gosh i love this musical

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.

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But your old art is great

I beg to differ, anon

On a side note, it’s been almost a year since I drew my first Hamilton fanart.

He calls me Pineapple Princess 

All day

As he plays his ukulele on a hill above the bay

here’s a soft cartoony doodle for a soft cartoony song !! c:

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Jin & J-Hope dancing to “Hot Pink” (feat. an embarassed Rapmon)


Angelica Schuyler: I got detention once for wearing a crop top but I never showed up. It’s not fair that girls should have to wear certain things while the boys can do whatever they want.

Peggy Schuyler: Work!

what has me crying the hardest tonight? the people screaming after the helicopter. you’re able to hear individual voices…which makes this even harder. and then you’re hit with the reminder that this may the theatre…but this is also based off a “true” story. theatre can only grasp onto a portion of reality. and that makes this whole musical that much more significant.

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Seeing the songs thing go round made me think of the Friends to the End song for you and Virge from the old Tom and Jerry Movie

We’re two of a kind
Much of a mind
We find our way together
Thinkin’ as one
Searchin’ for sunny skies

//clutches heart//

oh my god all those lyrics are just the best how can I pick one verse the whole thing is such brotp send help



I watched the I Love You scene without music… Sherlock yells out I love you a 3rd time when they zoom out while he’s smashing the coffin. My brother heard it too. It’s clear as day. Sherlolly is canon, y'all.

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Sure abel's vocals are nice but he dulls lana down and sort of makes her voice fade into the background. barrie & lana's vocals are so much better together and they both stand out.

I mean I’ll always prefer Lana & Barrie’s collabs.. Gosh I love their voices and I wish we got more music out of them before they split. Riverside is so beautiful and I love Barrie’s music. Cold Coffee is my favorite album of 2016.