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I liked to call Isaac my lover boy. I loved the name, and I believe he did to. Even if he’d never admit to it.

I loved calling him my lover boy, all the time.

During cuddling.

During late night talks.

Whist doing the dirty,if we were being honest.

When his nightmares were particularly terrible, it was usually whispered reassuringly.

Even during fights it would slip out. It usually was a peace maker.

But probably both of our favorite times it was said was when someone would flirt with me and vise versa.

Isaac knew, at this point in our relationship, that I only had eyes for him so he trusted me. Not really caring if someone thought they could get with me, because he knew they never would.

Of course, it did tick him off a little but we had created a routine for these little recurrences.

It usually started with a boy doing a cheesy and annoying way of flirting, whilst I just tried to smile politely.

Then, Isaac noticing, would swoop in with an arm around my waist and kiss me.

Our hands grabbing each other’s faces dramatically.

“Oh, missy do you happen to have a boyfriend?” Isaac would gasp over-the-toply.

“Oh yes lover boy, I have the most gorgeous boyfriend in the world?” I would reply just as wildly.

“Mm, missy lets bounce outta here, wouldn’t want your boyfriend to see some dude trying to get into your pants,” Isaac would of course then stare pointedly at the boy.

The boy, usually looking confused and frightened, would go red with embarrassment.

Isaac would smirk.

“Sure lover boy,” I then would wrap his arm around my shoulder and we would strut away. Usually giggling like toddlers.

It was always fun, even if I felt a little bad for the boy, but seeing Isaac act so silly was so adorable and amazing.

Isaac, I believe had grown fond of this routine.

But it never happened without me before.

And that was why Isaac was unsure about what to do when his werewolf hearing let him listen in on a conversation between a couple freshmen boys.

This convo, was all about how hot and gorgeous they all thought I supposedly was.

Isaac agreed completely, actually.

But, he wanted to pummel them, that could make me upset. He wasn’t going to risk making me angry.

Then, Isaac smiled. It was a wide, cheeky smile.

He almost laughed out loud.

“Mmm, her figure is so gorgeous,” one of the freshman groaned.

His friends laughed, nodding and agreeing.

But that was all soon cut short.

“Yea, she’s kinda hot,” the boys jumped at the sudden voice.

Most of the boys, knowing exactly who Isaac was and his reputation on the lacrosse field, went red.

A few, started rambling apologies.

Except for one, extremely cocky, boy who stepped up chest-to-chest with Isaac.

Isaac laughed, he towered over the boy.

“Actually, she’s really, super-duper hot,” Isaac groaned. He chuckled as he walked until he’d pressed the boy up against a locker.

“And do you know what the best part is? She’s all mine,” Isaac’s smile showed his pretty white teeth.

“Hey lover boy, let’s go,” Isaac turned to see me, shaking my head smiling.

Isaac sent the boys a ‘watch yourself’ look before beginning to walk away with me.

“You just can’t help yourself can you?”

Isaac shrugged.

“You know you love it,” he winked flirtatiously.

And I truly did love it.


oh gosh this sucks. I’m sorry about this.

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I love your writing so much omg could you do RFA reaction to an mc that is super messy? Like never cleans up after them self and just always leaves stuff strewn about when they leave a room? thank you so much!!!

It’s no problem!! I’m actually the polar opposite of this and I can’t stand just leaving everything lying around so this was fUN thank you for requesting this!!
Also unrelated note but I finally got my new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m actually cry ing it’s so nice and I can finally write headcanons properly again and I’m so happy-


  • He’s one of those people who doesn’t particularly tidy up after himself but things end up staying pretty tidy?
  • So seeing a mess just naturally grow is weird
  • He’s cool with helping out with keeping stuff tidy
  • But oh my gosh you can’t just leave everything out though okay
  • He has a reputation to keep up and what about the fans that show up they caN’T SEE HIS HOUSE LIKE THIS


  • The only thing messier than his house is his life so
  • You both live in this state of constant mess
  • He doesn’t even have to do anything in particular, it just gets untidy super easily?
  • Like he’ll have those I’m gonna get my life together!!! moments that we all get from time to time that never really last longer than 2 minutes
  • But outside of those experiences you can both just adjust to the mess and?? it’ll be fine probably


  • Don’t dO this to him
  • He actually would consider just hiring a maid to just follow you around all day, everyday
  • He’s more than serious trust me
  • He won’t pressure you into tidying everything up but he’ll prompt you a little when he can?
  • Because let’s be honest a huge amount of mess in the penthouse would probably make him a bit uncomfortable
  • honestly he loves you but plEASE clean up a little-


  • She’s fine with you not cleaning up straight away tbh
  • But maybe you could tidy it up a little later on or something?
  • You don’t have to constantly be tidying everything up though
  • Let’s face it, she’s had a busy schedule so she’s probably left stuff out and forgotten about putting it away for a while
  • Just don’t leave it all for days, and she’ll be cool with it?


  • hO if you thought you were messy, you can’t compete with his house
  • He’ll genuinely turn it into a competition if he gets the chance
  • You once woke up to find a “new carpet” made up of HBC wrappers throughout the house because what else was he going to do with them?
  • On the bright side, you can both work on getting yourselves out of the habit together or just continue living in the messy harmony, either would work with this boy

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Thank you for your reply! What does it mean for you for john and Sherlock to be in character precisely? I always get the feeling that we all have different opinions on that, as sometimes I read fic recs saying J/S are in character and when I read them, to me, they're not.

(referencing this post)

Mmm. This is tough to say, because like you said, everyone reads the characters differently. Here’s my thoughts / headcanon:

For me, John is a grumpy bisexual. He's soft but firm, cares a great deal about Sherlock’s well being and happiness and would risk his life for Sherlock over all others. But he’s stubborn and closed off from the world because he doesn’t trust anyone; the war has changed him. He’s also a bit of a trash heap, as in he will inevitably ditch all his dates to be with Sherlock (but he will put up a half-hearted fight about it… can’t let Sherlock think John WILLINGLY goes…); never makes the tea (but I let this one slide because it’s cute in fics that he’s obsessed with tea); he’s jealous if Sherlock flirts or breathes the same air with anyone that’s not John; and is grumpy and is a bit finickety about the most ridiculous things (he still has the military engrained into him and likes things a certain way). John is also “scary calm”: he can keep his head together in any situation, but don’t let it fool you because there’s probably a lot of danger under his false smile.

John loves being a doctor but loves the danger as well. Bit of a low self esteem, and in his “bad moments” doesn’t think he’s really all that important to Sherlock… which is odd because I think that he knows just how much Sherlock really does need him. He’s just really soft with Sherlock, because he knows what Sherlock is really like, knows that Sherlock really does just need a steady presence in his life to calm him. He is constantly amazed at how intelligent Sherlock is, and thinks there’s no way that Sherlock finds him at all interesting. He’s terrified to confess his feelings for Sherlock because he’s never really quite sure what Sherlock is really thinking and Sherlock is the one friend in his life he is scared of losing… He and Sherlock have a sort of co-dependent relationship, and he knows it before Sherlock does (Sherlock realizes by S3 that they really were very co-dependent). John’s dumb about communication, and would rather bottle up his feelings than deal with them, so “everything’s fine”…  unfortunately that doesn’t help his trust or anger issues at all. A bit closeted in civilian life (but wasn’t in the army) and thinks he wants to fit into society but really he just wants to fit into Sherlock’s life forever. All of that aside, John is a loyal and loveable asshole and pretty much revolves his life around Sherlock.

Sherlock, oh gosh. Very gay but hides it under his public image. A bit of a peacock, as in he likes to show off ALL the time, and ever since John landed in his life, he’s always super extra when John is watching. He constantly seeks John’s approval because he has a praise kink and loves John’s attention on him. He loves John more than anything else in the world, and needs him by his side, or he gets stroppy. He’s jealous of anyone taking John’s attentions off of him, and will do ridiculous things to keep John interested (he thinks John only likes him because of the adrenaline rush he gives him). Very low self-esteem hidden under his aloof exterior, but can’t hide his kind-heartedness or when he’s been hurt emotionally. He's very soft and smol and a bit more eccentric around John in private, and drops a lot of his shields and his public image. Always concerned about John’s well-being, and chooses his cases based on how much he thinks John will enjoy them. But he’s a bit of a dork too; whines when his experiments get ruined, kind of a slob, likes being silly, and loves that he and John have their own little world that no one else can understand. Thinks John is achingly beautiful, special, the best thing that has ever happened to him and is terrified to confess his feelings because he doesn’t want to lose John. Loves the dichotomy of John’s self and very being and is always surprised when John does something unremarkable but totally unexpected (basically, he thinks John is the one puzzle he never wants to solve). Terrible at communication and a very emotionally driven creature.

Essentially, his entire universe revolves around John and his happiness. But he’s secretly terrified he will do something wrong and John will leave him alone forever.

This is totally headcanon territory now: as a couple, Sherlock is an “extra” romantic (wants to plan big extravagant things, or considers going on a case a date, or sees a sunflower and gives it to John, telling him it reminded him of John) but will deny any claims that he is a romantic though he secretly is tickled pink that people notice. He constantly wants to be in John’s orbit…. a bit clingy because he has anxiety that he is going to screw up. Very tactile; always wants to hold hands or cuddle or touch John or let people know he found a John (he preens whenever he mentions John is his Partner / Boyfriend / Husband) and likes to show John off to people who think Sherlock is unlovable. When they fight, Sherlock is ALWAYS terrified he said / did the wrong thing, and John will leave him, so he gets depressed or will think of ways to make it up to John.

John is the rock in the relationship, and loves all of Sherlock’s little foibles, eccentricities and anxieties, and always ensures Sherlock is okay and knows that John loves him (he can tell when Sherlock starts to worry and question the state of their relationship, so John always makes sure Sherlock knows, especially after a fight). He’s also a romantic, though his idea of romance is just spending the day together. They love to cuddle and hug and tell each other they love each other every day.

Basically, they’re so sappily in love in makes your teeth rot and your heart do backflips endlessly.

That’s just the basics of my thoughts on them; there’s plenty more that I cannot think of right now, but really, as long as they don’t stray too far from canon, I will read it. Like… I can’t read “dark!John / Sherlock” fics because it’s not how I see them at all.

Again, as I stated in the linked post above, these are MY personal thoughts on the characters; not everyone reads them the same.

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I feel like w justlex, sometimes alex will send justin a selfie on like snapchat or smth and justin just can't stop gushing over how pretty his bf is and look at that gorgeous smile. And if he can tell alex is having a bad day at school he compliments him and holds his hand to make him smile n alex is a blushy boy.

Okay but no matter what the selfie is Justin screenshots it, and he shows absolutely everyone he sees within the next hour, like ‘oh my gosh, look at him, he’s so cute!’ And he sends Alex back selfies of himself just giving the blonde the biggest heart eyes. And yeah, Justin is actually super clingy and affectionate, and if Alex was having a bad day he would never leave his side. He’d always have his face nuzzled in Alex’s neck giving him soft kisses and just cuddling him

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hiya! ok so auditions went really amazing!! we're apparently the first (i believe) company to do the high school production. My audition was personally at about an 8/10 and I"m pretty sure my age n look kind of had something to do with it (which I understand and am perfectly fine with),, but i got ensemble! There's a cast of 30 and a TON of people auditioned. I'm super excited. Thank you for the audition tips, they helped so much!!

NO WAY!!! this is SO exciting oh my gosh! congrats, you’re about to have the time of your life doing this show. keep me updated ! 💕

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That one ask that you answered made me laugh. It was the one about being kidnapped all the time annoying you. What made me laugh was when you said "I'll have my day all planned out, and I'll be super productive, and then I'm just snatched off the street! So annoying!" XD Most people would freak the heck out and stuff, but you're just there like, "Oh, great. I got kidnapped, again. *pulls out phone* *ring ring* Hey, Leo? I got kidnapped, again. Can you come around 3? Thanks." XD

Heh. Well that just goes to show how often it happens. It’s no longer terrifying, it’s more irritating than anything. Gosh darn it just let me get on with my day you kidnappers!

Okay so maybe it is still pretty scary.

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OH MY GOSH THE ASK BOX IS OPEN I'M SO EXCITED- May I request Matsus reactions to an s/o who goes on a trip and comes back super affection starved? (I've been hugging a lot of people lately and I need cuddles <3)

I, too, am excited

Osomatsu: Tries to be romantic, but. Being romantic is difficult when your budget consists of two potato chips and some pocket lint. (He still manages to do a pretty A+ job, somehow) 

Karamatsu: Responds right away, puts himself in the role of a ~knight in shining armor~ coming to rescue his ~sweet prince(ss)~. Shows up faster than what should be physically possible with roses.

Choromatsu: Tells his brothers he’s going for a job interview so he won’t be followed, but ends up going to see them instead. Does his best at being affectionate, even if he is nervous.

Ichimatsu: Three words: Blankets. Couch. Cuddles.

Jyushimatsu: Picks them up (literally) for a date right away. Did they have plans? Too bad. Not anymore. Probably blows a million raspberries until they’re crying with laughter.

Todomatsu: Takes them out on a super sweet coffee shop date.

-Mod Kara

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My friend koods showed me your boy Angel and honestly, I slapped my hands to my cheeks and squealed because he is SO CUTE. (I kind of have a thing for people like him, seeing as my own OC is the same, but instead of a pretty unicorn he's a deerboy pfffft) But gosh I just wanted to say he's super adorable and I love his color scheme! (Also his affinity for comfy baggy clothes speaks to my soul lmfao) <333

AWW thank you so much!!! QVQ <333 it’s so great to hear people love Angel already TvT he is a soft big boy that needs all the lovin’ and comfy sweaters💕

some more yohamaru headcanons i’ve been thinking about recently:

- maru being all aware of yoshiko’s awful awful luck, so she gets ruby to help her rig a lottery. yoshiko thinks she’s won maru some cute adorable prize, but maru was just trying to make her feel better because she’d been down about it the past few days.

- yoshiko being utterly convinced she’s finally made a contract with a demon, running around telling everyone about it all excitedly. maru is very confused but also ??? impressed. as it turns out, yoshiko’s just found a dog that keeps following her around (and it scared the crap out of ruby, grumble grumble) and she thinks it’s her master. maru just plays along (because really, the dog is cute, isn’t it?)

- yoshiko writing dumb totally-not-self-insert stories about a young sorceror and a beautiful young maiden with a deep voice. maru accidentally stumbles across some pages of it (and gosh yoshiko, that’s getting pretty steamy). poor yocchan finds a very red-faced maru reading her shameless story and just about expires. they agree not to talk about it again, although maru is secretly kind of flattered.

- they probably have a writing circle together !! even though yoshiko is not much into reading other peoples work she kind of balks when she realises maru is actually really, really good. maru just laps up any kind of literature, so she doesn’t really mind all the demons and things - it is just a story, after all.

- yoshiko casting charms and laying down protective barriers so maru won’t ever get hurt by demons or evil spirits. insists on being super protective. (she probably does it for everyone eventually, but she does extra for maru)

- yoshiko showing up at maru’s window at like, 2 in the morning to drag her outside to run around on a demon hunt. maru is terrified she’s gonna get in trouble and also it’s late yoshiko we’re gonna get in trouble qwq. but then yoshiko shows her this incredibly pretty sight - an arrangement of glowing stones and gemstones that shine with the most amazing colours - and gosh is it beautiful. she falls asleep, though, and yoshiko has to carry her home (strong little devil child carrying her tiny gf)


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You can never have enough Hanzo! How about Hanzo with an exceptionally affectionate s/o? Like one that likes to spoil him with praise and lots of lovin? (Btw I love this blog, keep up the good work!)

Ah oh my gosh thank you!!

- at first he would be pretty embarrassed by it not knowing how to handle it especially all the praise, he would just give a soft awkward smile and thank them

- it would grow on him though and he would almost be looking for the praise and affection and be super confused if his s/o stopped or didn’t do it as much he would wonder if they are feeling ok or if he did something wrong

- sometimes he would like to try and show the affection back but he is really bad at this because to him displays of affection are simple things that show thoughtfulness like making them diner before they he home because he knows it’ll be late and they will be tired, buying them something because he knows that they would love it, hell just making them some coffee or whatever it is they have in the morning for them

- he would try to show more physical affection but be very tense and clumsy about it like trying to wrap his arms around them to cuddle, he would probably end up putting himself in a uncomfortable position but just bare with it and would need help from his s/o

- he tries to learn from how they show him physical affection and will start to ruffle their hair, kiss their cheek and again hold them but try to relax

- he tells them that they spoil him too much and that he doesn’t deserve all this and will disagree with them but he does like it and tries to just accept it

So I caught up with Agent Carter last night, and oh my gosh was it a breath of fresh air. The writing was super smart and the acting was fully on point. The show is taking on sexism in a pretty frank manner and challenging traditional concepts of masculinity as well. Furthermore, the writers have given these themes a beautiful continuity with the world of the Captain America films. There’s definitely a sense here of looking at inequality through the lens of Erskine’s philosophy about strength and weakness. (“The strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power,” Erskine tells Steve the night before his procedure, “but a weak man knows the value of strength—and he knows compassion.”)

In The First Avenger, Erskine’s philosophy (in the context of the movie as a whole) was mainly applied to foreign powers and foreign serum-enhanced megalomaniacs, with only brief glimpses of how that philosophy is reflected in, and applies to, American culture. Though such glimpses were present, they mainly served to give shape to the reality of Steve’s lived experience. In Agent Carter, however, we’re seeing a world populated and run by the strong men that Erskine was so leery of, and we’re seeing what that world is like for people who do not fit within the narrow parameters established by that hegemonic system. Taken together with the show’s subtle but ongoing allusions to the threat of America’s unnamed enemies, this exploration of a world run by strong men represents a superb social commentary. Contrasted as these allusions are with an examination of the world taking shape under the hands of the strong men running the American justice system, the American intelligence system, and the American government, a story that seriously considers the disconnect between propaganda and reality in the US is emerging—a theme that is beautifully echoed in the “Captain America Radio Program” sequences that are interspersed throughout the tale and whose timing couldn’t be better.

I seriously can’t wait to see what the show has got in store for us next.

I just love Lionhearted so much because it shows how you can make a video influeced by japanese pop culture and harajuku fasion with asian girls without turning them all into neutral clones who just stand around to look pretty like oh my gosh look at them with their individual hairstyles, looks, attitudes just being super duper cool and wrecking stuff with WEAPONS

thats how you do it, katy perry, avril lavigne and gwen stefani (-: give them some freaking attitude and roles instead of treating them like accessories IT’S REALLY THAT SIMPLE

Me watching prelims

Academy: so freaking cute omg mary poppins approves
Troop: ney and eh YAY EMMA
Colts: How to get away with murder and the girl with the pretty voice
Crossmen: leaving on a jetplane and damn that girl has some lungs and faith ily good job
Blue Stars: aka american horror story freak show. I would marry that juggler in a heatbeat
Boston: game of thrones I guess
Madison: when you’re an all male corps, get a cut out girlfriend
Cavies: super manly corps gotta do a show about the super manly sport of wrestling. Sort of?
Phantom: audrey hepburn aesthetic and A TUBA FEATURE and bless david warren oh my gosh
Blue Knights: mirror mirror on the field, what was the theme of their show???? Idc it was really solid AND THEN THEY ALL DISAPPEARED
SCV: very dark very electrifying. Tesla and willy wonka aprrove
Bluecoats: they’re trapped in hamster balls set them free ye ou go felix and ben
Crown: abandon all hope and my clothes holy what a good show I LOVE YOU SALLY
Cadets: so different??? Black uniforms yes yes yes. 10.
BD: scary story time. Butt cape -> butt fringe. IT’S THE LAAAAST MIDNIGHT. that girl was v cute

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/watch?v=Iftg4eVO5qI can you believe moonsun didn't like each other at first? now they're attached to the hip. really wished this was longer to hear each members thoughts on one another

hahahaha ohmygosh god bless you for showing me this thank youu! this was awesome, some stuff they already talked about, but i love stuff like this because you know they’re close enough to bring up these things and talk about it. moonbyul be saying she thought solar was weird, but she forgot to mention how she thought she was pretty that’s why she approached her first lmao. wheein seems like she’s the bridge between all the members tho gosh i love her. And hwasa is the super trainee i don’t doubt it, she can do everything goddam

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which pearl design is your favorite? pilot? young pearl? steven the swordfighter regeneration? (it's probably sweater pearl don't even deny it)

oh gosh, that’s tough, I really love pretty much all Pearl’s designs. The sweater one, obviously, is one of my favorites, considering I have a dedicated tag for it and everything and its so super cute

buuut that’s not actually a design, it’s just a sweater over her normal outfit. I do like her current outfit, much more than the one she had at the start of the show.  The colors are a lot easier on my eyes and I just like the design better overall. The ribbon is great, I love the asymmetrical knot (and the fact that its not a bow) and the ‘tail’. Overall I find her current design the easiest to draw so it appeals to me a lot for that reason

but, also, I really like young Pearl’s design. I like the very specific dated clothing and for some reason the translucent shoulder thing works out better for me than the skirt of her first design. I just like the way it looks. Also, her hair looks really fluffy in this design and I really like that

The societal invisibility of lesbians concerns me a lot when I’m writing.

At the moment I am scribbling down a YA piece that’s a reimagined version of one of the Great Books. Instead of middle-aged white cisdudes, my viewpoint characters are now teenage girls.

In the opening scene, one of the girls in question has escaped an awkward fancy dinner and is hiding in the bathroom so she can text two of her friends, who have gone to a political protest. Our protagonist wishes she could join them. She receives a text with a lovely picture of her one friend marching, and contemplates how her this girl usually doesn’t photograph well, but this picture really captures the girl’s intensity. Our protagonist likes the photo of her friend enough to save and keep it. Later she’ll show the photo to her mother and gush a bit.

Before leaving the restroom, our protagonist snaps a selfie with the restaurant’s overly ornate decor in the background, so she and her friend can make fun of it together. She sends the selfie, and a few minutes later gets extremely embarrassed about how her hair looks in the photo. What was she thinking? But later her friend will tell her she looks pretty anyway.

Throughout the interaction, I never mention the words crush, in love, “liked her as more than a friend” (gosh can we talk about “more than a friend” is the worst phrasing) or anything along those lines. I don’t mention either girl’s orientation or that they wouldn’t mind having one another as girlfriends, even if that’s true. I’m just trying to show that they’re super into one another even when they haven’t done anything about it yet. Much the same way an author would with a male character and a female character. I prefer writing that way, because most teen characters who are direct about “This Person Is My Crush” in very direct words, aren’t the ones I want to write.

The thing is I can totally see readers missing the hints between my lady protagonists. Even if to me the hints are like anvils. Because girls text selfies back and forth and compliment one another’s appearances all the time, right? And saving a picture of her friend doesn’t HAVE to mean you’re into your friend, right?

I mean, no, it doesn’t. Girls are socialized to be more affectionate with one another, even the straight ones. But again, if an author goes out of their way to mention that a female character saved a picture of her male friend because he was looking attractive for once, people would read that differently. It’s not so much the details as it is the fact that I, the writer, want to focus on them a certain way. I’m pointing a finger at them. If that makes sense.

As a second point: there’s other things I see as being hints of the impending lesbian relationship between my characters that my readers might not. Queer-coded things, we’ll call them. My viewpoint character mentally categorizes a mosaic of a woman with a lyre as looking like Sappho. She also mentions at dinner that she’d like to go to Smith. Which, alright, fine, liking lesbian poets from Lesbos and wanting to go to a women’s college are not always 100% indicative of women who are in love with women either. But, I’m a lesbian grad of a women’s college, and the time I spent at that college is pretty intimately tied to how I view my orientation.

I know coding is old-fashioned in some ways, and a relic of the days when we were hidden in the closet, but–darn it. I like it, on some level. It occupies a space in my heart. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s because not every person is going to confront their sexual orientation head on, all the time, and needs ways to grapple with it that aren’t just about who they do or don’t have a crush on. Maybe it’s because I like feeling connected to a broader queer history or culture. I don’t know. There’s something I find comfortable about coding that I don’t quite have my finger on yet.

Showing Not Telling is a good practice. But it’s a hell of a lot more of a challenge when you’re writing lesbian relationships in YA fiction.

Supernatural School Musical (Supernatural/High School Musical)

Despite it being OTP week this week, I’ve decided to go and make this anyway, because you lot seem to love the SuperDisney gif stories! (x) So here you have it, Supernatural crossover with High School Musical! This was honestly my favourite to make because it just brings back to many memories of when I was a child and obsessed with this movie!  Ah, memories… So, I hope you enjoy it! - Jess

JOHN: Come on, Dean! Shoot!

DEAN: Okay, Dad.

JOHN: Better, son. You’re certainly better than your brother.

MARY: Are you two done yet? It’s New Year’s Eve. Dean, you should go down to the teens party. Your brother’s down there. You should be enjoying yourself, not shooting hoops.

DEAN: Okay Mum. See you two later.

DEAN: It’s so boring down here! I can’t find Sam anywhere…

MC: Right, who’s up next for the KAR-A-O-KA? *Crowd cheers* How about you *points at Dean* and you *points at socially awkward nerd in corner*

DEAN: I don’t want- *Microphone falls*

CASTIEL: These lyrics look terrible!

*Both singing terribly written song about cheesy love at first sight nonsense*


DEAN: Wow, you’re a good singer. You’re got a voice like an-

CASTIEL: Angel? Yeah, I’ve been told that a few times. My name’s Castiel, by the way.

DEAN: My name’s Dean. It’s nice to meet you. Sorry we had to do that.

CASTIEL: No, it’s fine. It was fun. I- *sigh* I really enjoyed being with you- I mean, singing with you….

DEAN: Don’t worry. I really enjoyed it as well! Maybe we should hang out some time.

CASTIEL: That would be wonderful. I live on the West coast, though.

DEAN: Damn! I live in Kansas. I suppose we could still hang out, though-

SAM: Hey Dean!
DEAN: Sam, where’s Castiel?
SAM: Who?

DEAN: Make way for the basketball team captains, mother fuckers!
SAM: Dean, be nice, it’s the first day back after winter break.

DEAN: This year’s gonna be special; I just know it!

TEACHER: Right, class, we have a new student today. Please welcome Castiel Novak.

DEAN: Oh my God…

DEAN: Oh my God, it’s you, the guy I sang with on New Year’s Eve!

CASTIEL: You’re Dean, right? Gosh, this is strange! I’ve just moved here!

DEAN: I should show you around.
CASTIEL: I would appreciate that, Dean.

DEAN: This is out hallway, and this is the sign-up sheet for the spring musical. I don’t suppose you want your angel voice to be winning that?

CASTIEL: The singing was a one time thing, okay?

LUCIFER: Hey Dean! *Super smile*

DEAN: What, Lucifer?

LUCIFER: Oh, nothing! It’s just my brother, Michael, and I are going to be the ones winning the main role in that spring musical, as always, so get your pretty little nerd away from my sign-up sheet, okay?

DEAN: Whatever, Lucifer. Just, if you’re mean to me, you can’t date my brother.

LUCIFER: How did you know I had a crush on him?

DEAN: It was kind of obvious!

LUCIFER: This was a perfect idea! To make sure that Castiel guy doesn’t audition, I will make him join the nerd club! This is genius! I’m glad I thought of it all by myself!

MICHAEL: You do know it was me who thought of it.

LUCIFER: Whatever! I have everything I need right here.

LUCIFER: Hello, nerd! I couldn’t help but hear that you needed a new person to join your team.

GABRIEL: Why are you helping me, Lucifer?

LUCIFER: Because I’m trying to be a good person. So, this new kid, Castiel, apparently he’s a genius!

GABRIEL: Hello, Castiel. I’ve heard a lot about you! I want you to join the scholastic decathlon team.

CASTIEL: Where did you find out about that? I didn’t want to be the nerd of the school this time!

GABRIEL: Oh, I have my sources… Ketchup mostly. Anyway, I want you to join!

CASTIEL: I’ll think about it, okay!

JOHN: Alright guys, time for training! We have the competition in a few weeks, so we need to be perfect! The two captain Winchester’s will teach this lesson.

SAM: Right guys! Like Coach said, we need to be perfect!

DEAN: I can’t stop thinking about him…

SAM: Dean, you’re acting like a teenage girl. Get shooting!

DEAN: I’m sorry, Sammy. Okay team, let’s go!

CROWLEY: Up next for audition is Lucifer and Michael. Finally some talent!

*Lucifer and Michael singing and dancing brilliantly…* (Why is Michael in a skirt?)

CROWLEY: Brilliant, as always, darlings! Is there any more auditions?

CASTIEL: We’ve both been hiding at the back here. Maybe we should audition, together!
DEAN: I don’t sing. It’s not my thing, you know…

CROWLEY: No one else? No, okay, good.

CASTIEL: Mr Crowley, Sir, I would like to audition.

CROWLEY: You? Well, you didn’t respond when I asked, and it’s paired auditions anyway, so no, you can’t audition!

DEAN: I’ll audition with him, Mr Crowley.

CROWLEY: You, Captain Winchester, please, don’t mock me! I’m going now. Bye.

RUBY: You two are wanting to audition? I wrote the song- actually, I wrote the whole musical. Lucifer and Michael changed it a lot. You wanna hear what it’s suppose to sound like?

DEAN: Sure!

*Singing to each other beautifully*

CROWLEY: You two are good. You have a callback!

LUCIFER: Those two are up to no good, trying to steal my musical.

MICHAEL: Our musical, you mean?

SAM: Look at this! Everything’s so out of control! All of my team is cooking and making art and- This is so messed up!

GABRIEL: This is Dean and Castiel’s fault. They are the ones who got the callbacks. We need to stop them from auditioning.

SAM: Let’s team up to and put a stop to this!

SAM: Dean, you have to stop this whole music thing! You’re ruining the team! Our championship tournament is next Friday!

DEAN: Look, I’m sorry guys, but I like singing with Castiel.

SAM: So you’re just gonna give up on the team? You’re gonna give up on Dad…..? You’re gonna give up on me?

DEAN: Of course I’m not giving up on you, Sammy. Look, fine, I don’t even care about singing. I don’t care about the musical. And most of all, I don’t care about Castiel. Okay?

CASTIEL: So, he doesn’t like me?

GABRIEL: Well, that’s what he said, isn’t it? Dean Winchester is just a mean, old player… and he’s not just playing basketball. He’s playing with your little, fragile heart, Cas.

GABRIEL: I don’t know, Sam, maybe making them hate each other was a bad idea. Castiel is very depressed.

SAM: And Dean hasn’t been playing basketball properly. Maybe they do like each other a lot!

GABRIEL: Look, the basketball competition and the scholastic decathlon competition are on Friday, and the audition is on Thursday. They can still do both.

SAM: Dean, as your brother, I am forcing you to sing on Thursday. No buts, just do what you want, okay? I can’t- and neither can Dad- control your life. You’re my brother, and I love you lots, so follow your heart, okay?

DEAN: Thanks Sammy!

GABRIEL: Castiel, we were all big assbutts. Please sing with Dean!

CASTIEL: Okay! *Mentally fangirls*

LUCIFER: Wait, is that Dean and Castiel singing together? I thought they hated each other! I need to stop them!

LUCIFER: I’m really sorry, Mr Crowley, but my brother and I have a doctors appointment on Thursday. If you could change the callbacks to Friday, that would be perfect!

CROWLEY: Okay, only because you and Michael are my favourite!

DEAN: Look, Cas, they’ve changed our callback date to the same day as our competitions.
CASTIEL: Those bastards!

GABRIEL: We’ll find a way, don’t worry!

CASTIEL: 3,278

GABRIEL: 91,379

DEAN: We’re so gonna win this!

CASTIEL: Gabriel, it’s almost callback time!

DEAN: Time for me to go!
SAM: Dean, wait…. Good luck, okay?
DEAN: Thanks, Sammy!

CROWLEY: Thank you, Lucifer and Michael, for that beautiful performance. Now up next is Dean and Castiel!

DEAN: We’re here, Mr Crowley!

CASTIEL: Dean, I’m scared.

DEAN: Don’t be scared, Castiel. It’s just you and me, remember? Us two.


CASTIEL: We did it Dean!
DEAN: Yes we did, Cas. We did it!

CASTIEL: I love you, Dean.
DEAN: I love you too, Cas.

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Hello! I tried drawing your sister’s Gemsona. I also have drawings of her with the Crystal Gems but my internet is running painfully slow at the moment so I’ll try submitting those tomorrow instead. I hope she likes this!

!!!!! oh my gosh! This was so sweet of you and dang, it looks super rad! I showed it to her and she got WAY excited bouncing around like

She wants me to tell you “Thank you!!!!” and that “She looks so pretty!”. She really loves it! Thank you so much for drawing it! My mom also wants to thank you.

Also - she would totally love to see the other drawings (she loves the Gems) but don’t worry about it if your internet is giving you too much trouble :)

anonymous asked:

important question: who do you think proposes (or brings up marriage) first for exr and courferre. also important question: who mentions adopting/having kids? not an important question: i think before courier got together ferre was very aware of where courfeyrac was when they are in a room together and courf is aware of this too and tries v hard to get combferre to come talk to him in ridiculous ways


Okay so for ExR: Grantaire would casually mention marriage one day and next thing he knows Enjolras is orchestrating a super fancy date night that ends up going wrong in every way possible and he’s unusually upset about it until Grantaire nudges his shoulder, “Hey, what’s wrong?” 

-Enjolras just huffs, “I JUST WANTED TO PROPOSE BUT THIS WHOLE NIGHT WAS A DISASTER.” and R laughs and is like 

-“It wasn’t that bad…in fact, I think I’ll still say yes.” and Enjolras skips the whole speech he prepared and manages to squeeze his feelings for Grantaire in less than a minute before showing him the ring and Grantaire is smirking and he rolls his eyes before saying, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you!” then they go out for ice cream and hold hands the rest of the night and neither can stop smiling.

-After they’ve been married for a while they’re walking through a park and Grantaire cooes at a cute baby, and later he gasps at a toddler at the store, and the next day he shows Enjolras videos of children playing with cats and Enjolras asks, “Do you want kids?” and R beams “OH MY GOSH YES but only if you do like if not that’s fine I just thought it’d be pretty cool-” Enjolras cuts him off with a kiss and tells him yes, of course he wants to. He’s super nervous and has self doubts about his parenting abilities but the second they get their kid all those fears melt away and are replaced by complete awe and love for their child. 

For Courferre, Courf has always been open to everyone about how he can’t wait to get married one day, but he isn’t sure how Ferre feels so when they finally get together he doesn’t bring it up because he’s afraid he’s gonna screw up their perfect relationship. After a few months of dating they are having a lazy morning, legs tangled under the sheets, Courfeyrac’s head on Combeferre’s bare chest, fingers drawing patterns on his skin, and Combeferre is just watching him and says “Marry me?” 

-Courfeyrac freezes, meets his eyes, and asks “What?” and Combeferre swallows because he didn’t mean to say it out loud, he didn’t want to propose now, he wanted to make it nice, Courfeyrac loved big gestures, but he can’t take it back so he just grabs the ring from his nightstand and shows it to him. 

-“Marry me?” and Courfeyrac squeals and says yes about a thousand times and covers him with kisses and maybe they both cry a little bit and are just! So!! Happy!!!

-They’ve thought about kids, of course, but decided that they’d wait a little bit, then E and R ask them to babysit their kid one night and Combeferre and Courfeyrac are just IN LOVE with the tiny human! The second Enjolras and Grantiare are done with their date and take the kid home they realize how empty the apartment is and Courfeyrac turns to Combeferre with his puppy eyes, “Can we have one?” and Combeferre just lifts up his phone where there are a ton of pages open on adoption agencies that he’s been researching all night.

Also, yes, Courfeyrac and Combeferre would constantly look at each other but always at different times so they would rarely make eye contact. If Combeferre is on the other side he’ll be like, “Can anyone help me with this round of Words with Friends? Ferre?” 

“I can do it, Courf.” 

“No sorry Joly I must insist that Combeferre help me with this.” 

“But he’s terrible at-” 

and also 

“Can someone tie my shoes? I got a paper cut and I don’t want to get blood on the laces…Combeferre! You got a second?” 

He’ll literally do anything and Combeferre doesn’t mind in the slightest.