."
  • "Just walk away and don't look back."
  • "It my heart breaks it's gonna hurt so bad."
  • "I don't think I'll survive a goodbye again."
  • "Let's rise to the occasion."
  • "There's nothing to tell."
  • "Just trust your heart."
  • "I want my own thing so bad I'm gonna scream."
  • "I'm gonna fight to find myself."
  • "It's like nothing works without you."
  • "I know I'm not supposed to be here."
  • "You seem very comfortable up there."
  • "You're easier to dance with than her."
  • "I just showed my mom the tux."
  • "We need to talk."
  • "It's taken me two weeks to be away from you."
  • "I don't think I can do it. I think I've run out of good byes."
  • "She's not coming back."
  • "Everybody knows you don't bring the girl with you after high school."
  • "And hey, look, I am right there with you."
  • "I don't believe this."
  • "What is it with you and trees?"
  • "You look handsome."
  • "Take my hand. I'll take the lead."
  • "You know I'll catch you through it all."
  • "My heart is where ever you are."
  • "What are you? Some sort of muppet gangster?"
  • "Ew! That is so gross."
  • "High school wasn't meant to last forever."
  • "Aww! Cute pants!"
  • "Oh go for it. Save the day. Whoopee."
  • "That's my dress!"
  • "But you were so loyal, so sweet."
  • "You should try it sometime."
  • "Surprise!"
  • "You did it. You graduated."
  • "I choose the person who inspires my heart. "
  • "I picked a school that's exactly 32.7 miles away from you."
  • "I never thought I'd hear my dad say that."
  • "We really are all in this together."
  • "Who says we have to let it go?"