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So I was watching the Jonsa scenes again and when they were walking and talking and doing that "push-pull" thing (there's a Korean word for it called "mildang"), it reminded me of a dance. They were kinda walking fast, they stop, Jon's on the left, Sansa's on the right, they walk again slowly this time, stop again, Sansa's on the left now and Jon on the right. Idky but it feels very romantic to me, how they move around each other like a dance. Or maybe I'm just crazy and too far gone :/

Oh my gosh, this is so interesting!! 

And you’re right, definitely not crazy or too far gone (at least not imo).

I mean all of their scenes have been shot using very romantic tropes. Remember last scene’s dimly lit romantic candlelit argument and strange electrically charged pauses as they stare at each other with heaving chests? That’s not what you do with a sibling. 

And now that you mentioned it, there is definitely a push-pull vibe going on between them. That’s really fascinating because that is essentially what Jon and Sansa’s relationship is right now. They’re constantly challenging and supporting each other in the same breath. It’s very push and pull. 

Thank you for sending this in! I loved this insight!

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