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Safe Bet

Daryl Dixon Imagine

The group bet on you and Daryl getting together. One day Glenn lets you in on the plan trying to convince you to confess to Daryl.

(since I just finished this one too I see no reason why I shouldn’t upload it already. Hope you don’t mind. :D)

word count: 1809

It was a sunny afternoon in November. The weather was unusually hot for this season, but I enjoyed the last warmth of the year nevertheless. Having my legs spread out on the green grass I was sitting on a bench in the prison’s courtyard. I had my eyes closed, my head turned towards the warmth when suddenly a shadow stepped between me and the sun.
„Hey!“, I screeched in protest, my eyes still closed. I knew I wouldn’t see a thing even if I opened them. Even when facing the sun with your eyes closed it still happened.
My wild gestures and protest must have worked because the shadow disappeared and I felt the warmth on my skin again. Satisfied with myself and the whole world I sighed deeply and stretched my arms. However, my reclaimed peacefulness didn’t last long. The same person who had just blocked me from the sun was now sitting on the bench next to me, pressing his finger into my arm over and over again.
„I’m awake and my ears work just fine. Stop poking me, for Christ’s sake.“
„I’m sorry.“ That was Glenn’s voice, and he did not sound sorry at all.
„What do you want, Glenn?“ I reluctantly opened one eye and looked him all over. Even though I didn’t really see that much. Just as expected. But it did the trick and he stopped poking me.
“I was just wondering..have you talked to Daryl lately?“
I only raised my eyebrows at his remark.
„C'mon, I’m serious. Have you?“ He poked me again.
„Yes, I have. On a daily basis, to be precise. Why?“ This whole thing really started to get annoying.
„Just curious. I always think the two of you are having so much fun together and I was concerned because I haven’t seen you talking to each other in a while….“ He tried to sound innocent, but that didn’t belie that he was up to something.
“Yeah, actually me and Daryl were just talking about what we usually do with people who are too nosy… but that wouldn’t concern you, would it?!” I closed my eyes again and turned towards the sun hoping that it would make clear that this conversation was now over. It didn’t.
“Nosy people!? You mean like me?! Hey, I’m just concerned for a friend’s well-being”, he protested.
I ignored him.

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fossore  asked:

Thank you for writing about unexpectedlyterrifying!Chowder. And I bet it goes the other way too. Rookies come in expecting to meet the FTG, the goalie who everyone knows is seriously intense. And yeah when he's interviewed it does't really seem to match his on ice persona, but everyone know that interviews are 3/4 bs and the on ice persona is the real one. But then they get there and he's gushing all over them (and there are mentions of pies? And frogs? Why?) and the new guys are just ??? What?

Okay THIS IS FROM SO LONG AGO and I apologize but at first I didn’t have any ideas to add BUT THEN I RE-READ IT AND:

[Part 1] [Part 2] (Note: FTG stands for Fucking Terrifying Goalie and is the nickname Chowder gets in the NHL when he plays for the Sharks because… he is a FTG.)

I have to think that this leads, eventually, to one of the biggest conspiracy theories the NHL has ever known. 

It starts out as a joke on the internet somewhere, that there is no way that Chris Chowder and FTG can actually be the same person. Chris Chow is a lovable ball of sunshine and joy and FTG looks like he wants to murder anyone who even thinks of coming close to his net and it just doesn’t. make. sense.

So someone jokingly writes that Chris Chow and FTG must be different people and someone replies, saying something like “There’s more than one reason he wears a mask!” and more people pile on that FTG never takes his mask off, not even during breaks in periods and actually, he usually skates onto the ice with full goalie gear on, all ready to go and…

It starts as a joke and then turns into something more. 

People start talking about how Chowder never actually seems that tired after post-game interviews. He is always pretty upbeat with the press, even if the Sharks lost. He is perfectly polite and has only nice things to say about everyone on the opposing team, even though mere moments ago, FTG had cursed out Dobson loudly enough that the first row of fans could hear it.

Most importantly, people note how Chowder sometimes has a great deal of difficulty remembering what actually happened during the game.

Ask Chris Chow to comment on the great save he had in the second period and he starts talking about how his teammates had some great shots and were able to convert some great opportunities.

Ask Chris Chow where he learned to do such crazy fast and ridiculous splits like he did in the third period and he avoids the question by mumbling nonsense about “Back when I was a frog, Ransom and Holster would chirp me every kegster until I could do them faster than Bitty could bake a pie. Plus it used to distract Nursey and Dex. And make the tadpoles feel less homesick.” Which must be some sort of code that no one can figure out.

Ask Chris Chow to comment on the fact that he actually broke his goalie stick over a man’s back (in a play that was declared legal because he was going for the puck) and he blinks and says, “Oh! Did they give me a new one? I thought it felt a bit different!”

It all points to one thing:

Chris Chow and FTG cannot be the same person.

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