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Nirvana in Fire Episode One Reaction


I want to race into episode 2 instead of pausing to write this but I promised I’d share my reactions as I go, so here I am XD

Oh, and before I get any further I want to state for the record that I am pretty much unspoilered for this entire show. I’ve seen gifsets around Tumblr and such but I’ve always been careful to avoid really looking at them or any commentary etc. because I could tell I’ll probably love this and didn’t want to ruin it for myself. The only thing I knew going in pretty much is that it’s a Chinese period drama, that it has like a million episodes, and that I had the impression it was a slow burn revenge story of some kind??? Like I was getting vague Count of Monte Cristo vibes off it without any concrete evidence for them lol but anyway I don’t know anything but I’m ready for shenanigans XD

OK, so the opening credits started and about 20 seconds in I was grinning madly because the watercolor/calligraphy visuals, and the music is so gorgeous, and the butterfly motif had me wondering if that’s signaling this show will have a central theme of rebirth or transformation or if the butterfly means something else in China. No idea, but anyway all this had me pretty much in love before the show even really started lol just give me that gorgeous theme in every episode and I don’t care that there’s a million, I’ll drink it all up.

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re: Japanese twitter, there was a showing of the movie today followed by staff comments, so that's probably what the other anon is seeing people talk about. And apparently they showed the NG shuu...or at least one of them? I haven't read a full report so it's hard to tell but anyway for sure they showed the one with Kise and Aomine speaking bad English. (Apparently they had to do a retake because Aomine's English was too good at first, haha)

Oh yeah I heard about that showing!  I wasn’t able to attend it as it was in Tokyo and also it was a weekday. Haha that’s funny that Aomine’s English was too good at first XD Maybe the staff mentioned a new CD release or something? (Gosh I’d love a Vorpal Swords group song please) Either way I’m sure if there were any big announcements they’ll make an official announcement as soon as even today or sometime this week. 


Oh my goodness! I am totally fangirling right now. I loved the first SAO so much, so I had my doubts I would love the sequel, because you know how sequels are. Haha! Well, I am hooked! I just think the animation is beautiful. Just look at their eyes! Sinon is a really cool character and I can’t wait to see how she develops in game and irl. Kirito never disappoints either. Gosh, I just love this anime so much! ❤️