gosh this show is super pretty

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I just wanta say that you posting about Firewatch ages ago got me to get the game and I have really enjoyed it and just, thank you for showing me all those fancy views and artworks you posted !! and keep up with your own art and such which I also love, have a good day !

oh my gosh dude nice! firewatch is such a cool game and altho i haven’t played it myself, i have watched markiplier’s playthrough and i fuckin LOVE the dialogue and voice acting, plus the art style/colors look super pretty.

also shoutout to all the cool artists/editors/etc who’ve made firewatch content for me to reblog in the first place, you’re all cool dudes

i loved this little scene so much oh my gosh! it was so cute and they were able to shove so much fun characterization into a very short slot of time like how each palladin wakes up shows their character. Like Pidge- pretty sure never even went to sleep? Was working on some techno stuff the whole night and passed out. Hunk, sleeping like a normal person, tripped TWICE trying to get out of his room while still in pajamas. Shiro was already awaKE DOING PUSHUPS WHAT A LOSER- ahem I mean from this we can tell that Shiro has great self discipline. Lance has his music in and it completely tuned out from the world hahah. Keith was playing with a knife so we can tell that hes a psychopath- no just that whatever hes taking care of his weapons, hes kinda self disciplined too, and he has the mind to grab his jacket at least before he runs out. I wonder if he has an Emotional Attachment to that jacket that would be cool.