gosh i still can't finish this

A year ago today - I designed Blue Screen in a stream, and @askinfresh started up the blog - @ask-bluescreen

So… today is Blue Screen’s birthday! 

I am still tied up with a lot of stuff - trying to finish my master program as well as other drawing items that I need to finish. So all I can get out today is a quick sketch of Screen with a slice of cake! 

Happy birthday Screen - I hope I can put more focus on you after college is complete. 

Blue Screen by @7goodangel and @askinfresh

So! In one of the P4 anthologies we get to see :

Adorable tiny Yoosk (Cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure)

Btw he’s calling Yu “daddy”, at this point I was already dying from the cute

His usual self (Yu is tutoring him ‘cuz he got terrible grades)

And the glorious, grown-up version

loOK aT hIM oh my gosh…

Dayum, I think I just became Yosukesexual….

Oh hey, look. A French Stew fisherman/mermaid AU thing.

(Also, could my style just, I don’t know…stay put for once? Please?)


I love Flowey, he’s my favorite character in undertale, why ? because he’s cute, charismatic, manipulative and freakin’ brilliant. (SPOILER) Just look at his reaction at the end of the neutral pacifist run, when you beat him he figures out he needs mode power and how does he plan on obtaining them ? by tricking you to make all your friends come at the same place so not only you can watch them suffer but also obtaining EVERY MONSTER SOUL IN THE UNDERGROUND ! If it isn’t diabolical what is it ? 

Well let’s get back to the comic, it’s based on @genothecreeper‘s lyrics to @skelebros-covers-nobody-wanted‘s cover of “I can’t decide” (which is here if you wanna hear it)

 Do you know how much fun I had doing this mini comic ? 

TOO MUCH IN MY OPINION ! It’s 00:34 and I’m still awake because I wanted to finish this ! Gosh ! 

Well, have a good day !  

The Fitzsimmons Conversation We Deserved
  • Simmons: Please let me go first. There's something I need to address.
  • Fitz: But, what about the speech I practiced in the mirror?...
  • Simmons: No, me first. Princesses always go first.
  • Fitz: *nods*
  • Fitz: *accepts her royal science princess' orders*
  • Simmons: I know things have been difficult since I got back from being undercover, but I need you to understand I didn't leave because of what happened to you.
  • Fitz: *stays gosh darn quiet and lets her finish*
  • Simmons: You are my best friend in the whole world. That means that we look out for each other. I had to do what was best for you.
  • Fitz: *really listens*
  • Simmons: And, as you know, it has always been my dream to be Peggy Carter and this mission brought me one step closer.
  • Fitz: *continues to listen*
  • Simmons: Now, on to that other matter. Everything happened so quickly in that med pod. I didn't have time to process it all. I still haven't really. But here's what I know. I can't imagine my life without you. And I had a fascinating conversation with Bobbi about roller coasters and such... So, I was thinking, maybe we should just make out and talk about science.
  • Fitz: *forgets the stupid mirror speech*
  • Fitz: That sounds perfect.
  • *3 hours later*
  • Mack: Guys, we're here! Do you have everything-
  • Mack: ...
  • Mack: What the frick?! Have you two been making out this whole time?!
  • Fitzsimmons: *sheepish grins*
  • Fitz: And talking about science.

Sooo… Even though it’s been mostly finished for like, 3 months now (I still have to redo that AWFUL glued on gold ribbon trim! GOSH it looks so bad!) I still don’t actually have any finished pictures of my Anna cosplay. But you guys have never seen it, so here! Have some dorky work in progress pictures me and my sister took at 1am!

lerabbit  asked:

Hi! some time ago I run into your blog (which I loved inmmediately) and I read an article about not being affraid to draw, whatever your style is and accept yourself. I remember you talked about your story when you started to draw and then you stopped. The thing is, that article was really important to me because I read it when I needed the most. Now I have a friend that needs those wise words but I can't find the post :/ do you still have it? Thanks!

I wrote two articles about this topic. “Lose the fear of drawing - start now” and when you finished it you can do “What to put in a sketchbook”

Gosh I’m so happy to read your message. Please let me know how it goes and what you’re making. I’m always interested in seeing it out or helping with a reblog, when it’s inspired by my articles. I check my name tag.