gosh i'm so sensitive

anonymous asked:

please, never stop loving Key, Nerissa. Because i'm afraid it's all too easy that he may be forgotten for the other members...

omgosh… anon…ah i teared up..>_< i’m so sensitive..-sigh- but I hope you understand that I LOVE Key. It’s scary to say.. i never even met him. Do you mean that you think I will switch my bias to someone else? Or do you mean that you fee like he is being shut off by the other members? In my eyes, Key stands out the most to me. That’s the thing about biases.. I feel like I imprinted on him or something haha. I feel so attached to him, and I WILL ABSOLUTELY SUPPORT HIM 100% IN ANY WAY I CAN because I am so proud to be a locket & a shawol. I love SHINee, and yes, Key is my bias and I will never stop loving him