gosh i'm talented

i doodled this in like five minutes bcs the idea of it was HILARIOUS to me for some reason bless u


ben platt as zoe murphy and laura dreyfuss as evan hansen aka the single greatest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life, submitted by @strawberrydaydreams


Got pretty inspired by @silvervictory drawing very cute art of rareships and such, so I decided to sketch these lovely dorks as spirits from my rather newborn ghost au :D

falsettolande  asked:

your gifs make me SO HAPPY adam I love them so much thank you for making them??

i hope i got ur skin color right?? coz like, it looks one way in my monitor but idk how its gonna look on urs aflskdfjasdlkfjasdl 

anyway i hope u like it??? 

tbh its been so difficult to enjoy the performances from the four album with the all drama surrounding the band and the way they have been doing the setlist. 

its like I’ve been wanting them to play songs like 18, no control, fireproof and many more since the album came out and since they have been pushing it to the very end…it kind of lost the essence (or at least it did for me) 

I should be over the moon right now because they performed fireproof but now it’s like “meh”.. its overkill at this point

I can’t even imagine how awesome it would have been for them to have a completely new tour and have the new songs being performed all at once and not wait until 3 months later.. 

le sigh 


Tessa & Scott || Stay

  • the lift that dropped jaws in Canada and the world over [x]