gosh i ship them so hard

Decided to do a quick thing for the ship that I am currently really into at the moment with some very lazy colouring because it didn’t feel right to leave it as an outline.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! ^^-

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OH MY GOSH - VIVIANNE AND KALLIAS REUNION AND SUBSEQUENT FUCK-FEST !!! tbh it was probably hella emotional and I am a sucker for angst-ridden reunion scenes ! the fact that the mating bond snapped into place during literally makes me weep - please consider doing a fanfiction based on thisssss

Also a response to this anon ask: 

‘ If you wrote anything about Vivianne and Kallias I would virtually hug you so hard! I am in so deep with this ship, and I literally only got like, a chapter and a half of content from them! Tysm xxx’

Okay so I haven’t yet done the fuck-fest, but I’m definitely going to do that as a part 2. For now, have the initial reunion. I really love this pairing, not so much as a ship but rather that I love these two people? To me Viv is such a badass babe, and Kallias is such a cute little snowflake dork, all trying to be cold and snarky but secretly a cute little button inside who just loves his wife and people so damn much. 

Please Don’t Freeze

Ship: Vivianne x Kallias


Disgustingly cute pet names, Kallias winnowing to the EXACT wrong spot, Love and Fluff. 

Contains ACOWAR spoilers in the sense that it has ACOWAR characters in it. 

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“Dean and I do share a more profound bond”

Seriously… I ship it so hard… And I didn´t want to when I started watching the Show this summer, I swear. I though it was crazy and weird and now here I am, doing Destiel Fanarts…
I mean… I don´t really need it to become canon. I´m just fine with the beautiful moments of true deep friendship that we have on the show… But… gosh… the way they look at each other, the little respect for personal space between them, the jokes, the smiles… EVERYTHING… 

Watercolor + PS… About… ¿5 hours? Dunno, I was fangirling so hard that I lost track of time.


“and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

Kakashi: “Call us when it’s our turn again, boss.”

Sakura: “See ya in the next episodes of Naruto!” <3

The last Shippuuden episodes were like:

Director: “Cut!”


Director: “Kakashi’s and Sakura’s scenes are over for now, thanks for the hard work, you two! Your footages were awesome, guys! Tumblr had gone crazy with you! Fuck, men, I got all chocked up! So much feels, holy cow!”

Kakashi: “Is that so?”

Sakura: *laughs*

Make up artist: “You two were amazing! Gosh, that cheek brush was… waaah! You looked like a real couple! I definitely ship you! <3”

Kakashi: *grins*

Sakura: *blushes*

SJ Editor: “But they are not canon, we should film them again with less touchy-”

Camera Operator 1: “Sorry, I already sent the scene for editing.”

Boom Operator: “If you have all this time to fuck around, man, go change that script. It sucks, really. We know what you did, there, with Kishimoto. It’s totally nonsense.”

*points the fishpole against the editor* 

Director: “You can rest, guys. Now let’s film the fight: Naruto, Sasuke, please on screen! Do you remember your lines?”

Naruto: “Uhm… it was… SAS’KEEEEEEH! …ttebayo?”


Director: “Exactly. A piece of cake, literally. Mid-air fight. Scream and stay still: operators will move you towards each other. Please, don’t fuck anything up as you always do. No unnecessary touching. It’s not an amateur porn, guys.”

It has gone like this. You know it, I know it. 

RAW panel of a short funny comic.  

I’m laughing my head off. Men, I need mental treatment.

20 lines tag

20 lines

Was tagged by @ryuusea

List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favourite authors.
(I’ll be doing oldest to newest - pretty sure I’ve forgotten some smaller pieces in between but it’s hard to keep track. Gosh I’ve written so much)

1. Partnership (misawa oneshot from when I first entered the fandom)
It’s not often that Sawamura gets into fights, but it happens in his second year of high school.

2. Abandoned misawa uni AU
There’s a quiet quality to the campus library on an early Saturday morning, just at the beginning of term

3. Pitch to Contact (first actual misawa fic after I started romantically shipping them)
There’s a text on Kazuya’s phone the moment he checks it after practice.

4. How To Land On Two Feet (Daiya team shenanigans fic in which Eijun picks up a stray cat)
There is no way to describe Kazuya’s mortification the day Sawamura Eijun catches him playing Pokemon Go.

5. Untitled age"swap" misawa au in which Eijun is in the same year as Kazuya:
On his first day at Seidou Eijun makes several friends and at least one enemy.

6. Messages from the Sun (misawa soulmate au)
Kazuya is seven the day his mother walks out on his dad.

7. Who Needs Enemies (misawa rivals au that turned into a major sugar rush instead)
“Kazuya!” Mei hisses and smacks him in the side to get Kazuya to look up.

8. Deadball (first fic in my misawa series: The Violence of Two)
Something’s wrong with Sawamura.

9. Berserk Button (second fic in my Violence of Two series)
To Eijun there’s a certain level of normalcy to violence.

10. Chasing Solace (finished MIsawa deity au on AO3)
What do you do when you meet a god?

11. Sleep is for the Weak (finished misawa fic on AO3)
Kazuya regards the worried second baseman with mild curiosity. It’s not often he sees him alone, and certainly not in the second years’ corridors.

12. lightning strike (abandoned age swap misawa au where Eijun is in third year with Chris and Miyuki is a first year)
The first day Kazuya lays eyes on Seidou’s new ace he’s sold.

13. Amaryllis (my only kurakana fic. Soulmate au, sequel to Messages from the Sun )
‘Eh? Sawamura?’
The pitcher in the door to Youichi’s flat grins like he’s just hit a homerun and says 'you’re free today, right, senpai?’

14. long awaited ally (misawa piece from my series The Violence of Two that I still want to expand)
The first punch is a surprise.

15. Carnival of Mirrors (abandoned original piece I may take up again in the future)
The girl standing in the back door to the Gryphon was entirely unexpected.

16. The merits of accidental dating (WIP I’ve been working on-off between other misawa projects since last fall)
It all starts because Kazuya has to open his mouth and admit he’s never been to an amusement park before.

17. Synchronous flowering (abandoned misawa au currently being uploaded here on tumblr
Kazuya has never seen a team quite like the Akagi middle school one.

18. To the things that never change (my favourite of all my misawa fics)
He has no idea what’s going on.

19. Untitled misawa fic (my current WIP)
It all begins on a cloudy Monday morning.

20. Sleepwalker (original piece WIP)
It starts with a wish.
Sunlight falls, lemon green, through the spring green forest ceiling to land, watercolour soft, on the surface of cracked stones.

Since I’m to tag my favourite authors I’ll be shameless and Tag @haberdashette @harmonization @celestial-dragon-empress @undermybattlements @ryuusea


☆ Isogai & Maehara ( Maeiso ) from Assassination Classroom ‘s Op

Well this was hard to make. Bottom gifs has Maehara cute expression but at the same time the frame is bit darker than rest of the frames. That’s why made the top gifs with out it. As the two different gifs next to each others i just reverse the frames ( doesn’t look reverse to me oh well ). :|

Also Happy White Day :)

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Hajime: "Be warned, I have a lot of stamina~ I'll be sure to be the winner." 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


Ah, such a bold woman for her size. Though the question is.. Was she being courageous or cocky? Hopefully, she would know what she was getting into since she was asking for it. “Ahaa~. I don’t care much, but I can assure you, we’ll both be the winners here~.” Piers quickly closed the small space between them and hovered over Hajime’s pretty face with his usual sly grin.

“No refunds~.” His hand softly caressed her cheek, then getting a soft grip on her chin. This should be fun. He teasingly hovered over her lips, there was not a single movement of hers his good eye could possibly miss. Her skin.. So soft and warm, his other hand moved towards her hair so that his calm, but still eager fingers could play with her hair. 

One kiss for each little heart, finally after a moment that seemed to last an eternity of just hovering over her lips, Piers placed his lips onto Hajime’s to steal the first kiss, the most softest and delicate one at that. There was barely any pressure behind this kiss. He pulled back, ready to see her reaction. And yet Piers decided he didn’t want to wait, he didn’t want to simply observe for once. The next kiss, more passionate, more greedy. Each kiss seemed to be different, the one after that was more eager. Another one was more heated, yet of course Piers was still holding back even with his body moving closer with each passing kiss.

The last kiss, it was just as soft as the first one, and still there was more affection in it, more innocence. Oh, it was such a sweet kiss, a patient one, too. Of course, he still held back.

“See~? I told you, we’d both be winners~.”

Zodiac SQUAD: Cancer, Virgo & Sagittarius
  • Cancer, on Sagittarius's back, sighing: It's been so long since we all got to hang out like this....
  • Sagittarius, walking next to Virgo while carrying Cancer: Of course you would miss us; all you did during summer break was hang out with your little cousin and eat snacks while watching anime on Netflix
  • Virgo, scrolling through her phone as Cancer & Sagittarius bicker: You know, we look like a family going on a walk to the park
  • Sagittarius, looks over at Virgo w/ a disgusted face: If that's the case, I would like to file for divorce now, please.
  • Virgo, hits his arm as they both share a laugh together:
  • Cancer, thinking to herself: I would ship them so hard. They would honestly make a great couple, oh my gosh, their kids would be magical and and
  • Virgo, yells: Cancer!
  • Cancer, comes back to reality: Huh? Wha? What's wrong?
  • Sagittarius, smirks: Do you want ice cream? The ice cream truck is coming this way
  • Cancer, hops off of Sagittarius's back and start haul assing after the truck, screaming: ICE CREAM!!!!!