gosh i love them

lee jeno appreciation post

bc he deserves more appreciation????? i don’t understand why yall sleep on him?????

lets start with m’beautiful boys eyes because o my gosh?


um????/ they’re so sparkly and such a nice shape?????? i love them and you should too?????

moving onto his beautiful smile and eyesmile???????? 

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they become like a half moon shape and its so perfect????

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I!!!!!!!!!!!!! love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay and now,,,,, the way he laughs,,,,, just yall wait to see how cute it is,,,,,,,, just yall wai t

do u see?????? he’s a beautiful bright sunshine boy????????

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did i menTIOn that he can play guitar?????? incredibly well??????

LOOK AT WHAT MY AMAZING SISTER MADE ME!! Guys, I am going to be posting these a lot. All individually, at the very least at some point, although I will try not to post them all at once to pace myself, but gosh I love those so much I’m definitely going to keep posting them a lot, so sorry ahead of time, (but also not that sorry because I love these and my sister is the best.)


c-clown, infinite, vixx; scorpion dance and now kiss body touch… ~(•ε • ~) 


Jin & J-Hope dancing to “Hot Pink” (feat. an embarassed Rapmon)

YA book Challenge 
        ↳ favourite male character [3/5]: julian blackthorn

He looked at her, his face open and guileless. There was no trickery in Jules, no darkness. “Aren’t we forever?” he asked.



L: “Please tell me you recoded that”