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gosh i miss my show orz…. i wish i had more time to render a full piece, but to be speedy i just decided to do a continuation (?) of an old piece

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ok so i really miss htgawm and i just wanted to remind you of that one scene in season 2 where they are creating a dating profile to catch that guy they thought was the murderer or something and oliver is creating the account and he says to connor something like ‘i used your picture for the profile because obviously you are more attractive than me’ and connor immediately goes like ‘ENOUGH WITH THE LOW SELF ESTEEM’ and it just breaks my heart how oliver hadn’t realized that connor thought he’s super hot and how much connor loves him and gosh i miss the show so much i’m crying

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So... I've asked a few people this and I wondered what your thoughts would be on Daphne. What do you think it says about her that she married a relative stranger with no memory of who he was? She looked at Emmanuel with such affection, do you think she really loved him? Cas stated in 9x03 that it was his first time, why do you think he never consummated their marriage? Tell me what you felt and thought about Daphne in general. Bonus question: What did you make her her resemblance to Dean?

Nonny, sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, but am I ever glad that I didn’t just throw out a random answer because Daphne is a character that I had never really noticed because I was too busy freaking out that Cas was back thought much about before  and it has been really interesting to do analysis on her.  

We are first introduced to her as a character during Dean’s phone call with Mackey:  “Heard the best way to get to him is through his wife, Daphne, out in Colorado. So I go. Tell her I’m going blind. It’s true. My right eye’s burnt out.  She says, ‘Go home; he’ll come.’”

This was where my spidey sense started tingling because doesn’t something about that sentence feel a little off?  It’s not that Mackey actually met them together.  Instead, she is presumably living in Colorado while her husband is off healing the people that she sends him to.  Keep that in mind for later.

It’s interesting that our first glimpse of Daphne is when she sees Dean out the window as she is tied up, which first clues him in on the fact that something isn’t right about the situation.  After Dean dispatches of the demon, Emmanuel walks up to discover a dead demon on his front porch and the man who just killed it at the top of the steps.  

We aren’t shown the following minute, but in the next shot, Emmanuel is untying Daphne and this fascinating conversation takes place. 

Emmanuel: “That creature hurt you.”

Daphne: “I’m okay. But, Emmanuel… They were looking for you.”
Emmanuel:“It’s okay. I’m Emmanuel.”

Dean: “Dean. I’m…Dean.”
Emmanuel:“Thank you for protecting my wife.”

Dean: “Your wife. Right.”
Emmanuel: “I saw his face. His real face.”

Dean:“He was a demon.”
Emmanuel:“A demon walked the Earth.”

Dean: “Demons. Whackloads of them. You don’t know about…?”

Daphne: “You saw the demon’s true face. [to Dean] Emmanuel has very special gifts.”

Dean: “Yeah. I-I’ve heard that about… Emmanuel. That you can heal people up.”

Now, presumably, untying Daphne is the first thing that he did upon coming in the door, which makes sense, but Emmanuel doesn’t react how a married man would after seeing his wife in that kind of situation.  He is much too calm and spends more time talking to the man who showed up on his doorstep and killed someone, while barely even glancing at her.  Another interesting thing that I noticed was the way they touch each other.  Emmanuel grabs her hand to help her up, and doesn’t let go of it for another minute as he leads her over to where Dean is standing. She, on the other hand, grabs him as soon as her arms are free, strokes his face, and then rests her hand on his chest while he is talking. 

Everything about this scene screams unrequited love to me.  As does this conversation that Dean and Castiel have in the car about her:

Dean: “So, Daphne – is that, uh, your wife?”
Emmanuel: “She found me and cared for me.”

Dean: “Meaning?”
Emmanuel: “Oh, it’s a…strange story. You may not like it.”

Dean: “
Believe me, I will.”
Emmanuel:  “A few months ago, she was hiking by the river, and I wandered into her path, drenched and confused, and… unclothed. I had no memory. She said… God wanted her to find me.”

Dean: “
So who named you Emmanuel?”
Emmanuel: “Bouncybabynames.com.”

Dean: “Well, it’s working for you. Must be weird not knowing who you are.”
Emmanuel: “Well, it’s my life. And it’s a good life.”

Dean asks about his wife and Emmanuel’s first response is that she found and cared for him?   Nothing about that even remotely suggests love to me, at least not on his part.  Which leads me to my point, I don’t think that Emmanuel and Daphne were ever married.  Nothing about their relationship suggests to me that they were, and they were only living together for a few months, which would be a very short amount of time for her to be able to legally marry a man who had no proper identification.  I know that she is referred to as his wife numerous times throughout the episode - but honestly, I’ve known lots of women who have referred to the men that they lived with as their husbands even though they weren’t married. They may have lived together, but as I mentioned above, it seems as though they weren’t actually together that much; instead he was out healing people. 

As for them having sex, I never thought that they did and I suppose I’m No Angel canonically proves that.  There are several reasons why this might never have happened. Maybe she truly believed that God had brought Castiel across her path and saw him more as her mission than as someone to make love to.  Or maybe she was hoping that he would fall in love with her and make the first move.   Since he had no memories at the time, I’m very glad that the show didn’t even seem to hint at a physical relationship between them. There have been enough dubcon relationships on this show without adding this to the list.

I think that Sera Gamble (I miss that genius as a writer on the show!)  intended to use her as a clear parallel for Dean - which would explain why they look so much alike - because we get to see how much more his feelings for Dean are than for anyone else on the planet.  When Dean comes back into his life, it’s as though his wife barely exists anymore and he chooses to leave right away with this stranger.  Then of course, there is the scene where he gains back his memory as he smites the demons and all the important memories that we see are about Dean, at which point he turns around and tells Dean exactly where his priorities lie two simple sentences, “I remember you. I remember everything.” Because Dean always has and always will come before everything else in Castiel’s existence. 

Back to Daphne for a moment though.  I do think that she was a provision from God or whoever else (I personally have a headcanon that Death is the one that brought Castiel back in Season Seven) raised Castiel from the dead.  Castiel was depressed, crazy, and suicidal upon regaining his memory (partially from taking on Sam’s madness, but more from remembering his actions) and I think that he was remade without them so that he would be able to have a brief time of rest from the knowledge of what he had done, who he was, and why one human was so important.

I do think that she cared for Castiel though and I actually have this head-canon that he went to visit her sometime after Reading is Fundamental, while he was still Crazy!Cas, only to discover every trace of their former life gone.  She would have been just one more mystery to add to his long list of questions about why he has been resurrected over and over.