gosh i love that so much

Here’s your King Dice and my king dice (Dicey)
King Dice: Why are you short?
Dicey: Because I can be.
King Dice: Why do you have woman hips?
Dicey: ……………. To match my butt.
I will do one with the devil boys if you approve and I love your art so much.

Submitted by @vanillabite13

Oh my gosh, I love your version of him! Especially the hair. And yes please, I’d love to see you devil interact with mine as well!! Thank you so much



OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED! Okay, so y'all may or may not know this, but I originally never wanted to start this blog. I didn’t think anyone would like my art work, since so many people are so much better at it. But whoo boy, Imagine my surprise when I reached 100 followers, and then people just started to pour in, giving such loving praise and compliments to my work!

I almost cried when I saw the milestone we hit! I don’t think you people realize just how important this is to me. I had no confidence when I first created this blog, but look at me now! I’m currently running three blogs and co-owning another blog with Socky! I didn’t make this happen; you guys did! You gave me my confidence, and I am forever grateful to you all for it!

Now, some shout outs!
@blog-sockydraw you were such an inspiration to me, and much better with traditional art than I was, so I felt that I could only stare from afar while you amounted to this outstanding young artist you are now. But imagine my surprise when you actually followed me! I was so damn happy! And then you started to chat with me, and I can say with true honesty that you are one of my closest Tumblr friends.
@ask-guilldawhiteinkwildcat (I can’t tag for you some reason) you were so kind to me when I first started! You would chat with me sometimes and make me smile and laugh with your shenanigans. So for that, thank you!
@ihaileysenpai honestly Hailey, I wouldn’t care what you dubbed, because your such a nice person who’ve I’ve looked up to because of your personality and your jokes, which always made me laugh btw. You’re such an amazing person, so you keep being you Hun; never change! (Get better though Hun)
@theniceprincess-tnp wow, where do I even start? Okay, so I’ve been watching you for probably a year now. You were probably the second dubber I ever watched, the first being Ania. You made me crack a smile, and I’ve even talked to you on discord before, though you probably don’t remember. I was with Poni though! You’re such a nice and supportive person, and honest to boot. Playful too! So, do never change Nice, you’re such a good person, so don’t let anyone else’s opinion change that.
And now, probably the most important person to thank;
@pony-broni / @bendybabies
Hun, I literally don’t even know where to start. You helped me through a really tuff time, and I’ve always admired you, even before I started Tumblr. You were the type of person that made me want to better myself and I honestly never thought I’d ever meet you, let alone you noticing me. But when I decided to send you that first fanart, it’s one of my many decisions that I’ll never regret. Thanks to you, I gained so many opportunities and met so many amazing people, so for that I honestly thank you for the very bottom of my heart! Poni, I honestly consider you a sister, and I only do the at to people who I truly trust. So; thank you.

I didn’t make this happen, YOU GUYS DID. And I thank you from the very bottom of my soul. Tumblr is my home, it’s where I belong, and I’ll never regret joining this society.

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You're honestly my favourite voltron artist. I always wait for your new art to come out and I just scream in joy when it does. I will forever encourage and follow you. I've slowly started to purchase your work on redbubble and I just love it. I don't know how to express how much I love your art work on a personal level but, thank you. It's genuinely stunning. I believe in you! :)

This is such a kind message, anon, oh my gosh! I can’t say what an amazing compliment this is, the voltron fandom is full of such skilled and creative artists! To be anyone’s favorite is a huge honor. I’m so happy you found my blog and followed me, and I hope you will continue to like works I create in the future!

Also, thank you so much for purchasing my stuff on redbubble! I hope you will like it! I’m always super happy to see photos of my things, its so cool when you realise ‘wow, someone has that in their home/they use something with my art on it’!
I feel like I cannot thank you enough for everything in just mere words, imagine me giving you the longest most sincere hug of gratitude! You absolutely made my day, anon! I hope you have the best one!

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Oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry for spamming but I read the text where you mentioned how much you love this AU and - Believe me, I know how you feel, creating my own plots and characters etc., I definitely understand your love for this AU. And it shows, your HCs are really cute and give them so much personality and your art is great too. I've mentioned this before, but I love this blog a lot! It's one of the few blogs I check on a daily basis. :D

((nooo its no problem at all, there’s no need to apologize :O im glad my little spiel was relatable, its always nice to know people feel the same and im so happy that my love of BATIM and this AU is apparent through the characters. thank you for enjoying my blog, cinnamonbun ; u ;))

oh my gosh i am like one minute into the fourth episode of the good doctor and i am loving it so much

like i absolutely know what he’s feeling

that panic of not finding that thing that you desperately need to fix that Bad Sensory Input?? that frustration? anger?? yeah i feel you, shaun

i am so happy theyre showing this side of autism bc before i was afraid they were gonna keep up the whole “sweet cinnamon roll who is always happy” thingg but they arent and im so pleased

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Hi! So I started following you bc of the bartender posts (congrats on that btw) and I loved the Stucky ficlets you wrote! I was wondering what your AO3 was so I could read more of your work?

hahaha I can’t believe how much attention that post has gotten, tbh!! But yay, welcome! ^^

And oh gosh thank you so much??? I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed my silly writing!! I’m on Ao3 as ViperSeven, though tbh you won’t find much there yet. I keep meaning to post stuff over there but I keep putting it back because Ao3 coding/formatting gives me an ulcer every single time *tired sigh*.

But I did intend to force myself to post some things there, so I might actually use this ask as a push :P thank you! hahaha <3

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I was actually really worried about this one because it’s very different and I didn’t know how it would do but this is a good sign!
Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/day and enjoy the rest of the au whenever I get around to it!

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Would you write a fic where Lofty talks to Sacha about his past and sexuality and his feelings for Dom? And maybe Dom talks to Sacha too and he's in the middle being all caring as usual? Angsty pining from Dofty but it'll all turn good in the end?? Please!

Oh my gosh I love this prompt!! I’m gonna do this in three parts. Part one is just posted and I’ll hopefully post the others over the next couple of days :D

Thank you so much for the request!! 

Part One: x

Part Two: x

Part Three: x