gosh i really love this style

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it astonish me how verstile you are as an artist! how you can go for a very cute and fluffy style to a really mature more buff stylee whenever the tone asks for it! and all of it while handeling the colors in an amazing way! thanks for your art <3 the way you draw everyone (jesse espetially!) is wonderful, have a nice day!!

bless you T//////////T <3 thank you so much ;laksdjf;alsdk~!
have a good one too ; 3 ;/

holt sibling reunion

pidge, tearfully: oh my gosh, matt!

matt: katie? is that you?!

(they hug)

matt, pulling back: oh man, you’ve changed so much! you’ve… really changed………. wait a minute.

pidge: (suddenly excruciatingly aware of her matt cosplay) uhhhhh. i can explain?

matt: katie………….. you look so GOOD, i love the new style!

fic editsHiding Place (ao3) by @alivingfire​ ​ - E, 365k

Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual.
From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance.

the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

wow this was done super quickly but also was funnier at 4am

I seriously can’t get over how accurate this is? Because we literally talk about this everyday with Sabby afd;k;afds AND THE LAST PANEL MAKE ME CR Y OH MY G OD HAHAHHA

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what are your favorite parts of h&l? Like your favorite features, mannerisms, styles (hair, fashions etc.)? When they look soft and cuddly or when they look like they need to drag each other into the neatest closet? Hip pudge and soft tummies? Sharp cheekbones and prominent jawlines? Long hair or shaved sides?

Oh gosh. What a sweet ask. 

Um, I love Harry’s preggo-tummy and his little love handles and the way he says “us” like “uhz” and the way he never ever ever really answers questions and sort of meanders around saying “erm” a lot and dodging like a master unless he’s offering some weird non-sequitur he has to repeat six times because everyone is talking over him, (metal Mario, wiggly, and the Robbie ravage scarf are prime examples.) I love his dimples and when he used to break out by his hairline and his weird Bambi legs and his mermaid tattoo and everything he’s ever said about her. I love his pink pink pink mouth and when he paints his nails and when he grows that pubescent 12 year amount of stubble.  I love his silly sweetness and what an absolute goof he is.  My fave looks are his oversize soft sweaters and his fancy Gucci shirts. I Especially love when he mixes and matches, the 20$ randy’s donut hoodie with a 7k YSL jacket, for example. I love that on the first day of 2017 after the Hell Year ended he told us “be nice, be good.” 

I love Louis’s laugh lines around his twinkly blue eyes. I love how low his center of gravity is and what an amazingly sharp an snappy dancer he is, I love his jazz squares and his hip thrusts an his intense devotion to Grease (The movie). I love his voice, his speaking voice for one, I could listen to him draw out certain words into crystal filaments forever, I love when he says “aaaaauuuuhhh” leading into answer he’s not sure about, I love how he says “thank you, thank you” and “massive,” and of course I love his singing voice so much I can hardly listen to it without clutching my chest and making a wordless and muted shrieking sound in the back of my throat. I love his tummy and his thick powerful thighs and delicate ankles and wrists, like he’s so fine-boned but so strong and I love how he takes up SPACE with that strength, how he stands with his legs spread and his arms crossed like he’s daring people to say he’s not worth it. I love the way he holds his cigarettes, and I love his new haircut. I love that he’s so remarkably kind and charitable and gives so much, that he calls his fans “babe” and “love” and offers them “cuddles.” 

Together: I love the way Louis gently guides Harry by his elbow, with a hand on his waist, always watching where he’s going, leading him and guiding him. I love how Harry’s eyes get soft and hooded when he looks at Louis, like in a sexy way but also in a soft way, the way his gaze flits from Louis’s eyes to his mouth and back again. I love how flustered Harry gets when Louis gives him a hard time, the way he does whatever he says (lyric changes, “is it as low as your voice?” “anything else, Harry?”) and I love how Louis always checks in and tracks these responses, how fucking smug he looks whenever he gets what he wants. I love when they mirror each other, when they fix their fringes at the exact same time or fold their hands at the exact same time. I love how Louis always looked at Harry when he sang his part of 18, and I love that time Harry waltzed across the stage to sing the last bit right back to him that one time. I love how they’re tender with each other and domestic with each other. I love them!!!! I love their love!!!! 

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME!!! did I even answer your question?? oh my god 


ART STYLE CHALLENGE!! FT. my favorite ham artists (with honorable mention of birdloaf, unfortunately i could not find a sufficient ref of philip in a sketchier format :///) I tried to emulate everyone’s styles down to the brushes!! did I do it okay? i think i did!! Honestly I’m a little terrified at my style malleability, and also disappointed because i’m drawing like this when i obv have the ability to go beyond that?? and yet…

(can you see who influenced me && how lol)

@me wyd

@spibbles YOU…. YOU. You freaking astound me, your style is fantastic and lately it’s been so warm and nice and all your shapes are a-fucking-plus, and your color usage is gorgeous and your shading is On Point and your rate of improvement is 10,000 penstrokes per hour, you’ve left me in the goddamn dust and i just….. go d

@raythrill you and @huitality are the only blogs I follow as closely as I follow you two and honestly it’s so great to see your styles bounce off of each other and I adore you guys’ style okay?? Ray I love your color usage and shading and I’m pretty sure I already sent you an ask that’s just me gushing but Hui you’re also really great and your anatomy and proportions and posing is (100 OK emojis) and the thick lines are a good reminder that I can make thick lines, not go lineless, and still be a good artist

@terror-in-the-dream GOD………….. YOUR SHAPES AND SHADING AND E Y E S… GORGEOUS i can’t believe you exist. also i adore the way you draw plants and flowers too and your blocky shading is lovely. i’d love to see intense expressions from you tho, most of em seem v calm???

@lauwurens tbh i probably have no right to tag you but Gosh, I haven’t seen anyone else who adores philip to such a degree and also your style is absolutely lovely I adore it so much what the fuck,, philip’s curls and and your eyes and GOD, everything is like, perfect

@eightmonkeys your usage of shapes and your flow of figure is the most unique and absolutely amazing thing i’ve ever seen i love it ok… and it’s also a really good reminder for me that things don’t have to look v realistic to look fantastic

@pia-soleildiddle MMMM GOD I’VE SEEN YOUR ANIMATICS AND YOU’RE SO FUCKING C R E A T I V E THAT IT HURTS MY SOUL, WHAT IN HELL, your interpretations have FLOORED me, also I adore the little unique things you put on all the characters, like ham’s double cowlick and jeff/laf’s forehead lock, and philip’s also double cowlick, and jfc, why are you so good

@kei-pai i……… you…,,, god i don’t know i guess the simplicity just attracts me, and also just the pure stylistic factor is great I can’t name why I like your style in particular, it’s probably the fluidity, but honest to god i like yours a lot but I can’t name why (edit: 3 days later and only now i realize I’ve left out the freckles oops)

I absolutely adore your blog! I wanted to draw these fellas to show my appreciation for you, you’re a really big inspiration for me!


DUUUUUUUDE! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY SWEET OF YOU! Gosh, ya got all the bois!! OOO I LOVE the black shadow you’ve got on the back of the skull there- I really like that design choice, it’s so neat!! Ditto for the shiny eyelids, o lordy <3 AAAAAAAA MAN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LINEART IS //KILLER//!!! and the composition of your panels are so neat!! It’s like the opening credits to an action comic and I’M SO ON BOARD. ✨/(@0@)\✨

Gosh gosh, you’re soo incredibly darling!!! Thank you for your kind words and generous gift art!! AAAAA 💖💕💖✨

We can be an inspiration to each other!! AHAHHA I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR STYLE! GOSHHHHHH

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I really like your pink diamond design, would you mind if i made fan art of it? I think it would look cute in my chibi style!

oh my GOSH!!! THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING i would absolutely love it if you drew her!! 💗 let me know once you do, i’d love to see it when its done!!


“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome, welcome, one and all! Tonight, we are proud to introduce to you the newest member of our happy little gang!

He can sing! He can dance! He can do everything a gentleman can!

Give a round of applause for…! Ludwig! The Singin’, Swingin’, Dancin’ Darling!”

((I’ve been watch a CRUD TON of Bendy and the Ink Machine and got sooo inspired to draw a 1920s cartoon style AU for Ludwig! I swear to gosh, I had so much fun drawing this..! And Im really proud and happy with how this turned out! He look so FRICKIN CUTE in my opinion!! TvT) Id love to draw more Cartoon!Ludwig in the future! Hope you guys like it!))

I just saw Nini posting an animaton of Paperjam, welp, I just finished this lil drawing of him :)

Geez, I wanted to draw PJ for so long !! Now it’s done, yay ! But I just realized I didn’t know a lot of things on him (even if I LOVE PJ!) and especially one : what’s the thing he wants more than everything ? I really wonder !

Welp, here is a new lil Sansy for today ! He was really fun to draw :D

PaperJam belongs to @7goodangel, hope you’ll like it !

I made this cuz I think you’re rad hope you have a good day



Oh my gosh this is so lovely! I adore the art style and all the little details, the areas of shading on the skin/hair/fur look incredible and I love how expressive it is. This is a really lovely piece of art and I’m incredible honoured/flattered by it’s existence and the time it must have taken to create! The spooky background is also amazing. Thank you so much, I hope you have a lovely day too! <3

H-hey senpai! Uh I don’t wanna be annoying I just want to be sure you see it I’m really proud of it it took hours of gosh XD
yeah uhm hope you like it nekophy-senpai!! :D

art by somefreespirits 


Protective Newsies x Badass! Reader HC’s + Race

Requested by: Anon

“Girlsie fluff where my smol beans are super protective even though she’s a badass! Also maybe she’s dating Race?”

A/N: Yet another badass newsie fluff thing!! I turned this into a bunch of HC’s for y’all


- Alrighty

- So you’re a newsie

- D U H

- You’re the only girlsie there

- When you first showed up to sell papes

- Everyone, and I mean everyone started to flirt with you

- And yes, it was flattering, and yes it was cute but like

- B O Y S


- You’ve also come from a very rough part of town and you’ve had to learn to defend yourself and whatnot

- And sometimes you could be a bit touchy

- For example

- One time, a customer called you short/ugly/insulted you

- And you nearly soaked him

- Race was there to hold you back


- When you first bought papes, he was your selling partner

- You didn’t really trust boys since you’ve been through pretty bad breakups before

- But with race

- He was an angel


- He eventually became your boyfriend :))))))

- And the newsies no longer flirted with you (okay maybe some did) but other than that they all treated you like a sister

- They’re super protective

- They all knew Race was your boyfriend, but they didn’t care that he was like family

- If he hurt you, they’d soak him


- One day you were selling papes and

- There was this drunk perv who happened to be walking by

- And the perv decided to flirt with you

- You ignored him

- And since the perv was drunk

- He decided to hurt you

- Race was over on the other side of the street when he heard you shriek

- And he rushed over

- And he saw that you had a busted lip and black eye

- But the perv had gone

- But since Race is protective:

- “Doll! Oh- oh gosh, are youse alright?”

- “I soaked him race! Ya proud of me?”

- “Baby, you’re hurt.”

- “It’s just my lip. And my eye is fine.”

- “I need them lips though!”

- “But I’m alright!”

- “No more selling until you get better.”

- And you’d protest but he’d only carry you bridal style and bring you back to the Lodging House

- You’d try to sneak out

- But race had all the boys stop you

- And they led you back to rest

- You groaned out of pain once and they all care rushing to your side

- You just really love them all

- And they love you so much

- You’re just this big happy family and you’d do the same for them

- Ugh I love them so much awh


“Well, Cuphead and his pal Mugman,

 They like to roll the dice.

 By chance they came upon Devil’s game

 and, gosh, they paid the price!


 And now they’re fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread. 

And if they proceed but don’t succeed,


I really love Cuphead’s style! I was going to make some era inspired clothes, but instead wanted to go with a simple matching suspender dress outfit!

I personally won’t be playing the game, since I don’t have the right system or computer. But I will enjoy watching it! And hearing the soundtrack.