gosh this took me wayyyy too long ;a; and im sorry if i wasn't able to describe all


Calling them my favorite blogs would be an understatement. They’re more like the blogs that inspired me. I know, I know that line is too cliche but I’m telling the truth. I was at the point of giving up and and… lol I’m kidding. But still, whenever I see them on my dash, they’re like my sunshine after the rain, they’re the cure against my fear and pain. cause i’m losing my mind when they’re not around~

0-fivethirty buttaerfly evonrun hallyus hyemies hyoyeon imyoonas jennytaetae kimtaeism leejieun ninepearls noogieboogie oh-luhans pilsuks sailorseo saranghaeyos sarangtaeyeon seo-han taesunamo telepany tellsmeyourwish tfnys tiffanytiamo wtfblooda wu-fan yultisic

more blogs to follow: okay i can’t describe each blog that i like cause it’s too many ;a; but still, it doesn’t mean i love them any lesser ;a;
1stmelody ambrosaur baekes poodlepuffs snsd9wishes sujongz taeyeon theklassic heliakrome sek-ai soshimallows sunaegyo kimtae-tae snsdgotaboy heylululu jungyeons

okay, I /might/ not talk about their edits, gifs, graphics per se but also /my/ opinion about the blogger herself/himself or my feelings towards her/him (omg sounds like a confession lmao) what I say here is from my own perspective and not from others. please don’t be offended, though I doubt i’ll say anything offensive *u*

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