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funny story

growing up, I had no friends. i was the weird kid who made their crayons battle each other in cheepy voices during a lesson and dance randomly while in line for the library. no one wanted to be close with me, not even the bullies.

so one week in 2nd grade, ever day kids were getting their shoe laces tied together as a prank between friends or kids and their bullies. i wanted in on the fun, but no one liked me.so one day, i decided i’d tie my own shoes together. for funzies. what I didn’t expect, not 5 minutes after i laced those suckers together like 8x with my extra long laces, for my teacher to announce we were heading to the auditorium ACROSS THE SCHOOL for a special performance

i find myself at the back of the line, shuffling and hopping along, because I tied these things so good i couldn’t get them untied in time. i was so unpopular, none of my classmates noticed. i tripped and smacked my chin on the concrete 20 feet from the auditorium. i watched with tears in my eyes & blood on my chin as they all filed into the auditorium without me. i laid there for a bit, picked myself up, and started to work on those stupid laces, when two 8th graders rounded the corner and found me. they were so upset. “oh my GOSH, who DID this to you!?? you poor, poor thing!!” they helped me up and took me into the nurse’s office.

fast forward 45 minutes to little 7 year old me sheepishly sitting in the chair of the principal’s office, fixed shoes, band aid on chin. with my father, my principal, and my teacher all looking pained at this poor, bullied child who wouldn’t fess up to who pulled this trick on her.

to this day, no one knows.

Miss you~V

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x You
Warning: Smut
× × × × × × ×

’“I’ll come today baby. My manager gave me 2 free days since i needed to see you”’ Taehyung said over the phone

“Yayy i can’t wait to see you!” You smiled, happiness filling you

’“Okay babe, see you soon”’


You squealed as you two finished the short conversation. He wasn’t supposed to come home for next 2 months, or even more. You got up and decided to clean yourself a bit, since you were in your pjs only with a little dirty hair did in your ponytail.

“Gosh i need a shower” You mumbled to yourself before stepping inside the bathroom

× × ×

You took a deep breath, warmith of hot water still able to be felt on your skin. You dried your hair fast and brushed it, making it look decent. For clothes, you took just some simple shorts and Tae’s shirt, since he loves when you wear his clothes.

Just as you finished with dressing up, you heard a knock on your door. It was obviously Tae. You run towards the door, not wanting to make him wait.

“I missed you” You said jumping in a hug as you opened the doors

“I missed you too. So much” He replied hugging you back

He came inside the apartment, you still not letting him go. Just as you managed to lock the doors, he attacked your lips with a deep kiss

“Mhm-Tae” you moaned in between kisses

“Said something princess?” He asked, licking his lips as he stared down at you.

“I-i love you” You said, feeling yourself getting wet as he massaged your lower back with his long, slender fingers.

“I love you too, princess” He replied before starting to kiss your jaw line, making you moan loudly

You felt your knees go weak, and before you could say anything, like Taehyung knew, he picked your up with a bridal style. While staring at you with those beautiful dark eyes, he brought you to yours bedroom.

He threw you on the bed, before moving on top of you, kissing your neck hungrily, making hickeys all over it.

It wasn’t often that Taehyung was this dominant, but when he is, like right now, you melt under his touch and you aren’t able to think properly. It’s like he’s making you crazy.

“I love when you wear my things, princess…but right now, i want nothing more, but to see you naked. Right in front of me and only for me” Taehyung said, staring lustfully at you

“Go on then” you breathed out

Taehyung wasted no time. He looked at your clothes, before hurriedly moving the shirt off of you, and then your pair of shorts. Underneath those were a pair of black underwear. Taehyung scanned your body, before also removing those, so thag you were completely naked, laying in front of him.

“Someone’s really wet” Taehyung said, moving down on your lower region

“W-well” you blushed, stuttering

“Shh don’t worry, princess. I love seeing you that wet for me” He said as he placed his point finger at your entrance

You groaned at his actions, hating how he loved to play with you when you’re wet. He loved making you wait and beg for him.

“P-please” You gasped

“Please what?” He asked cocky

“Please…please fuck me” You begged

“Well, someone’s eager” He replied before pushing one of his fingers inside of you, making you moan.bHe pumped inside of you, soon putting inside another finger.

“You’re tight ” Taehyung said, loving the way you look when he pleasures you

You felt that you’ll come soon, and before you knew it, you were coming a lots on his fingers, letting out a loud moan. He pulled out his fingers out of you, licking off your juices.

“T-taehyung, i need you.” You said wanting to feel him inside of you

“I need you too princess, get ready now” He whispered on your ear as he moved himself on your entrance

He slowly started coming in, but ended up slamming against you, making you let out one hell of a moan. He started thrusting fast, moving almost completely out before slamming onto you again and again. You were a moaning mess, holding onto his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

“You’re so tight princess, so fucking tight!” He groaned and he moved in and out

“T-taehyung, i’m gonna-”

“I’m gonna come too princess” He replied

Soon, he was filling your insides with his sperm. There were lots of it, some even coming out of you. You layed on the bed, feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Your breathing was compeltely steady yet, when you felt him turn you on your stomach

“You didn’t think we were done, were you?” Taehyung said in husky voice, which always send thrills down your back

He spanked your ass, loving how you would moan at the contact of his skin hitting yours.

He positioned himself at your entrance again, ready for round two. He slammed hard into you yet again, making you moan each time he thrusted. His hand was brought up on your neck, slightly choking you as he thrusted in. The rush of being choked like that was breaking all bounrades of excitement

Taehyung gripped onto your neck tighter as he came into you for the second time tonight, letting out a low groan as he did. His juices filled every inch of you, making you see the stars.

But it wasn’t still enough for him. He needed you, so so much. After months of not being near you and not being able to touch you, he craved for you. Then seing you in that tight shorts you wore earlier, it definitely made him be even more horny

He noticed how you were more quiet now, tired from the two rounds but also still enjoying the feeling of him coming into you

“I’m not done with you yet” He said, groping your ass as he pulled you more near him.

“Put that ass up for me princess” He said as he positioned himself on your entrance

You did as you were told, not expecting the next thing that happened. He inserted himself in you, but in the other hole. You let out a loud moan, followed with soft whimpers as he was pumping in and out of your ass hole.

The feeling of you being so tight around him, was arousing him even more. His pace didn’t slow down even though he felt as he was coming. Instead, he started pumping harder, his semen flowing even deeper inside of you.

You fell on the bed, his semen falling out of your ass hole. You were still slightly shaking in pleasure, a dreamy look on your face. Your legs were as someone cut them off, you basically couldn’t feel them anymore.

Taehyung layed right next to you, his big hand moving up and down your body. He fell alseep like that, looking at his precious little princess which he made feel amazing after not seeing her for that long.

× × × × × ×

This was my second smut i ever wrote, actually. Hope you liked it!

🐠🐠Day 49 and 50 of 365! Mermaids Ruby and Sapphire!! 🐠🐠

I used to do paintings like these back in February in my A4 sketchbook. I was flipping through it yesterday and I decided to make another one as my daily drawing. Took me two and a half days!!, but I’m done! And I love love love it!!!! Oh my gosh!!! The colours!!!! I did this!!!!!

It’s a drawing for two days, because this week will be ‘finishing some of my artwork’ week. I have other important pieces to complete and even though my daily drawings are small, they still take away from time I could be using to finish these important pieces.

Anyway, ENJOY SOME RUPPHIRE MERMAIDS!!!!💖💖💖 I think I did good. You can see the other artwork I did for this challenge under the tag #msdani365

Art by @msdanig-gem
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norval17  asked:

Welcome back Lionel, I'm glad to see you're doing well

“Ha, yea, it’s good to be back and be myself again. That Anon magic is pretty powerful stuff. And tiring too, I slept for like two whole days after Anton took me back home. But the li’l rest was nice, just me, Anton and lots of tea.”

“I suppose I should apologise for my behaviour during that whole thing, all the yellin’ and insults.. And eating everything, stealing food and girders.. Gosh I did a lot of stuff..”

I have a question

Hey, I just wanted to ask your opinion on this situation between me and this Asian guy at my school. I will call him B. He is Vietnamese and is a senior. I have English class with him and when we first had class together we never talked. But one day we had to work together on an assignment in class. He stared at me A LOT! And I was like OMG! I always thought he was cute but I never really thought I would have a chance with him. Anyway, anytime I had something to say he would just stare and stare and I noticed he didn’t do that with any one else in the group. After that he started talking to me and randomly asking me things about myself. We found out we had a lot in common like anime and he also watched kdramas lol.

He is so cool and we talk a great deal with each other in class. One time we went to the library as a class and the whole time we talked to each other. He even came and sat by me when we finished getting our books even though he had other friends he was cooler with in our class. I started to develop feelings for him really quickly and one day I built up the courage to ask if he had a girlfriend and he told me no. Then he said that he had went on some dates with this girl but he said it wasn’t serious. So I was all happy.  But then I found out

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New girl - Nash imagine (requested)

Can you write imagine where you are the new girl in school,you are cool so you make lots of friend very fast,but there is Nash, the coolest boy in school he can get any girl,but he wonts you and you’re not an easy kind of girl to win ❤❤

It was my first day at a new school. I just moved here from New York a month ago and I transferred schools. It’s the beginning of the second semester so everyone already has friends and knows each other, I’m hoping it won’t be to hard to make some friends. I ran my fingers through my thick auburn hair and glanced in the mirror. Hmm, I put some moisturizer my face and neck and brushed a light amount of blush on my cheeks. I curled my eyelashes and used a minimal amount of brown eyeliner so I’d look natural. I didn’t want to show up on the first day cake-faced.

“Mom!” I called


“Can you braid my hair?”

“Sure honey hold on”

She finished folding laundry and came into the bathroom. My mom’s a hairdresser so I always ask her to help me with my hair. She did it in a loose French braid with a few small strands loose around my hairline. I went back to my room and into my closet. I chose a pair of loose worn jeans with rips and a loose white cropped tee. I slipped on my old black hightop converse and put on a small amount of perfume.

I grabbed my backpack and I was about to walk out the door when my brother stopped me.

“Hey you, mom has to get ready for work so I’m taking you to school”

“Really? Thanks Shawn”

He is a year older than me and graduated last year. We got in the car, it took about 10 minutes to get there. We pulled up to the curb and Shawn and I hopped out.

“Hey I hope you have a good day and make some friends, I mean you’re you so that won’t be to hard.” He chuckled

“Haha I hope so”

I hugged him and said goodbye. As I walked up to the front doors two girls came up to me.

“Hi, um is that your boyfriend?” The blond one pointed at Shawn

“Oh haha no that’s my brother”

The brunette spoke up “Oh my gosh your brother is Shawn Mendes?!”

“Yep” I said shrugging my shoulders. I was used to this attention by now

They showed me to my locker and they seemed pretty nice. They complimented me on my clothes and hair.

“So anyway sorry I’m Alicia” the blonde said laughing

“And I’m Jaylee” the brunette spoke up

“Well it’s nice to meet you guys, and thanks for showing me around”

“Of course!”

It turns out we had most of the same classes so we went together. By lunch I had four friends. I guess they were Jaylee and Alicia’s circle of friends. We sat down with our lunch and try started pointing at different tables, introducing me to different cliques. Just then five boys sat down at our table. All of the girls greeted them and a few received kisses, apparently their girlfriends. A dark haired blue eyed boy who was the tallest of the five sat down next to me.

“Hey Alicia who’s the new girl” a tan brown haired boy asked

“Oh, Cameron this is Y/n Mendes. Y/n this meet the other half of our little circle, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Nash Grier” she pointed at the boy next to me “And Hayes Grier, Nash’s brother. By the way guys, Shawn Mendes is y/n’s big brother” she said proudly

“Woah no way” Hayes said impressed

Everyone looked at me

“Yep” I said laughing “it’s true”

“Nice” said Cameron

Everyone nodded in agreement

We finished lunch and continued to hang out together between classes and periods. They were all very funny and accepting. I liked them. I deduced that Hayes and Jaylee were a couple and Amanda, another girl in the group, was with Johnson. The other three appeared to be single, especially since Cameron and Nash seemed to be flirting with me a little. It was hard to tell but I could tell Cameron was the ‘friendly’ type.

Once the school day was over I said goodbye to the girls and I got their numbers. I waited outside for Shawn to pick me up when Nash sat next to me on the old stone bench outside the school.

“So, what do you think of school here?”

“It’s great, I wasn’t expecting to make so many friends on the first day” I laughed

My brother pulled up in his black Cadillac and I stood up.

“So there he is!” He pointed at Shawn

I laughed “yep, maybe you can come over some time and meet him”

“That’d be cool, maybe we can hang out too” he said laughing

We exchanged numbers and I said goodbye. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.


Expect part two by the end of this week. This is gonna be a fun one.


I got to meet Adam and Jack at MCM today and oh gosh they were so lovely 

and Adam called me his twin and told me that he loved my Schling cosplay. He even took a selfie with me on his phone so that he could prove to others that someone cosplayed as him <3

Today was so much fun. Can’t wait for the next two days :)

In My Day

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared
Words: 1421
Requested by Anonymous:  Could u do a jensen ackles x reader where’s there an age difference and he’s always making fun of you because of things like your music taste and other cute stuff like that because you’re younger? Lots of fluffff! Thanks!

A/N: There’s a tad bit of angst thrown in there, but not much.

Originally posted by pleasegivemecake

           You had Taylor Swift blaring through the house as you cooked dinner for you and your boyfriend. You loved her music and it always boosted you into an even more energetic mood, especially if you were cleaning or cooking.

           You didn’t hear the door open and close. You didn’t hear his footsteps. But you did feel his arms wrap around your waist and the chuckle that was vibrating his chest against your back, “What is this?” he asked.

           “The music or the food?” you asked.

           “The music. I can see the food,” he teased, looking at the noodles, Chicken, and Alfredo sauce on the stove.

           “It’s Taylor Swift,” you said.

           “Who?” he was definitely teasing.

           “Jensen Ackles, you know who Taylor Swift is,” you said.

           “In my day, we didn’t have this kind of music.”

           You rolled your eyes and turned around to face him, “Alright, Old Man. You’re really not that much older than me.”

           “Enough,” he smirked.

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How Exo-K Would... Cuddle

Important: Please Read

Hello! I know I’ve not posted in a while but to be honest with you guys, I didn’t really set aside time to write. But, I’ve decided that I’d start posting in the middle and end of the week, so on Wednesdays and Saturdays! So that’s something I’m gonna try to start and keep going! I know it’s a Thursday but I figured I can still post something the coming Wednesday!

So, I kinda changed the request to another How Exo Would kind of thing! (ft. some cute gifs) Hope you don’t mind and thank you for the request! Sorry it took longer than I thought! I wrote small little scenarios to make up for my absence and to give you a little idea about my writing style! Okay, enjoy! ~Uma 

Suho- ”I didn’t know which one you’d like better so i made both.” Suho walked in with two bowls of soup, one for you and one for him. “Either one is fine.” You replied, taking one bowl in your hand and immediately slurping a spoonful. He sat next to you, lifting his spoon to your mouth. You fed him some of your soup as well and before you knew it, the soup was gone. After taking the dishes back into the kitchen, you crawled back into bed and faced Suho. “So how was your day?” He asked, as he scooted closer to you and took you hand. “It was good, I finally finished reading that Prince book you gave me.” You replied, raising your hands and looking at your intertwined fingers. The two of you talked until both of you fell asleep. 

Originally posted by yehetohoratbitch

Baekhyun- “Noooo!!! Baek, s-stop- OH MY GOSH!” You screamed at your boyfriend. “STOPPPPP!!” You screamed again unable to breathe or control your laughter. He didn’t give up though as his fingers attacked your sides. “Not until you give me back the remote!!” He laughed back, his eyes on the remote that was clutched between your hands. “Never!!” You said and flipped over suddenly, causing to Baekhyun to fall under you.”HA!” You laughed and started the same relentless torture on him, your fingers now gliding over his sides. Soon he started his counterattack, rendering the both of you breathless. You both stopped to take a breather, you laying on top of his chest. He brought his arm around you and smiled. “Fine, you win. But we’re watching The Amazing World of Gumball next.” He said making you burst into laughter again.

Originally posted by baek-sehun

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agcntpeggycarter  asked:

Kataang: sneeze or peppermint

“You know, you’re lucky you’re not an airbender,” Aang told his wife as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Airbenders and colds don’t mix." 

Katara looked at him groggily and knit her eyebrows. "What do you-?” She was interrupted by a sudden tingling in her nose and she sneezed loud enough to wake Momo up from his nap. “What do you mean?”

Aang shrugged. “It’s just that, when we sneeze, it’s hard for us to control our bending.”

Katara smiled. “Like when we first met, and you flew ten feet into the air?" 

Aang laughed and settled down in bed next to Katara. "That’s nothing. One of my friends from the temple had a cold once, and he said he sneezed and flew so high he could have landed on the highest temple roof. None of us believed him, but it was still a funny story." 

"Poor kid,” Katara said with a grin. “But I don’t think it’d be so bad to be an airbender with a cold. It would make it more exciting if you were shooting up into the air every time you sneezed. It’d be better than laying in bed all day, at least." 

Aang smiled. "Not when you hit your head on the ceiling.”

The two of them laughed, and Aang scooted closer to his wife and wrapped his arms around her. 

“Wait a minute. You were just saying how awful it is to be an airbender with a cold, and now you’re laying here with me… What if you catch it?” Katara asked.

Aang smiled and kissed his wife on the cheek. “I think it’s worth the risk.”

kittens-n-glitter  asked:

Just a fun little stoner love story I wanted to share: my (now) fiancé and I flew out to Denver this year for the Cannabis Cup since it fell during the week of our anniversary. We literally went on vacation to smoke weed. We took a trip up to the Rocky Mountains one day and he proposed at two miles above sea level (it was breathtaking). After happy tears and saying yes, I asked him "do you want to smoke a blunt to celebrate?" and he looked at me and said "see that's how I know you're the one".

OH MY GOSH. That is fucking incredible! I’m actually speechless or I’d say more hahahaha

anonymous asked:

I'd love to here more about your motel it sounds lovely. Is there any chance Cecil and Carlos have ended up at the motel?

Oh, gosh! Sorry this took me so long to respond to. And thank you for taking an interest in my Night Vale Motel! (∩˃o˂∩)♡ It means so much when people ask about it. 

But enough chat! Here are the headcanons:

  • Yes, Carlos has been there! Carlos spent his first few days staying at the motel with his science crew. They stayed in two rooms - guys in one, gals in the other - but occasionally they’d wake up in the wrong room. One night Carlos would be going to sleep next to one of his male colleagues (in a platonic way - he’s super close friends with all of his crew, or at least that’s what I headcanon) and he’d wake up next to a female one. They’d simply just switch back to their original room whenever this happened. The science crew was happy to leave the place when they got their lab situated, but Carlos seemed unfazed by the whole thing.
  • When Michelle Nguyen was in her mid-teens, she ran away from home because her parents “like, totally didn’t get what Beethoven’s Second to Last Rock-Remix Album meant to her”, and she suddenly found herself in the Night Vale Motel parking lot, just as the sun was beginning to go down. When she walked into her room, her favorite song from Beethoven’s Second to Last Rock-Remix was playing and she promptly decided she hated the whole album because it was now popular enough to be heard on the radio. She left her motel room in disgust and somehow found herself standing on her back porch, similar to how she just appeared in the parking lot. 
  • When Dana needs to get away from the stress of being mayor, she just takes a walk and finds herself in the motel parking lot. The creature behind the counter even knows her by name now, and screeches “HI DANA” at inhuman volumes when it sees her. She is always given the same room, which is furnished with super comfy pillows, her favorite snacks, and a television that always plays her favorite shows, even the ones that were cancelled. She stays for a few hours, then returns her key to the creature, which screams “BYE DANA.” After she’s out of the front desk building, she appears back at her office and it seems as if no time has passed. 
  • The Faceless Old Woman volunteers as a housekeeper there. She often gets bored just watching us live our lives, and she owes Front Desk Creature a favor, so she’s taken it up as almost a hobby. Her favorite part of the room to clean is behind the bed frames. She meets the most interesting creepy-crawlys there. 
  • Steve Carlsberg accidentally locked himself out of his house once. Abby and Janice had already gone to sleep, and he didn’t want to wake them by banging on the door. Just as he was about to go to sleep on the porch, he found himself sitting in a plastic chair, inside the motel’s front desk area. When the creature handed him the key, he realized it was his house key. When he walked out of the front desk building, he found himself back on his porch and was able to get inside the house. 
  • Intern Maureen stayed there with a bunch of friends once just for the hell of it. She tried the bottle in the bathroom titled “RUB” but refuses to tell anyone about the experience. 
  • The Erikas are friends with Front Desk Creature, and Old Woman Josie will send them with a batch of lemon squares or corn muffins whenever they go to visit it. 
  • The Smiling God and Front Desk Creature are distant cousins. They hate each other. 
  • The Apache Tracker (remember him?) was homeless for a while, after he disappeared then suddenly reappeared as an actual Native American (that could only speak Russian), and he ended up practically living at the motel for a while. Every morning he’d wake up, he’d find a feather missing from his fake headress, as if someone was slowly trying to get rid of the racist thing. (It was the Front Desk Creature.)
  • Hiram McDaniels used to frequent the place quite a bit, especially when the weather was bad and he couldn’t just find a spot to sleep outside. The Night Vale Motel surprisingly has dragon-sized rooms, with dragon-sized furniture and accommodations.
  • The Hooded Figures and Front Desk Creature have a long-standing feud, and neither of them will talk to each other. 
  • Tamika Flynn and her army of children used the place as a hide out during the revolution against Strex. Every room they occupied had a well-stocked bookshelf, some normal paper and pens just to draw or write with, and a chest full of weapons. Also, there were mini-fridges with tons of snacks so they could keep their stamina after they trained in the Sand Wastes all day. 
  • Kevin is the only person to ever have seen it when just passing by, and could give someone directions if they asked. 
  • Cecil doesn’t believe the motel exists.

Well, that’s about it! I do have a few more, about other aspects and such (my headcanons are endless), but I think I’ve dragged this on enough for one night. Again, thank you for taking an interest in the Night Vale Motel!

Night Vale Motel general headcanons: X

Post that started it all: X

in-spirational  asked:

Lizzzz!!! Are you accepting prompts at the moment?? If you are, could you please write me a CS College Professors AU where their students ship them together? Oh gosh, I just adore your writing and I love love loved reading Where There's Smoke There's Fire <333 I am reading your fic The Ugly Truth at the moment and am loving every bit of it!!! You're amazing and I can't wait for more fics from you!! xxx

A/N: I took a little liberties with this one. Henry being their #1 shipper.There’s a little Captain Cobra in this one too. 

He walked into the building  30 minutes early as he had every day for the last two weeks since the  semester started. He straightened his tie and carefully walked pass Ms. Emma Swan’s classroom peering in carefully to see her seated behind her desk intently reading.

She looked radiant today in a bright blue sweater set, her hair hanging down her back and her glasses perched at the end of her nose. He noticed she only wore them while reading and when she thought no one was watching.  She shifted in her seat to a more comfortable position and he almost dropped his brown bag, which gave away his position with its crumpling sound.

She looked over to see him standing there and he waved grinning like a fool. She sat up straight, pulled off her glasses and smiled.”Hey Killian. Good Morning.” He couldn’t help but soften his expression when he heard the beautiful tone of her voice. “Good Morning Emma. Hope you have a good day.”  She nodded.”You too. Are you having lunch in the break room today?”   He held up the notorious brown bag that gave away his position earlier as proof that he would join her.”Aye, you?”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you at the usual time.”

“Great, I’ll see you then. Best get ready for this lot to enter the room. They are still adjusting to me taking over the class last minute.”

“I don’t envy you. They signed up for that class expecting to get Walter who used to sleep through most of his classes while giving the students sustained silent reading. They figured it would be an easy A. I’m happy to see you actually care about teaching History. I know the students will thank you for your efforts.”

He felt pride swell in his chest knowing that she noticed he actually cared for his beloved subject.”Thank you. I’m glad you think so. I only hope they do. If you could see the groans when we start lecture you might rethink that statement. “

She stood and walked to him. “Killian, you’re doing great work. Believe me when I started here a few years ago I had the same reception. Once the students actually realized they were learning their attitudes changed. Don’t worry I’m sure you will be fine.”

Her proximity allowed him to smell the sweet scent of strawberry that surrounded her. He knew the dangers of dating co-workers; he’d seen a pair of teachers at his previous school go through a very happy beginning and an awful ending. Somehow he believed that with Emma, they’d go the distance, at least he hoped.

“I guess we’ll see come time for Finals.”

She touched his arm lightly. “You’re going to be fine. Now get going before they beat you to the classroom.”

He nodded trying to recover from the slight contact that made his heart speed up the instant she touched him. He looked back when he got to the middle of the hall before turning into his classroom, just two doors down, and noticed she was still watching him with a smile on her face.

He’d spent the last two weeks having lunch with her and listening in to every tidbit that she would offer. She was a single mother, her son just started high school and although she was single she wasn’t really dating. She didn’t have a good track record with dates; usually they ended up being more of a frog than a prince from what she’d told him.

He liked listening to her talk about her son, Henry. He sounded like a good lad and very smart. He knew parents often spoke highly of their children even though sometimes they were a bit exaggerated but he believed every prideful word that Emma said about Henry.  He’d come to Storybrooke for a fresh start and so far the job, the apartment and the people had been a breath of fresh air. He only hoped that perhaps he might persuade Emma to join him for dinner someday. So far their lunches have been going well but he wouldn’t get his hopes up for more. He’d settle in and get his act together first, in the meantime he’d just enjoy the time he spent with her.  For all he knew she was just kind to her colleagues.


The moment she met Killian Jones was the moment that her heart started beating a different tune. She’d heard from the women in the office that the new teacher was quite the looker and they weren’t wrong but they hadn’t quite captured just how handsome he was.  His eyes were an indescribable shade of blue, his smile could light up the room but most importantly he was extremely intelligent. That made a man attractive to her like no other quality he could possess. Killian was also humble about it, as smart as he was he didn’t push it down other people’s throats like some of the teachers at the school. His exuberant attitude and the way he delivered the lectures were intoxicating to watch. She’d watched him through the window one day when he wasn’t looking. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

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GOLLY GEE! This took forever to complete. Now I know why I have NEVER done comics! Even if it is a simple two panel one.

Remember way back when in the asks when asy talked about undyne calling him a cuckoo idiot? (May not actually be that long ago I think, idk I never know what day it is anyway. My concept of time is very broken.)

Well basically it made me wonder about how this played into the perspective of the other characters when seeing Asy interact with Pappy, it’s kinda sad when you think about it…

Oh ma gosh this is so cute! And yes, things would happen in a way like this. Since nobody else is able to see Papy, they think Asy is crazy and talking to himself.

Thank you dear! I love it, you did a great job :D


This is a sneak peek of the multipart kristanna (canonverse) fanfic I’ve been meaning to write forever.  It’s the very first time I’ve ever brought any headcanon to type.  As a result it’s very rough, probably totally unoriginal because y’all have a HUGE head start on me and it’s all been done, and not proofed by anyone, but after a desperate call from @bulda , I thought, now is the time to start!  My family had a hard hard time last year and I get it.  I do.  So, this one’s for you!

Rated: T for mildly steamy smoochiness

Edit: Oh, right, forgot to say, this takes place immediately after the events of Frozen Fever

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Careful (Michael Clifford Imagine)

   Pulling my heavy coat tighter around my body and snuggling my face deeper into my scarf, I hurried across campus towards the lecture hall. The snow was coming down hard today and it was freezing. I kicked the snow off of my boots as I entered the lecture hall. It was mostly empty, due to the severe weather outside. I scanned the room quickly, looking for someone. Sitting in one of the back rows sat a boy with bright red hair ,that was sticking out under a black snapback, and an eyebrow piercing, I’m pretty sure his name was Michael. He was basically the definition of punk rock, apparently he was the guitarist  in a band with some of his mates from Australia. I’ve never spoken a word to him, but god I definitely wanted to. I realized I was staring when he glanced up at me, I dropped my gaze to the seats near the front and made my way towards them. 

  I barely made it through the lesson without falling asleep. My professor’s voice had me nodding off for the entire hour. When he finally dismissed us, I hurried to gather all of my books so I could get back to my dorm room and watch Netflix for the rest of the day. As I maneuvered through the rows of seats, my bag caught on an arm rest, yanking my back and sending my books onto the floor. A hand grabbed my arm, catching me from falling, “Careful.” I looked up to see Michael as he let go of my arm. I turned back to untangle my bag and went to grab my books, but Michael was already holding them out towards me. “Oh my gosh, thank you.” I graciously took the books out of his hands, but not before I noticed the two tattoos that he had on his fingers, instantly wondering if he had more. “Of course,” was all he said, giving my a sly grin and then he continued down the steps towards the door. 

   The snow was still coming down, but not nearly as bad as it had been. I walked quickly, but took small steps to avoid slipping on the icy ground. Michael had already disappeared and all of the other students had gone off in the other directions. I came up to the cross walk and waited for the light to turn so I could walk. I couldn’t see down the street very far and the snow began to pick up again. No cars were coming but the light wouldn’t change, so I just took a step out off of the cross walk. Looking to my right as I went I never noticed the car speeding towards me on the left. “Y/N!” I heard my name behind me and I turned my head just in time to see the car speeding towards me. A strong arm slipped around my waist and pulled my back from the street. The car sped past in front of me.

    “Jesus, are you trying to get yourself killed?” An Australian voice sounded from behind me. I turned around to face Michael, “I just-I didn’t even see-no, I didn’t mean to,” I stumbled over my words. He reached out and brushed my hair back from my face, “You need to be more careful, love.” “Where did you even come from?” I asked. “I was waiting for you outside the lecture hall but you walked right past me. I tried to catch up with you, I wanted to make sure you got back to your dorm room safe. Ya know, cause it’s so icy and snowy.” It was his turn to stumble over his words. I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks as I watched him speak. “Well, then thank you. I guess.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. “It’s a good thing I did, it seems,” He laughed. “Uh, yeah.” I said, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “Do you want to grab some coffee or something, to warm up. You look like you could get out of the cold.” He offered, gesturing back towards the dining hall. My heart fluttered a bit at the idea of getting to spend time with him. “Yeah, of course.” He grinned and put his hand out to me, which I gladly took.

  We entered the small coffee shop and took a table by the window after we ordered our drinks. Michael took off his heavy coat and I copied his actions. He pushed the sleeves of his red flannel up, revealing several band tattoos around his forearm and below his bicep. “I’m not used to this cold weather,” Michael stated as he looked out at the snow falling down. “You get used to it after a while,” I told him. “I guess I fit in here more though, I’m too pale to be Australian.” He laughed. I smiled at him before averting my gaze back towards the window. “You have a beautiful smile,” he commented, more to himself than me. I felt the blush creep onto my face again as I looked down at my coffee cup, “Thank you." 

   We stayed in the coffee shop for almost two hours, talking about everything from our home towns, to our least favorite teachers, to favorite bands. I could have talked to him for hours. The snow had lightened up outside, so we decided to get back to our dorm rooms. "If you want we can go back to my room and watch some movies or something,” I offered, not wanting to say goodbye just yet. “Only if you have good movies,” he joked. “I have the Lego movie,” I stated. “Yeah, we can watch that,” he said with a smile.

    “You know, I’ve been waiting months to ask you out,” he confessed as we crossed to center of campus together. “I’ve been waiting months for you to ask me out.” I smirked up at him. Laughing he said, “To think I made you wait so long.”

Blooming - A Frozen Fanfic

Here is the completed first chapter.  The sneak peek yesterday ended up being about half of the chapter.

This story is a canonverse romance of Anna and Kristoff following “Frozen Fever.”  The major theme revolves around exploring sexuality as it awakens and blossoms in earnest, and what that means when a partner is introduced.  Because Anna has been isolated for the majority of her life, I’m taking creative license in allowing her to be a bit of a late bloomer.  There isn’t a whole ton of angst here because I wanted to keep the theme fairly straightforward.  The story overall will be rated M, but each chapter may have a different rating.

I have 10ish chapters planned.  I don’t have a proofer so what you’re getting is going to be raw, unpolished, and totally beginner.  Oh, and at least two chapters are going to have some parts that are awkward AF because life is awkward and I don’t want to sugar coat it.  You have been warned.

Edit:  Now with links to the other chapters!

Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Chapter 1

Rated T for steamy smooches and thoughts

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