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Arkham’s Female Knight (Part 2)

A/N: Back again with part 2 (go read part 1!!)!! I will be honest with you guys, with all the support and likes, I was completely caught off guard (YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC!! *throws love at everyone who lurks or follows!*)! This chapter is a bit more…darker than the first chapter (gosh, Jacin, when did you become so sadistic?). It’s sort of a filler for the part 3 I’m going to write (yes, I’m doing another part, and its gonna have more Jay-bae in it, hes been MIA in this…) but I just wanted to explain more of the reader’s past. I hope you guys love it! MESSAGE ME IF YOU THINK I’M MISSING SOMETHING OR IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE SHIPS OR SOMETHING, NAME IT! 

PS: I forgot to mention, the personality of the FemArkhamKnight!Reader is quite crazy, because it is canon that Jason Todd in the Arkham Knight series, is actually considered mentally and emotionally unstable, so if the character is somewhat crazy, refer to this!

PSS: thanks to Aster for editing it for me. ( ;3;)

PSSS: @actbat @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom Here you go! Hope you guys enjoy it!

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x  FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises.

Prompt:  FemArkhamKnight!Reader gets a little flash back of her past, explaining how she got that lil “J” scar and becomes a little bit unstable.

Warning(s): Swearing, torture, uhh…? (tagging warnings is my weakness, I’m practically immune to anything. I APOLOGIZE IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG.)

Word Count: 2381


Arkham’s Female Knight (Part II)


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Who are some of your favourite blogs? Or some nice people on here?

There’s so many!
Oh my gosh there’s so many,


I’m sure I’m missing some people because the list goes on but these people I creep on the daily👀sorry guys haha
These aren’t just your average tumblrs where the post photos and leave it at that, these blogs are actually people you can connect with and you can tell with either talking to them or scrolling through their feeds, they all have ambitions and courage for being open with their lives on Tumblr and they are all very supportive. Because of these people I stay on Tumblr ❤️


damon salvatore x reader

word count: 341

prompt from @writers-are-writers

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combine the fact that it’s canon that red guy wears robes with a sleep-deprived me in the very early morning and you will get this

Tour Thoughts

summary: dan and phil can’t sleep one night while on tour, so they occupy themselves with blowjobs and dirty talk

genre: smut, tiny bit of fluff

warnings: blowjobs, dirty talk, grinding

word count: 859

link on ao3!

a/n: i feel kind of glad writing smut again, or actually, just writing in general again. it’s been so long and i actually freaking love writing okay. i missed getting prompts and filling it out and oh gosh i have so many prompts to fill out and i will get to that after i start pbb and finish finals and agh i’ve missed doing this whole thing - hell, this is the reason why i’ve written so much over the summer in the first place, i don’t know why i ever stopped. anywho, you can ignore this rambling i’m so sorry, but i hope you guys enjoy. it might not be as good as the other one’s for now, but i’m looking to improve this summer. okay bye and good night <3

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There are 3,300+ notes on a post I did a little over a day ago and I gained 41 new followers overnight o_o  I’m trying to answer as many of your wonderful comments as I can, but I’m just so overwhelmed by how much you guys like my posts.  Thank you for your kind words *blush*.  If I missed a comment and you’d like a response, message me.  I LOVE chatting with people.  I’m glad I could make so many of you smile with my sick ramblings :D

I ended up in urgent care this morning, but it only ended up being bronchitis (we caught it before it bloomed into pneumonia).  I’m on a LOT of medicine and, as I can’t work on my sewing, I’m watching Ladybug and doing more goofy observation posts.

Thank you again for the comments and reblogs.  I can’t truly express how grateful I am and how nice y’all have made me feel :)

About Time- Brad Simpson Imagine

 *Requested by @jamiemcvey​*

I walked into the venue for the Vamps happily and immediately was attacked with hugs from band members and crew alike. I hadn’t seen anyone even related to the Vamps in at least a month so I had missed everyone a lot. James immediately began telling me some crazy story about Connor and Joe once I had finished greeting everyone, but one person I had yet to see was Brad. 
Oh gosh Brad, he was pretty much the defenition of perfect in my eyes, he was everything I ever wanted in a guy and then some, but over the past few months things have been a bit awkward between us. 
“Hey James, where is Brad?” I asked in the middle of the story and he quirked an eyebrow at me then laughed.
“Ah yes of course you want to see him, he’s in the dressing room, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll catch him with his trousers down.” he teased. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the dresing room, walking in to see Brad using his steamer while walking around the room. 
“Hey Brad.” I said happily and he jumped a bit clearly surprised and then turned to me.
“Oh hey! I didn’t see you come in I was just using my bong… my steam bong… obviously this isn’t like a bong bong… I don’t do drugs… um well I’m glad you’re here.” he said and I had to laugh, he was so adorable.
“Are you going to stay there or are you going to give me a hug?” I asked and he blushed and walked over taking me into his arms.
“I missed you.” he said and you smiled “Missed you too Bradley the drug addict.”
“Heyyy.” he whined.
The rest of the pre show rituals went on and there were a lot more awkward moments between me and Brad. I had walked into a room and he moved so quickly to get out that he knocked over a glass of water and it fell off the table and broke. 
The show went on as planned and I watched from backstage. While Brad was singing Last Night he looked right at me and smiled so I decided to wink jokingly and he got all flustered and managed to get his feet tangled in cords and completely wiped out. I felt so bad, but he quickly got up and tried to continue like nothing happened even though all the other boys were laughing their asses off. 
After the show I sheepishly made my way over to him after telling the other boys how well they did. “Hey you did really well.” I said and he turned and bit his lip.
“Oh yeah um thanks.” he said and we both fell silent and not long after the room went silent and everyone stared at us. 
“Oh for God’s sakes kiss her!” Tristain yelled and I blushed and looked at the ground.
“Oh my gosh I can-” I started saying but were quickly cut off by Brad’s lips on mine. It was quick and rushed, also sloppy but a perfect first kiss. He pulled away and blushed “Uh yeah.”
“Well it’s about time!” everyone around us yelled.

@kroxnliked for some positivity!!

   { Guys….. I dunno if you know this, but….. Over at @galaxyxgrappler…it’s a Kro ask blog. Ya’ll should cHECK IT BECAUSE CUTE ART AND I BET IT’S GONNA BE A SUPER FUN RIDE THAT YOU SHOULDN’T MISS OUT ON SO JUST. DO IT!!!!

   But yo. Yoooooooo. Your muse is such a gosh danged cutie??? How am I supposed to sURVIVE THE RP WE’RE DOIN’?!? KRO TRIES SO HARD AND ME AND AMMY ARE PROUD OF THEM. (Actually, that’s likely supposed to be “Ammy and I” but I’m a lil tired lemme live, here)

   But guess who else is a precious????? THIS MUN, OF COURSE. We haven’t talked a lot, but you seem so great?? Like, bless u for taking up an art ask blog like that, bc I LOVE them but I can’t work with them, rip– I’m too easily distracted and so I WISH YOU THE BEST AND I WANNA SEE YOUR PURDY BLOG GROOOOOWWWWW


Ok, so it’s a little late, but on Valentine’s Day i was speaking with my best friend (oh my gosh it’s been so long i missed her so much!!) aaand we of course started talking about guys and she started telling me about her boyfriend and how he was like teasing her “You’re in love with me~” and she was like “Shut up, you too”, and IF THAT IS NOT PIDGE AND LANCE THEN WHAT IS IT!?

Anyway i started fangirling at how much that reminded me of my OTP ans she was like “This is why you’re still single” xD xD

Eisuke’s Death Letter

Dear _______,

I want you to take everything I have when I die. Everything, even my hotels. You can even fire the employees if you want. No matter where you are, remember me, okay? No matter who you decide to love after me, remember me, alright? Even if you fall in love with that Hishikura guy… Please, baby, remember me, forever. That day I bought you at the auction… I never thought it could’ve turned out like this. You were the love of my life and without you, I’m nothing. You were the one thing that I was missing in my life. You completed my life and you may be heartbroken that I’m dead, now… But please, promise me just this one thing… Take care of yourself, _______.

♥︎Love, Eisuke Ichinomiya♥︎

“Oh my gosh, Eisuke!” You yelled out and he ran over to you.
“What do you want?” He says and spots the letter in your hand.
He snatches it, quickly and you giggle at him.
“Did you read it, ______?” He says and you nod at him.
“You were kidding about taking your hotels, right?” You asked.
“Why would I joke about something like that?” Eisuke says.
“And you were all like… Baby, take everything, and remember me.” You said, grinning from ear to ear. Eisuke looks away and you noticed a faint blush on his cheeks.

  “I hate it when Baba impersonates my handwriting and writes letters like these…” Eisuke sighs, heavily and you stop giggling. 

“Wait, are you serious? This is all Baba?” You asked and he chuckles. 

“You’re so gullible, I love it, baby.” Eisuke embraces you from behind and you two share a passionate sweet kiss. 

Guys, I’ve missed all the previous milestones, and OH MY GOSH this blog hit 40 SUBS! Thanks everyone who likes my posts❤️ There weren’t as many posts last week cuz I’m really sick, but I can assure u there will be more calligraphy in the next few days (month lol) STAY COOL AND THANK YOU


Oh my gosh just over 100 followers!!! You guys are amazing :) here’s chapter 5 of The Roommate for you, i hope you like it as much as I loved writing it up.

*1184 words


“Floppy? What you doing here?” Caspar asked once he had brought his bottom jaw to line up with his top. He slightly ran and walked up to me with a massive grin on his face, I opened my arms and he grabbed my waist slightly picking me up and bringing me into a giant hug.

“I came earlier to surprise you” I answered by whispering into his ear.

“I missed you so much Floppy, you don’t know how much I’ve wanted you to be here with me the past few days” he whispered back in my ear. As he said those words I could hear from his voice that he was becoming sadder with every word. We finally pulled apart and looked at each other, he wore a massive warming smile and I’m sure that my face mirrored his. He looked behind me and waved, turning my head I found Zoe and Joe looking at the both of us, Zoe with a smile and Joe with a sad face and red puffy eyes.

“Casp? Can you help me with getting my bags out from the back of Zoe’s car?” I asked turning my head back towards Caspar. He nodded his head enthusiastically and walked towards the front door, on his way he walked up to Joe and gave him a hug of comfort ‘maybe they’ve talked it out?’ I thought. I then followed behind Caspar waiting for them to finish their hug.

Once Caspar had moved out of the way and Joe was free I walked up to him an placed my hand on his shoulder giving him an understanding look and trying to comfort him, he looked at me and I tear escaped from his eye I moved my hand to wipe it away from his cheek and gave him a sad smile. Joe returned the smile and I turned to walk away but I felt a hand grab my wrist and pull me towards its culprit, I then found myself wrapped up in muscular arms and my arms immediately wrapped around the strong frame of Joe.

“If you ever need to talk to someone I’m here” I whispered in his ear.

“Thank you Y/N” a small voice replied quietly. “I know that we don’t know each other that well but I feel that in the time you’re here we should try harder in getting to know each other. I’ve wanted to get to know you for a long time but we’ve never had the time whenever you’ve been here.” Joe explained. I pulled away from him slightly to look into his once blue eyes that are now red and puffy.

“I know exactly how you feel Joe I’ve wanted to get to know you better too” I told him. I pulled out of his grasp completely and turned towards a shocked looking Zoe and Caspar. “What?” I asked the both of them. Zoe shook her head slightly and gave me a small smile making me frown slightly. Caspar opened the front door and signaled for me to walk out first.

I walked out the door and Caspar came out after me closing the door behind him. I started to walk down the stairs towards the front of the apartment complex when I heard a slight cough, I looked behind me and found Caspar standing there with a look asking ‘what was that all about?’

“Look Caspar I have no idea what that was about, honestly there is nothing between us. I know that you would kill me if anything happened between the both of us, thinking that we would both just leave you.” I explained.

“You know and he knows that fact. Why do you think that whenever your left alone together I quickly grab you or him to do something, it’s because I don’t want you two together.” He told me with a slight harshness to it.

“Caspar can we please not talk about this right now, I just got here and I don’t want to start off with a fight about myself and your roommate.” I stated with a sad tone.

“Your right, I want to catch up with you and spend some time with you, once we get your luggage from the back of Zoe’s car.” He replied. We walked out the front of the apartment complex and I walked straight past Zoe’s car. I looked behind me and found that Caspar had stopped at Zoe’s car and was looking at the car and then at me with curiosity on his face, I smiled at him with a cheeky grin.

“I want to go do something first!” I yelled slightly because of the distance between the two of us, he turned and started to walk towards me still with a face full of curiosity. Zoe and I had the thought of me taking Caspar out for Pizza as a surprise and not telling him where we were going, so far its working but I just need to keep my lips sealed.

“Floppy where are we going?” Caspar asked after walking for about 3 minutes. This was the 10th time that Caspar had asked where we were going and I replied with the same response as I had the past 9 times.

“I’m not telling you Caspar” we turned around the corner and I saw the sign of one of Caspar’s favorite Pizza places. I walked forwards towards the crossing lights and pressed the button to tell the machine I wanted to cross over the road, Caspar came up beside me and looked over to me asking with his eyes ‘where are we going?’ I just stood there and shook my head looking at him, the lights then started to beep fast and we were able to cross the road. Once over I turned towards the pizza shop and walked towards the front door opening it to let Caspar in first and then me, when I turned to look at Caspar’s face I found that his eyes had grown bigger and he was jumping excitedly like little boy that had just been given a new toy.

We walked in and stood in line looking up at the board to find a pizza each. Caspar turned towards me and gave me a side hug saying thank you for bringing him to get a pizza for lunch, I laughed and moved towards the cashier who was taking orders. I told her Caspar’s order and my own order I pulled out my purse to pay and handed over the money needed, Caspar and I then found a spot to sit down and started catching up on what we had missed about each other’s lives. We had a great time having a laugh about something one of us had said, it was wonderful to be able to catch up with Caspar, but I couldn’t help but think of how Joe was feeling at the moment and if he was alright. I mean that’s why Zoe was there so he could talk to Zoe about what he wanted to, but is he really feeling OK?



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*Gif credit to the wonderful person that made this!*

Anon Request: can you do a teen wolf imagine with scott and the reader where they get in a fight and haven’t talked for a few days and she shows up at his house and they both apologize and it’s super sweet and possibly scott’s mom walking in on you guys making out after you’ve made up? thanks!

A/N: Oh gosh, it’s short. But, I hope this is okay! I like that gif, it’s a nice reference. :)

You were on your way to Scott’s house, rehearsing your apology for the fifth time. You hated apologizing but it’s been 3 days and you missed him. You didn’t like seeing him sad either and you also had no clue what you were even fighting about anymore. You pulled into his driveway and walked up to the door slowly, schooling your expression. Scott was opening the door before you even had a chance to lift your hand to knock. You smiled awkwardly as Scott gestured for you to come in. As soon as he shut the door you turned to face him.

“I’m sorry.” You both chorused.

You laughed slightly, “Uh…”

Scott looked down, scratching the back of his neck. He looked back up through his lashes, speaking in a rush, “I’m sorry. I know you can take care of yourself and I know that you’re more than capable of making your own decisions, I was being an idiot. I just didn’t want you to get hurt and I overreacted.”

Oh, that was what the fight was about… You thought, looking at Scott with an ‘o’ expression. He was looking at you expectantly bringing you back to the reason you had come over in the first place, “Right, I’m sorry too. I said some awful things and I didn’t mean any of them, I was just mad at you…”

“So, you forgive me?” Scott asked, stepping closer to wrap his arms around your waist.

You reached down to grab hold of his hands, lifting them above his head, pushing him back against the wall, smirking, “Mmm, I don’t know. Do you forgive me?”

Instead of giving you an answer, Scott crashed his lips against yours, bringing his arms down to pull your body closer to his until you were practically plastered to his front. Your lips curved into a smile as you ran your hand up the nape of his neck to tangle your fingers in his hair. You pulled back an inch to look him in the eyes, “That’s a yes?”

Scott nodded and ghosted his lips over yours briefly to whisper a ‘yes’ and then his lips were sliding over yours again, his tongue nudging your bottom lip requesting entrance. You let the feeling overcome you as you were turned and pushed against the wall, legs wrapping around Scott’s waist. You and Scott had completely forgotten about time because the next thing you knew the door was thrown open and you were jumping apart.

“Mom! Hey! Hi! You’re home!”

You straightened your shirt and looked over towards the door, giving a slight wave, “Hey! Ms. McCall.”

Spencer Reid : Red and Orange

Im sorry this will probably be really short

Walking into your apartment to go see your husband Spencer and your three year old son Michael was defiantly something you were looking forward too. “Spence. I’m home,” I yelled walking inside setting my bag down.

“Mommy!” Michael yelled running up to you. You groaned as you picked him up. “Have you gotten bigger? Gosh I just saw you this morning,” you said walking into the living room where Spencer was.

“Spence something is wrong with our son. He’s growing way to fast,” you said sitting down on the couch next to Spencer with Michael on your lap. Michael laughed and Spencer had a smile on his face. “We missed you all day,” Spence said leaning over to kiss you.

“I missed you guys too. What have you been doing all day?” you asked. “Daddy’s teaching colors,” Michael said jumping off your lap to go to Spencer. “Oh really?” you asked. “Yea. Look. What color is this?” Spencer asked holding up a blue card.

“Blue!” Michael yelled excitedly. “Good job,” Spencer said kissing him on his temple before getting a M&M off the coffee table and handing it to him. You laughed. “You’ve been teaching him with candy?” you asked. “Don’t worry. I made sure he ate first,” he smiled at you. 

“Sometimes he still mistakes red and orange,” he told you looking down at your son with a worried expression. “Spence calm down. He’s three. Im sure he’ll figure it out sooner or later,” you told him. You picked up the red card from the table. “Mikey what color is this?” you asked him. “Red,” he told you. You nodded and smiled at him. “Good job,” you said handing him another candy.



Jack Gilinsky and Nate Maloley Threesome Smut Imagine


I opened my front door to be greeted by my two friends, Nate and Jack who I hadn’t seen in months due to their new found fame. They both looked so good, and their faces had matured in the few months since I last saw them.

“Oh my gosh! Hi guys, I’ve missed you both!” I said giving them each a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“We’ve missed you too Y/N!” said Jack who’s hair was ridiculously long now. I thought about how it would feel to run my fingers through it.

“Come in, come in let’s catch up, wait where’s Sammy and Johnson?” I asked noticing the absence of our two other friends, who I knew were most definitely in town.

Jack and Nate gave each other a smirk. “They’ll come by tomorrow, we wanted to see you separately.” Nate said rubbing a finger down his new found facial hair, which was a great look for him. I immediately thought of how that would feel between my thighs, I pressed my legs together at the thought.

“Okay then, so what do you guys wanna do?” I asked thinking we could watch a movie or get some food.

Again the boys gave each other that same smirk and in unison they spoke. “You, Y/N, we wanna do you.”

I nearly died right then and there. Two of my hottest guy friends and two of the hottest up and coming guys in the world just said they wanted to do me. I pinched myself thinking this was some sort of dream.

“What, why?” I asked obviously confused. I mean yeah I always had sexual fantasies about them, but never ones like this.

Nate took a step closer to me “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like? To have me licking your slit up and down, while you’re sucking off Gilinsky?” he said in a low husky voice.

Jack spoke up next “Or me fucking you from behind, while your giving Nate a hand job?

At this point my mind was going crazy, the visuals I had running through my head. I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second. I glanced down at Jack and Nate, their growing erections obvious through their khaki shorts. Just the sight was making me horny.

“Fuck it, let’s do this” I said going up to Nate since he was closest. I kissed him hard sliding my tongue right into his mouth. Not breaking the kiss I motioned for Jack to come over, I began palming his growing erection through his khakis, loving the sound of his moans.

I broke apart from Nate and removed my hand from Jacks crotch. “My room, now.” I demanded leading them to my room swaying my hips as I walked.

Once in my room, I slammed the door shut and turned to Jack and Nate who both looked at me with hunger in their eyes. I took my tank top off, leaving the boys to stare at my bra. Thank God I wore a cute bra and matching underwear, who would’ve thought. They both followed suit and took off their tees leaving me to admire their toned stomachs, muscles and Nate’s tattoos. Such a turn on.

I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my legs. I could tell this was agonizing for them as they began palming themselves through their khakis. Once I was left in only my bra and underwear, Jack walked towards me and kissed me roughly, while Nate stood behind me grinding his crotch on me so I could feel him. Jacks lips traveled from my lips down my stomach, while Nate unclasped my bra and attacked my neck with his lips, biting down occasionally.

Jack was now on his knees and lips made their way down to my lower stomach right above my panties. With his teeth he lowered them. I could feel his warm breath between my thighs. His lips kissed my thighs up to my heat. I gasped as I felt his tongue making movements up and down my slit, while his finger rubbed my clit. I almost fell to the floor when his tongue pushed into me. Nate still behind me placed his hands on my waist so I wouldn’t fall.

As Jack and Nate worked their magic I felt myself coming close. “Oh fuck Jack.” I moaned as I released myself on Jack, I felt his tongue licking up all the juices. He stood up, bringing his lips to mine so I could taste myself.

I could see how strained both of their pants looked, now it was time for them to feel good. “Pants off now.” I commanded, I loved the feel of being in charge.

The boys took of their khakis and boxers hastily, not wasting any time. They both sprung free, as I took in the sight of both of their massive lengths. I motioned for Nate to step in front of me while Jack was to my right. I kneeled down and kissed the tip of Nate’s dick and slowly took him into my mouth, which caused him to emit a loud moan. My right hand found Jack as I began pumping him up and down. I could hear him moaning as well. These boys were both moaning messes and I loved it. Actually, I loved that I was the reason behind their moaning, it boosted my confidence through the roof.

I continued swirling my tongue around Nate, while his hands made a makeshift ponytail in my hair causing me to take more of him in my mouth. My right hand sped up its movements up and down Jacks dick. Nate was close I could taste the pre-cum. My left hand fondled his balls, which did the trick, I felt Nate tense as he whispered “That’s it Y/N, yes!” As he twitched in my mouth releasing his load. I swallowed and moved my mouth off him and focused on Jack. I continued moving my hand at a faster pace, while my left hand moved to his balls. Seeing if what worked with Nate worked for him too. Jack groaned and he threw his head back in pleasure, his eyes rolling back.

I felt him twitch in my hand and opened my mouth, ready for his load which shot right into my mouth I swallowed and wiped my mouth, waiting for what was next. I stood up and felt Nate come up behind me, his fingers reaching around rubbing me up and down. I could feel his hard erection graze up behind me, I smirked at the feeling. Nate led me to kneel down on the floor, Nate still behind me his hands grabbing my hips. I motioned for Jack to lay on the floor in front of me, his massive erection in my face.

I slowly wrapped my lips around Jack and took him into my mouth. As I did, Nate thrusted into me without warning it caused me to moan around Jacks dick, which in turn caused Jack to moan. “Fuck Y/N you’re so tight, shit.” said Nate as his thrusts caused me to take all of Jack into my mouth, my lips brushing his stubbly pubic bone.

I could feel Nate’s thrusts getting sloppier as I began to taste the pre-cum coming off the tip of Jacks dick. I felt myself coming close as well, the familiar sensation becoming more evident.

It was like clockwork, Nate released himself into me, while I came onto him. As that was happening Jack shot his load into my mouth once again. I released my mouth off of Jack as Nate pulled out of me. I wiped my mouth as I crawled to sit with my back against the wall, my legs were so wobbly, which meant they did me good.

We laid on my floor, each of us out of breath and covered with sweat. Jack was the first to speak “Holy Shit Y/N, you truly showed me the meaning of ‘show me what that mouth do’” he said laughing.

“I do what I can.” I joked.

“You’re fucking amazing, why haven’t we done this sooner?” Nate asked.

“No idea, but it’s happening more often. Got it?” I said still in shock about what just happened, but wanting it to happen again.

“Next time I get to fuck her, okay Nate.” Jack said seriously, which caused us all to laugh.

I laid there thinking about Jacks words and how good it would feel to have Jack inside of me.

Until next time I thought.

A/N: Please, please let me know if you like it or not! I may write a second part :)

  • *MAMA era
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