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If yoy don't mind me asking, what made you hate Hinata (just genuinely curious)?

I already reblogged the reasons for that anon. Those reblogs stated what I want to say but if you like, I can still elaborate on it a bit.

But if you were roaming around asking this question to anti hinata fans, I’m sure you can already predict what my answer would be.

Warning: Long rant

I actually didn’t mind Hinata at first. I remember back when I was just a kid of 8-10 years of age and got a glimpse of Naruto back in the day that I was indifferent to her because I was more concerned about Team 7.

I continued to be indifferent about her in Naruto Shippuden and I only watched the canon episodes with my siblings a few months ago to catch up (because we hate fillers - it’s such a drag) so I didn’t get to see the blatant favoritism that much.

Then here comes the issue of Neji’s death. Gosh, that one really broke my heart. I may not have minded Hinata prior to that point, but Neji’s death literally made me change my views. Don’t misunderstand, I still don’t hate her for that.

What made me hate her is what happened afterwards.

It really got me annoyed that she got the time to think about Naruto’s hand in the midst of Neji’s corpse. I mean, I get it anon. She is just trying to be strong for Naruto’s sake so he won’t falter. But if she had no problem thinking about her crush’s hand, she should have no problem mourning him for longer than 1-3 minutes, yes?

Another blow would be: she actually want Neji to save him? What about her? Is she just going to trip on rocks? I thought she’s a medic-nin? Oops, that’s SP’s BS and one I’ll tackle later.

But really, what could Neji do? Girl, he’s dead and unlike other anime which showed dead people aiding a dying fellow, Naruto clearly demonstrated that only those of the living can actually make a difference to save lives; except for Naruto with his parents, but that’s because of the residual chakra inside the seal to make it happen.

Okay, I forgive the girl because she is powerless and not capable of saving him because she doesn’t have the necessary skill. She’s still not out of the woods yet though.

Then here comes SP’s BS.

Of course, I already stated that I didn’t watch fillers. It just so happen that the ones I did have still ended up having a glaring favoritism at times - not as plenty as that of fillers - but still very obvious.

I actually had to watch SP making omakes out of praising Hinata. What really pissed me off is they have to shat on Sakura. I love Sakura’s character and I’m pissed off by the treatment she gets especially when they go so far as to actually want Hinata to have the heroine title and making Sakura jealous that someone would steal her spotlight as the actual heroine. Like, wtf!

It pissed me off that a side character with no feats under her name and no actual character development interacting with other characters outside Neji and of course, Naruto-kun in her name is hailed by the bias, disgusting studio to be a better heroine that a main character who did have those things as well as a really good development that never got regressed (no matter what fandumb wants you to believe). Annoying.

And then here I come to the comparisons. Thanks to the grossly unprofessional studio, there’s a lot of inconsistencies regarding fillers versus actual canon. It’s too bad that anime fans tend to look at fillers as justification why Hinata is a better character like:

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It didn’t help that when I went to read the manga I noticed how much of a bad character she is.

She prioritized Naruto over her teammates hardwork.

That’s just one of them anon.

There’s also the issue of her actual strength versus that of Sakura’s (as her wankers would love to undermine).

Thanks to the BS SP added with the Hamura BS in The Last, many actually believe she stand a chance against Sakura? Then why did she still need Naruto’s help? Why didn’t she become a jounin? Why is she still a chunin? Why didn’t she help when the Otsutsuki headaches attacked Konoha? She even became a burden by getting herself injured, lol.

Can you believe she destroyed the show by her overexposure? What happened to Naruto’s dream and finally achieving it? Why didn’t they show that to us instead? Why did it suddenly turn into a shoujo show when I started watching a shounen? Where is Team 7? Shouldn’t they be the focus as the main characters?

What the hell is up with The Last? You mean to tell me that Naruto needed a genjutsu to fall in love with her? What happened about knowing other people’s feelings?

I can’t believe Naruhina fans are content with that, lol.

Her fandom: why can’t they praise her without dragging Sakura down? Are they really that insecure? She had her own development and as a true fan, they should be content with it. But they actually had the gall to steal many of Sakura’s traits (no thanks to SP) and toned down her appearance, then they have the nerve to make twisted comparisons.

Dear Hinawankers, your fave is crap who just lived on copying everybody else’s achievement.

Just look at her backstory via SP: bullied

A backstory copied from Sakura.

Her having Hamura’s chakra: hello Naruto and Sasuke.

And many more.

So yeah anon, to summarize my hate: thank SP and her fandom wankers.

heheh so I went to my main account specially to find this manga cap I post BACK IN OCTOBER 29, 2014, 20freaking14! I can’t believe it’s been more than three insane years of loving this manga/anime so so much (started watching the anime first. Never heard of it before, my best friend tried hard to made me watch it because it didn’t caught my attention at all but she made it in the end and I’m glad she did)

 I know I draw sweet cozy ship-related things that probably doesn’t actually show exactly how I feel about haikyuu but this serie inspires me and motivates me in so many ways even with my own things that has become something really important for me specially because it makes me genuinely happy. I rewatched season 3 last week but then felt like going back to rewatch S2, and gosh I really got to notice how excited and happy it actually made me. I needed to say it, I needed to share it because probably three month ago I would never say something like this, like out loud (?). Because of so many things in my past until recently, I was still feeling embarrassed for so many things that I like (not only haikyuu) and never wanted to share it or accept that I like them because I was afraid of being judged… but I don’t want that anymore, why should I hide the things that makes me genuinely happy!? Anyway I was feeling a bit emotional while watching the anime again. Even when it can seem ridiculous for some people, for me to accept it and share it is really important and I wanted to share it here because here, I found so many lovely people that enjoys haikyuu and my art so much and that has been really supportive and has inspired me to keep working hard and drawing the things I like.

so that (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

oh well not just that,  I went to find that manga cap because

Today I catched the shot ahahh and thought that  I WOULD NEVER BE OVER THIS PANEL/SHOT, NEVER I didn’t even know why is one of my faves of both manga and anime…. oh well yeah, probably because of Oikawa’s freaking perfect face, really I remembered reading that chapter for the first time in 2014 and thought that those faces/ expressions were  beautifully drawn xD

ok I should… probably… run now ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ

Svt's Reaction to their S/O who's secretly an otaku

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Seungcheol- Is it just me or would Seungcheol be super confused at first? “Babe, a package came in the mail? It’s a bunch of manga and anime stuff? When did you buy all this?” He’d find it super cute though when he finds out. A lot of teasing… “Damn sweetheart, you don’t even obsess about Seventeen as much as some of this…” He’d probably be super curious what it was all about. Finds out your next shipment of stuffs is coming at 5:00pm and ends up staying up until 4:00am reading/watching anime. He’s hooked. Now he obsessively nerds out with you about all your favs and y'all get into fights over who’s merch was who’s.

“Stop stealing my manga to read on the toilet, y/n!!!”

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Jeonghan- Probably doesn’t understand it whatsoever, but he loves you so he’s not going to complain about it. Unless you’re not paying enough attention to him, then he’ll jokingly take your stuff and hide it somewhere high up or under his shirt. “Yah! Are you in love with this or me, huh?” Always falls asleep on the couch with his head on your shoulder while you’re catching up on the latest and unapologetically fake snores or tickles you to get your attention. Surprisingly takes extreme care to never damage any of your prized possessions until maybe one day when something goes missing and he claims it wasn’t him although you found it under his pillow.

“I swear, I was just using it for scientific research, don’t kill me, y/n.” 

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Joshua- This dork is freaking the fluff out, he’s always been super into this kind of stuff and can’t believe you never told him so he could have someone to fanboy/girl over it with him. “Have you seen/watched/read this?” “You have to check this one out, y/n!” You both probably have every evening dedicated to geeking out together and making theories, a lot of discussions and arguments over plot, favorite characters, best ships. He’d probably be more happy about the whole thing than you are because now he doesn’t have to hide it either.

“Y/n, this just means we're a better match for each other, more than we thought!”

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Jun- Oh my god this boi will tease you forever I swear. But not in the mean way, just enough to make you react in a way he thinks is freaking adorable. And because he wants to make you think he’s jealous. “Wouldn’t you rather be staring at me all day?” You of course tease him back and say no, which he lowkey get’s offended. You always explain the plot to him over and over because he forgets a lot. He wants to understand what he’s watching or reading but also just wants to hear you talk about something so passionately. Eventually he’ll want your attention on him again. 

“Babe I’m so much better. Better looking, I’m a real person, which means I can touch you…”

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Hoshi- Turns into a little fluffy hamster because even if he doesn’t like it as much as dance, he can appreciate you and your loves. In his mind it’s like, me = dance, y/n = anime. Thinks your reaction is the fluffiest ever so constantly buys you manga or anime plushies. Definitely will watch your shows with you. Cries when someone dies. “Y/n why? did? that? why?” “Soonyoungie, that didn’t kill them, they have powers.” “Oh.” Gets inspired by the manga or anime and creates seventeen’s choreography with it. So next time you guys watch or read together,

“OOO! Remember that choreo I showed you, it was from this.”

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Wonwoo- You know this boy already loves to read. So when he finds out you like anime and manga, he’s reluctant. Not because he’s judging you but because he wants to like it too but what if manga isn’t his thing. Ends up really liking some of them because he really likes the plot, character, etc. Becomes comfortable with all the pictures with words. And secretly loves it just as much as you. “Y/n~ look what I got.” “HOW. THAT JUST RELEASED!” “Hehe, when me and the guys were in Japan…” You guys read them together. Always. But.

“BABE, did you read the first chapter without me?? I can see the book creases!”

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Woozi- He’s the one pretending to not understand why you’re obsessing over this when he knows perfectly well why. Endless teasing, “Babe, why is there a small plastic person staring at me when we sleep?” Secretly thinks it’s adorable but would never admit it to you. He also loves anime but every time you bring this up he’s like, “what? who”. Denies any kind of fanboying he’s ever done. “nope you got the wrong person.” One day out of nowhere, he makes you listen to this track. “I got inspired while you were listening to that ost, and your love and passion for it made me realize all over again how beautiful you are and I put this together to remind you of that.”

“I can sometimes pay attention, you know y/n, and what I saw, I won’t forget, passion and beauty, something I admire a lot.”

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Dk- Practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. Will ask you to explain everything too him with a bright smile. Get into multiple anime and manga but forgets it all. Always wants to watch it to see what’s it about but asks questions. “I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT” Still fanboys with you, hypes everything up, buys you gifts when he remembers. You think he’s the most adorable ever because he’ll fanboy about something not knowing it at all. “Do you remember this character at all?” “Nope”

“Which one is that, y/n? Should I style my hair like that? Would it make you laugh?”

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MIngyu- Protests about it at first, but will end up doing everything with you. Only protests because he wanted you to fangirl about him. He tries really hard to get into stuff with you, but he doesn’t really ever understand what happens. He’s too distracted by their hair colors and outfit choices to pay attention to the plot. He’s willing to bake themed cakes and make other themed foods for you whenever though, keeps dinners interesting. And good luck if you fangirl/boy over just one character too much. That’s going to make Mingyu playfully jealous, a lot of tickling and teasing and chasing around the sofa if you keep going on and on about your fav.

I mean I admit he’s handsome and cool, but I’m a much better visual to stare at.”

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The8- He’d probably act the most indifferent on the outside, ”I’m not stupid, y/n, there’s a life-size cardboard cutout in the closet, did you think I didn’t notice?“ "Everyone has their own likes and preferences, doesn’t change the fact that I love you. So why even hide it in the first place?” Secretly looks at your stuff so one day when you’re talking about your fav otp, out of nowhere he says, “ ______ makes a better couple though.” You both would probably playfully bicker over the best couples all the time. He still pretends he’s not just as obsessive as you are though.

“I love you, quirks and all. Plus if you can still love me after trying to flip water bottles for a good hour or so, it all works out in the end.”

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 Seungkwan- Is like what is this? at first. But honestly just pretending because he already kinda knew because of Joshua. Just wanted to see you slightly offended because you look cute. He’s going to be EXTRA af though. Goes around screaming character catchphrases and singing the OST’s at the top of his lungs. Cosplays as characters he barely knows and jumps off of chairs and from behind doors to scare you. “Guess who I am babe?” Acts out scenes repeatedly and runs around yelling and overacting as usual. Is fascinated by the costuming choices,

“Gosh for seventeen next concept, we’ll dress up as anime characters.”

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Vernon- Finds it hella hilarious because he fanboys over stuff all the time and now he knows you do too. Y'all now both have your own fandoms that you always obsess over and neither of you want to get into the other’s. “A new episode comes out tonight!” “I already called dibs on the tv though!” A lot of tickle fights to see who gets the tv. He thinks it’s great that you have obsessions like he does and although you both aren’t really interested in each other’s fandoms, y'all fangirl/boy together. Also steals your fav character body pillow to snuggle with.

“I don’t know who this is, but if you want it back y/n, you’re going to have to take its place.”

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Dino- This cutie is a confused marshmallow. He’s really respectful of your interests though, and never refuses you when you ask him to watch something with you. He can’t help it, you’re too cute to refuse. He, like Minghao, wouldn’t understand why you had to hide it though. He’ll drag you out to stores he researched and ask you to pick out all your favs, and then just listens to you rant about certain issues or episodes or characters. He loves listening to you go on and on about it and out of curiosity ask you to point out stuff in shops and explain the whole plot to him.

“SO you’re telling me, that there are like 60 characters you have to keep track of? How?”

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~ admin jess & seri (but mostly jess haha)

About the Most Recent Aksys Otome Game Localizations and Other Otoge-Related Things...

More than a year ago, I wrote a post about some of my predictions and some suggestions of what Aksys can localize. Among those on the list included, Collar x Malice, Bad Apple Wars and Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. When I wrote that, only expected to get one (or two if I’m lucky) of them right, and I never imagined that there would be this many localizations in so little time.

Also, so many things have happened: from Mystic Messenger becoming as popular as it is, THAT terrible Taisho Alice localization and ensuing boycott, and all the new otome game localizations cropping up from many other companies.

Those made me realize a few things:

1. Aksys does read our blog posts, and if you actually read that post, thank you so much (if not’s that’s okay too)! And it’s moments like this where individuals such as myself within participatory cultures feel special.

2. All of the titles are still mostly Otomate and they’re mostly the newer titles. I wonder if this is a copyright thing, or simply because newer titles also have reviews from people who played them in Japanese.

3. Most of otome game localizations by Aksys, apart from being otome games are marketable to other audiences (ie. Collar x Malice is also a mystery/thriller game) or reminiscent of other otaku related IPs (ie. Period: Cube may be reminiscent of Sword Art Online at least on paper).

4. While there are definitely some problems with those games’ gender representation wise, Ichika and the otome game heroines that Aksys brought to us are comparatively more progressive than the usually passive self-insert otome game heroine. Also, after finishing all the routes of Ichika, it will be super hard to return to playing Chizuru for that paper I’m writing about Hakuoki.

5. The titles that sell well domestically may be not as well received by global audiences (ie. Norn 9) in comparison, and this may be with the lack of the anime media mix infrastructure to support it.

6. Anime does help introduce games to global audiences, but with aggregations of fans gathering together, it is not the only way to introduce games to global audiences. Fan reviews, after all, one way that fan and player communities take control of their own consumption, and consumption is not a passive activity as many media critics think. I think about Code: Realize, and how much love it got even without an anime yet. Of course, I will definitely watch the anime when it comes out.

7. Fan and player communities tend to substitute with the lack of a media mix environment and infrastructure. Not all of us may be able to buy Dengeki Girl’s Style every month, but we do have Twitter, Tumblr and all our blogs within the #OtomeArmada. Thus the structure becomes more bottom-up than top-down, allowing for fan resistance to happen (remember those months with THAT Taisho Alice localization?).

8. From April to June, Dengeki Girl’s Style released a multi-issue article on the history of otome games in Japan from Angelique to the present. Most of these narratives are interviews with companies and subsidiaries such as Ruby Party, Otomate and HoneyBee. This month, I think there will be an article on adult otome games, in this month’s Sweet Princess. Companies assembling their own narratives in writing this history. While those stories are important, creating a history without fan perspectives may be sorely lacking. After all, without fan communities in the 90s, Angelique will not be what it is right now. So in this way, it is important for fans to also tell their own stories of the games that they love, and their stories too tell bits and prices of games’ histories.

9. While there is definitely a North American focus when it comes to marketing otome game global releases, a significant number of players do come from Europe, South East Asia, Australia and many other parts of the world.

10. I really need to look into the history of #OtomeArmada as a hashtag. I know it is being used for a while (heck, I use it too!), but I am curious about a number of things about it: who created the hastag? Who used it first? It’s so easy to use tools to look at current data, such as who use it the most these days, but it is a bit tricky to find histories on Twitter. Also, I need to get those Dengeki articles translated.

11. The ways in which we define and characterize otome games may vary depending on what games we play, how we are introduced to them, new games being created outside Japan, the ways in which search terms operate on Steam, etc.

12. Apart from Steam and the Vita, the mobile market can be another venue for some games to get localized, but this may come at the cost of voices, and other features as it the case with NTT Solmare’s localization of Princess Arthur. But hey, it’s playable. Here’s hope that they don’t cut out too much of the voices in the new Uta No Prince Sama Shining Live game.

13. I’ve mostly kept my distance from this blog for a while. Yes, I was busy but it is because a part of me thought that I needed to keep my distance from this to maintain some objectivity on my study. I now realize that not being that objective is not too much of a bad thing, because all scholars are affected by their own positions to begin with. Yes, I love this community, and am part of it, and maybe being part of it actually helps be see things that someone unfamiliar with otome games.

14. I really need to stop travelling, finish my thesis and do more interviews.

So there’s that. Gosh, that was a lot.

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RFA (including Saeran and V) reacting to MC who loves Yaoi? :)

Oh my God I´m just so excited to write this o(^▽^)o


° Yoosung was at your house to help you get your things for the sleepover at his parent´s

° he knew you were sort of an otaku, so he wasn´t suprised to find a bookshelf filled with mangas over mangas

° he himself only read some including his favourite LOLOL characters

° (I guess some sort of doujinshii)¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “Hey MC, can I borrow a manga from your shelf?”

° “Sure go ahead. But don´t make a mess.”

° as every good fujoshi you kept your most precious copys in the very back of said shelf

° it was a habit Yoosung also hold ¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯

°  NOT good….

° “Hey MC what is this about?”

° you looked around and to your suprise he was showing you the cover of Ten Count No.5 (it´s the latest one available in my coutry XD)

° your emergency-yaoi-bells rang and you tried to take it away from him

° “Give that back you won´t like it, trust me!”

° but he held it out of your reach when did this brat get so damn tall?

° “Why do you want to hide it that badly MC?”

° “Because of reasons!” (;¬_¬)

° he then did the unavoidable and opend the book

° of course it was not a page with Shirotani and Kurose talking

° and of course it wasn´t one with Kurose in his childhood either

° it was one of those pages

°  if you want to know to what I´m reffering to please check out Ten Count chapter 27/28  o((*^▽^*))o

° with a bam he dropped the book on the grounf, now red as a certain character involved in the manga

° “M-MC, what is that? Don´t tell me all of theese contain such….. acts??”

° he was the definition of embarassment becoming alive at this point

° “No they´re not! You just had to pick one from the back, hadn´t you?”

° if you say it like that it sounds as if he´s at fault here…

° “I´m so sorry I won´t ever take one from the back again.”

° this poor boy is now shocked for live ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

° but hey MC can like what she wants anyway XD

° sometimes you have to learn the hard way Yoosung….


° Finalyyyy~ your long awaited package arrived~

° you said good bye to the postman and now held a big box full of new Yaoi-Mangas in your hands


° as you opend the box the one copy you´ve waited for forever to be realeased in korea happen to be on top

° so why wait when you can enjoy it now  o(≧∇≦o)

° it was called The right way to write Love

° (personally I really enjoyed reading it)

° after your precious box was carefully put away under the bed of course you settled down on the couch and began reading

° when you finished the first story you were almost crying from all the sweetness    ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃

° but the following one…. dear god forgive me for I have sinned for reading that

° let´s just say the focus was set on interhuman interactions and by interaction I mean in a physical way

° to summarise: it wasn´t something you would want your parents to see             。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° unfortunate she´s Mommy-Jaehee

° since it felt quiet alone in the house you turned on the TV to have some noises

° because of these noises you didn´t hear the door opening and Jaehee calling out for you

° your faced away from the door so you didn´t see her entering the living either

° “Hello, what are you reading MC.”

° because you´re a real fujoshi and your entire focus was on reading physical-gay-interaction (if you know what I mean) it was like she´s talking to a wall

° so she decided to just take a look at what captured your attention so much that you didnt notice her

° bad mistake….( ≧Д≦)

° “My gosh MC what are you reading? What are they even doing??!!”

° to say it was the shock of her life was an understatement XD

° you screamed. she screamen. the girl on TV screamed

° as quick as you could you closed the page and hid the book behind you

° blood was running from her nose and it resembled the colour of her cheeks

° “Let´s just not talk about this again. Ever!”

° a nod was all you could manage to do while going to your room and laughing like a mad man  。(*^▽^*)ゞ


° as always Zen was out off the house to practice his new play

° for you this meant you´ve got some special freetime which you always dedicate to your secret Yaoi-obsession

° this means: singing openings, watching anime, reading manga and fanfiction and of course and liking tons of fanart

° as your anime of the day you selected the masterpiece Junjou Romantica, season one

° while watching (let´s just assume MC is such a big fan she understands japanese) you also read the mangas because why the heck not ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° you  know how the second episode ends? Misaki quitting Virgin-Cub

° the same Thing happend in the manga, just a BIT more detailed

° you started hearing the intro-song for the 3rd time this day and couldn´t resist singing along

° while singing you kept the page you were currently reading open, to continue anytime

° but while singing and constantly turning the volume up the arrival of a certain actor remained unnoticed

° he always thought it was simply impossible to not notice him, but there you were, singing some catchy tune and reading some book

° his abnormal bid ego just couldn´t bear that….(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

° it was logical to him to pay you back for that

° standing behind you he coverd your eyes and took a look at the page infront of him

° remember what I said about the manga having more detail?

° you tried to struggle free and hide everything but it was to late

° “MC, what is happening there?”

° fuck, he saw

° “Eh…. you know, when two peoplelove each other they do interactions on a physical level..”

° “I know that! But These are dudes MC, dudes!”

° “Do you want me to become gay?”

° “What? No, of course not Zen.”

° is it to much to expect people to accept your likings? Yes? ok then I said nothing

° you had to explain a LOT to him but in the end he kind of accepted you liking this genre?

° still a bit disgusted tho

° but to distract you from this stuff he walks around shirtless a lot more than he did before, and to show you that he looks a dozen times better than those men    ( ° ʖ °)


° you had to be careful, very careful…

° because every package that arrived was controlled by one of the security members

° that meant you couldn´t just order Yaoi-Merch online like you used to as a single

° the consequence was that you had to buy all of this stuff either at a shop or ask one of your friends to order it for you

° today you went out shopping and to your luck you were able to do that without any guards following you

° this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on mangas o(≧∇≦o)

° you returned to the penthouse with a bag full of precious new babys for your collection

°  back home, Elisabeth joined you on the big couch where all of the copys layed in a big mess

° she just purred like she didn´t care XD

° 1 houre later you already finished the first 2 volumes of Sekaii ichi Hatsokoi and started with the 3rd

° (if you wonder it´s the case of Onodera Ritsu No. 5)

° you looked at the clock and to your relief there was still an hour left till Jumin will come back

° so you cleaned up the mess you created, planning to continue reading after you´ve finished

° unfortunately you left the book on the couch with Elisabeth

° what was even more unfortunate, Jumin´s last meeting was canceled and to suprise you he didn´t send a text to warn you

° as you put the last bok away in the shelf you heard a scream, Jumin´s scream

° “ MC what is this Piece of junk doing here!?”

° no need to say it like that…¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯  

° “Jumin don´t shout like that you´ll scare Elisabeth.”

° rushing to the living room the worst case scenario already has happend

° he was reading the damn book, right on the page where you left of

° Takano forcing himself on Ritsu once again

° “Jumin, give me back my book, please.”

° to your suprise rather than angry or disgusted he looked more confused

° Thank God!

° “MC why would you read something like that? Do I not satisfy you enough?”

° great now he looked hurt.. but still this is way better than angry

° “What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with you Jumin I just enjoy reading it.”

° he looked like a little confused kid and than did the last thing you´ve expected

° “Jumin! What are you doing put me down this instant!!”

° “No.”

° apparently he had to make sure he still satisfied you for the rest of the day

° so it wasn´t even that bad that he foudn out about your no longer secret hobby


° I saved the most strange one for him XD

° when he did the background-check on you he also took a look at your online orders

° and there he thought he already was the biggest Fujoshi Queen King…           (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

° this being a critical hit on his ego he made up his mind to pay you back one day

° after you moved in with Seven and Saeran you stopped ordering online and bought every book your heart desired in the local bookstore

° because you just knew Seven would tease you nonstop if he found out about that obsession of yours

° little did you know Special-Agent 707 already had his masterplan ready…

° when you came back he wasn´t on his Computer, which was very unusual
° instead he sat infront of the TV and it looked like he was waiting for you to return

° “Hey Seven what´re you doing here?”

° “Good you´re back I was waiting for you to come back and watch some anime with me.”

° you didn´t exactly know why but you already had a bad Feeling about this

° “Everytime we watch something it´s either disgusting or disturbing.”

° I´m only dropping the words Euphoria and Corpse Party here

° “But MC~ I know you´ll enjoy it this time.”

° Oh God this sounds so wrong

° you gave your okay to watch whatever it was with him

° but when you heard the first tune of the opening theme, you instantly knew what was going on

° but since you watched every freaking Yaoi, even if it was very strange/disturbing you were prepared

° personally, Ai no Kusabi disturbed me XD

° you somehow had the idea he already knew about you passion, so why not do the worst Thing to a Fujoshi? Spoiler

° “Did you know that they´ll cut Ricky´s dick off?”

° “WHAT??”

° he was shocked, and let me tell you to shock him is an Action worth a nobelprice

° MC used Spoiler, it was super-effective

° as if faced Medusa he was now turned to stone

° this means it was MC´s victuuriory

° he stayed like this until Saeran did the ice-bucket challenge to him XD


° he´s blind so I thought why not write about Drama CDs

° V had an appointment at the doctors to look after his eyes

° you stayed home because Jumin wanted to accompany him very desperately

° being a goog girlfriend you of course let him do that

° for you it meant that you could listen to your new CD over the sound system and without headphones

° said CD was called Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata ( it means something like black cat´s boyfriend to cry for I think..) 

° because of V´s eyesight-situation he decided to focus on his other senses a lot more and invested in one of the best sound systems

° this was to your joy once again o(*≧□≦)o

° you didn´t understand much, but it didn´t matter to you since you were reading the translations at the same time

° did I mention it was really loud and you didn´t notice anything else? Good, Keep that in mind for now

°  one of the things that remained unnoticed was V entering the house

° the first thing he heardwas some strange, male moaning

° he thought you would be cheating an was on the edge of tears

° poor V(︶︹︺)

° but then there was another moaning, also from a male person and this seemed very strange to him

° he entered the livingroom, still unnoticed by you

° you then noticed him because he closed the door a LITTLE to loud which caused you to turn around in shock

° as quick as you could you turnd the sound system off to stop those noises

° “Oh, hey V. Is your appointment finished already? I used the System..”

° you were more than just relived that he didn´t bring Jumin with him in the flat

° “Listen, we won´t talk about that but if this is yout hobby than I won´t say anything. Just don´t let me hear it again OK?” 

° you gave your ok and hurried into the kitchen do prepare the dinner

° by this time V´s head and yours were as red as the tomatoes you were currently cutting


° his brother dragged him away to do some fishing to “deepen their brotherly-bond”¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° that meant you had finally time to play the game you purchased last week

° after getting comfortable on the couch and putting on some headphones for better sound you hit the start button of Dramatical Murder

° you started right away with Noize’s route

° and of course aimed for the best ending possible

° as you played or red to be more precisely, the hours flew by

° I played Amnesia (the otome-game) and it really took some time to finish a route

° so after you played for like 6 hours straight it finally payed off

° that meant the good parts came, and they weren’t the only thing that did

° if you know what I mean

° you already saw some of the CGs online but damn

° unlocking them yourself and hearing the voice actors while seeing it was way more satisfying (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

° so satisfying that you, however that is possible, didn’t hear Seven screaming that they’re back

° when Saeran couldn’t hear an answer from you he immediately thought the worst

° you finaly leaving him because of how fucked up he is  .( ˃﹏˂̵ )

° don’t think that my poor, precious baby I love you ( ≧Д≦)

° so he was more than happy to see you sitting on the Couch with some headphones on

° “So that´s why she didn´t hear us…”

° of course it was unacceptable that you ignored him

° he had to pay you back for that, that was a sure thing

° so he wanted to see what was more important to you than him at the Moment

° as quiet as he could, he walked behind you to take a look at your Screen

° he didn´t like what he saw….

° the next things happend in only a few moments

° he placed your headphones somwhere els and turned off the handheld-consol you were playing on

° after that you remembered laying on your bed with Saeran ontop of you and already pulling at your shirt

° “MC you were a bad Girl for playing These naughty games. So for that you must be punished.”

° and he did. the whole night.

This was so fun writing I had the fun of my life o(*>ω<*)o Although I lost the document 2 times

I hope you like it and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing o(^▽^)o


100+ followers, aaa!! i want to say a quick THANK YOU to everybody who stuck with me && SUPPORTED me, i really didn’t expect y’all to continue following me up to now and it really means a lot! i’ll mainly be writing about people who i’ve had some level of interaction with, but that DOES NOT MEAN i do not appreciate you && your blog! and now, without further ado and in no specific order:

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His hot sexy-smoochy-ramen r18 drama cd.. lol, serious, I still remember his debut in rated drama cd in end of 2015, he is still new but he keep progressing until now and never fail to make us more crazy bout him~

Ok ok, sorry, let’s leave that topic aside, now, WHY?

- He is Libra guy (29/9), his zodiac tells almost everything bout his personality, and it is true! Libra people especially those first half of Libra (23/9-8/10) is CRAZY.. I follow his Nandemo Hero radio shows since episod 8 till now, so.. yeah.. Haha no offense.. I’m a Libra myself (6/10)..

- I had a crush who is same age with Makonyan when I was a freshman in junior high, I was 13, and he was 19.. therefore, I cant help it but they related sometimes… the feels was too nostalgic

- Makonyan is friendly, and caring, especially to his kouhais!

- Libra person like us, friendly in real life, but actually have less friend, and yeah, Makonyan said this in his interview with Kiki Voice.

- Love to spend time alone? I think.. but I forgot where I read bout this, or actually I heard it at his Nandemo Hero radio shows.. (will reconfirm)

- HE IS DO-S, Kyaaaaaa! I’m an S, but I love when a guy can tame my S side.. (eh?), he often shows his Do-S side at his radios shows, gosh, dear Makonyan’s fan, pls pls pls support his radio shows ok? Here is the link

- He loves mint! Us love mint! (Eh)

- We love blue!

- He has nice smile, very warm smile.. and the feels is like that one friendly guy in the class who is always ready to help you.. (lol)

- So humble.. (I love this!)

- I loveeee his broad back! *nosebleed* Sorry.. 実話ね~お背中フェチだよ!>///<

- He joined his table tennis club and school band during high school, pretty satisfied with his high school life, so do I! ^_^ , If I were to compare my high school life with my campus life, I were more active back then.

- We LOVE Hikaru Midorikawa!

- Ohmygod, please, I love his slender nails and fingers, so pretty and neat.

P.S. Left, holding that super pervy pants drawing.. xD

- He said he loves shopping for clothes and will cherish his favorite clothes so much that some of it he only wears it once.

- Oh! We don’t like shiitake mushroom.. Erh..

- He listens to music to start his day! (Same! Same!)

- I love his white jacket (Do u guys call it jacket too?), I often see his pics with that jacket..

- He has nice voice~ I collect all of his solo songs or sang along w other seiyuu like SOARA, SideM, still cant get enough of his song, I really wish he will release a debut soon, please please please..

- His VAW! Demmmm.. (I wish I possess one, I hope I can buy it from anyone someday or anyone who is good enough to share even a scanned one.. huhu), I can only take a peak on few parts of his VAW.. tch..

- Recently, I notice that he gained weight (or actually he went to gym? Anyone?), which I think he looks nice with lil bit muscular body.. Pls maintain that ok Furukawa-san? (But he said he is losing some weight now for his tour with SideM.. so… naaaa I dont mind, dochi demo ii wa yo!)

- His normal voice is actually loud and cheerful, haha.. I can always imagine him as that one Mr loud neighbor who will never forget to greet you out from his window every time you pass his house.

- He looks dem nice in yukata! Uwaaaaaaa.. I saw him in yukata only once during Rengoku event, I want more! >_<

- He loves OPPAI! Hahahaha.. He said this in his radio shows, I don’t remember which episode, but it was between 10-20 (If my memory serves me right).. “I.. I love oppai” Makonyan said and Yukke laughed, then he added “But all guys love oppai right?? I think that is normal! Yukke does not like oppai??” Haha that one backfired at Yukke.. and I forgot what was Yukke’s respond coz during this time I was still polishing my Nihongo listening skills so I often missed some details.

- He sounds too cute when he spoke English.. >_<

- He’s my ideal husband material tbh

[Nandemo Hero! Yukke to Mabo! Ep 43]

And lots more!! I cant list out everything, it is tooo much.. coz I follow his radio shows and this Mr loud never stop give hint or share bout his likes/dislikes.. lol (nahh not all the time, but he DID)

In summary, I genuinely love him for his dedication on being a seiyuu, his talent, and him. One of my life goals is, I wish I can meet him in person someday, I even wish that I can come to Kumamoto someday, I watched a documentary bout his hometown, Kumamoto, a year after the earthquake.. which is narrated by Makonyan himself, I empathized them and in the same time I wish I can do some volunteer work at Makonyan’s hometown!

Makonyan is still young, he’s 28 this year, and I’ve foreseen his long seiyuu journey in the next few years, I hope he’ll release a debut soon, it will never be too late! I hope he’ll get more main roles or even minor one in anime, I hope he’ll never stop give some fan service (ahem) to us.. lol

かっこよくない??  \(>////<)/ ..my friend saw this and asked, “Idk u engross with K-idol now” , HOLY SHIT NO! I’m loyal ! .. this one is from his latest interview with Kiki Voice (TQ, God bless them, register and you guys can read more of the article! <3)

“…. and do you follow any other seiyuu too?”

I do! But other than Makonyan, I like other seiyuus like Junjun, Massu, Yuukyan etc fairly and not more than that.. Oh but I do follow Nakazawa Masatomo frequently when I dint spend time with Makonyan, I dunno why.. but I don’t follow too much mainstream seiyuus.. dunno.. don’t ask.. xD

Ok, sorry for my long post.. xD

anonymous asked:

so this is like, a legit question because i like to ask people about stuff like this a lot. why do you like sorey and mikleo as a ship so much? (i haven't seen the anime yet so I can't really speak for what people are saying about him an alisha, but i'm mostly curious???)

Anon, you know not what you have just done…. I’m gonna put this in smaller text to it’s less of a wall.

Why I love SoreyMikleo: A (hopefully) Coherent Essay by Nao
(Also I know I ranted about this before, but I am too lazy to find that post, so my apologies if I end up being redundant.)

Also, please note: I will be addressing facts about the game and the anime, so read at your own spoilery risk. Because I wrote as it came to me, not necessarily in storyline order.

So, to start off, it is obvious to say I really, really love SorMik. Just look at my blog (and blog preview, but I digress.) 

I love that their relationship is never played up as “romantic” in the sense that we are used to in most media. They don’t constantly hold hands or kiss, their speech isn’t filled with “I love yous” or “baby I need you” sort of stuff. Not to say that they don’t touch each other and it isn’t intimate (the ‘secret’ handshake, the shoulder touches, the waist touches, etc, etc.) The love is just… there.  You can see it in the way they’re drawn to look at each other, the way they glance at each other and just… understand.

It absolutely filled me with warm feelings when we find out Mikleo learned so much just for Sorey. He researched humans and tried to know everything Sorey would need to know if he ever left Elysia. It was never a question of “Sorey is going to leave” it was just “Sorey is going to leave and I am going to make sure he is safe and prepared when he does.” I don’t think Zenrus or anyone else even questioned that Mikleo would go with him, honestly. And even though it was obvious Mikleo did fear being replaced by humans on some level, he still never stopped.

And just how happy Sorey was when Mikleo said he was going with him. In the game, in the movie, and in the anime. With each creation of that scene he just seems to look happier. (And oh my god, Mikleo’s blushhhh.)

(More under the Read More because whoa, this is getting long, oops.)

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anonymous asked:

Hii!! Okay first of all I love your blog!! Reading your posts makes me all happy and giddy ehehe anyways I was wondering what're your thoughts on the chanbaek roommate ep? (I just recently rewatched it and yeah what's your take on it?) thank youu 💞


My thoughts on the roommate episode? Oho, I was going to make a post on that but never got the chance, so I’ll just do it now~

So it starts with Baekhyun calling Chanyeol, asking to come over.

(announcing to the world who is his hubby is calling him) 

I just found this funny, Baekhyun’s is doing nothing, and instead of hanging with Kyungsoo or anyone who is possibly nearby, he decides to bother Chanyeol who is probably farther away.

And that’s when it all started *dramatic music*

Baekhyun gets there before Chanyeol (because he was in a hurry to see his boyfie friend.

Or maybe the bus was really fast. BUT WAIT!!!! Why in the world would you take a bus? Like here you are, an idol (a very popular one too) taking a bus where you could possibly get trampled, why not ask the manager to take you, they would right? Getting more noticed in variety, unless! Baekhyun didn’t want anyone to be aware that he was going on a secret mission (like romeo and juliet) to see his hubby to see Chanyeol. Hmmm suspicious.

I also found this intriguing, I mean Baekhyun is usually that jokester that is great at socializing (correct me if I am wrong, I am not a Baekhyun stan) but here he is all awkward with just a few people and needing Chanyeol to be here so he can break the ice. It’s reminds me of a couple and one of them introducing the other to their parents. (excuse my delulu mind)

(look at dat smile yo)

I just love this. Like Baekhyun so naturally and instinctively fit his hand in Chanyeol’s. Usually friends would do a high five or heck those “ey yo bro” hugs. But these two? nah

Oh but the moments just get better.

Checking out Chanyeol’s room together with, ohh I forgot his name, was it like mama shin or something? Sorry if I’m wrong. Lol, Chanyeol’s adorable face, he just had that second where he was just staring at clumsy Baek. I love it.

Then they gotta go into that place where they gotta be with everyone else. (Why can’t they just have some alone time!)

But it’s ok, their moments were absolutely adorable even with everyone else.

Stares man. GOSH DANG EYE CONTACT!!! And then shy Baekhyun. Makes my heart flutter all the time.

(He’s like a little puppy! Halp me!!)

Ya’ll know how Chanyeol has a habit of hitting things when he laughs and stuff? I don’t know why, maybe I’m biased but I think it’s the cutest when he starts smacking Baekhyun. 

This had to be the most suspicious part for me. When everyone was focusing on that guy (forgot his name, I’m so sorry) Baekhyun all of a sudden as if taking a chance swoops in and wraps his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder, like so casually that Chanyeol seemed a bit “huh?” but of course leaned close to Baekhyun anyway. But the face they did some skinship wasn’t the interesting part, but where and how they did it. First of all, why do it now? I mean if Chanbaek is just fan service, why not do it when you were on the couch, where everyone could see, why do it when everyone’s attention was on something else, and it was quite hard to pick up? Barely even noticed cause my eyes were on that funny guy. Also Baekhyun (despite being all touchy with Sehun) he doesn’t really start skinships with Chanbaek, the only other time I can really think of is the footsie. Maybe the skinships that Baekhyun starts have meaning? I don’t know, this side hug appeals to me as more of a couple feel than just friends (to me only). I don’t know why, it just does, like me personally I just throw my arms around my friend, I don’t slowly and gently feel my way up their back. 

I swear, I bet you Chanyeol just wanted to put Baekhyun in front just to look at his booty (lol my dirty mind). I mean come on Baekhyun had said his pants were too tight and look at Chanyeol’s face. Do you make those expressions while dancing with you friend? Probably not. If so, learn to control them, or people might get the wrong idea. Like right now.

And without fire you can’t have light. And without light you can’t have fire. (and don’t any of ya’ll ruin the mood by saying there’s such thing as flashlights!)


(during the part where they were demonstrating the jumprope part in overdose) Dear park Chanyeol. Even when you think we can’t see you, we CB shippers are sharper than you think. So don’t look too proud.

Chanyeol, you’re staring again. I know he’s beautiful, but you don’t want to be too obvious.

My fav = height difference

This had to be my favorite part. A moment mixed with skinship and jealousy~

Ok so before the skinship, Baekhyun was asked, which female he was most curious about, then all of a sudden Chanyeol’s face is that serious one, as seen in the gif above, and with no need for it, reaches for the slicer in Baekhyun’s hand. *ahem* “accidentally” brushes his hand with Baekhyun’s (both times). I swear he was probably like “I’m da best, ya better remember dat.” and luckily (or unluckily, depends on how you look at it) Baekhyun chose the manliest girl. 

And that brings us to the end of our Chanbaek roommate journey, those were just some of my thoughts as well as my favorite moments in roommate.

Now I’m gunna sleep. Cuz I’m tired. And I have nothing else to do with my boring life except for waiting for the next episode of my anime (if you like anime, you should watch boku no hero academia that’s where I got this gif from). 

(actually this is the sped up version of the actual gif, but still a good animu) -3-

Good night darlings~

(ps thank you for loving my blog anon~)

The piano knows something I don’t know

Summary: (parents au) In which Dil is wondering as to why his father wouldn’t allow him to play the piano that night.

Genre: fluff (man when will alice write smut)

Warning: pre-smut, swearing

Words: 1,289

A/N: wtf the fuck u mean im using a p!atd song title i dont know??? omg. ok fine maybe i will write smut l8er?? who knows. im watching anime rn so take it away and u have ur fic. (beta’d by cherryblossom-phil;; also inspired from her gosh darn taj)

If you were to ask Dan how it happened, he wouldn’t have known how himself.

He was just calmly playing his piano, no distractions whatsoever.

That is, until he felt a familiar pair of warm arms snake their way around his waist and soft butterfly kisses were peppered to his quickly flushed neck.

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I swear I’ve never used more sound effects than during that dinner scene omg… This took a LOT longer than it should have because of various reasons, but HERE IT IS!! THE FINAL ADDITION TO THE SWEET SERIES PREPARE THE TISSUES. ENJOY THE SEXY LESBIAN VOLPINA.

This project has been brought to you by Real Lady Mun Tears While Recording

Music in order is:
BGM 01 by Goatbed, Taishou A by anNina, Emilie Autumn playing Bach’s Largo, Alta Mugs by 630, Kamaro’s Dace for Volpina’s flue, Adolf K Weismann and then Kusanagi Izumo both by Endo Mikio, This One Crying Like a Child by Utada Hikaru, Knives and Ivory from the Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead Homestuck album, Imprinting from the World Ends With You soundtrack, Glacier by Hana-tan, Tourner Dans Le Vide by Indila, You First by Lim Kim, Watashi no Kakera by Rushchka and Treow, Eguolonom by Lunetia, Bliss by Yuyoyuppe.

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Made with SoundCloud
Bulk Ask #4

They piled up again. Thank you for all the messages! Even if I didn’t reply to your message rest assured that I DID read it and you made me very happy and smiley!! 

I got some good questions and I got to post even more music playlists that I listen to!! So that’s a thing you can check out. Question #3 :”D

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ghostemo  asked:

So I'd like to know any anime you'd recommend? My anime knowledge is very limited, only ever having watched/read stuff like Ouran and Meitantei Conan/Magic Kaito and very little of a few other series in the past. I want to get back into anime but I don't know where to start--anyways can you give a few or a list of your favorites?? Thanks you!!

Oh man oh man what to recommend. Honestly kind of all depends on your type of anime? Or rather shows in general bc they tend to fall into certain categories (like magical girl or sports or slice of life),

I’ll just make a list of a lot of the anime I watch/have watched.

(this got really long fast so I’m putting it under the cut)

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