gosh i love you tons

(A Part-Two Sort of Thing)

Messages to people I consider friends :D

well-damn-luke: Clara Grace, words can’t describe how awesome you are, okay? I’m like 99.9% sure no one else would put up with me the way you do. From being able to send the weirdest shit to your ask to just talking to you whenever to wanting massive cuddle sessions, I feel like you’re my best friend. You give the best advice when I need it, you’re gorgeous, and so talented and sweet and I love you to bits.

bitchassluke: Pooja! You, my friend, are one of the greatest people I know. I am so glad we’re friends because wow, you’re incredibly funny, you are stunning (even if you think or say otherwise), and you’re there for me. Let’s also not forget the major feels you bring with your incessant text posts. I love you so much and I love how we can rant to each other about things and not give a rat’s ass. Our friendship is great. Stay rad.

ash-iwin: Jenna okay you are literally one of the very first 5sos blogs I followed (I think it was second!) and I am infinitely happy that I didn’t unfollow you from that point for any reason because we wouldn’t be where we are today! You are a fabulous person who runs a fabulous blog and gosh darn it you are so beautiful. Self-esteem issues arise when you post selfies. But yeah I love you and you’re fab.

blazecal: Geneva girl. I swear the conversations we have should be like monitored or something – they’re so frickin weird. Remember though, we have a garden gnome and cat army to assemble to take over the world. Hahaha okay in all seriousness, you are hilarious and so fun to talk to and I absolutely love you. (I also think I’ve picked up saying “hellza” because of you.)

orgascal: Crystal, you’re such a major sweetheart and I love you so much. I know I told you this before but I followed you when you were still burritoirwin and I was like :( she’s so cute and awesome and she’ll never notice me. So you can say I flipped when you did! You put a smile on my face and you make me really happy and I love you lots and lots and yeah stay beautiful, darling.

starbucalum: Kayla! You’re such a babe and I love talking to you. From our fruit talks about how I eat grapes with a fork (not off the vine) to having lots of feels to just whatever? Like I don’t even know, I love you so much, and are we married? I think we are. There’s some post about it or something. Maybe it was on a selfie. But yeah okay anyway I love you and I love you and I love you.

stopitcalum: Ki’i oh gosh where do I start. You are like. Probably my favorite Calum girl. Like ever. And I fangirled really hard when you followed me because you are so wow and I am so not. I don’t think you consider us friends but I listed you as a friend anyway. Let’s see okay 1. you make a bunch of text posts that make me cry and give me severe feels. 2. your selfies also make me cry bc beautiful. 3. your tags often make me laugh 4. why’re you so awesome, like bye. (Ily.)

cuddlyhemming: Jenna aye okay so I just scrolled through our text conversations and like 90% of it is in caps. I love talking to you and I just love you a lot in general and it’s great that our conversations always consist of us yelling at each other about 5sos and how great food is and how you’ve never hit post limit before? Is that a thing?? That you’ve never felt the frustration of post limit??? Anyway, you’re cute and I love you okay.

calumoxide: Nalisha babe okay I haven’t been following you for a very long time but so far you are g9 okay so keep up the good work. I love you like a lot and also we need to talk more because you seem hella rad (sorry I stole what you said about me in your follow forever heh but it’s true). Also remember, we are dating. You said it yourself. It’s official.

acousticirwin: Sydney okay first of all, your edits are A+. Second, your AUs make me cry all the freaking time okay and I don’t even know how you come up with that many like you just bang them out one after the other and it kills me. Anyway, I’m really glad I followed you because you’re super awesome and yay fronds :D

assholuke: Kathryn… *lets out big sigh* as much as we banter and throw sarcasm at each other, I do feel like we’re good friends, I mean, who else am I going to be an asshole/assholuke to? (Sorry, I had to.) You’re pretty rad, if I do say so myself, and I’m glad there’s someone who puts up with my shit, even though you don’t have to.

lucahemming: Sarah I know we’ve at least a few interactions but for some reason I can’t remember any of them. But despite that, I know I adore you and you are going to be my cuddle buddy if you’re ever in New York…I do remember comparing heights though which was obviously a crucial factor in the cuddling! You’re awesome. Stay awesome.

pengirwin: Kristen, hey girl hey. Okay sometimes it feels like I’m reblogging all of your stuff and other times it feels like you’re reblogging all of mine…so…I’m glad it’s mutual? Haha anyway I love you and I loved talking (or rather, yelling) with you about All Time Low and how frickin good their music is and we also yell at each other about 5sos and yeah it’s always a good time.

spiritcal: Faith hello alright this is a perfect example of how being nice to people can turn into friendship. I don’t think we’ve spoken in a while but you’re still a kickass person in my book and I love you okay.

barakalifford: Julia we haven’t talked in a while and I do miss your snapchats! But I love you loads and thanks for being a friend :-) (Heartbreak Girl starts playing in the background)

Other mentions!

420calum: Aly. You’re one of the first 5sos blogs I followed I think, and I followed you when you were at 4k followers, and that’s where I am now, which is weird if you think about it. I admire you a lot and hope we can talk more in the future :)

assston: Raquel. I thought it was cute when you said you were really happy that I followed you, and I’m also glad I followed you back! You’re awesome and that preference made me cry (the one I reblogged a while ago).

comfortcal: Sage. You’re such a cutie and I love all your outfits and selfies and you’re so rad okay. Plus you’re also one of my top Calum girls aye *wink wink*.

darlinglucas: Nicole. Wow your voice is stupendous and thanks for loving my blog and if you held the New York 5sos ticket for me, thanks for doing that as well, I love you.

fallenfor5sos: Sandra. We haven’t talked like ever, but I want you to know that I think you made the most wicked edits/gifs, so thanks for being awesome.

michaelgclifford: Molly. I sort of love you from afar and I talked to you on anon a couple times and off anon a couple times. You’re lovely and cute and sweet and I really admire you :)

mikashton: Silvia. You’re great okay for doing everything. Your gifs are marvelous and I love how you can gif things in like 3 seconds. Love you lots.

touchmyash: Sam. You’re a babe oh my gosh and I love you tons. I hope we get to talk more! I feel like I never talk to you…which I don’t.


That absolutely came out longer than intended but I wanted to say some stuff to friends, so yeah I love you all wee