gosh this blog has a lot of followers


OH MY GOSH! A MASSIVE thank you to every one who has supported this blog and enjoyed my writing! It’s something I love to do and I’m glad so many people actually like reading it! I know for a lot of blogs 100 followers isn’t much but this is a huge accomplishment for me. I never expected this blog/my writing to get as much attention as it did.

I would love to give a special thanks to @zealous-whispers-of-us, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @llianniall, and @thinkwritexpress 

You guys are absolutely fantastic and I love you all! Thanks for helping when I was stuck during my writing, no matter which series it was… 


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AHHHHHH @zico-mino-trash IS FOLLOWING ME

thank you for the follow young one. Continue writing well and working hard and may you one day meet Zico and Mino and not fangirl to hell. 

Holy crap, you guys, just over a month old and there’s 200+ of you??? Where did you come from? Either way, all of you are so awesome, so super rad, and every single one of you has made my time here completely amazing. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier and more welcoming community. Honestly, I didn’t think this blog would really get off the ground, I struggle a lot with feeling good about my writing and portrayal on any of my blogs, but my gosh, all of you have made me feel so welcome here.

So, I’m giving a HUGE thank you to every single person who follows me, did follow me and left, and will follow me. (And also, thank you for putting up wth my shitty graphics lol I’m so bad at it, I don’t even try anymore; enjoy this piece of hilarity that poor Daisy’s face is forced to be a part of). All of you make my time here incredible, and I’m lucky to have such amazing people around <3

But now, without further rambling (because believe you me, I could ramble forever), here is Kylo Liz’s Bias List of Rad People (under a cut because holy crap this got long >.< I told you I could ramble lol, and when I get to talk about rad af people, I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF):

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I’VE REACHED 2.5K!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! :D

It really blows me away that I have gotten so many followers. When I think about it, this is 2,500 completely different people. That’s a lot of people that have decided that they like what I post and I thank each and every one of you for continuing to motivate me as my blog grows. Your messages, requests, likes, reblogs and tags mean a lot to me. 

I really can’t believe how far this blog has come along in almost a year. I am so proud to be a part of this fandom and I hope I am making you all smile and/or laugh with what I post :)

I have a special announcement regarding fanfic requesting for the upcoming month of February that I will be posting soon. Look forward to that being posted within a day or two. 

Also, I still want to do something that you all can participate in if you choose. Something to keep the fandom on its toes, but can be fun and also bring some love back. Feel free to drop me a suggestion for that :)

Again, thank you all so much for everything. *2,500 hugs for 2,500 wonderful people* 

Update // 400 followers // A little something personal

Hello !
Got lots of submissions done today ! But not all of them. They just keep coming and coming, but don’t worry, I’ll definitely get to yours ^o^

We’ve reached 400 followers ! *happy dance* Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted ! You people are totally awesome !

I hope this blog has been able to help someone, because gosh, it’s been really getting me through this recent rough patch in my life. To know that someone out there relates to what I’m going through really helps.

Long story short, I’m going through the recovery of my first major heartbreak. He was my first. 14 months together ended 3 months ago. And I still feel really hurt sometimes, but I’ve learned a lot and have gotten stronger. So strong that I still pick myself up knowing that they are with someone else now.

If you’re going through a tough time right now, I just want you to know that you will be able to survive it, and you will come out of it as an even better person than you were before. It’s not impossible, trust me. You’ve got this, dude !

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The thing is that Hinata was never supposed to exist in the first place. She was originally just a background civilian and Kishi needed another female character so she was added last minute. Worst decision he ever made. The actual worst decision was having Shounen Jump license Naruto. They decide which studio animates. Also made a bad decision to have Toei Animation (a shitty studio for it's poor quality animation) animate One Piece. Thank fuck Fairy Tail isn't licensed by Shounen Jump.

Oh my gosh!!!! You know, I follow a lot of OP blogs before and the fandom has an issue when it comes to the animation. It’s One Piece, one of the best, so there is a tendency for the animation to be sacrificed. They think they don’t have to put too much effort because it is OP and people are gonna watch it anyway despite the poor quality that the anime studio provides. I hate it.

Just like you, I also believe it is a bad decision to have SP license Naruto. They are the ones who caused this bad ending and they are also the reason why Shitnata appears so many times in the anime.

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(You don't have to publicize this if you don't want to) I'm the anon that asked about oc's and quite honestly don't you worry about it! I would rather you be comfortable telling me about them than being uncomfortable at all! I do really like hearing about them though, but don't stress over it! Thank you for answering anyway dear!

Oh my gosh you are so sweet! Thank you for understanding I just get really nervous about the things I post and I delete stuff all the time in panic. I love talking about my oc’s in fact I could do it all day, it’s just sometimes i feel embarrassed and just thing no one wants to know about em you feel? Also my follower count has been fluctuating a lot lately (mostly downward) so i;m a bit more reserved about what I blog about. Thank you so much for understanding!!!

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no no, I'm from your old blog. I'm not into kpop so I don't follow you here, but I know this is where you're happier. I'm just selfishly wishing you were still on your other blog because I loved seeing you on my dash. but honestly, you seem so much happier here and I'm glad (:

awh okay! and ah I really am so much happier here. my health has been a lot better since I left that old blog! also I can freely talk about jin here!! but this is so sweet oh my gosh, if you want to still talk don’t hesitate to message me though, we don’t have to be mutuals to talk♡ i hope you’re doing good♡


//I don’t know how long it’s been since I was last on this blog but it by far has been way to long.


I’ll try and be more active but real life got in the way and I started Uni and meh, things are happening.

Anyway, things might come up a lot but I’ll try and be on more.

Oh, I also noticed I gained a lot of followers whilst I was offline and I’ve followed most back but if I haven’t, I’m sorry, but there would have been a reason for that (I tend not to follow back personal blogs).

So if you wanna start a thread or something, hit me up!