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a bunch of good stuff:

•Kaneki and Tsukiyama holding hands and Tsukiyama caressing the back of Kaneki’s hand with his thumb and kissing his fingers from time to time

•Kaneki and Tsukiyama reading a book together in bed while Kaneki runs his fingers through Tsukiyama’s hair and Tsukiyama lays his head on Kaneki’s chest

•Tsukiyama buying a bunch of face creams to help Kaneki to get rid of the dark circles under his eyes

•Tsukiyama cooking a very romantic dinner for them at least once a week, which includes candle lights and blood wine

•Kaneki carrying Tsukiyama in his arms to the kitchen in the mornings Tsukiyama is feeling too lazy

•Tsukiyama reassuring Kaneki how wonderful and beautiful he is and Kaneki making sure to always tell Tsukiyama he’s never going to leave him again

•Kaneki feeling completely smitten every single time he looks at Tsukiyama because Tsukiyama is just too pretty, and sometimes he thinks out loud about how beautiful Tsukiyama is, which always makes Tsukiyama smile and blush a bit

•Kaneki and Tsukiyama in a stable, healthy and happy relationship

so Farcry 4 is actually really fun? and I didn’t realize it until recently so I’ve been playing it a ton and it’s just so… good. (my favorite part is taking over the outposts without being spotted) (i ramble in the tags)

Apparently my guess of becoming inactive after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out was 100% on the mark.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting together all my old teams from gen III to bring up to my Sun game and only /just/ finished today.

I have over sixty Pokemon that I’ve accumulated since my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day, and even successfully recreated my old 1998 team with the VC version of Red.
(I’m working on my old Yellow team still, but at least I’ve got them started!)

I also need to apologize to all the daily Pokemon blogs I’ve been mass following but apparently I’ve reverted back to the age of six and I’m just devouring every Pokemon-related thing I can find again.
Next comes the Pokemon stickers ending up on everything.

I’m even kicking around over on @charizard-daily for the extra art practice when I should be trying to post more often here.

Somehow my brain has had its Pokemon switch flipped and doesn’t know how to turn it off. ; A;

I'm really sorry for this...

But I can’t continue running this blog anymore. 

That work that I thought would just be one project every once in a while has become an actual full time job, one which really requires I work a lot of hours a day. I’m still not paid enough to use those money for the game tho, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the pace of the events. Soooo…
I really tried my best during these last weeks and I thought that these last days would be a perfect test to see if I could do this without shards just by doing things between breaks. And it went pretty bad. (And I had to use all of the shards I had left at the end to get Carnage’s cage cause I really wanted to have it.) 
As in I really couldn’t keep up with the game, the job and the blog without giving up some sleep (and even then I didn’t have enough time to answer asks anymore). Which is not good for my health right now, so I had to choose what was best for me and give up on this blog even tho I was still enjoying running it.
The blog will still be here, so if anyone wants to see screenshots from older events they have a place where they can find them all, but I won’t be posting anymore nor answering asks. 

These 5 months that I’ve been running this blog have been nice and stressful, but I really feel like they were quite a lot of fun and really useful. I have never written so much in English and some of you gave me big boost of confidence about my ability with the language. (I still think I’m pretty bad, but at least I feel like I could have a conversation with someone without making a total fool out of myself.)
So I really wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone of you that helped me in any way during this journey. I really wish I could keep doing this, but I guess once again real life is more important, even more so when I’m actually doing a job that I dreamt of doing for a long time.

I guess this is a goodbye, then… Keep enjoying the game, guys!

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And finally~ 300+ follower Raffle 3rd prize: Sans joining in Mario kart~!

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  • [SCENE: walking out of the theater, where my parents and I have just seen the third Hunger Games movie. My mother read the first book and hated it, loved the second movie, then went back and watched the first movie and liked it better than she expected. My father has only seen the first two movies. Neither of them knows any of the characters' names except Katniss and Peeta, and neither had any idea of the plot of the third book.]
  • Mom: So, what did you think?
  • Me: I loved it. Loved it! I am going to be singing that song for weeks.
  • Dad: I don't trust that woman. The one with the hair.
  • Mom: The rebel leader? I don't trust her either.
  • Dad: Yeah. She's just like the evil President but on the opposite side. You could see it in her speech. She's a President-in-training.
  • Mom: She could end up just like him.
  • Dad: She already is. She's just the other side of the same coin.
  • Mom: Exactly! The other side of the same coin. What's her name again?
  • Me: [too delighted for coherent speech]
Five reasons to love Prince of Stride Alternative:
  1. It’s a sport anime
  2. The graphisms are good
  3. The musics and BGM are great
  4. The heroin doesn’t look stuoid and she’s actually acts great
  • Kimura Ryohei,
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto,
  • Ono Daisuke,
  • Ono Kensho,
  • Suwabe Junichi,
  • Shimono Hiro,
  • Okiayu Ryotaro,
  • Miyano Mamoru,
  • Hirakawa Daisuke,
  • Eguchi Takuya,
  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa,
  • Ono Yuuki,
  • Toyonaga Toshiyuki,
  • Hanae Natsuki,
  • Ishikawa Kaito,
  • Sakurai Takahiro,
  • Kakihara Tetsuya,
  • Aoi Shouta,
  • Osaka Ryouta,