gosh so many names

i made a helpful diagram for everyone 


Hey it’s xmas month, that means only one thing.

Finals are over with! also xmas.

And what better way to celebrate than by drawing some good ole narcissistic self shipping.

CPAU was loving made by @loverofpiggies

Gaster Sans was made by @borurou

I think both Underfell and Underswap are fandom made and don’t necessarily belong to anyone

Reaper sans I know belongs to @renrink

I have a doubt

In this image of Kiibo  wears an uniform and doesnt have his black stripes under his eyes neither his metallic neck collar

After the robots give them their clothes we can see “Kiibo’s clothes” with the rest (the black one behind Miu’s) 

And I dont get it, I mean he is suposed to be a robot but they give him his “body”  ¿¿??

Was he a human before and he got transformed into a robot for the killing game or soemething? or it was just “complements” to his body? I know he has his hand black in the first image, but it could be gloves. Maybe this sounds dumb idk I just want to know 

anonymous asked:

hey! when you're married do you see yourself having children in the near future? :) and do you have any names that you love? xo

YES! Oh my gosh I have so many names!!!! I want 3 children - I think I want to try for my first when I’m 25 or 26, so in 3-4 years haha :) ok so I literally have like a list on my phone of 30+ boys names and 30+ girls names 😂😂 here some of my faves though:



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☀ and ♕

mun related || ( X )

(( Meme : ACCEPTING ))

☀ ━ how long have you been roleplaying? how did you get into it?

:: I’ve been rping for about a year or so. Not much experience under my belt compared to everyone else~

And as for what got me into it. I may have said this many times but it’s thanks to @warhacked & @nothatsmytree that gave me that push towards rping and I am happy for that ~ <3 *smooches you two* <3

♕ ━ which fictional characters are your favorites?

:: Oh gosh I have so many tbh!! Plus I am too lazy to name them all XD XD

I wonder how long Mrs.Idiot is done trying for this time….smh

Zeiryna changed her name again. Seems her and her “daddy/husband” broke up and now are back together and of course after any conflict she has her name changes. xFeilynx

Fae changed her name again ?!?! Gosh . So how many times has she changed her name so far ?? Went from Zeiryna -> xFeilynx. - slow claps for her, nicely done . She should try to find something more unique or original. :/

She is literally Miss Idiot. (Don’t call her Mrs. Idiot, please. It implies she is married to Mr. Idiot.) She breaks up and changes her name.

Please, for crying out loud Fae, grow the fuck up and start acting your age! For a 28 year old, you sure do act like a whiny little preteen who has no concept of how the world works.

And no, before you go crying that we’re all cyberbullying you and “your lawyer” is in contact with the police (which we all know is a lie… you probably can’t even afford a lawyer), no one is cyberbullying you. I don’t like you, but I’d like to see you actually mature and start acting like a decent person. Your character and personality are despicable. I hope this is your wake-up call. No one wants to be a “daddy”/”husband” to someone who acts like a 12 year old.