gosh she's the best

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A fire is lit in Root’s eyes. Reese knows the plan just went out the window.

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Taylor totally loves Anne too oh gosh she like a post saying how Anne is the best mumma omg I cry

and she and gemma are practically bff’s too like


gemma is monica

harry is ross

taylor is rachel

im done

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OH MY GOSH one of my best friends actually thinks that ! She really doesn’t like him and she even said that he was “too strong” like yeah the 2nd in command of the Revolutionary Army is way too strong for he’s own sake ._.

whhhhyyyy ;u; gah yeah i’ve seen people say he’s too strong and like ????   what, are the monster trio the only ones in op allowed to be young but incredibly strong or something???  or people act like it’s out of the blue that he’d be so powerful, when ace was powerful as hell and sabo was PRETTY MUCH ON PAR with his abilities as a kid, only weaker than him by a tiny bit.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up. Guess he was “the best mistake [she’d] ever made.” Gosh, I’m immature.

So my friend and I went to this anime convention together and I went as Dean and she went as Cas and when she was in line getting us icecream I put this on the table we were sitting at and when she came back she gave me my icecream and said “did you miss me?” And I responded with “are the days long?” then pointed at the poster and oh my gosh it was the best moment of my life. She said yes, by the way.

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Yes! Mel knew she was going to have to escape with them, or try to give them a chance to run while she stayed behind. There was no doubt for her that she wouldn’t be found out. She kind of planned on going down fighting if it gave Jowan a head start.

fuck my elena is the same way?? like gosh she really loved her best friend and ye she was heart broken when he told her his plans to leave but decided it was better than seeing him tranquil. god damn she knew she was going to end up tranquil and she was ready for it if it meant saving her best friend

like it also kills me that i don’t think jowan would have realized the sacrifice the mage warden would make because i love the disaster but he can be kind of self-focused.

basically i need the mage warden getting all sobby and yelling at jowan in redcliffe because they were ready to give up everything for him and dude lied to them like wtf

i just went on a late night walgreens run and i had three coffees in my arms and was browsing the aisles for chex mix when this adorable old lady said “excuse me, you are so pretty. your hair is so beautiful” and it made my entire life and she was so sweet and i hope she is living the best life possible oh my gosh i love people


This girl I met.. Ohmigosh. She’s just so wow. Like the universe burst into existence and the stars collided into a extraordinary colossal fire show. Her soul is rainbows and bats, and a butterflutter here and there. Like a lush bath bomb she’s colourful and intense. Her eyes look through me and give me mondo face tingles. Gosh gosh I just dunno. She’s like the best vinyl record and a 1980s polaroid snapshot rolled into one huge blunt. Wow wow ohmy. Just a rant during a happy time. To remind myself of it before I forget how to English.

Oh my gosh, Lila is so annoying! She’s very demanding! Snagglepuss does his best to please her, but she keeps up with her attitude! When Snag grows tired of her demands, she uses crocodile tears to get him to relent and then gets even more demanding, which results in him having to leave just to get away from her! Ugh!!