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Pairing: Destiel
Tags: High School AU, smut, friends to lovers
Prompt: 52.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
Note: This was a prompt from a long time ago that I owe to @pretentiosity and @mishackl …..hope you like it an sorry it took forever!! <3

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Maybe im jikook trash but i totally think kookie played lie so loud not only to tease jimin but because he wanted him to come back. He literally kept looking at the door all the time and he looked disappointed when he said "he's not coming back" and the second jimin came again to "scold" him his face lightens up and he laughed/giggled so cutely! These two are truly something ahhhhhhh also that look they shared will haunt me forever, gosh the tension!!!

Trust me, it’s reality. Jungkook literally sat there, played lie loudly, and danced just to lure Jimin back into the video. @satellite-jeon translated it as: 

“’You can hear it? So you’re saying you can hear it. Huh. You think I’m going to lose? I’m going to make you come back again.’ - JJK, speaking in banmal, total Dom Mode.
Used Lie as bait.
Got visibly deflated when Jimin didn’t took the bait.
“He’s not coming? He’s not coming… “
Got visibly happy when Jimin took the bait.
Jimin ran so fast he tripped on the way over.”

You can literally see the dissapointment on Kook’s face when he realizes Jimin isn’t going to come. 


look at how happy he is once Jimin came storming into his room! Little baby was literally giggling, and you can tell Jimin wasn’t even mad. Like I can’t believe how obvious Jungkookie was. 

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Also I want this gif played at my funeral bc I have died bc of this romantic-ass-chessy-kdrama-type stare those two shared. Like no joke, I 99% believe that if Tae (bless his soul) hadn’t interrupted, Jikook may have made out right then and there. Like…. just sayin’. 

He's Getting Married, But Not To You

“You look great, Harry” I smiled, fixing his tie so it could fall perfectly against his chest. As my hands smoothed out the fabric, I let my mind wander away. I couldn’t imagine how I would be knowing Harry has made a commitment to be with somebody who isn’t me forever. Just him being engaged was enough to make me cry myself to sleep some nights, asking why it couldn’t be me. Why it never could be me.
It’s like a fire in your chest that keeps burning you, telling you that you’ll never be good enough. It’s a sting in your heart that makes you realize that the person you would die for wouldn’t even think about saving you. You’re just the person that’s there, the person that they would go to when they don’t have anybody else.
“Y/n? Are you alright?” Harry giggled, bringing me out of my trance, “You’ve been staring at my tie for ten minutes”.
My cheeks flushed red as I looked down, taking my hands away from the smooth fabric while mumbling a quiet “sorry”, backing away so he can see the final look.
All the guys walked to the other side of him, catching his reaction at the man he will soon be becoming. I couldn’t bring myself to catch his reaction, knowing that the happiness that will appear on his face won’t be because of me.
“Wow” Harry breathed, running his fingertips lightly over the tie, “I’m getting married. Guys, I’m getting married!” Harry smiled, running his long fingers through his hair.
Louis went to hug him, giving him a small squeeze, his was to congratulate him. I’ve never seen the boys so excited for him, and it crushed me to know that I couldn’t even act happy for him like that. I always try to hide myself, trying to escape telling him how “happy” I was.
My eyes became glossy as I took a quick glance at Liam. He was looking at me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. He had looked at me as if I had been lost and sick for months, and had no hope of ever finding my way back home.
Liam knew how madly in love I was with Harry. Liam was the only one who knew, in fact, and I wasn’t the one who had told him. Liam somehow had figured out my secret love for Harry. It was strange, knowing that one of Harry’s “brothers” knew that I, his best friend, had this huge and undoubtable love for him, but as time went on, Liam actually helped me with my problems with Harry and his fiancè Lorie, and I couldn’t thank him enough.
“I just can’t believe that in one month, I’ll be having the wife of my dreams. In one month I’ll be making a commitment to stay with her forever. Gosh, guys, I always thought that this happiness was fake, but she made it real. My gosh, I just can’t believe I’m marrying her” Harry breathed, showing off the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him—a smile I could never cause.
I felt a tear run down my face, and I quickly wipped it away, hoping none of the boys have seen it.
“Y/n? What’s wrong, love?” Harry asked, taking short strides toward me.
I took a quick look at Liam, who nudged his head foward, giving me a symbol to tell him what was on my mind. I should tell him him. I should just let everything out now before it was too late, before Harry is too out of reach for me to grab onto, but I can’t, I can’t take away that precious smile he was wearing. I could never see him unhappy, I had to lie to him.
“I’m just—” I paused, taking a deep breath to collect myself, putting on a small smile to make it look like I truly ment was I was saying, “I’m just so happy for you, Harry. Growing up with you and all, I just can’t believe you had found somebody you really love. I’m so happy for you”.
Harry’s lips quivered as he smiled big, wrapping his large arms around me, giving me a strong hug, a hug that made me feel so secure, I was dreading the moment he will let go of me.
“Don’t lie, y/n” I heard a faint voice say. Harry’s head snapped up, making my body freeze completely. All the boys were looking curiously at Liam, as if they didn’t understand why he would say something like that.
I felt my heart pound and my hands start to sweat, knowing that Liam wasn’t going to end this without the truth being said.
“You love him, y/n, you can’t be happy for him. You can’t be happy at all, knowing that the love of your life is getting married. You have to go to sleep every night and cry out all that love for him because you can’t have him. You have to be there for him every god damn day, and all of your patience and all of your carefulness is being ignored. You have to compare every guy you meet to him because you want Harry. You want him and you know it. You’ve wanted him since you were fourteen, and now you have to lie? No. I’m not letting you walk around as if you didn’t have a soul anymore, y/n. Don’t prentend like you want this to happen for him”.
I let out a loud sob, making me cover my mouth in attempt to quiet myself down, but it didn’t work. I continued to sob, choking out a quiet “why would you”.
I quickly started to run away, but a large hand took ahold of mine. His thumb ran over my wrist, where old scars that had been there from when I felt like I could never be good enough for anything. Harry knew how sensitive I was about myself. I’d always say that nobody will ever love me, and he knew the now faded scars were there for that reason.
“Y/n” Harry whispered, trying to stop me from leaving.
“Let me go!” I sobbed, ripping my hand away from his and started running. Running so fast so that I could just disappear. Disappear forever.

- Day of the Wedding -

I threw on my dark purple dress. It was knee length, and wrapped perfectly around my body. My hair was in soft curls and my makeup was done nicely. I threw on a black pair of heals, and looked at myself in the mirror.
Even though Harry and I haven’t spoken since the fitting, I can’t just miss out on the biggest day of his life. This is his wedding, and if I truly loved him, I would support him every step of the way.
“Wow, I really like that dress on you” someone said through th doorway.
Liam and his fiancè stood there, with a small smile on his face, holding her hand tightly.
“Thanks” I said, giving a small smile. Liam was still the one there for me whenever I needed somebody. My views on life had gotten worse everyday, but Liam was always there to help me.
“Shall we go?” I asked, grabbing my clutch off of my bed and quickly walking passed him.
“You don’t have to do this” He mumbled, making me stop in my tracks. Tears piled in my eyes, but I shook them away. I have no reason to cry, because this is the happiest moment Harry could ever expierence, and I loved seeing that smile on his face.
“I want to. He’s my best friend. I’ll always be there for him” I comfirmed, making my way slowly to the car.
The car ride was silent, and I could tell nobody really knew what to say anymore. One wrong thing and I could break, and it was such a risk to even bring me to the church in the first place. I can’t picture him taking her hands, vowing to her that he will always love her with as much love as he can carry. Helping her when she’s sick, holding her when she’s sad, singing to her when she’s scared. I can’t picture the gold ring being slipped onto her finger as they kiss the first kiss of their marriage—I just couldn’t. It was too much, too much for me to handle.
Once we arrived at the church, Liam and his fiancè made their way out of the car. Liam looked behind his shoulder, checking on me to see if I was okay, but my body didn’t flinch. I couldn’t do anything. Breathing was difficult, and moving had seemed impossible. I started crying hyserically, hitting my forehead against the seat in front of me, hoping I’d smack some sense into me.
Why did I let myself fall for him? Why did I have to be so stupid?
I continued crying loudly, feeling as if it was the only thing I could do. My body was reacting to every thought about their future, and it seemed to be the worst reaction to anything I’ve experienced before.
There is so much pain. So much pain in my heart to move on. So much pain in the way I think that living seems so physically painful to me. How am I supposed to live without him? How am I supposed to live at all?
“I can’t do it”.
My head snapped up, looking through the open door, making my gaze meet a distraut Harry. His hair was a mess, his eyes were sad, and his tux was on on body, but he looked like he didn’t put any effort in himself at all.
“Harry, please fix yourself” I sighed, turning my body around to face him and bringing my arms up to his shirt, buttoning it up more.
“Y/n! Stop!” Harry yelled, pushing my arms away from him. My heart dropped as the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. He’s mad at me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Not now, not ever.
“I’ve been having doubts! I’ve been sitting in mine and Lorie’s bedroom all this time wondering if me and her getting married is even a good idea! And I never asked it! It never crossed my mind before Liam had to fucking call you out in front of the whole shop! You made me go through so much stress! You should have told me the second you felt things for me, and you know that! You’ve been ruining this for me!”
“Harry, please, I—”
“And yet I still want you!” he yelled, throwing himself against me as his lips landed perfectly on mine. My back hit softly on the seats, his chest laying perfectly against mine. My heart jumped out of my chest and I felt myself feeling happier than I ever have been, feeling his lips sync with mine, and feeling his fingertips dance along my waist, but I knew this wasn’t right. I’m not this kind of person, and I can’t make Lorie find out about this.
“Harry, this is out of pitty. Harry, Marry her” I whispered.
“Shut up. Just shut up. It’s you. You. I want you. Nobody else. Absolutely nobody. I was just so stupid to even realize what was in front of me. I never looked straight ahead. I always just looked around, and it made me so blind, y/n, because the way I felt just now, kissing you like that, made me feel like I could never die. I felt so infinite, y/n. I was just so blind. So damn blind” he mumbled again, kissing me, the way I had always pictured it.
His lips detatched from mine, running his thumb over my now swollen lips. He looked at them, so confused and hurtful, making everything come to a hault.
“How did I live so long without loving you like this?”


The Ultimate Loves throughout History (inspired by x)

Mark Antony and Cleopatra (41BC - 30BC) - famous for defying the Emperor Augustus and for their passionate affair

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille (1475 - 1504) - famous for joining what can now be called ‘modern’ Spain together

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (1486 - 1503) - famous for uniting the two warring factions in England: York and Lancaster

Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart (1565 - 1567) - famous for producing Mary’s only son and their rare ‘love’ marriage

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal (1612- 1631) - famous for the most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal, being built in Mumtaz’s memory

Jahangir and Anarkali (1621 - unknown) - famous for the romance that blossomed between the crown prince and a slave girl

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Hey, do you have any tips for making a good name for your audio drama? My friend and I are kinda stumped <3

Oh gosh, I do not. It took me FOREVER to come up with the title and only after coming up with many, many bad ones. It also totally depends on what the podcast is about and what kind of vibe you’re going for. 

I would say just do some word association with your friend, pull out a thesaurus, and throw a bunch of different ideas on the board and mix them around until something feels right!

Don’t Give Up (Faded Part 2)

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Characters: Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow (briefly), Joe West (briefly), Wally West (briefly), Reader

Warnings: none… I’m finding it odd that I don’t have any warnings to put up… ever…

Words: 1566


“Part 2 to Don’t Forget? I need more! :)” -Anon

“Can you write a part 2 to Don’t Forget? I need more. XD” -Anon

“oh my god, you need to make a part 2 of Dont Forget !! It can’t just leave off to that!!” -Anon

“OH MY GOSH. Part Two of don’t forget pleases!!!!!!!” -Anon

“Please please please do another part to don’t forget, I love it” -Anon

A/N: I find it much easier with a provided prompt for a sequel to a part, so thank you for the help, barnesgasm. And it took me forever to get the second gif blurry, so I hope you all appreciate that. XD

I’ve decided to title this series Faded, so don’t get confused for that title up there! ENJOY!!!

Tag(s): @barnesgasm

“Barry, I- We can’t do anything more,” Caitlin declared. “We didn’t even know where to start! Yeah, it feels like someone is missing, but we don’t know who. We don’t know what they look like or sound like. There’s no way we can work under these circumstances.”

Barry huffed in annoyance. “I know this is impossible, but we’re known to make the impossible possible. Caitlin, we can’t give up. I refuse to give up. Not on…” He trailed off, lost for words. He didn’t know who they were looking for - male or female - and he wasn’t going to jump on conclusions.

“You don’t even know who you’re giving up on, Barry,” Caitlin snapped, annoyed. “There are greater things to worry about, like other metas, and we all know metas aren’t going to stop once they set their mind on being evil.”

“I hate to say it, Barry, but Caitlin’s right,” Joe declared. “I can’t throw out an APB if we don’t have any solid information on who the person is. The Chief isn’t going to go with it based on a hunch.”

“How about we just all sleep on it before we start jumping to conclusions?” Cisco said before any more words could be said. “It’s already past one in the morning and I’m sure we’re all just tired.”

“I’m gonna have to agree with Cisco,” Wally offered. “Let’s just give it a break for now and see how we’re all feeling about it afterwards.”

“What do you know?” Barry sneered angrily at Wally, glaring in his direction. “You just got here. You don’t even know who this person is, so why are you here? Why do you care?”

“Barry,” Joe declared, shocked at Barry’s sudden hostility.

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Now And Forever pt. 2 [J-Hope Angst]

Find part 1 here!

Nothing is easy, espicially love. Do not give up when it’s the hardest. Grab your lover’s and go through the most difficult times together. That’s how you’ll make it through. 

Please keep that in mind, my beautiful butterflies. I love you ~

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It was raining, a lot. But you didn’t care. You didn’t care about anything, because you were thinking about him.

Were you ever going to come back to him? Were you ever going to have the courage and confident to actually come back?

Why did it feel like your lungs were failing everytime you thought about it? Like it was extremely hard to even breathe, could this be your last breath?

Leaving your car somewhere you didn’t have an idea about and walked on the beach in the rain was something any normal human wouldn’t do. But were you even a normal human? Why did it feel like you were dead, dead inside?

Looking out in the water and waves you thought about one thing. 

Forever was a word you thought gave you happiness and luckiness through your whole life. You thought that your relationship would last forever. Because that was what he had told you. You had trusted him with you heart, with everything that you had. Not even having a second thought, because that was what love did to you.

It gave you hopes, it gave you memories, it gave you a place to feel safe and loved. But now, that you think about it again, nothing lasts forever even if you wished it could. 

Now, you had to live for now, not taking everything for granted. Because once you let him take your whole heart, you were never going to get it back whole. It was going to be hurtfull, painfull and you’ll feel emotionless.

People say that once it’s broken, it will always be broken.

Shutting your eyes hard, you took of your shoes and left it there. With shaky legs and blurry eyes, you walked slowly toward the other side. The other side that you didn’t have a clue about.

Will you meet him there? Will you feel loved again? Will he love you again?

The water was cold as the waves hit your body. Never looking back you took a deep breath and walked until you couldn’t reach the bottom. 

That’s when you knew that maybe, maybe you’ll regret this forever. But for now, you wanted this.

Hoseok was driving as fast as he could through the city. It was raining heavily and he knew you hated to drive when it was raining.

He felt worried, what if something happend while you were driving. Or if you decided to do something stupid. How could he live without you or knowing that it was him, your own husband that made you do this.

Would he be able to live without you at all?

Spotting a car that stood at the side of the road that looked like yours, he felt something kick his heart. You weren’t in there and it felt like his heart sank ten feet down.

Hoseok parked his car behind yours and stepped out in the heavy rain and searched around for you in the dark.

You could feel the difficultness of breathing as soon as you shut your eyes. It was like you wanted to breathe but your heart was holding you down, not letting you out of the darkness.

You thought you’ve lost it completely.

You thought you were never going to see the light again.

You thought you’ll never be able to smile again.

You thought that this was the last seconds of your short life.

Until he caught you in his arms. And you could feel his heart beating faster than ever. You could literally know how worried he was.

I got you, baby. Please wake up. Don’t leave me… I love you, I love you, I love you so fucking much. Wake up, open your eyes for me jagi” his voice was shaky, his hands were shaking non-stop and he tried really hard to get a hold of himself. Hoseok needed to be strong now when you were at your weakest point.

He laid you down on the ground where he tried everything in his power to make you wake up and come back to him. Come back to life and open your beautiful eyes that he so crazy fell in love with.

Damn it! Please, wake up. Please...”

You had to wake up, now that he realized how much of a fucktard he has been. He blamed himself for letting this happen to you, letting you suffer for the longest time possible.

But when you started to cough, he knew he had you again. Hoseok knew you were still there, living, in his arms.

Thank God, thank you, thank you, thank you” he cried out and tightly hugged you. A sigh left his cold lips and he pressed his forehead against yours.

“Why did you do that? Why…?”  You couldn’t answer. It just, felt unreal to hear his voice.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you, Y/N… I-I don’t even know why I did what I did, And you don’t know how much I regret everything an-” You placed a hand over his mouth to stop him from talking.

Stop… stop talking. I don’t need to hear your excuses, cheating isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice, Hoseok-ah. I got hurt once but in a very long time and I think it’s enough. “ you started

I think we should- we should divorce” you said when you had enough courage to think for yourself.

Now that you thought about this whole situation, you didn’t only blame him, but yourself too. For being so selfish and not thinking about your daughter and nearly kill yourself because of a man that betrayed you.

“I think it’s the best if we go our own ways. Let’s find happiness somewhere else. Let’s let each other go and think about Minah’s future instead” you said and stood up with shaky legs.

Although you didn’t believe in any of the things that you just said, you wanted to believe them. Because you knew if he could cheat on you once, he could do it again. It was like giving him another bullet to shoot you right in the heart with. You didn’t want to risk that.

And Hosoek…

He looked up at you with teary eyes that begged you to stay with him. You had to try so hard to not care, to not jump into his arms and forget about everything. You couldn’t let yourself fall into the same black hole.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to come back to you again. No actually -  I won’t come back to you” you whispered and after those words left your mouth, the thunder came. It made you shiver but you took a deep breath and turned around, walking away with shaky legs toward your car.

If you have learned one thing from this, it was to never take love for granted. 

Do not trust your heart as much as the books say that you should.  

Do not follow something that you can’t control.

Do not say forever because you don’t have a clue about the future that life gives you.



2 years later

You haven’t seen him in a very long time. Saying that you’ve been busy would be a lie, because you weren’t. You didn’t exactly do much because you were working from home. You haven’t been able to see him because you were a coward.

You didn’t know if you could handle the emotions that could possibly come back or just the thought of seeing him scared you.

But like people said, you can’t hide forever. Because right now you were standing face to face with him. Waiting for your turn to order.




“How have you been? Everything good?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s been alright I guess” you answered and gave him a smile.

“Minah actually did tell me a little about what you’ve been doing lately. Not to sound like a stalker… I mean… I was just curious and worried, that’s all” he rambled and scratched his neck awkwardly.

Minah was living with you but she went to her dad during the weekends and holidays. Because of Hoseok’s job, he was still an idol and was very busy.

When it was your turn to order, you ordered as fast as you could, because you couldn’t handle the awkwardness. But it wasn’t your lucky day, because you felt a hand grab yours and drag you to a table.

“Let’s talk” You looked at him in surprise but nodded.

“It’s been 2 years. Y/N, are you not going to give me one chance? I’ve been waiting for you, I missed you so much that my head is going to explode. Do you know that?”

You were stunned, because this wasn’t what you’ve expected him to say when you saw him next to you.


“Take me back, give me one last chance. I swear I will do everything to earn your trust and love back. I’ll do whatever you need and want me to do. I just want to be with you. I just want you to take me back. I just want our family to be one happy family again” he said, eyes begging you to say yes.

“Promise me you won’t hurt me again” you whispered and looked up at him.

Slowly, you saw his eyes change, from sad ones to eyes that told that he was afraid and excited and happy and everything in between.

“I’ll love you forever and I’ll never hurt you again, I promise - I swear.”

And then he was kissing you. Passionated and hungry. But you could feel the love through the kiss. The love from him. And you just really wished that what you just did was going to make you happy.

“Please do not let me regret this, because no matter if it’s now or forever. I am in love with him and I don’t think I’ll never be able to stop loving him.” were your thought when you pulled away from the kiss.

Now and forever, let this last forever.

*Wiping away sweat*


I wanted to update earlier but I’ve been sick this whole week, and I’m still very sick. I actually went to the hospital today and took blood test.

And they said my blood is fine but I might have an allergy to silver. Which sucks, because I’ve been designing and doing a bracelet for my mother all by myself. And I’m half-way.And her birthdday is next week :c

Anyway, thank you for being patient and if you liked this, don’t forget to like and I’ll love you forever.

I’ll see you soon, my beautiful, chocolato butterflies! Mwah~

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Don’t Chicken Out

Request by anon:  Hi~ i’m giving it a try and ask you something :) I just thought you could write a drabble where kookie confesses to you after he lost a bet with his hyungs and they told him to be a man and talk to you? Thanks bee chu~

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not my gif

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.050 (oops this is more than a drabble i’M SORRY)

A/N: okay so I’m not quite satisfied with the end and this got so long wtf hOW? anyway I hope you like it anon! ♥ thanks for your first request, I was so happy! also I didn’t edit it yet, so I’m sorry for any mistakes!

Jungkook was lying on his back, impatiently waiting for your next text. He thought, maybe if he looked at his screen concentrated enough his hyungs would think that he was playing some game and not tease him like they usually did. Somehow they always knew when he was texting you and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Just like that day.

“What’s up lover boy, waiting for another text from (Y/N)?”, Yoongi asked, plopping down on the chair next to the couch Jungkook was sitting on.

Jungkook simply rolled his eyes, trying to look unimpressed but his flushed cheeks gave him away. “Stop it hyung, I’m just playing a game”, he tried to excuse himself.

“Oh I didn’t know ‘waiting-for-a-text-from-(Y/N)-since-20-minutes-without-looking-away-from-the-phone-or-moving-from-the-spot’ is considered a game now”, Hobi laughed. “Aren’t you getting a cramp or something already? You literally didn’t move a muscle since the last time she texted you back.”

That’s when he noticed how his fingers were cramped around his phone, holding onto it as if his life depended on it. He slowly opened his hand and felt his muscles hurtfully stretch. Even his legs started to hurt from lying in the same position which felt like hours.

“Yaaaaah”, he simply groaned and sat back up. “I was not waiting for her text. I told you, I was playing a game. Do I look so desperate that I’d wait that long for a simple text back?”

The boys broke out laughing. 

“Honestly? Yes, you do Kook”, Namjoon chuckled. “She has you wrapped around her finger and you don’t even notice it.”

Of course, he had noticed. He was thinking about you non-stop. Wondering what you were doing, if you had eaten, if you had gotten enough sleep. You even were in his dreams sometimes, which by the way, kind of creeped him out. He never had dreams of his crushes before. It was all really weird to him. Still, he couldn’t figure out what is was that made him go so crazy about you. He’d give up everything in a matter of seconds for you and that scared the hell out of him.

So, all he did was throw the next thing closest to him - which was sadly only a soft pillow and nothing harmful - at Namjoon and gave him a death glare. 

“I am NOT ‘wrapped around her finger’ like you said, okay? I’m a free young man who has all control over himself and knows what he’s doing. She does not control me. Hell, I don’t even think about her unless the times you bother me about this.” Jungkook knew that was all a total lie but he needed to prove a point to his hyungs. He wanted them to stop teasing him and let him live in peace.

 “Okay if you think so, let’s make a bet. If you make the next - let’s say 10 minutes - without looking on your phone and checking your messages, we’ll stop teasing you”, Jimin suggested. 

Jungkook couldn’t believe his ears. They would really stop teasing him? God, this must be a dream coming true. 

“But, if you lose, you’ll have to finally confess to (Y/N). It’s been almost 6 months now that you’ve been drooling over her and we’re so sick of seeing you being all lovey-dovey about her but not having the guts to tell her when she obviously feels the same. Be a man and tell her!”, Jin added with a devilish but slightly annoyed expression on his face. 

His heart started pounding hard against his chest only thinking about the possibility of having to confess to you. He wasn’t ready. Then again, who ever was ready to confess? So he shook the doubtful thoughts away and took the chance of never going to be teased about you again.

“Wow guys this is it? 10 minutes really? This is going to be easier than I thought”, he smirked confidently.

Tae laughed. “Just wait until the first minutes have passed and you’ll be a wreck, trust me. We’ve seen you waiting for her texts way too many times to not know how desperate you can get.”

It had only been two minutes into the bet, when suddenly his phone notified a new message. His eyes shot up, to his phone which was laying on the kitchen table for everyone to see, just in case Jungkook was thinking on cheating. 

Everybody heard his phone go off and smirked. Taehyung went over and unlocked his phone. 

“Oh it’s a message from (Y/N)”, he grinned. “I wonder what she wants….”

Jungkook’s eyes went wide and he tried to fight the urge to rip the phone out of Taehyung’s hands. He wanted to look at your text so badly but he didn’t want to lose. His fighting instinct and his pride wouldn’t let him give in.

So he stayed strong, letting Taehyung swing his phone around and simply closed his eyes and tried to ignore everything and everyone around him.

Then Jungkook’s phone went off again. This cannot be true, he thought to himself. When now Hobi’s laugh echoed through the room, he knew that it was another message of yours. 

Damnit, he clenched his fists, why did she decide to answer now? He tried to calm down and slowly breathed in and out, trying to control his need to check your messages.

But when the third ringing came and there were still 7 more minutes to endure, he got up and practically ran towards the kitchen table. The moment he got up, Jungkook knew he had just lost the bet of his life and hearing his hyungs laugh their butts off, only made it worse. 

 Even though they never mentioned this in the bet, his hyungs didn’t let him confess to you via text. 

“Jungkook, you gotta be a man and tell her to her face! You always act so brave and tough but then you chicken out and want to confess via a text message? Not on my watch”, Jin explained. 

He had dragged Jungkook to your house and wouldn’t let him leave until he had finally confessed to you. Right after he had lost the bet.

Jungkook was a wreck and his mind went wild. “But what if she doesn’t feel the same? What if she laughs in my face? Or even worse, if she is totally disgusted and tells me to leave her alone forever! I couldn’t live like that hyung!”

A loud laugh escaped Jin’s lips. “Oh my gosh Jungkook, you’re being so dramatic. She obviously would never do any of those things. She adores you okay? You’re just too blind to see it. Now go, make her yours before she changes her mind and runs to someone else.”

That seemed to get to Jungkook and he took a deep breath before knocking on your door. Meanwhile Jin hid around the corner while calling the others and keeping them up-to-date.

You heard a careful knock on your door and got up from your couch. Who the heck would knock on my door at this time of the day, isn’t everybody I know supposed to be at work right now?, you thought to yourself. You were really confused but your curiosity was way bigger to not get the door. 

Slowly, still in your PJ’s you made your way to the door and opened it. What you saw, made you want to close it immediately again. Standing in front of your door was a breathe-taking Jungkook, scratching his neck nervously.

You got to be kidding me. He comes over looking all handsome and I’m still in my pajamas! You didn’t know what to do, so you just stared at him and waited for him to explain himself.

“Uhm hi- I-”, he started nervously. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah uh sure..”, you moved out of the way to let him pass into your small apartment. 

He went towards your couch but didn’t sit on it, instead just abruptly stopped in front of it and turned around so fast that you almost bumped into him.

“Oh sorry!”, he quickly grabbed you by your arms, so you wouldn’t fall over. As soon as he noticed he was touching you though, he let go and his cheeks flushed.

You lightly chuckled. He seemed so nervous and you still didn’t know why he was coming over at this time of the day. 

“So, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but why are you here? You usually never come over without texting me first, especially not at this time”, you asked curiously.

Jungkook stared at the floor and he scratched his neck again, obviously trying to find the right words. 

“OkaysoIreallydon’tknowhowtosaythisbutmyhyungsmademedoitsonowI’mhereandyeahIlikeyou”, he mumbled so fast, you barely heard anything he had confessed.

“What Jungkook? If you want me to understand you, you need to talk slower and clearer. I didn’t understand a thing you just said”, you chuckled and lifted his chin.

His eyes went wide and he swallowed hard. Quickly you removed your hand again, now it being your turn to turning all red and looking down to hide your embarrassment from him. 

He cleared his throat and made you look up at him. A small smile spread across his face. 

“I said, that I don’t really know how to say this because I have never confessed to anybody before but my hyungs are making me do it. Apparently they are sick of watching us adore each other from the far but not having the guts to tell one another. So now I’m here. I really hope they didn’t misinterpret whatever they saw you doing and you like me back but yeah…”, he slightly chuckled, nerves wrecking on his voice.

“Basically I’m here to tell you that I like you (Y/n), a lot. I’ve liked you since the first time we met but didn’t have the courage to say anything. I think about you all the time. I wonder if you have already eaten, if you got enough sleep, what you’re doing, if you talked with your parents. I even wonder if you might be already dressed or if you’re still in your pajamas!”, he laughed looking down at you. 

Sticking your tongue out at him and boxing his chest, you tried to hide your embarrassment yet again. He sweetly smiled at you, grabbing your chin softly in his hand and lifting you head so your gaze was back on him.

“So I was wondering, if you actually feel the same for me - which I hope or else I just made the biggest fool out of myself - if you want to be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?” His eyes were as big as puppy eyes and full of love and hope but at the same time you could see his fear of getting rejected.

As soon as you heard those words, your lips spread into the biggest smile one would have ever seen on your face. You had waited so long for this day to come. After all these months you thought Jungkook had friend-zoned you. Yes, you two texted on a daily basis but that didn’t mean anything. Friends do that too right? But luckily he had the same feelings for you as you had for him. Since the first time you saw him, your heart would flutter only by the mention of his name. Whenever you two met up, you’d instantly hope he’d give you a hint that he liked you too but either you never got the hints or he hid it very good. Apparently not good enough for his hyungs to notice.

So when you realized that he had just confessed his love to you, all you could do was wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. 

First he seemed taken aback, not quite knowing what to do. But when realization hit him that this was the answer - you liked him too - he was quick in grabbing your waist and pulling you closer.

This is what you two had been dreaming of since 6 months ago. It was finally reality. Overwhelming feelings kept the both of you busy and it was clear to say, you wouldn’t let each other go that fast. And it all had become real thanks to a bet that even Jungkook couldn’t win.


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Can I just say you are amazing ?! You are AMAZING !!!! I love everything you do and I hope you keep doing it forever ❤️

Anon I?? Hhdhhfhs I ‘awww’d so loud to this,  oh my gosh, you made me so emotional in the middle of a fine afternoon

Thank you!! Thank you so much for this!! djfshjhf you thought of me and took time out of your day to say something so nice! went to my askbox!! you beautiful soul, my frail heart can’t handle it fjdjhghjf I will!! I will try to live up to that, anon, and I really am flattered that you think so, it… it really makes my day. :’)

We Meet Again

Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 919

Request: Hi! Can u do an imagine where you’re 15 year old girl and went to Neverland. Peter Pan cares about you a lot and gets very protective over you. But you’re from Enchanted F. (Regina’s daughter) and when the curse happens you disappear from Neverland and went Stroybrooke. By the years you became cold and too fierce because of dark magic. Now you came back for Henry. With your new behaviours.

I am sorry that this took me forever to write, and that I haven’t posted an imagine in almost three months. Oh my gosh time does go by fast! But anyway, I really liked this request and tried to give it justice best way I could. I’m a bit rusty so forgive any mistakes and what not. Also I was thinking of maybe making a part two to this because there wasn’t mush Peter x Reader and for other reasons, but I’m still not sure. Let me know what you think. Well that’s enough rambling on my part, enjoy! I hope you like it!


You never thought you’d hear that word ever again. The name of the only place to ever hold enough meaning in your life.

“Peter I’m scared” you mumbled, straining to listen to anything in the quiet night.

“It’s going to be alright y/n.. I promise” he assured, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. His soft touch forced you look up into his eyes, finding all the honesty in the world.

You nodded, but still had your doubts. “I know when my mother is planning something, I always get a weird feeling, and I know it is big this time. What if I am forced to leave Neverland?” You whispered your question, nearing Peter, nuzzling into his chest.

“I wouldn’t let that happen” he promised with a quick kiss on your forehead.

So much for that, you thought to yourself as you set foot on Neverland for the second time in your life. You were accompanied by your mother, best known as the Evil Queen, The Charmings as you liked to call them, Rumpelstiltskin and Hook. You all had one mission, which was the only reason you had agreed to come, to save Henry; your adopted brother, whom you had grown to care for.

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Hell Yeah, I’m The Motherfucking Princess ♥ (a hime shirayuki/shoujo fanmix)

~ Let us all rise and bask in the glory of our benevolent Royal Highness, the First Princess and sole Heiress of this prosperous kingdom, Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky ♥ ~

i. world is mine ♥ hatsune miku ii. fashion monster ♥ kyary pamyu pamyu iii. pop it ♥ anamanaguchi iv. flamingo ♥ kero kero bonito v. cat cafe ♥ yoshi & komono vi. love & girls ♥ SNSD vii. your love will surely sky rocket ☆ ♥ GUMI viii. freely tomorrow ♥ mitchie m feat. hatsune miku ix. wo ai ni (hitomi takahashi x BEAT CRUSADERS) ♥ daniel azimat wong x. magic ♥ MEG xi. me!me!me! (remix) ♥ EO xii. sweet magic ♥ ろん×junky xiii. gacha gacha cute ♥ mosaic.wav xiv. fukkireta (lon cover) ♥ kasane teto xv. the real sugar baby ♥ stephanie beard xvi. magic girl ♥ orange caramel xvii. magic of love ♥ perfume xviii. sugarless girl ♥ capsule xix. princess charleston ♥ wakashima kanon xx. fly me to the moon (aya bossa techno ver.) ♥ neon genesis evangelion

[ L I S T E N ]

“To me, the meaning of a human life is to be happy; it’s to achieve happiness right now. It’s to make sure you’re happy in the future, and so that generally when you look back on your life, you’re like: yes, that was satisfactory. If some people on Youtube have a message to give people, I guess that mine is, do whatever you have to do to be happy.”- danisnotonfire

Hexipuff Sunday Number 59. 980 hexipuffs.

I apologize so much for not updating for two months or since week 52. Today is the first day I’ve had off in forever. I’ve been working and schooling every day of the week, I timed myself and laying all these out took me 1 hour and 40 minutes. That’s JUST laying them out. That doesn’t include bringing all the puffs downstairs, moving the couch and coffee table, vacuuming because I live with disgusting boys, and putting them away. Gosh, putting them away is another hour.

Hexipuff Stats:
I have finished 24 out of 51 colours, I’m almost halfway completed the colours.
Full hexipuff count is 980 but I only am using 939 for my blanket (approximately). Any extras I plan to make matching pillows.
I’m missing 5 colours to complete my blanket. I need a lilac tweed, and a light green, and I want to dye my last striping colour family.
Thing is getting freaking massive too. It’s approximately 92" by 68.5". Gosh by the time I get to 1400 (my new goal) my living room won’t be able to handle it. Even standing on my stairs it was hard to get them all in shot.

Thanks to my new copy of ParaNorman, which kept me company while I laid these out. Now for when I put them away, FROZEN.


Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [½] downworlders  → Magnus Bane

Maguns Bane. He’s over 300 years old. And, as you can see, he’s not exactly shied away from the pleasures of every century. His tastes are both exquisite… and quite excessive…. [He is] one of the most powerful warlocks I’ve ever known.