gosh such a good song


Undertale dumparoos!! :3c

First Pic: I need all the sad Sans in life. 

Second Pic: I have a soft spot for characters in labcoats, so I craved to see Sans in one. *incoherent muffling* 

Third Pic: Was requested to draw Gaster getting snuggled by Sans during the hangout session. How could I resist. 

He calls me Pineapple Princess 

All day

As he plays his ukulele on a hill above the bay

here’s a soft cartoony doodle for a soft cartoony song !! c:

It’s February 15th 2017 :Just kidding! Countdown!: One Day Remaining ... hopefully!

Stop making me a liar, NSP. Gosh. Gee. Golly. Ugh.

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today (one of my favorites, in fact): Take Three by Master Sword, MovieMasterAl, and Em-One

 Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Yo! Noid: Finale - Part 2

Here’s a cute(?) Dan fact for you today: Dan’s first idea about jacking it was to put his hands on his junk and rub like he was trying to start a fire. It wasn’t great.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

Things I Love About Girls:

[This, of course, includes trans girls, non-binary girls, and cis girls; BUT it doesn’t include TERFS/TWERFS!!!]

- When they put their hair up to just get it out of their face

- When they put their hair up so that it looks pretty (bonus: buns and braids)

- When they do other people’s hair (bonus: it’s yours!! she’s doing your hair!!)

- When they laugh really hard (bonus: she’s crying from laughing so hard)

- Makeup is an amazing art form that some girls do and it’s A++

- When they see an animal and they talk about how cute it is

- They do that baby voice to animals sometimes and it’s so good??

- Girls with deep voices…. gosh almighty A++ 

- When they sing and it’s good (bonus: your favorite song)

- When they sing and it’s not good (again: your favorite song)

- Girls’ stomachs??? Like, the stomachs of girls?? They are good and soft and amazing and I love them so much

- When they take a minute to check their hair or makeup

  • Who needs true love as long as you love me truly?
  • I don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in you and me.
  • You want the same as I, so stop pretending.
  • This is not a love song, hunny if you want one better turn it off.
  • Don't need your heart 'cause I got mine.
  • Take my love before I go because you should know I'm about to break your heart.
  • Feels like we are stuck here in a badly written TV show.
  • Do you want me for my body? Do you want me for my brain?
  • I'm in love with a zombie, but his heart is so cold.
  • You like your words to cut, you like to choose the best artillery.
  • Am I the epitome of everything you hate and you desire? You love me like an enemy.
  • It feels so surgical how you dissect every mistake I make.
  • Say my name, hit me hard, put that gun right to my heart... Bang.
  • Shut your mouth and close the door, I wanna watch you while you take it off.
  • You're 'bout to, but boy don't pull the trigger yet, I haven't reloaded the clip.
  • I'm gonna make tonight a show.
  • Thought that cupid shot me with love, it was only a arrow.
  • If you wanna be the one be the one, just for now, but we're not in love.
  • Broke a couple hearts but I'm not trying to start a collection.
  • If you're wondering why your window's smashed, your shirts are slashed, your house is trashed, me. Don't you know that it's me?
  • Call me psychotic or numb, I'm just a product of love, so thanks for showing me how.
  • If i had a dime for every single time you ever made me cry I'd be a millionaire.
  • I'd rather beg then live that lie with you again.
  • You had it all but all I am is not enough, so I'm taking back my heart.
  • They say a picture says a thousand words, but I would trade a thousand pictures to hear one of yours.
  • I miss you every day like they took summer away, like they took color away, and this grey, needs to get the hell away from me.
  • I know my heart is broken but you can have it anyway, if I could only see you again.
  • My heart stopped but I'm still breathing.
  • How can you say that someone is really bad when they do everything with a good heart?
  • What do you know about love? What do you know about real love?
  • We'll never go to heaven but who needs to when you live this good?
  • If I paint my sins white will it make me pure again?
  • You got no power to control how I make you my toy.
  • Don’t you wanna claim my body like a vandal?
  • Come and pin me down.
  • We’re hell raising and we don’t need saving ‘cause theres no salvation for a bad boy.
  • We’re rock bottom but there ain’t no stopping ‘cause its you and me against the world.
  • I put my high heels on so I'm closer to God.
  • When the night is young and we look 25 but we're sweet 16 can I be the one to turn your nightmare into a dream?
  • I'll be yours tonight, but don't hold me too tight... When we say goodbye, remember, boys don't cry.
  • I'm gonna tease you through your jeans yeah but when it's over better catch amnesia.
  • Don't f***ing tell me when I've had too much.
  • I'm over the limit? What is the limit really?
  • You know I'll ride with you right through the fire of hell.
  • Do I look pretty through all your tears?
  • Too late to trade it all for that one last chance.
  • Can you hear my heart through the prison bars?
  • I’m a ****ing teenage tragedy.
  • Hold on before you say that you’re better off without me.
  • I’m gone and I ain’t coming back this time, I’m gonna find my home underneath the city lights.
  • Don't tell me I'm unfixable.
  • You don’t know what it’s like to be seventeen with no place to go!
  • Remind me one more time it’s the best days of our lives.
  • Just because I fight don't mean that I never learned how to love.
  • You know, devils don't fly, so don't expect me not to fall.
  • Devils don't fly, but I try.
  • Angels were never meant to fall and you were the loveliest of all.
  • I used to put my ear against the wall to hear the screams, to hear the fall, more reasons to escape it all.
  • You knew that I could hurt you but you said I was worth the fight.
  • We're the kids your momma warned you about.
  • I eat boys like a cannibal, f**k hard, howl at the moon like an animal.
  • When I fall in love, I fall down the rabbit hole.
  • We're gonna do it anyway!
  • We're gonna f**k like rabbits.
  • Follow me down the rabbit hole.
  • Been 25 times that I called but I know that you love me.
  • Out of all the stupid boys I knew I had to fall for you.
  • Out of all the pretty lies you told can one of them be true?
  • When you wake up I'll still believe you're mine.
  • No, no, no, this is not the plan, if I can't have you, then no one can.
  • Tell me it's over.
  • I'll open my bottle but no, I ain't opening my door.
  • Say you'll forget me, say you'll erase me from your mind.
  • Save the words you've rehearsed, we both know I won't be fine.
  • You know that fate don't take my bribes and I only want what's never mine.
  • At least can we be friends?
  • But if no one understands me at least you could pretend...
  • I'll stay here to defy our fears even though I know it'll end in tears.
  • I know your friends say that I'm trouble.
  • Love me even when my lies ain't white.
  • I'm the best mistake you'll ever make.
  • Save your innocence for the next life.
  • I'm trouble.

anonymous asked:

DId smol Gwess have any pets?

I didn’t mean to though!!! E-everyone still calls me a murderer cause of that… Hmph, not like any of those mean guys even matter to me. 

Still though that’s actually.. a really nice name isn’t it? Yeah, from now on I want to be called that, b-but don’t tell anyone okay?? It’s our secret… Cause we’re friends now.. right?

I was tagged by @whelvenwings R U L E S: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!
a - age: 26
b - biggest fear: that I might never be happy with where I am in life
c - current time: 9:32
d - drink you last had: Pinot Noir cause I’m fancy or something
e - every day starts with: waking up far too early to go to work
f - favorite song: not sure I could pick one honestly? currently i’m really into Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle which is a gosh darn mouthful, but a really good song.
g - ghosts, are they real: I wouldn’t rule it out as I feel there are many unexplained things in this world, but I’m skeptical.
h - hometown: A place. On the planet earth. Its hot here. Summer is Coming…
i - in love with: Husband Unit 01: CodenameDaniel
j - jealous of: not depressed people? who have their shit together??? HOW?
k - killed someone: for a Klondike bar…. no, those aren’t that good…
l - last time you cried: I dunno a week ago or a day ago or something. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS
m - middle name: I have one. it starts with a V. :P
n - number of siblings: 4 siblings in law
o - one wish: Health and prosperity for all? I guess?
p - person you last called/texted: my…unfortunate… father
q - questions you’re always asked: Donna, what should I do with this *insert food item of your choice* where should I put it??? what should I label it??? (At work)
r - reasons to smile: my husband and my kitty, my rad friends irl and otherwise, D&D, I have a roof over my head and a family that cares about me.
s - song last sang: Probably something by Nicki Minaj?
t - time you woke up: 5:00 am. bluh
u - underwear color:  light tealy green i think?
v - vacation destination: I’m gonna make it back to Ireland someday I swear.
w - worst habit(s): being a grumpy bitch who gets offended and takes on the bad moods of others around me.
x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth and maybe a chest thing at some point I think?
y - your favorite food: the edible kind. I’m really feeling tacos lately.
z - zodiac Sign: kinda pices, kinda aries, depending on the day. i’m close enough to both that I’ve decided I get to be both.

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So this post dropped the fun fact that Måns Zelmerlöw voicred Flynn Rider in the Swedish dubbed version of Tangled

And I was like “REALLY???” and Swedish Wikipedia was like “CONFIRMED”

And now I feel obliged to share this with you all

(what a good version of the song gosh)

Seventeen Reaction: When you’re a really good singer.

Requested by: yoongss Thank you! ♡


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*Looks at members* “Behold, my baby. Praise them and everything they do. Take notes kids.”


Originally posted by melonmin

{Ignore the text}

*Amazed* “Oh my gosh, you’re so good!”


Originally posted by csoups

*Gets out guitar* “Will you pleeeeeeeeease sing a song with me? We can do a duet. It’ll be perfect.”


Originally posted by americanhyung

“Wow, you’re amazing! Where have you been hiding that voice all along?” *Showers you with kisses*


Originally posted by 17-percent

“Yaaaaaaas.” *Starts dancing* “My babe is talented!” 


Originally posted by seventns

*Dying because you’re so adorable and talented* “Can you sing some more for me Jagiya? Please?”


Originally posted by verhoon

*Bobbing his head along then realized it’s you singing* Awe, they’re so good! I should record this… *Can’t stop smiling*


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*You notice him dancing behind you* “What are you doing?”
Seokmin: “Oh no, don’t let me stop you. You’re really good!” *gives you a cheshire cat smile*


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*Hugs you from behind* “Why didn’t you tell me you could sing so well? Now I have another thing about you to brag about to the boys.” *Wink*


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Well would you look at this… they’re better than I am!


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Seungkwan: “Well… there’s always room for improvement. You can learn from the best.”
Seungkwan: “I’m kidding I’m kidding! You’re amazing!” Probably better than me…


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Hansol: “Hey what song is playing?”
“Uhm… nothing is playing.”
Hansol: “That was you?” *Grinning like an idiot*


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Oh look at my Jagi! They’re so good! Amazing!
*You turn around hearing giggling* “Chan what are you doing?”
Chan: “Just admiring your talent.” *Smiling like crazy*

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FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Making Friends and Influencing People: “Weapon” by Matthew Good (x)