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Find Your Prompt

I thought it would be fun to do one of these with prompts. So here you go people:

1. First letter of your name.

2. Your birthday.

A. “Ow! What was that for?!”

B. “Come on, help me find it!”

C. “I want to show you something.”

D. “You do have a plan, right?”

E. “Reading from an ancient book, never a good idea.”

F. “I may kinda be stuck.”

G. “This is not funny!”

H. “It’s okay, I resurrected you.”

I. “Good morning, I made breakfast, here-”

J. “So, how did you two meet?”

K. “You can’t just die, please don’t die!“

L. “Please say you’re here to stay.”

M. “You’re staring again.”

N. “Wait, you’re royalty?”

O. “Ahh, it’s too hot in this room!”

P. “You tried to kill me!”

Q. “What did you break this time?”

R. “Looks fun, doesn’t it?”

S. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?”

T. “You’ve gotten us lost, haven’t you?”

U. “How did you know?

V. "Didn’t you say we were friends?”

W. “Is that a puppy? That’s so sweet, you brought me a puppy!”

X. “What is wrong with you? You drank one of those potions again didn’t you?”

Y. “You could help!”

Z. “This isn’t real.”

1. “Betrayal never comes from an enemy.”

2. “This is all your fault.”

3. “You can’t just give up!”

4. “Being part angel has it’s perks sometimes.”

5. “Don’t just stand there, run!”

6. “I beg to differ.”

7. “I stole his wallet.”

8. “Its not like you gave me a choice.”

9. “Hey, I’m with you always.”

10. “You’re about to find out.“

11. "We really don’t have time for this right now.”

12. “Of course not.”

13. “Love, I’m already dead.”

14. “Oh my gosh, that is terrifying!”

15. "Not going to happen.”

16. “Do you know how to knock?“

17. "What’s that?”

18. “It wasn’t me!”

19. “I told you not to come over here.”

20. “Run! And don’t stop running!”

21. “Take these chains off first.”

22. “I don’t even know you!”

23. “It’s three in the morning.”

24. “This place is super creepy.”

25. “Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

26. “Hey, you can’t just barge in here like that!”

27. “This one followed me home.“

28. “You don’t really believe that do you?”

29. "Me? Of course not!”

30. “I could also be living my life but look where we are.”

31. “I did?”

  • Jungkook: I looked at him as a friend, until i realized i loved him.
  • Yoongi: You need a whole damn year to realize that you LIKE him.
  • Hoseok: And another whole year to realize that you loved him.
  • Taehyung: Yeah, but he got it, so we can be proud of him.
  • Yoongi: I'm afraid of the years he needs, until he can tell him that he loves him.
  • Taehyung: That's a good point.
  • Jungkook [sarcasdtically]: You're real friends. Thank you.
  • Jimin [enters the room]: Who was mean to my baby boy?
  • Yoongi: How the fuck do you know, that Jungkooks feels uncomfortable?
  • Jimin: I feel it.
  • Hoseok: Oh my gosh! They are on the next level. That's creepy.
  • Jimin: What?
  • Jungkook: What?
  • Taehyung: Nothing! Does anyone like a cake?

(I submitted instead of made a series of asks cause it would have been like 12 parts)

I made a potential observation on ninja interpersonal culture while thinking about a message you got on Sound!Naruto and I don’t know if I’m disgusted or entertained?

My thoughts started out from the line “Oro kidnaps Naruto when he defects (maybe tie in some MinaOro/MinaKushiOro for reasoning or just because he wants a jinchuuriki)” because the idea really appeals to me. All the discussion on MinaOro got me pumped, trope wise I’m into age gaps and OT3’s and inexperienced older men and inexperienced older men being dragged by the ear into OT3’s and powerful women absolutely wearing the pants over their powerful men and whether Kushina and Oro’s sexuality are compatible with one another or not I care little either way, they are just so fun to stick in a room together. And what really tickles me in child rearing OT3’s is when the obviously non genetic parent is ALL OVER parenting that child.

So I was sitting there wallowing in my fantasies and was just like “Oh gosh how cute would that be, It’d be like Reverse redux, Daddy Oro steals away his child, all smiles and on the run and M(P)aternal love, while the whole of Konoha is positive that that boy is in for a world of creepy pain and testing cause no one knew about Naruto’s parents, and the ones that did might not have known about Oro?” and about that same time I came across a post where there was some disappointment shown that Jiraiya didn’t seem to remember Kushina’s name, despite being close to Minato, and the anime’s treatment of women. I agree, but I did have this passing thought, that it still at least made sense in context of the show, since giving the name Uzumaki to Naruto seemed to have sheltered him from a vast majority of the village when it comes to knowing his roots, and with the wonky timeline, it can be argued that how far Minato and Kushina’s relationship before Jiraiya leaves is debatable, and despite being Naruto’s godfather, he may have never actually realized that Minato’s relationship with Kushina came that far, that it was just Minato’s kid and wife who was in a village far away and it could or could not have been Kushina. 

And that, the fact that Jiraiya didn’t know Kushina’s name, mixed with that really annoying to me fact that the majority of the village didn’t know the new Hokage had a wife and kid or the details of them at least, and just, a million little details of ridiculous amounts of lacking knowledge all hit me at once. The identities of working Anbu are supposed to be unknown to everyone but the Hokage when there’s a small pool of potential candidates with specific and powerful abilities comes to mind? Most people ignore that in fic and just roll. Danzo getting away with so much, even if Hiruzen himself was at least somewhat aware, is almost unbelievable, as is the fact that Naruto’s generation has been going to classes to teach the basic’s of ninjitsu, but they still need a lot of exposition to learn about the world around them in things that probably should have been covered at this point. A lot of pedigrees of a LOT of main characters is full of suspicious holes that none of the characters are to thrilled to try and fill, and the daily lives of friends and colleges are often mysteries until the series itself deems it funny for another character to explore. And every time I think of this junk, I think why and usually draw a blank, but not this time.

And you know, everyone makes out Konoha and the other villages to be a (kinda goofy) den of snoopy ninja and one-upmanship and everyone is always observing and learning things about everyone else and…. funny thought…stick with me here…what if it’s not? What if everyone else genuinely has no clue whats happening with everyone else, or even how far that everyone else extends? It kinda makes sense. Like, children, massive amounts of children go missing and receives no comment until they are found. Political plots are conceived and hatched and come to tragic ends for a lack of information on several accounts. People wander into town and are never questioned on their source. Nobody seems to check in on Naruto, or Sasuke, or Obito, or Kakashi, or Orochimaru, or any other Konoha orphans who’s backstory we know. 

What if, when it comes to your own village, you just don’t go poking your nose in?

Like we see some of what most people frame the village as in fandom in really early Naruto and some latter filler episodes, but with some exceptions (such as Kakashi and Gai’s antics) it’s mostly Naruto’s generation who does all the shenanigans and poking around. And Konaha, heck the village system in general, and I tend to forget this, is actually fairly new. It’s what? About 6 generations young? That’s ridiculous! And a majority of that time is spent in war. Think about that, and it really makes sense. The previous generation finishes off a war young, and is only just now, within the last decade, still in mourning and still fighting, starting to show some rowdiness, and this applies back to the village’s conception. In all, Naruto’s gen is probably the first to embrace their superhuman abilities as something to play with whole heartily. 

So before now there’s probably very little active play snooping that happens outside of the sort of practice play you get in little genin teams, so snooping from curiosity or joy is out. There’s still a palpable tension between the Uchiha and Hyuuga, so there’s probably a sort of active discouragement to snoop, a show of trust to try and assuage tensions and prevent war. On the same note, ninja at the heart of it are a mercenary culture. They do terrible things for the right price, and that sort of lifestyle asks that questions of motivation are better left unasked. Your average ninja might just assume that if something seems suspicious, then either the higher ups already know about it, and you risk ruining whatever measures are being taken to change or work against the suspicious thing, or you snoop and potentially find something you shouldn’t and don’t make it out alive. 

And take a lot of the big gaping common sense plot holes and fill it in with that mentality and it works. Danzo got away with so much because Hiruzen assumed suspicious activity would be reported, and anyone outside of Danzo’s network who saw suspicious activity assumed that the activity was known and being addressed. Both Itachi and Oro didn’t question Danzo’s orders, despite knowing they were wrong, because in their shoes they couldn’t know how far the “Danzo knew that Hiruzen knew that Danzo knew that Hiruzen knew…” train went and had to trust the Hokage. No one ever comes to help Naruto or any of the other tragic backstory orphans, because anyone who would care, their own issues aside, might assume that no matter how bad it looks, someone else has got it. No one attacked Konoha after the Kyuubi attack because Hiruzen did everything in his power to squash every single rumor about it both within and without his village, people didn’t talk, meaning most didn’t know it happened until Konoha had rallied it’s defenses. If anything, the planned Uchiha coup just proves how dangerous rumors can be in a ninja village, and how they might try and prevent people from poking their noses into everything. And that trickles down into the every day lives of a whole group of war torn and grieving people who have isolated themselves, living in a world that discourages attempts at breaking that isolation. The restaurant owners and shopkeeps don’t run the rumor mill, Konoha doesn’t have a rumor mill, and if you hint otherwise it could be dangerous for you and your store.

So here’s some food for thought that just came to my mind. What if Mikoto didn’t know who Naruto’s father was? Like, knowing that her eventual conception and birth would weaken the seal, Kushina is not allowed to tell anyone who doesn’t come across the information about her marriage just in case, and Mikoto doesn’t question it, because that’s how it works in the village. Terrifying. 

(Also taking that into account, you could probably insert any crack ship into canon and not change it at all cause fudge if anyone knew what was happening outside their little spheres back then, it’s all news to them. Any number of illegitimate children and secret family and marriages and torrid love affairs could come to light and it would be all news to them.) 

I found this amusing and at least it tries to patch over some gaping plot holes, but whether you go with everyone being idiots and nothing makes sense, or this barely cohesive mess, and of course there are always exceptions…

Tl;dr, Naruto world ninja ARE BAD AT THEIR JOBS.

Cupid's Match: Draco; Heartbreakers

/Warning(s): None?\


“Draco Malfoy and Y/N Sire.” Cupid said, checking the two of you off. Cupid held his bow and arrow, positioning the heart-tipped arrow at your back. “Steady, hmm, quite the mover.” Cupid said, as you moved through out the Forbidden Forest. You heard a noice and stood still giving Cupid enough time to shoot you.

Your PoV

I felt dizzy, a simmering pain in my back. I tried heading straight back to Hogwarts, but I couldn’t. I fell at time and gripped onto trees trying not to collapse. I walked until I saw the Hogwarts Castle. I tried the run, but before I knew it I saw pink.


“Oh she’s waking up.” A voice hushed. I groaned, and stood up rubbing my head with my palm. “What happened?” I asked. “I found you outside the Forbidden Forest, passed out, looking like you went to a party and then came back hungover. So how are you?” Your friend, Ezra, said. “I’m good, Ez. I just feel funny.” I said.

“Well, get back on your feet, you have three boys to break up with on Valentine’s Day!” Ezra told you. “You only want me to get out of here to make boys suffer as your entertainment?” I quirk an eyebrow. “Oh, how did you know?” Ezra deadpanned. “Just a hunch.” I say, sarcasm dripping in my voice. “And then win a hottie and break his heart, it’ll be the talk of the school for the week, they’ll want to know who broke up with who, and oh it’s just nice.” Ezra fantasizes.

“Well, I mean I’m up for a challenge.” I say, Madam Pomfrey enters and sets down a tray by your table. “How do you feel dearie?” Madam Pomfrey interrogates. “I feel alright. I don’t feel sick, it was probably a awful smell from the forest.” I say.

“That good news, just take these medications and you’ll feel better than ever.” Madam Pomfrey handed me potions of resisting ache and such. “May I go?” I ask. “Yes, just sign out.” She gleamed at you. I signed out and thanked Madam Pomfrey. “Who first?” I question Ezra, who took out a list.

“First up, Colin Creevy.” Ezra said. “Ironic. Did this boy honestly think he had a chance with you, he was absolutely creepy. Ah! Colin Creepy.” Ezra laughed. “I like how you fooled him with the ‘First Kiss Talk’. He fell so in love with you.” Ezra told you. “There he is.” I said, “Gum.” Ezra took out gum and handed it to me, I took a piece and chewed on it the mint flavor tingling my tastebuds.

“Hey Colin.” I grinned sweetly. “Oh, hello Y/N!” Colin beamed. “I got you something.” Colin blushed, pulling out a box of chocolates. “Oh my gosh, Colin these are amazing, but that’s not what I came for.” I say, the end of my sentence becoming gradually sadder. “What’s wrong Y/N?” Colin asked. “Colin I don’t think this is going to work out.” I said, putting on a sad smile.

“And it’s not me. It’s you.” I said, grabbing the box of chocolates and heading of with Ezra. I looked back at a stunned Creevy. “Poor boy.” Ezra fake poured. “Let’s just go before he tells.” I said. Spitting out the gum in my mouth into the wrapper. “Dean Thomas.” Ezra said. “Sad, I kind of liked him.” I shrug. “Oh well.” Ezra said, checking him off. “Gryffindor Common Room?” I ask, thinking he’ll be there. “I’m not sure.” Ezra said. While heading to the Gryffindor Common Room, I spotted bleach white haired boy with a girl.

I inspected the scene closely and saw that the girl was in tears. I felt awful, but that is the same thing I’m doing to boys. It has always been like this, get them in love with me, get all I need, and then throw them away. It seems that I’m not the only one doing this. I seemed to feel awful about the dilemma all the time. They were in love and I wasn’t, I just couldn’t. I just don’t want to be heartbroken.

Draco’s PoV

Pansy Parkinson was sobbing at my feet, I felt awkward, it was embarrassing. I needed to get out fast. I pushed Pansy off my feet and walked off casually. I still heard her sobs and screams of coming back to her, but I didn’t. I still had Astoria Greengrass and another chick to break up with. I headed towards the dungeons to the Slytherin Common Room. It was decorated in silver hearts, which was hugely preferred towards the pink ones.

I saw Astoria sitting and reading a book, she looked up and gave me a grand smile. “Hello Draco.” Astoria said, her voice sickly sweet for my liking. “Hello Astoria.” I said, playing a gloom face. “What’s wrong?” Astoria questions, becoming worried. “I think we need to call this an end.” I said, as I felt a tingling pain in chest at my heart specifically. “Why?” Astoria said with tears in her eyes. “I-,” I stop talking as my head gets dizzy. “I need to go to the Infirmary.” I say, clutching my head as I stand up and fall down.

“Draco! You alright, mate.” A blurry figure of Blaise told me. “I’m not.” I said. “Come on let’s go.” Blaise putting my arm around his shoulder dragging me to the Infirmary passing out as I saw pink.


I woke with Blaise beside me. “You awake?” Blaise asks. “No.” I retort. “Alright let me make you a grave.” Blaise cheekily smiled. “Gosh, I feel awfully weird.” I told Blaise. “I just want to get out of here.” I said. “Ask Madam Pomfrey. And quick I have to go to the Valentine’s Day Ball with my girlfriend.” Blaise told me. “There’s a Ball?” I question. “Yes.” Blaise said. “Now hurry.” Blaise rushes. I ask Madam Pomfrey if I could leave, she said of course but I still got medications. We went to the Slytherin Common Room and Blaise went to get prepared and I think I’ll join him to the Ball.

I looked at pure black suit with a white blouse underneath. “You need something festive.” Blaise said, handing me a pink bow tie, I put it on even though I dislike the color. “Ready? You don’t have a date don’t you?” Blaise interrogated. “Yes and no, but I’m still going.” I said. “OK.” Blaise sighed.

We walked out of the Slytherin Common Room, Blaise’s Ravenclaw girlfriend beside him, as I was the third wheel. We headed towards the Grand Hall. It was decorated in intriguing decor. I walked down to the end of the staircase. Watching all the love in the air, I looked up at the staircase and found two girls, one with pink and blond hair and the other with H/C hair.

She was absolutely breath-taking, I couldn’t remove my eyes off her. “Stop staring at her lover boy.” Her friend told me, I didn’t realize that they were down the stairs already. “By the way, she’s single.” Her friend winked at me, walking away. I looked back at the girl’s friend. She looked stunning, with her curled/straightened hair with a rose crown on top, her flowing fair pink dress that reached her knees were paired with glimmering silver heels.

I walked towards the girl, who was oddly alone. “Hello.” I said, catching her attention. “Ello.” She smiled, making a grin appear on my face. “May I have this dance?” I ask, putting out a hand for her to grab in which she did. “Sure.” She said. “I’m Draco. Draco Malfoy.” I told her. “Y/N. Y/N Sire.” She tells me as I twirl her around.

“You look lovely.” I say, “Thank you. Well, you look rather dashing yourself.” Y/N complimented me. “Thank you.” I laugh. The songs kept playing as we stared at each other, a stare like this could only appear to be in a Romance Novel. The song came close to an end and this was my chance, I dipped her and gave her a kiss. I pulled her up and she didn’t pull back, she laid her arms around my neck pulling me closer. Her soft, chocolate lips went on my slightly chapped, mint lips. A breeze swept right by us as a pink and white aurora surrounded us. We let go and looked at each other with Cheshire Cat grins on our faces.

Cupid’s PoV

Matched.” Cupid smiled.

suzumicchi  asked:

Aaah your YoI/Pokemon AU is wonderful and everything I needed in life! I know he's a bit iffy because a lot of people dislike him/find him creepy but I love him a lot, so I have to ask, do you have anything in mind for Christophe in this AU?

(Oh gosh sorry this is so late I just crawled out of finals hell asdasdahsd)

Aaah I’m so glad!!! >u<

Don’t worry, I like Chris too! I always thought that it was weird how suddenly intimate he was with Yuuri when he was first introduced, given the type of show this had been up till that point.

I don’t have much DX but I hope you’ll like it .:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.


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anonymous asked:

So Michael said that Jackoff betrayed him because he wanted Sara. Michael would never talk about Sara to him so I'm guessing he did a lot of stalking? It makes his "your face is amazing" speech in that earlier episode even creepier. Gosh. I hate him.

yes, let’s talk about jacob.

because i have some things to say about this situation, and how fucking scary the whole thing really is.

jacob is not only a manipulative piece of shit, but his creepy ass has been assaulting sara for the past seven years, as well as attempting to destroy a family so he could have some sort of misery / fatal attraction love with sara and her son.

and let me tell you, he does not love her.  he does not love mike.  he thinks he does, but i’ve had enough personal experiences and seen enough svu to know that his ass should be read his rights by olivia benson and locked up for the rest of his life.

so we know that this manipulation began before mike was even born, because michael got a call from him after they were exonerated, asking him to work for him or else…and michael immediately was like, “no way, i’m not working for you.”  and jacob threw sara in jail to prove his point.

and i ask, would someone that loved you risk your life like that to prove a point?  no.  would someone that has some sort of stalker-ish infatuation with someone do that?  yes.

so then he hangs sara’s life and the life of sara and michael’s baby over michael’s head so he’ll fake his death and cut off all contact with his family under the guise of working for him, when really, this guy was just trying to get michael out of the picture so he could make his move on sara.

like how fucking creepy.  he literally blackmailed someone’s husband to fake their death so he could marry their wife.  THAT IS SO FUCKING CREEPY.

so now, because he’s stalked the shit out of sara and thinks he’s eliminated michael from the picture, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get her to trust him, to love him, to marry him.

he is literally having sex and marrying a woman whose husband he’s gotten rid of, and is blatantly lying to her about it, claiming it was all for love.

so he finally gets what he wants, sara’s with him now, so he sets up michael, has him thrown in prison to die, and pretends to live a happy life with sara and mike, thwarting all efforts by michael to get in touch by throwing away his origami into the drain.

but here’s how we know for sure that it’s not love, and he’s just a psychotic, manipulative, rapist by fraud…

when, as michael says, sara stops playing the game and takes off the mask, jacob immediately kidnaps her son, the boy he claims to love, so that sara will continue to stay with him, and he can love her, twisting the situation to place the blame on sara, convinced that everything he’s ever done has been for love, and that he’s a good guy and why can’t she just let michael go and love him like she should?

which just makes you go back and think about everything he’s said about her…how her face is amazing, well sure, because that’s the first and only thing he knew about her when he probably started stalking her.  how of course michael fell in love with her, how could he not?  of course, he’s talking about himself, because how could he not fall in love with her?  placing the blame for all of this on her, because he just couldn’t help himself, she was just so beautiful and smart and funny, she was asking for it.


and that was what was truly scary about the whole situation.  because that really happens.  maybe not the whole manipulate your husband into faking his death shit, but this idea of a man wanting a woman, a woman he’s never actually met, so badly that he’s willing to manipulate the situation to get what he wants, her feelings be damned.  he acted like a nice guy, the perfect guy, and then as soon as she did something he didn’t care for, as soon she figured out his act, made a choice based on the truth, he flipped the switch, placed the blame on her, and is  now emotionally manipulating her still to comply with him or else…all the while still operating under the impression that he’s doing this because he loves her…and let me tell you, i have no doubt it’ll also turn physical, and he’ll be like, “look what you made me do.”

and this is probably why heather bugged me so damn much, because sara came to her, asked for help, told her what was happening, and she basically used the, “but he seems so nice, he loves you,” excuse when she has no idea what’s going on behind closed doors.  basically, talked her right back to the abuser.

jacob is the kind of monster that’s rooted in the real world.

and that’s scary as hell.

frillylittlecakes replied to your post “I realize I’m not speaking with a lot of experience under my belt but…”

Oh gosh. That would be sooo cooool. Also saw the tags, shadowfell is TOTALLY CREEPY BUT ALSO super cool

I KNOW! 8D Pretty much all the planes of existence have me going ‘!!!’ and I’ll definitely want some sort of planar travel adventure at some point if this game ever gets that far. xD But the Shadowfell! Unndead galore! Darkness! AND there’s a bit in the book about Evernight overlaying Neverwinter that makes it VERY CLOSE to where my party is currently. I mean they STARTED from Neverwinter! :D Would stand to reason that there might be a Shadow Crossing nearby. 

supertoastyqunari replied to your post “I realize I’m not speaking with a lot of experience under my belt but…”

A lot can depend on the DM and their gamestyle! I know that my GMing differs a lot from my game’s GM style, ahah. But if you start DMing…*raises hand*

Yeah, I think that I might thrive in a more chracter-driven game? Not in the sense that the characters make the story but I mean just more roleplay where the characters have more room. xD I am having a blast in this game too, I’m always super excited to play and get going and see what happens and the DM is good, but my ideal game would be a little more RP heavy I suppose. I don’t think it’d get rid of the ‘dealing with not knowing’ stuff but *shrugs* I don’t know. xD It feels more rewarding for me.

Also <3<3<3 @ the both of you and everyone else who has shown interest in playing with me or IN my future games. ^u^<3

devils-lament-deactivated201505  asked:

could you recommend me any good horror games? I've played mad father dreaming Mary so far as horror goes

gosh yes of course i can!!!! i’m not totally up to date with all of the current popular ones right now but i do have some i really love and want everyone to play!!! I hope at least some of this is helpful in your search but I love these games too much to be able to have coherent thoughts about them! ^o^;;

1. The Witch’s House!!! The one game I always recommend people is The Witch’s House!!! Definitely play it if you haven’t because the twist is something that I have still have not gotten over!!! It’s pretty popular so if you are tired of people talking about it i am sorry but gosh!!! It is the best!!! I played it such a long while ago and I’ll never forget how totally creepy it is!!! Not only is it scary, but the atmosphere and endings are very memorable!!!! The deaths are ridiculous in number and if you’ve ever wanted to feel totally heartbroken and scared at the same time it is definitely the cute pixel game for you!!! Please play it because it is definitely my favorite spooky rpg!!!! It was the game that got me into these games and got me started drawing lots of spooky rpg fanart!!! ^O^

2. Re:Kinder!!! This game is so cute and incredibly SADDDD!!!! and definitely silly sometimes and oh my gosh i love it so much i do not even know how to talk about it properly because ahhhh!!! this is a very important game for me. It’s not really that scary but it does fit the genre!! It’s a game i love enough to recommend to people so please look into it sometime!!!!

3. Mermaid Swamp! This one totally fits the horror genre! Definitely the scariest of the games im recommending to you! It spooks me out just thinking about it!!! i’ve been meaning to draw fanart for like ever but oh my gosh is this game spooky dooky and neato too! The Yaobikuni ending of this game is probably my favorite endings in any spooky rpg game ever too! I also love all of the Ophelia paintings in the game!! If you want something horror it is definitely for you!!

4. Cloé’s Requiem!!! I only played this recently but it is incredibly heart wrenching and if you want to cry? and you want to rip out your own heart and throw it away? this spooky game is definitely for you!!! gosh i love it so much and wish more people would play it so i could talk to them about it!!!

5. Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout!!! Made by the same group as Cloé’s Requiem, this one is just as enjoyable (and painful)! Its cute atmosphere at the beginning of the game quickly turns into something incredibly creepy for the player the longer they play! Based on your icon I assume you dig vampires and cute boys (Bernd is so cute in this game and I want to pinch his cheeks off!!!) so gosh I think you’d like this game a lot too!!!! Not a lot of kiddos have played this one so I definitely feel the need to push it into your face!!! I definitely want more people to appreciate it!!!!!


I tried my hand, and it didn’t do my vision justice. But anyways…
This is Padparadscha Sapphire! Her gem is her eye (so sorry about how that turned out!) her weapon is the element of fire, much like Ruby, but she mainly gets it from sunlight (like it charges her up ya know? XD)

You can modify it however you like!

I hope you like it~

!!!!! Oh my gosh! I love this! She’s so cute! And I’m so excited about the fact that you would want to design a gemsona for me you don’t even know. I love the way you gave her the pink hair fade on her bangs and eyeball gems are just the right combination of cute and creepy I love it. Also ankle boots are always A+. (also also one of my favorite shows of all time is Avatar: TheLast Airbender and I always secretly wanted to be a firebender so fire powers are awesome) 

Just wow! Thank you so much for drawing this for me! <3


I love how he just doesn’t even care. He’s basically sending them to their death looking for a creepy Holocron while he’s sitting there on his sand throne being all mysterious and stuff. Pfft. Classic Bendu.

Bleach characters, you have just learned that the big bad of Bleach has been Rin the whole time! Your reactions?

Rin feature requested by anon. :)

Ichigo: W-what?! No way!


Ichigo: Wait……who the hell is Rin?

Akon: He’s a Squad 12 guy.

Akon: Floppy hair. Random hair knot on the top of his head. Almost never appears. Likes candy. A lot.

Ukitake: B-but then how can he be evil?

Ukitake: People who love candy are never evil!

Gin: I like candy.


Ukitake: My worldview is crumbling.

Hiyosu: I mean….I guess Rin did stab me in his last panel.

Hiyosu: Me a fellow Squad 12 guy.

Hiyosu: But I assumed he was being controlled by the Quincy!

Hiyosu: I guess maybe I should have asked more questions.

Kira: Gosh. A villain coming from Squad 12. What an enormous surprise.

Kira: It’s almost as if a creepy torture squad with secret cameras everywhere is a bad idea.

Hiyori: See? See?! I KNEW turning Squad 12 into a freakin’ research squad was a terrible idea!

Hiyori: This is all YOUR fault, Urahara!!

Urahara: Uh

Kurotsuchi: Everybody remain calm.

Kurotsuchi: He is my squad member. I will take care of him.

Kurotsuchi: Which would be much easier if I had finished rigging all of my subordinates to explode on my mark like I planned.

Kurotsuchi: This is why you shouldn’t procrastinate, kids!


Kurotsuchi: What?

Ichigo: Um I’m pretty sure the big bad fight is mine, whoever it’s against.

Ichigo: So, uh, what are Rin’s powers anyway?

Urahara: They’ve never been revealed!

Ichigo: Well…..it can’t be too bad, right? I mean, he’s just a nerdy researcher who eats candy all the time. How dangerous could a candy-eating nerd be?

Chad: Urahara is a nerd.

Chad: Yachiru lives on candy.

Chad: Imagine the two combined.


Ichigo: Is there still time to get some new powers?

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what is the fic where there as a hearing and Peter Parker gets into the hearing somehow and basically, he notices how Steve and Bucky (TWS) are with each other--that they are together and it's about steve addressing the public about a pic or an article heading?

Oh gosh I loved that fic

Steve Rogers’ Dad Face and Other Common Hazards by AggressiveWhenStartled

Today, Peter was honest-to-god going to see Captain America himself up close, in person, and not from a rooftop or tiny crevice like a creepy stalker fanboy.
Even better, he was going to watch Steve Rogers make history by soldiering his beleaguered way through the most intensely awkward and honestly ridiculous press conference in the history of ever– jaw thrust out and spine ramrod straight. Trying hard to be polite and respectful in the face of adversity.
While a bunch of assholes with cameras and microphones shouted at him about Iron Man’s adolescent dick.

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a fic idea where it takes place on the titan ship with ava falling asleep and odin falling asleep on top/cuddling her and he wakes up all embarrassed and thinking about how cute she is and aww gosh they're so cutee


i love them 

like they was my children

i’ll literally die if they aren’t canon

anyway here’s odin being creepy

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Getting Used To It. (Part Two)

Part One.


Justin’s POV

I followed Selena, she was opening her car, then she turned around when I called her.
“What do you want now?”
“Are you okay?”
“Thanks for your concern, I’m not okay, but it’s not your business to solve this. Go back inside.”
“No, it is my business. Why wouldn’t I care about you and your health?”
“Because now you’ve got another girl to take care of, good night.”
“You really don’t get it, do you?”
“What should I get?”
“Don’t you get how impossible is for me to get over you and forget what we had? I just can’t do it. I tried to make it work with her, but even Hailey realized that she was just..a way to try to leave our story behind.”
“Well, you should. And I- I should too..- She paused- “We can’t make it work, we’ve tried already, so many times. It’s hard for me too, do you think that this is easy for me? To see you with someone else?” Selena started sobbing. “I..wish that there was a future for us..I wished and I still hope for you to grow up because it hurts me to love you like this, knowing that I’ll never get the love that I deserve back. And..pretending to be okay and try to flirt with many boys is not a solution, crying in front of you is not a solution, this is like a maze I can’t escape from.”
I stood there quietly, Selena’s words really hit me, but I needed to help her, I couldn’t stand there doing nothing.
“Selena, listen to me, you can’t drive home like this. Let me drive you home. I don’t want you to be arrested for DUI..you know, prison is not really nice..” I tried to break the tension.
“Where’s your car?” She rubbed her temples, closing her eyes to hold back the tears.
I took her by the arm to help her to stand and walk towards my car, a few meters away from hers; I opened the passenger’s door and Selena got in. “Justin, can you do me a favor?” Selena said when I got into the car too, and started the engine.
“Of course.”
“Can you drive around the city? Like..I don’t wanna go home immediately.”
“I haven’t done that in a long time, yeah.” I smiled at her.
So I followed her instructions, sometimes she wanted to go near the beach, or to pass the closed shops to see how different is the city at night. I didn’t care if we would’ve ran out of gas, it was amazing to be this peaceful in the middle of the night; being with her.. it still made the butterflies fly in my stomach.
Suddenly, while looking out of the window, Selena thought out loud.
“This city is so much like us.”
“What do you mean?”
“It keeps on changing; like, I remember that building, it used to be white, now it looks like it’s blue. That shop used to sell shoes, now it moved on another street. It keeps on changing, but in the end it’s the same damn city, the same L.A that every one loves so much. But the ones who live in it seem to enjoy it less.”
“I missed you being drunk wise. Well, you’re always wise.”
“You’re not even wise when you’re drunk.” She laughed.
“Ouch. True, though.” I joined Selena in her laughs, and everything seemed so right.
“Why do you keep doing that?” She closed her eyes, resting on the seat.
“What?” I was focused on the dark street, lighted up only by my lights, only a few streetlights were on.
“You keep on making me fall for you.”
“I could ask you the same thing.“
“I’m so used to love you..I don’t understand..I don’t how I could be without loving you. I hate it so much.” Selena laughed with a taste of bitterness on her lips.
“I know how you feel, seriously. When you think that you’re ready for a new relationship but then you realize that your ex is still a part of you…I hate that shit.” I laughed in the same way and she giggled too.
“I don’t wanna go home!” Selena whined, changing the subject, her lips were forming a pout.
“Why not? You have to sleep. How do you feel, by the way?”
“I feel a little better, but I’m 99% gonna have a headache tomorrow anyway. Uhm..can I ask you another favor?”
“Can we sleep here?”
“In the car?”
“Yeah, also I need you to be here tomorrow to remind me what we did.”
“It’s a strange request, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable..both physically and emotionally.”
“I’m gonna take that as a yes. I’m not that weak.”
I didn’t know what she meant but, unexpectedly, she used my thighs as her pillow and rested her head there; I wasn’t prepared for any of this.
Selena fell asleep quickly and I kissed her head, feeling grateful for this car ride, that was more than just a car ride. We were brutally, honestly, talking about our feelings after so, so long. I couldn’t help but falling asleep with a smile on my face; she was still the smile on my face.
Selena’s POV
I woke up in a car that wasn’t mine, feeling annoyingly hungover, and on my ex? In the moment I saw him, sleeping in peace, I remembered everything, which surprised me; that car talk was..liberating. I kept thinking about it, I kept thinking about we’ve been through, about how wrong I was about the whole Hailey situation, about how I used Jordan to forget Justin, and all this time I blamed him for doing the same thing when we weren’t together. Gosh, we’re so alike sometimes, it scares me. I watched him sleep for a little while, not in a creepy way, of course, but in the same way you watch your soulmate sleeping on a Sunday morning of March. The more I looked at Justin, the more I was overwhelmed by everything that we went through, all the help we’ve always given to each other everytime we were in need; we grew up together, we messed up together, he’s always been there. I got teary eyed, I hated him but oh, how I loved him..In that moment, I wanted to kiss him good morning so much. I needed to count to 10, so I took a few breaths, but when I reached 7 I just couldn’t resist anymore.
Justin immediately opened his eyes his eyes in shock when he felt my lips on his, but kissed back with love, I could taste how much we craved each other this past year and a half.
”Well, that’s what you call a good morning.” He smiled widely.
“Thank you for everything, I’m not talking only about tonight, but everything you’ve ever done for me for the past six years and a half.”
“I would do anything to make you happy.”
”Then I’m glad that you’re still here because being without you would’ve made me sad.”
”I’m not going anywhere.” Justin pulled me in for a hug, and kissed my head.
“By the way, I felt when you kissed my head last night.” I grinned at him.
“Really? I thought you were already sleeping like a bear.”
“Actually, after that I don’t remember anything else so I probably fell asleep two seconds later.”
“Do you know that you’re beautiful even when you sleep?”
“Probably it’s an illusion caused by my dress and my - smudged - eyeliner.”
“I haven’t forgotten how you look like with no make up in the morning, I know it’s been years, but I can’t forget.”
“Oh Gosh, I just woke up and you’re already making me blush.”
“I have this talent.” He winked at me and I laughed tilting my head.”
“I want to wake up like this everyday. Well, except for the headache and my make up that looks like it’s been under the rain for hours. But I would love to wake up in the morning so carelessly and happily.”
“I promise you, you will.”
“Really. And since I am a man who keeps his words, I’m going to prove it with..my pinky.”
“Damn, if it’s a pinky promise then it’s serious.”

SURPRISEEEE!! i couldnt wait anymore so i decided to post part twoo ❤❤ write your comments in the reblogs and my inbox, looove youuu❤❤❤

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I really like your art style and how it seems different than others! I always saw your photo but i never knew who they were made by but now i do so i want to say keep up the amazing work! (P.s. without even knowing i bought one of your shirts)

Anon: Just an anon passing by and telling you that your art style is super duper cute and I love your drawings bye *runs away* 

Anon: Oh my gosh I am absolutely in love with your art! Nothing makes me happier than your DirkJake tag. I know this is kinda creepy but I’d just like you to know!

thanks a lot! <3


Cheezy: Ken. My second bae. Your cyborg is the only one that I didn’t find really creepy at first. I remember when you used to be fluffy, now you are just bonafide sexy.

Dearly: I can’t even tell you how much I love this concept! When I first saw them in this costume I was like: “Awwwww shiiiit! Gotta go to the ovary factory tomorrow and pick me up a new set.”

Cheezy: This part was just beautiful. The choreography was full of emotion and N with blue eyes had me all in my feels. N is perf.

Dearly: Oh gosh the choreography! They plugged him in and charged him up and it was just WOW. But then I was like: “Why is someone always getting stabbed in your dances?”

Cheezy: I love this outfit. I’m feeling these tassels a little too much. N looks really…inviting right here. Take that however you want it.

Dearly: No. No no no NO. This is call kinds of no. It’s better than the tassels he had on in Voodoo Doll, but just fuckin…stop.

Cheezy: HongBin’s voice was deeper than the Mariana Trench at this part. Oh, can I put you in a picture frame? A frame that says best friend, lover, and forever around it. It’ll be made out of marble to represent the marble stone you were carved from. 


Cheezy: To the left!

Cheezy: To the right!…and then you never see him or hear from him again. They are going to stop doing that to you! T_T

Dearly: Don’t get me started. I’m so pissed. So pissed I don’t want to talk about it.

Cheezy: Bruh, I only got two things to say: 1) Who put that tin foil on your head? 2) You remind me of Jaejoong in his Mine video.

Dearly: I literally had to pause the video and say “What the fuck?” Every time he reappeared with that shit on his head I groaned. I was already trying to get over N’s hat and here he goes looking like a metal banana.

Cheezy: Ken…you look like you’re wearing a broken slinky. A slinky that was cut up and then they were like “Put your arms in it and sing!” DearlyB said that you can’t cut a slinky, but I beg to differ and I say someone in Jellyfish found out how.

Dearly: This shirt actually isn’t that bad, but when he turns to the side it’s just no. NO.

Cheezy: This choreo was on point. The synchronisity, the emotion, the facial expressions. Bruh, Vixx slayed.

Dearly: Ravi…is that a safety pin belt? Wait. That’s not even a belt. They’re just attached to your shirt? Wait N has one on his tie. And Leo has them on his ass? Alright Jellyfish.

Cheezy: ISN’T HE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL?! There’s was so much Leo in this video and I loved every minute of it. Someboy go write me a Leo fan fiction based on Error! PLEASE. Das BAE y'all.

Dearly: If anyone is going to write a fic based on this it’s gonna be about Hongbong. I NEED MY BEANDIP!

Cheezy: Okay? 

Dearly: Lol wait! I laughed at this part because like, the Men in Black just popped up out of nowhere and tried to steal his girlfriend. And why did they use that word? There could have been a better word than that.

Cheezy: Everyone stop what you’re doing and pretend that you’re YoungGi for a moment. Pretend HongBin is kissing your hair and pretend like you may never see him again. Feel the love radiating from his robot body. FEEL IT! This was one of my favorite parts of the MV because it just screamed true love even though she died and he brought her back just for them to separate again. Can I have a HongBin?

Dearly: The only thing I noticed in this scene was Kong’s ass. Like did it get bigger or are his pants too big? It just looks so round.

Cheezy: I was a dancer for 14 years, and I can say that I have never seen a more graceful turn than Ravi’s. The arch of his back and the perfect bent shape of his leg. I forgot the technical term for this ballet looking move, but Ravi I applaud you. You would think that you would see N giving this kind of gracefulness, but he’s too busy over there being manly with it. Let’s not talk about how awkward Hyuk’s is. And HongBin looks like he’s trying to scratch something he can’t reach.

Dearly: Ah Ravi. I could watch you spin all day.

Cheezy: Error. Ha.

Dearly: Yes! I got an error when I was making the screens for this post! I almost threw my computer! But this has to be a sign!

Cheezy: Seriously? 

Dearly: Yes. Seriously. I swear tumblr did that on purpose. Either that or Jellyfish hacked our shit when we watched the video. Now I feel like I’m being watched.

Cheezy: Overall, I give this MV 10/10 stars and more. Everything about it was awesome except I wish some of them had more screen time. I really love the song and Vixx…Vixx they slayed. I know I said that already, but I’m saying it again. I love them. Now everyone, please go and watch their video like crazy and vote for the music shows if you can! ^_^ P.S.: DearlyB is threatening to take Leo away from me because of this video. Ha. HAHAHAHA. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

Dearly: This song, video, concept, dance are all amazing. I could sit here and point put some technical things I didn’t like, but that’s dumb. The video rocks. I had to watch it 4 times to figure out what the eff was going on, but I eventually understood it. I watched it about…5 more times after that just cuz. The more I watched it the more I wanted to cry. It’s such a nice story. Brayvo Vixx. I’m still mad about Hyuk. Hongbin is my new side hoe. And Leo…I’ll go get some marriage papers ready. How does Cheezy expect me to stay away when he’s all up in my face for 5 minutes looking like a cyber faerie prince?! I just declared that N was my new bias last week (sorry Hyuk, but you still my boy) and now Hongbin and Leo tagged teamed stomping on my heart. Ugh. How do I go on…

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To people who is getting worried about Elycia trending. Like no one really like ships them romantically right? I think its more of a friendship thing. And they loving it. Everyone is just having fun. And back at it again with trending accidentally at ungodly hours.

oh gosh no. we all collectively understand that that’s creepy and are just really extra about how cute their friendship is. their FRIENDSHIP. nothing else.