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OH MY GOSH SOMEONE WHO DOES DISCWORLD ART! HI HELLO I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART AND YOUR BLOG AND JUST thanks for being awesome -a shy new follower who doesn't like to come off of anon

HEY THERE thank you so much!! this is such a sweet message!!! I’m!!! feelin’ good!!!! here’s a pic of cheery and angua also feelin’ good, having a swell time!!!

and also as someone who has a lot of social anxiety I’m so happy you were able to send me a message!! I really appreciate it!!!

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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Hi! I know this is super random. But I kind of just discovered whump has a tumblr community and your blog is amazing? Now that I know there are other folks out here, I've made a secondary blog myself for whumpy posts, but I don't have much on my dash yet. I already follow you of course :) but do you have any other names you'd suggest looking into?

Oh gosh, Nonny! You’re so sweet and wonderful! I love you already! :D

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

There are a lot of whump blogs on Tumblr right now and even some that cater to specific niche interests or characters, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem filling your dash up with great stuff! And to get you started, here are some of the classic, long-running whump blogs that I consider “must follow” blogs and were the pioneers who were whumping on Tumblr even before the current surge in whumpdom! <3

@justwhumpythings for all your meta needs!
and @medicbaymax for medically accurate info for whump writers!

There’s also some new whump blogs who are providing great services to our growing community:

@whumpapedia - they’re making a database of whump!
@whump-confession - for all your anonymous confession needs!
@whumpspiration - posts all kinds of whumpy writing prompts!
@canyoutellmewhereithurts - writes whumpy fanfics on request!

If you’re a fan of Killian/OUAT and want some more fun content in that vein, I recommend @justsomewhump (a fellow Killian whumper) and @dirtylittleouatsecret (a blog devoted to naughty OUAT confessions).

Also, two non-whump blogs that may be of interest to whumpers…
@otpdisaster - angsty/disastrous prompts for your otp
@ropermike - men in bondage in mainstream media over the years (be warned, there are occasional nsfw posts on this blog).

Hope that helps you get some good posts on your dash, Nonny! And if you need even more, @fyeahvulnerablemen has a list of whump blogs here! Keep in mind, some are personal blogs of whumpers and some seem to no longer be updated, but it’s still a pretty comprehensive list of blogs to check out!

…and in making this post, I kinda realize we need a whump Yellow Pages XD


about last night~

long time no see tumblr! how are all you beautiful people? i’m in sweatpants today so i decided to post these pictures from the dinner party i went to yesterday night. my life has been bloody hectic this last couple of weeks but i have a lot of cool announcements coming up and preparing for Esther’s wedding on August 25th. i’m just trying to build my career and furthermore myself, and getting my bits in order so that i can make the moves i want. look forward to my upcoming article in Vanity Magazine  (i’m their current blog icon pic, it’s so cool! my gosh! they were so lovely to work with) to learn more about me and my vision and follow them for more issues upcoming. love you all - Nyoumi

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I'm really sorry that out of all the popular artists, you have to receive this weird ask. It's about getting asks regarding not getting any recognition for personal art. I myself suffer from this lack of relevance but I always wondered if you (or any other popular artists) get tired of getting asks of people moaning about this problem. I'm just genuinely curious because you seem to get messages like that all the time and you're always positive and upbeat and idk maybe I'm just being cynical. :'D

oh gosh YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SORRY ANON I personally don’t mind it at all bc I get the frustration and that it’s something that plagues a lot of people… I KNOW MY ANSWERS ARE REPETITIVE ESP for people who have been following me for a bit HAHA but i know not everyone has the time to go through my entire blog to look for previous asks! I WISH I COULD DO MORE TO HELP TBH bc having people enjoy my OCs has been rly wonderful and encouraging for me AND I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE THAT, BUT I DONT RLY KNOW HOW so i feel that listening is the least i can do / O \

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oh gosh, you do gsnk! :D what kinds of blogs do you think Nozaki, Sakura, Mikorin, Seo, Kashima, Hori and Waka would have on tumblr? :P

this is such a good request! it was os fun to write. i hope you like it! (∪ ◡ ∪)

Nozaki would have a blog, fully dedicated to his own manga. He’d post pictures of the pages he was working on and would reblog a lot of posts that were related to his manga. He’d have quite a few followers due to his fan base and would definitely be an active blog. (although he probably has a pretty simple theme)

Sakura would have a cute sort of blog with lots of pictures of flowers, animals and your typical cute things, combined with indirect text posts about Nozaki and fan posts about Nozaki. She’s have a large number of followers who would all find her adorable.

Mikorin would definitely have a wannabe hipster blog full of photos of sunsets and coffee cups along with photos of cute couples. There would also be lots of his own posts that people though were deep and dramatic but in truth they were just about his failures throughout the day. He’d have a fair amount of followers but no where near as Sakura.

Seo would actually have a really refined art blog crossed with a humour blog. It would be full of pictures of the latest art pieces and audios of her own singing but if you kept scrolling you’d see a post with a crude joke. She’d have around the same amount as followers as Mikorin, maybe a few less due to the odd mix of art and humour.

Hori’s blog would be full of posts about plays and performances with a lot of his personal posts being about a certain annoying kouhai. He’d probably follow Seo for her art posts, choosing to ignore some of the crude jokes he’s see while scrolling on her blog. In-between the art/drama posts you’d occasionally come across a few pictures of models who had particularly long legs. He’d have a decent amount of followers and would always seem to gain a lot when Kashima decided to reblog all of his posts. 

Kashima’s blog would be full of indirect posts about her amazing senpai although they could hardly be considered indirect. It would be obvious to everyone who they were actually about. She’s reblog lots of stuff from Hori’s blog so it would be very similar to his. She’s have a lot of followers and that number would increase by lots whenever she posted a selfie.

Waka would have a personal blog full of posts about basketball and the amazing Lorelei. He’d also reblog lots of funny texts posts but they’d be much more innocent then what Seo posted. He’d make quite a few personal posts asking about girls and how to handle them along with posts ranting about a certain annoying girl. He’d have around the same amount of followers as Hori but would gain quite a few whenever he posted an amusing rant about a certain girl.

!!!!Christmas Follow Forever!!!!

Hi guys so this year has been a mixture of good and bad but I want to end it on a good note. Here are my favourite blogs from all the fandoms I’m in, and gosh is there a lot!

I am also very close to my goal and thought this would be a good pre-celebration. Hope everyone has a good Christmas (If you celebrate it) and New Year! Lets hope 2017 is a great year!!!

~ Georgia 

mutuals are in bold

A - C

@actualswanprincess @alectightwood @alwaysforcaptainswan @andhewonherheart @ayekillianjones @babyduckpsychology @banshiequeen @bashful-killian @belltrix @biscuitmagnus @bisexual-killian-jones @brennaninboothsboxers @buckybarneswintersoldier @buckybarnex @buckyssteves @buckywinchester @campingwiththecharmings @captain–kitten @captain-swan-jones @captainkillianjones @captainmeerkat @captainodonoghue @captainpoe @captainswaan @captainswanapproved @captainswanismyendgame @captainswanouat @castlebyrs @christopherswoods @clockworkswans @colinodoneghue @colinschest @cutieodonoghue

D - G

@dailystrangerthings @dashingrapskillian @dashingswan @deckerstared @devilishly-handsome-captain @dianarprince @dnnvers @drtemperancebrennans @dundermifflinscranton @emma-swan @emmabadasswan @emmandhook @emmaofmisthaven @expelliarmus @fairytales-and-arrows @faithinbonesffn @feelhookssword @felicittysqueen @flawlessbanshee @flirtyhook @fuckstruckswan @fyeahsupergirl @fyescaptainhook @ginniepotter @godrixhollow @grantgustic @guylinerandswans @guylinerjones

H - K

@halfhalpert @happinessisblooming @harpermcintyre @has-captain-swan-banged-yet @hellowherearemypeople @heyitsthatgirl @hoechlder @hook-come-back-to-me @hook-your-killian-is-showing @hookedarkswan @hooklineandswan @hooks-and-happy-endings @hooksjollyswan @i-can-be-a-duck @i-know-how-you-kiss @im-marryinghook @imhookedonaswan @imsebastianstans @inquisitorscullen @intoasylum @ironstarkasm @jake-peralta @jennifer-morrison @jessicastrish @jisbonaddict @jmoswns @jonnsansa @justa-captainswanshipper @katmcnamara @katsuukis @kickmeinthecsfeels @killian-come-back-to-me @killians @killiansdevotedheart @killianswench @kingbellamy @klarolicityswan @knowasely 

L - S

@laprincesadelamor @leiandcharles @lieutenantduckling @lillyanjones @lookingforalicante @lostgirlfoundhome @lovestruckhook @lydiamartindaily @markhamillls @melissabenoistupdates @metaphorically @missfords @mockingswan @myotpiscaptainswan @mythicallism @obscurra @ofhooksandswans @ofshipsandswans @ohsanvers @oliver-and-felicity @olversqueens @onceland @ouatdaily @potentialheartofdarkness @procharmingfamily @qqueenofhades @rogermackenzie @rollyjogers @ronahld @sailorkillian @schrutesfarm @sciencebabies @scrantonpaper @seeleybooths @smolperalta @ssherlock @starcrossedjedis @stiles-lydia @strawwolf @supervalor @swancanary @swanshope

T - Z

@teamhook @tehgreeneyes @thatbluebox @the-corsair-and-her-quill @the-not-so-evil-queen @thecaptainsjones @thedarkoneswan @thegirlwhowaited82 @therealkillianjones @tmellis @tough-lass @unmistakeableinhabitants @useoflooking @villains-happy-ending @weirdcombination @whispertragedy @winter-by-the-sea @xwhoeversheis @you-broughtmehome @zumpie 

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Do you want to recommend some blogs to me, pleaaasee?

Ahh, of COURSE I do!! I hope you mean Inuyasha blogs, because that’s probably all I could help you with! (edited!!)

inuyousha - Makes super cool gifsets, made my amazing icon ahhhh don’t you just love it? Also, she writes ficlets and posts them on here and she’s super friendly and amazing and a GREAT SINGER OMG

amaayasha - Writes and does analyses and is just so amazing in general! Probably gonna be your go-to-gal if you love friendship fluff as much as I do!

sankontesu - Also writes and always has some random cool Inuyasha headcanons that’ll just pop up and trust me you’ll always be looking forward to them!

inukagkids - Does some super super amazing art and comes up with the backing stories to… InuKag’s future kids! Oh man it is so epic the art (and sometimes short animations) are so worth it, it’s just awesome

lnukags - Posts stuff from lots of fandoms but yes, one is most def IY and their blog is SO amazing and the mastermind behind it is really nice! :)

kaminaskattana - Does some REALLY RAD FANART AHHHH like it looks JUST like the original style and they’re so amazing and it’s just so beautiful

I’m slowly running out of adjectives shit shit shit

kagomesjewel - Very very VERY awesome IY blog that you most def should follow yes your dash will be FILLED with IY it’s wonderful

masitadibujante - If you don’t love KogKag and InuSan well, you will after following them the art is THAT amazing trust me and super cute and hjshfk FOLLOW

modinu - For all of your super cool modern day headcanon’s about Inuyasha and friends, these get really descriptive and it’s just always fun to read the headcanons on here!

incorrectinuyasha - OH MY GOD do you know how much fun this blog is?? Follow for all of your  favorite quotes that could have and should have been in IY, but sadly were not.

astrokrys - Does some very adorable art for IY and also reblogs lots of IY stuff and please go follow themmmmm!

lady-griddlebone - God knows the fandom needs more Mirsan, here is where you will FIND THAT MIRSAN YES YES LOTS OF FANFICS AND SUCH PLEASE DO FOLLOW

mi-alma-congelada - God also knows that there’s more than one super amazing MirSan blog! Some top-notch Mirsan right here ALSO Jade is super sweet and yes you won’t regret following this blog :{

animaniacal-laughter - Inuyasha AND Rurouni Kenshin, could it get any better??? You’ll find some cool gifsets here and a really cool mind behind the blog, do follow!

makepretendprincess - wELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT MORE OF GOD’S HIGHLY DEMANDED MIRSAN yes there is some amazing writing here and a a really good singer too ahhh, please make sure to follow Rory!

awkwardinuyashascreenshots - Exactly what you think it is, and yes, you need to follow this, you know you need it in your life

kaiserreich - An amazing blog for IY overall, and one that you absolutely must must MUST follow!!

fairtomato - If you don’t already ship Sessaken and Treeku you will once your follow bc of the AMAZING art and if you’re into Mass Effect, well, here ya go!

uyenduyle - WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE Geez the drawings on here are MAGICALLY real and trust me, you’ll love everything on this blog! Follow follow followwwww

yokai - Some really great and amazing edits and transparents over here! Inuyasha, and other fandoms too! Such a fantabulous blog to follow

inuijiness - Ahh there’s amazing writing AND amazing fanart like geez could it get BETTER like there is fanart of the fic you already know you wanna follow, it’s all so good, so good

sluttybrowniez - Omg, some super great SessRin fics over here! Also, they’re a cutie, you should def follow the blog!

hanmajoerin - An amazing writer, an amazing IY blog, and also writes the dialogue for this really cool webcomic both she and meselfandwhy are working on! Should def follow!

meselfandwhy - Ahhh, they’re such a great blog! There’s really cool  art, and they even write! It’s all super wonderful! The artist for both her and hanmajoerin’s webcomic, and also the creator of the doujin for inuyashasforest‘s amazing fic!

inuyashasforest - Such a great writer for IY, and also, made a really cool cosplay of Miroku a while ago! Definitely a good blog for writing to follow!

kay-i - Oooohhhh wow look at the IY art on that blog it’s FABULOUS! You should definitely follow them for some more great art! I remember they did a cool cosplay once, too!

aiharayuzuchi - Ooohhh my God okay so if you’ve ever seen those screencaps with the fun captions on them, yup, that was probably by this blog! Definitely a blog you should follow!

artistefish - Omg okay so there is art AND writing here and and it’s all really cute and amazing and you can’t NOT follow this blog it’s effing gorgeous please follow them, please

kaze-ranna - You saw the description, yes, it is ALL Inuyasha, a super great blog to scroll down and it’s just so nice seeing them on your dash!

tenseigaa - SessRin yes yes you are going to love this blog if you love SessRin, and even if you don’t! Super cool Inuyasha blog!

czarcastic-dog - Is currently writing a quality Naraku-centric AU fic and her’s a CHEMIST you know you want to read it! Also a great blog for the occasional analysis and it’s crazy, she knows like everything about Inuyasha, you should definitely follow

inu-fiction - Your hotspot for some fantastic IY fanfiction, and other IY things!! Cause you can never have enough fanfiction!

inu-fanon - This blog will clear up any questions you had concerning the difference between what is canon and fanon in the IY universe, a great blog to follow!

dheerse - Such quality art that I almost want to cry and bow down, please do follow them for the amazing art and for the amazing person behind the blog, yes

actualinuyasha - Lots of lots of fantabulous INUYASHA this blog is beautiful and fantastic and yes you will love it, please do follow them!

toward-tomorrow - Sooo many amazing gifs and edits! You guys must check out this blog! Also some amazing analyses on the series itself!

itsamourshippinguniverse - Has a bunch of super cool IY stuff! Lots of amazing headcanons and theories and ackkk how did I forget you? Ily, I’m so sorry ♥

inukikfanfluff - OH MY GOSH yessss some quality art and also InuKik ftw and also a really nice mod so do check them out!! Can’t get enough InuKik ack why am I not fOLLOWING YOU

queen-of-sinking-ships - Ahh yet another amazing blog tat posts a bunch of IY stuff ahh yes please follow them!! So nice too omg

ALL RIGHT WHO DID I MISS? If I missed anyone, please include yourself, or them, in a reblog, or come yell at me to edit this! If you want me to change how I described you on here, let me know, just come at me

I hope I helped out, anon!


Lately I’ve been thinking. What is it that makes anonymous people look at my blog and go “gosh she has a lot of self-esteem, we should attack it!”
It seems akin to attacking the strongest part of a structure. I mean I run a selfie blog for noodles sake… it’s just pictures of me.

What I’ve come down to is that either they look at someone who is relatively successful in life - who by all means should be worse off than them, and feel threatened, causing them to lash out…or they’re just not exactly master strategists.

Either way I’m happy they are going for me who has confidence to spare, instead of my sweet marshmallow fluff followers who deserve love and protection ❤❤

oh my gosh wow thanks so much everyone i’m screaming atm this is insane wowza i love you all so much thank you welcome new friends and hello to my old pals i don’t know why you’re following me but it means a lot thanks,,,,…,.,,. also 3k is terrifying i’m ,,, ..,,,.. fu ck *sweats nervously*

Look who finished it in only 2 days!!!! Wow I’m so proud of myself! Anyway so I guess I’ll start by telling you to follow our queens! I’m of course talking about those two guys on all of those photos I mixed together! troyesivan and tyleroakley. If you are not following them then I don’t even know….

Anyway so now it’s time for some of my friends on here!! I’ll be beginning with my best friend irl who I love very very much and I don’t know what the hell I would be doing with my life if it weren’t for her. so all of you should definitely follow her because she’s hilarious!! icelandicllamas thank you for everything queen!

Next up is another very good friend of mine irl and that would be hello-tinna she’s also hilarious and I also love her very much so she deserves those follows!

Time for my girl trxye-slayler! She’s the absolute best and she’s so nice and amazing! I can’t thank Tyler and Troye enough for having brought us together so that we could be friends! I love her lots so go follow her!

Also one of my best internet friends is wearingsunglassesatmidnight22. She knows almost everything about me and has been there for me through some shit, so I love her lots! 

I also want to name a pretty new internet friend of mine thelivingincarnationofacupcake who I just started talking to recently but I really like her and her blog! 

Aaaaand sappfest over gosh what am I doing… Here’s some of the blogs I really like and the ones I love the most will be bolded! troylersfanboytroyesbooty, amanda-thegirlnextdoorits-a-troyler-world, britshfanboy, troyeismyspiritanimal, tyler-oakleh, windiepuff (She’s also a sooo nice!!), girlinfandoms, dils-new-shower, phan-you-not, phan-is-joy, the-troyler-blog troyler-4-eva, troye-the-boy, tr0ylerella (She’s sooooo nice!! Also I think I might have forgotten to answer an ask from you? If so I’m very very sorry!), sweet-as-sugarpie, suggyftw, suggandlee (Also soooo nice!!), troyequiff, cutiecaspar, youtuboys, tyleroakely, canthandletroyler, happylittleconnor, zozeebo, troyetroyetroye, tyleroakleyismyqueen, booksyoutubeandthings (This one is also very nice guys!!), prof3ssionalfangirl, nohomo-howell, imagine-troyler

I believe that’s about it guys! If you are pretty sure you were supposed to be there and I forgot you I am very sorry about that! I also love you all so much!!

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hi papers!! i just wanted to say your art has been a huge inspiration for me and ever since i was in 5th grade ive followed your blog (8th grade now!) but i think you have a beautiful art style and ive learned a lot from you so, thank you so much for that ^_^ youre amazing i hope you have a really good day

AaAAWWW GOSH, that is just one of the best things to hear as an artist and it’s an incredible honor ^o^ Thank you for sticking around for so long!

I hope you have an amazing rest of the year!