gosh she's adorable and hot and beautiful how

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Fem Mickey putting on a show for Ian on their pole and she is SHOOK because mick was pullin some serious stunts so shook in fact she runs to grab her wallet and starts throwing all the money she has making it rain on mick while yelling take my money! Like a mad man and they both burst into laughter gosh I love my girls where are the fics people?!

Oh….my god??? This is so adorable and fluffy but still sexy and hot?? Like wow, I love girls. 

Mickey knows how to WORK that pole, no fucking doubt. don’t even get my started on the twerking….

actually, I got myself started on the twerking. Okay. Mickey has a nice thicc ass, perky and so fucking soft but she knows how to pop that thing like a motherfucker and she LOVES it. Anytime she gets slightly buzzed she’s like “babe, watch” and just hikes up her shorts, bends over, and jiggles that bitch like a champ. W O W. 

Bout to get back to my life and leave tumblr for the week, but before I do… PLEASE LOOK AT THIS LITTLE STINKER BLUSHING!!!!!! :o :o :o

Didn’t catch it until bout my 7th time rewatching, but Bonnie freakin Bennett made Damon SALVATORE blush!!!!!!! :o And it is BEAUTIFUL!!! PLEASE, check it out! HE’S LIKE AN ADORABLE FIVE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!

And, my heavenly Father, I believe Bonnie saw it!!!!!!!!! :o And she in turn smiled, and maybe even slightly blushed herself, because of how surprisingly CUTE Damon was! Not sexy, not hot, but CUTE. Oh my gosh, I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS SHIP!!!!!!! :o :o :o