gosh i'm so upset


alright Teen Titans Go! you’ve completely captured my heart

but let’s stop playing games you know who i came to see where is he

where’s my episode with slade trying to chase down his kids to bond with them and making terrible dad jokes and turning out that under his armour he wears the #1 Dad shirt joey made him in kindergarten 10 years ago

or my episode about raven hitting it off with jericho (because he’s so quiet and nonintrusive) and all her other love interests teaming up to try to outdo him in everything they undertake to get raven’s attention back on them

or my episode where it turns out jericho has actually been able to talk this whole time but he just can’t get intelligent conversation out of anyone

come on Teen Titans Go! what are we gonna do about this

i’ve got mad amounts love for Dan Deakin right now. it isn’t easy going from a two parent household to a one parent household  and i hope he knows that every ounce of support we’re throwing out into the universe is for him to. i appreciate him for stepping up and handling things and i hope he knows we’re rooting for him


jeff and annie meme: [two/three] episodes

basic intergluteal numismatics

I apologize again, but I’ll be away until the 8th of September, the day of my entry exam (finally). I’ve been preparing for 5 months, so I need to be really focused.

It’s really not my intention to ignore anyone, I just don’t have the time to come on tumblr. My computer is broken and I’ve lost most all of my programs (not my files thank God), so I will have to download ps and the rest again, and that might take a while as well (I’m lazy).

I really do hope you are all doing okay, and that this summer has been great to you all.

Wish me luck, and I’ll see you all very very soon :D