gosh these little guys are fun to draw!

*Inhale* OKAY, it took me like… an eternity to get that picture done but AH ! I did it ! It’s completed and I’m so proud about how it turned out ! So uhm… you guys requested for a UnderDecay print a while ago. I couldn’t exactly stream it because my internet is really slow lately and I’m kinda sick. BUT I managed to work on it little by little, one character at time and I can say that I actually ENJOYED to draw this… like… there’s so little details and the dynamic and composition were absolutely… gosh I cant even describe it.

I had FUN, especially since UD is my baby and I’ve been working hard on this AU for almost a year now. ANYWAY, I really hope that you enjoy it !

Okay… SO… I’m still without any form of income, so if you guys are interested to get that print shipped at your place you can order one over HERE. Any reblog would actually help me a lot… and gosh… thank you so much for every nice comment and the support that you guys give me. I deeply appreciate it.

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Hahahaha so a little while ago some excited soul accidentally sent in an ask that I assumed was meant for Cross!Sans. I decided to have a little fun responding to it ;) And that fun turned into like two days of drawing I have no self control

I hope this was an okay thing for me to do? Cross (from @underversesans) belongs to @jakei95. HE IS SUCH A FUN CHARACTER TO DRAW OH MY GOSH YOUR CHARACTER’S DESIGN IS AMAZING! Seriously guys if you don’t know who this Sans is or what his story is about be sure to check their tumblr out and have a look at the comic. The art is fantastic, the animation is FANTASTIC, it’s just epic. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds ^3^

probablynotapsycho  asked:

For your 1,000 follower request thing: Can you draw 707 as a princess and MC as a prince? Kinda like a cross dressing thing since 707 did that.

Here’s the drawing :3 I messed up MC a little, and GOSH I CAN’T DRAW HANDS… welp. Also, sorry for not coloring, I can’t color either :/ This was fun to draw though :) Hope you guys like it ^^

~Mod Yoosung

Klance highschool au kinda thing?

(Sorry that we have been kinda bad again recently…again tiredness and just school has been really getting to us but do not fear! We still live. Here is some Klance to cleanse the soul. Also happy pride month everyone! Gosh how amazing 😊 anyway back to the writing, also sorry I am on mobile at the moment so can’t put under cut for longness…please scroll really fast of you have no interest in reading)

“Lance…are you sure this is a good idea because honestly if we-”
“Hunk relax! We are going to be fine we’ll be in there for a second then straight back out again alright?”
“But you do know that if we get caught it is like, two weeks worth of detention right? Just…I don’t want to get myself and especially you guys in trouble-”
“Shhhh, that’s Mr Kenzwell leaving let’s move!”

Hunk and Lance quickly hid behind the large plant that was in the hall for some reason…anyway the grumpy teacher left after locking the door like always and the two sneaky students called some one they knew would know how to pick a lock in this old ass school. Pidge, who had been waiting for the call and was the last part of the trio of friends answered in a heart beat, explaining how to do so. “Wait…repeat what you just said please I-” “Just turn it and your done geeze we went over this like ten times earlier!”
“To be fare it was extremely brief each time…your explanation on things are not the best…”
“Shhh, just do it we need to be quick lunch goes by quicker than you think ok! Trust me..”

Lance and Hunk followed the instructions and were relieved with a satisfying click. Lance strolled in quite proud while Hunk silently laughed. “Wait…did he seriously leave the answers to test tomorrow just out on his desk my gosh what are the chances! Come on guys-” “Lance…we are not taking them…” Hunk said nervously, as he wanted to just get back to what they were supposed to do. “He’s right, get back to business..” quickly muttered Pidge as if they were in the middle of doing something. Lance rolled his eyes smiling slightly and made a small comment of how it was just for fun, and to relax a little bit. To be honest he was completely shitting himself and was trying to cope…but let’s not talk about that…

“Ok, so by what I remember it should be on the third draw down on the left of his desk.” Muffled Pidge, her end of the line cutting off a little bit. “Locked like we expected.” “Alright, now we all know that Mr Kenzwell does not have them on his key chain…we checked that earlier but I am not sure where he put it…”
Whispered Hunk constantly checking outside the small window of the closed door to see if anyone was coming. They locked the door behind them…but you could never be too sure…“Try the draw above it, he wouldn’t think ahead to put it anywhere else.” Pidge exclaimed as they were trying to see where the teacher was going on every move. That was their job after all, to help and check where he was going and to warn the others if he started to return. “Well, that was easy…not a forward thinker is he?” “That’s what I thought, now quickly open up the draw.” A few seconds passed and as Pidge waited nervously they heard over the loud school yard, “done and done”. Relief spread through them while Hunk and highfived, happy with what they had achieved. “Now, you know what to do.” Lance nodded, knowing that Pidge couldn’t see but doing it anyway. He carefully looked around for the small item that had caused this whole event in the first place. He found it and put it in his pocket quickly as Hunk looked more nervous than ever. He helped Lance up and both highfived once again, this time even better and more proud.

“Done, getting out now.” Hunk replied to Pidge, who had been asking for a little while what was going on. The two students unlocked the door and locked it before they closed it again. As they walked away quick as ever they bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry we were…” “It’s fine! Don’t worry about it…what were you doing here at lunch time guys?” Asked the tall student leader. He was in year 12 and was called Takashi Shirogane, or he preferred to be named ‘Shiro’ for short. 'A’ grade student and someone lots of people looked up to in the school. He was also dating Pidge’s older brother Matt, so they kind of knew Shiro ok…“We were just taking a stroll of this Lovely..hallway!” Replied Lance improvising and smiling charmingly. “Well why would you want to? It looks pretty ugly to me…anyway have a good days guys.” Laughed Shiro walking swamy wondering what the deal was with those two, and wondering why’re felt like he knew the one with the baggy green jacket well…he of course had seen them around with Pidge and stuff but somehow he felt like he knew how he was going to react. Then it hit him. He was Lance, or his adopted younger brothers crush basically. Keith’s crush. Shiro smiled even wider at this was excited to annoy Keith a little bit with this later.

Talking about Keith he stood up from his bench where he was sitting alone at. (Lil loner Keith…) He put his hands in his red jackets pockets and went off to start walking over to the other side of the school. He had PE and that was on the oval like expected. He was not the greatest with school…he did wag quiet a bit and honestly didn’t care to much. He tried sometimes but other times it was really hard to get the motivation. He kind of liked PE, that is why he chose to do it. But it did get annoying once in a while, the teacher was good though. Mr…well no one actually knows his last name everyone refers to him as just Coran. He didn’t look where he was going and suddenly tripped falling into someone.

And now we are back to Lance and Hunk who had ran as fast as heck out of the maths building and into the courtyard. “Shit, crap sorry I-” Keith stuttered, slightly flustered but not quite. He was refraining himself from completely swearing until he heard the voice of the person he basically fell into say. “It’s fi-…wait Keith?” Keith finally looked up and noticed who it was. Lance. Shit this made it worse my gosh. Hunk was on the side trying not to crack himself as the two’s faces went bright red and they basically jumped quickly away from each other. Gosh…so oblivious to each other’s feelings honestly sometimes Hunk would feel the need to just blurt out that they had feelings for each other but it was their business. An Lance trusted him to not do so. Lance wondered why he kept in bumping into people for…it was ridiculous. Lace shook his head and focused on what was going on.

“Ummm…again sorry bye.. ” said Keith quickly walking around Lance and starting to walk away. Their kind of fake rivalry was exhausting…They had started to become kind of friends now, but still things were strange. Keith had been having feelings for Lance for a while now while Lance had for about two months now. For a long time the two butted dads and they still do sometimes, Lance calling Keith mullet and Keith retaliating back with another equally petty insult, however this was more salty. But over time and a group project things cooled down a little bit…not terribly but just a little bit. The reason Lance was surprised was that he hadn’t seen Keith sound recently. “Well…seeya then I guess…mullet.” Lance whispered the last bit smirking to himself. Keith was…he was Keith. “Well I mean, I thought you were amazing at flirting and that was it? Hmmmm…” joked Hunk nudging Lance’s shoulder as he smittenly watched Keith walked away. “I-… I will flirt well next time you watch me! Hey…where is the watch?” “What?” “Did the watch drop out of my pocket or…” Lance looked around and Hunk did as well. The watch they had taken from the classroom was gone…oh shit…and as Keith walked away his pocket felt slightly heavier. Guess the flirting was going to be a lot sooner than planned.

(I am not sure if I should actually make this a thing? Please tell me if so this was super fun to do and I may make it a lil series on this blog…sorry if this was slightly cliché and if some words or stuff were strange I am from Australia so for our public schools here we have it set out a little bit differently I think. I tried to mix the two…anyway here is possibly the start of something? To be continued!)

(( And the next page of this week~<3 this one was really fun to do since I had to feature the lovely ink in his doodle sphere~<3))

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