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“Ever since I met you, I have begun to doubt myself. I have lost faith in my own decisions. But now, with the kingdom in turmoil, I can’t run anymore. Midoriya… what should I do?”

>> Challenge your father for the throne. [King Path]

>> Rescue your mother from prison. [Witch Path]

>> ??? [Hidden Class Path]

- Part of the Boku no Hero Adventure RPG AU.

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Nick: Finally they’re all asleep…*gently strokes the cheek of his son, until he feels Judy’s tiny paws against his back*

Judy: Nick..I wanted talk to you about something…about…us. and where we are now. And…well we’ve flirted and thrown each other hints and stuff…and well..I finally made the decision to..to…Make the final move to see where we go from there!!! *grabs Nick roughly by the shirt*

Nick: Whoa whoa..easy fluff…you’re gonna wake the- *before he could finish Judy’s lips were already touching his muzzle*

Judy: *releases from the kiss to breathe* …..(H-he…his taste…would he mind if I went in for another…?) *But before thinking it over a little longer she was already on top of the fox once again, but this time with a little more…tongue…* ….*until she finally notices what she was doing to her partner* Oh my gosh! Nick I’m so sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me!! I didn’t mean to force it…well the second kiss…I just lost control!!

To be continued…(Yes there will be a part 2)

This is my first time drawing them kissing…so..I was a little nervous..

You Accidentally Hit Them in Their Private Area // Seventeen Reaction

Requested: Yes

I haven’t seen any reactions on your blog, so can you make a seventeen reaction when their gf accidentally hits their “private part”? 😂 (if all 13 members is too much just the performance unit is fine) thank you~~

Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting! I was able to do a reaction for all 13 members. I like to do little scenarios with my reactions, so a couple of them got a little lengthy. I hope that’s okay. Also, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I had mid-terms and two analysis papers to write for my Advanced Composition class, but hopefully I’ll have time to write more often. Thank you!


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Seungcheol and I have been in a relationship for a couple years now, so it isn’t uncommon for me to sleep over at the dorm. After a long day of work for the both of us, we figured that it would be best for us to get some sleep. After I got ready for bed I climbed under the covers with him as he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face into his chest, “Goodnight, oppa.” He kissed my forehead, “Goodnight, babe. Get some rest.” Soon we both dozed off into a deep slumber, but Seungcheol was soon awaken by a sharp pain in his lower region. Clutching his private parts, he looked to his right in confusion only to see me still asleep, but moving around. He quickly realized that the pain in his lower region was caused by me kneeing him in the crotch. “Aish, what am I going to do with you?” he questioned even though I was asleep and couldn’t hear him.  


Originally posted by junghan

Jeonghan and the boys got home from practice early that evening, so the two of us decided to watch some movies together. After a while we both got bored and started goofing off. I loved hearing his laugh because it was contagious and the only way I knew to make him laugh was to tickle him since he is quite ticklish. Running my hands up his sides, he began to squirm and laugh, “Stop,” He grabbed both of my wrist and held them above my head as he began to tickle me. I happened to be more ticklish than he was. Laughing, I tried to break free from his strong grasp, but failed to do so. My legs flailed uncontrollably, which ended up coming into contact with his lower region. Instantly, he let go of me so he could cover his private area. Groaning, he gave me a death stare, “What the hell was that for?” I shrugged my shoulders, “You know how ticklish I am,” I giggled, “Maybe you shouldn’t have done that and you wouldn’t have gotten nailed in the crotch.”


Originally posted by visual-17

For some reason Joshua thought that it was a good idea to try to teach me some cords on the guitar. “Joshua, this is not going to go over so well. The last time I tried to teach myself to play the guitar I ended up breaking it.” Grabbing my hand he pulled me over to his bed, “That’s because you didn’t have me as a teacher.” I laughed as I sat down, “I doubt that you’ll be able to teach me. I’m hopeless.” “Nonsense.” he said and shook his head as he grabbed his guitar. Walking over to where I sat on his bed, he gave me his guitar and climbed on the mattress behind me. Blushing, I pushed a loose strand of hair behind ear as he wrapped his arms around me. He placed his hand on the neck of the guitar and strummed the strings a few times causing a beautiful sound to emit from the guitar and echo throughout the room . He placed my hands on the neck of the guitar as he showed me what to do. I attempted to follow his instructions, but I eventually got fed up after a couple hours because I was not making any progress. Not aware of the fact that Joshua moved slightly to the left, I threw my hands up in the air and let out a exasperated sigh, “I give up!” I brought my hands down and my left hand collided with Joshua. Looking over my shoulder, I seen Joshua cup his crotch and slightly scrunch up his face. “Oh my gosh! Joshua, I didn’t mean to do that. How bad does it hurt?” I questioned as I rubbed his arm. His face didn’t show anymore signs of pain and he removed his hands from his crotch, “It’s okay, it didn’t hurt that much,” He noticed my guilty expression and tried to comfort me, “I was more surprised and caught off guard, so don’t worry about it.” I laughed at myself and shook my head, “Told you I was hopeless.”


Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

The boys had a day off of practice and decided to spend the day at the dorm resting. Jun invited me over since his busy schedule has prevented me from spending a lot of time with him. We were the only two in his room, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It started off with a simple peck on the lips, but it soon escalated into a heated make out session. We were sitting on the edge of his bed when he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned back onto the bed. I trailed kisses down his neck and to his collarbone, which was were his sweet spot was. He moaned quietly and I started to climb onto his lap. I ended up losing my balance and  kneeing him in the crotch. He swore and pushed me off of his lap as he covered his private parts. “Oh my gosh, Jun! I lost my balance, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” I rubbed his back, “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” As soon as those words left my mouth Jun smirked, “Anything? I can think of a few ways you can make it up for me.” I shoved his shoulder and giggled, “Maybe you deserved that you cocky bastard.”


Originally posted by fyhoshi

When Hoshi was younger he used to do taekwondo, but his love for music and dance took over. He loved doing it, but he doesn’t have time to anymore since he’s been busy with Seventeen and their music. Even though he doesn’t have time to go out and practice anymore, he still likes to mess around and show off some of his moves. We were in his room at the dorm when he somehow talked me into having a little competition with him. I didn’t know anything about taekwondo, so he showed me a couple of the basic moves. We went on for a half an hour messing around when Seungcheol called out for him. “Yeah?” he yelled back. He was too distracted by his hyung and put his defences down, but I wasn’t paying attention, so I swung my leg up towards him and my foot collided with his private area. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. He collapsed to the ground and cupped his crotch as he groaned in pain. “Soonyoung! Oh my gosh!” Panicking, I rushed out of his room and towards the kitchen. While gathering a bag of ice, Seungcheol questioned me as I left the kitchen, “What’s going on? Are you okay?” As I rushed past him and the boys towards Hoshi’s room, I only managed to say squeak out the three words, ‘taekwondo’, ‘hurt’, and ‘Hoshi.’ Entering his room, I see that he sat up and was no longer groaning in pain. I handed him the ice pack as I ran my fingers through his hair, “I’m sorry, babe. Does it hurt that bad?” Putting the ice pack onto his crotch, he let out an airy laugh, “A little bit, but I’ll be alright.” I held my hand out to help him to his feet, “I’m never going to do taekwondo with you again.”


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There’s no doubt that Wonwoo loves to read. If he isn’t busy practicing and preparing for comebacks or attending fanmeets, then he’s most likely reading. I love to read too, it’s one of the things we have in common. Our love or books landed us at one of the many bookstores in Seoul. Wonwoo and I wander from isle to isle looking at many different books that varied from genre. I held his hand and pulled him towards the back of the bookstore where they kept the fiction books. “Wonwoo, I read this book earlier and I loved it. You have to read it, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.” Reaching the fiction section, my eyes began scanning through hundreds of books looking for the book that I wanted Wonwoo to read. I squatted down, so I could look at  the lower shelves while he stood behind me. My eyes stopped as they fell upon The Kite Runner. Smiling to myself, “There it is!” I pulled the book off of the shelve and held it up for Wonwoo to take, but unfortunately, I ended up ramming the book into his lower region because of how close he was to me. I gasped as he groaned and covered his crotch, “Wonwoo,” I stood up and placed my hand on his shoulder rubbing it softly while trying to comfort him, “Babe, are you okay?” With being in public he didn’t want to make what just happened obvious, so he straightened up and waved me off, “It’s okay, jagiya. Don’t worry about it, let’s just get the book and head home.” Grabbing my hand, he led me to the front of the store, so we could check out. I didn’t stop apologizing until we got back to the dorm and he reassured me once more that it was okay.


Originally posted by hoshinoyas

With Seventeen planning on releasing a new album soon, Woozi basically lives at the studio these days. When he’s working on a new song, he gets so consumed with his work and he pretty much forgets to take care of himself. I figured he hasn’t eaten since this morning, so I brought him so food. Entering the studio, Woozi was at one of the computers working on one of their songs. I noticed he had his headphones in and probably didn’t hear me come in. After sitting the bag of food down, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He jumped slightly and pulled his headphones out. “Hey, babe. I brought you some food.” I said as I released him and shuffled towards the bags of food. I was bent over pulling out a couple containers when I brought my elbow back and it collided with Woozi, who happened to get up and follow me. Turning around, Woozi groaned as he clutched his private area. “Woozi! I am so sorry! I didn’t know you were behind me.” He straightened up slightly, “It’s alright, I shouldn’t have been standing so close.” Feeling guilty, I handed him the container of food and smiled at him sheepishly, “I got your favorite, so maybe that’ll makeup for it.”


Originally posted by pledis17

The boys had a day off and DK invited me to the park with them. They wanted to relax and play some soccer together, which was something that they all enjoyed doing in their freetime. Let me just say that I suck at soccer and someone always gets hurt when I’m playing. The last time we played together, Seungkwan took a soccer ball to the back of his head. Once we arrived at the park, we began to pick teams. Jeonghan and Seungcheol were the captains. The two bickered back and forth on who they were going to have on their team and it got down to the last few players, which happened to be Joshua, Seungkwan, and I. “Can someone just pick me already? I’m really not that bad,” I whined. Most of the boys laughed at me and began to recall all the times someone got hurt when I was playing. DK turned to Jeonghan, his captain and begged his hyung to pick me. “Finally!” I shouted and threw my hands up in the air as he called out my name to be on his team. The game started and it didn’t take long for it to become intense. Surprisingly, so far no one got hurt. The ball was being passed from player to player as we ran across the field. “Y/N!” shouted Hoshi as he passed me the ball. I began to run with it towards the goal and I saw DK in the corner of my eye, “Seokmin!” I kicked the ball with all the force I could. The ball flew towards DK, but it ended up nailing him in the crotch causing him to let out a scream. “Seokmin!” I yelled as I ran towards him. He instantly fell to the ground and cupped his private area hoping it would help make the pain would go away. I crouched down on the ground and tried to comfort him the best I could. The rest of the boys surrounded the two of us trying to help DK. “Babe, are you okay?” I questioned. He rolled around in pain, “Yeah, I’ll be fine just give me a minute.” Looking up at the boys hovering over the two of us, Seungkwan raised an eyebrow at me, “You were saying?”


Originally posted by wonhomed

I was over at the dorm hanging out with the boys. After a long day of practice, I figured that they would be hungry and tired, so I thought that the least I could do was to cook a nice meal for them. Leaving the warm arms of Mingyu, I got up and headed towards the kitchen. “Y/N, where are you going?” questioned Mingyu. “I’m going to cook the boys something to eat.” After the word ‘cook’ left my mouth, he was already on his feet following me to the kitchen, “I’ll help you.” I reached the refrigerator and looked for something to eat, “How about Japchae?” Mingyu helped me gather the ingredients, “Sounds delicious.” I prepared the beef so it could marinate for a little bit. We washed and cut up the vegetables and then started to boil the water, so we could cook the noodles. I got a wooden spoon and began to stir the noodles. “This is going to be so good.” said Mingyu from behind me. I turned around and noticed that he was eating the vegetables that we cut for the Japchae, “Hey, stop eating that!” I hollered as I swung the wooden spoon at him. He started to move just as I was about to hit him, which caused me to hit him in the crotch. “Aigo, what was that for?” Mingyu whined with slight pain in his voice as he tried to move away from me, so I couldn’t cause him anymore harm. “I guess that’s what you get for trying to eat all of the food.” I said as I shrugged my shoulders.  


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It’s no secret that Minghao is one hell of a b-boying dancer. I happened to also be a dancer, but I loved to dance contemporary. Minghao never fails to amaze me with his dancing skills. I have always wanted to try b-boying and since Minghao was so good at it, who would be better at teaching me than him? He has been teaching me the basics of b-boying for a while now and he has been starting to teach me more advanced moves. The latest move we have been working on was called The Flare. Minghao was demonstrating it for me, “You have the upper body strength for this, you just need to spread your legs farther so you can get up enough momentum to keep your hips elevated off the ground,” I listened carefully as he continued to give me pointers. “It’ll make the move a lot easier for you to do if your legs are spread further apart. Go ahead and try again,” he encouraged me. I got into position and began to execute the dance move. “That’s it, just spread your legs farther!” I did as he told me and the move became a lot easier and I found that I did not have to use my core so much. I could hear Minghao cheering, “That’s it! Good job, jagiya.” I continued until my foot came in contact with something. Losing my balance, I fell to the floor and looked up to see Minghao on the floor too. I quickly got up and made my way towards him. Once I reached him, I noticed his face was scrunched up and he was holding his private parts. Realizing that my foot hit his crotch, I panicked, “Minghao! Are you okay?” I rubbed his back hoping it would comfort him some, “I did not mean to do that!” He looked a little flustered as he sat up, “It’s okay, jagiya. I should have known better than to stand so close to you.” Giggling, I pulled him into a hug, “ Maybe you should do the b-boying and I’ll stick to contemporary.”


Originally posted by 001liuqi

Seungkwan texted me a couple minutes ago that they were heading back to the dorm. I didn’t want the boys to have to come home and worry about fixing something to eat, especially after such a long day at work. I decided to head to the kitchen and begin to fix dinner for them. I sang along to the music that blasted from my phone that was placed on the counter. The music and my singing drowned out the noise of the boys entering the dorm. Seungkwan saw me cooking and walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso, which startled me. I screamed and turned around. When I spun around my hand hit him lightly in his lower region. He let out a scream too and doubled over in pain, “Aigo, jagiya! That really hurt,” He looked at me with disbelief, “I can’t believe you just did that.” Rolling my eyes at him, “Are you serious right now? I really didn’t hit you that hard.” “You probably just ruined any chance of us having kids in the future.” I smacked his chest, “Stop being so dramatic, Seungkwan.” “It’s what I’m best at.” he said as he grinned at me.


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Vernon and I were in the living room of the dorm having a movie night with the rest of the boys. While waiting for everyone to settle down, Vernon and I argued over which movie to watch. We were scanning the shelves when I grabbed a horror movie and Vernon grabbed an action movie. He looked at me, “We are not watching a horror movie.” I raised an eyebrow, “Why? Are you scared?” He rolled his eyes at me, “No, action movies are better. Besides, the same thing happens in every horror movie.” I shook my head and waved the movie in front of his face, “We’re watching this movie.” He gave me a smug look, “Not if I get to the DVD player first.” As soon as those words left his mouth, we both rushed past the boys and towards the DVD player, “We’re watching the action movie!” “No, we’re watching the horror movie.” Upon reaching the DVD player, we fought to get the movie out of the case and into the DVD player. He stopped fighting with me and I was able to get the movie into the player. I turned around and seen some of the members crowding around Vernon. Rushing towards him, I realized that the only reason he stopped was because I hit him in his private area. “Vernon! What Happened?” He squeaked, “What do you think happened?” He shuffled his way back to the couch and sat down. Full of guilt, I sighed and turned around and put on the action movie instead. Climbing onto the couch next to him, I kissed his cheek and brush his hair out of his face, “I’m sorry, babe.”


Originally posted by 13visuals

I was at the Pledis building with the boys when they had a short break. They have recently became interested in ping ping, so they decided that they should play for a little bit while they were on their break. Chan and I trailed behind the older boys as they ran excitingly towards the room that the ping pong table was in. We both sat down and watched a few of the boys play against each other. We cheered as the match between Joshua and Woozi became quite intense. Shortly, Woozi beat Joshua and Dino jumped to his feet, “I want to battle Y/N!” Chan yelled as he turned towards me and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to my feet and began to drag me towards the table. I kept refusing to play and tried to pull my hand out of his grasp, but he was to strong. “Come on, jagiya. It’ll be fun and I’ll go easy on you.” he smiled and winked at me. Taking the paddle from Woozi, the boys began to cheer us on and started to pick sides as to who would win. After a couple minutes, we were tied and the person who got the next point would win. The ball went back and forth between us and I decided to hit the ball with a little more force and Dino failed to stop it as it flew towards his crotch. His eyes widened as his face scrunched up and he closed his eyes. He dropped the paddle onto the table and we all swarmed around him to see in he was okay. After he confirmed that he was fine, I looked at him and laughed, “You didn’t need to go that easy on me.”



Maia and I met when we were 11. We met when we auditioned for a TV show back home in Australia. We were auditioning for separate parts and she got the role, and I didn’t get the role. And our mothers sort of became friends, and we lived in separate cities. And they kind of kept in contact for a little while but then we lost contact. And then when I came out to LA for the first year, when I first arrived, she happened to be staying at the same hotel. So one day I got a knock at my door, and suddenly it was like “oh my gosh it’s Maia Mitchell but like, seven years later.” - Alycia Debnam-Carey

A/N : Sooo, I wanted to try something new with one of the requests. This is my first time doing this, so you’ll tell me if you like it or not, thank you! btw excuse my poor writing and grammar mistakes 😅

Request :  When the boys are making fun of you because you never had your first kiss/ a boyfriend but finally admit that they like you
[Seokjin ver] [Hoseok ver] [Jimin ver


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“Oh my god he did! He told her! Oh my god, I’m dying, help me! I need some air!” You yelled gathering both of your hands around your mouth, staring at the screen of the laptop. 

You quickly paused the drama you were watching and started squealing. It was so far the sweetest episode of the drama you were following. Since the beginning of the episode, you lost the count of how many times you paused to take a breath because it was too much for your heart to handle. The producers sure knew how to play with your feelings and this week they decided to end you. 

“Gosh, that was so cute, I need to replay this part.” You said smiling ready to press the spacebar, when you heard your phone buzz. You grabbed it and look at the message you’ve just received. 

You smiled. You’d lie if you were saying that you didn’t enjoy annoying Namjoon. When you weren’t busy, you were spending most of your time around him and since he was more of an indoor person, you were usually hanging in his little apartment. Sometimes, you guys would spend hours talking, playing games and watching movies and other times, just like today, each of you would mind they own business in a comfortable silence. 

You were in his bedroom, enveloped in his bed sheets, catching up your drama, while he was in the living room either reading books or writing poems. 

You never understood how two different people could get so close. He was the type to love spending time in libraries, reading philosophical books and he preferred quiet places where he could think and write his poems. While you were the complete opposite. A loud girl who’d always tried to convince him to go out or come with you at parties, though most of the time, he would refuse or just ignore your messages.

As you liked annoying him with all your noises when all he wanted was silence, he liked annoying you with the fact that you had been single your entire life. It was something you were a bit ashamed of. When you meet new people, you never give them this piece of information, too afraid that they will laugh at you and judge you. 

You knew you shouldn’t feel this way, and Namjoon already told you several times that it wasn’t much of a big deal, but that was an easy thing to say when you already had been in relationships. 

Not that you never been on dates. Of course you had. However, there never is a second date. The first reason being, you never were that interested because deep down there already was this person you were fond of. You weren’t a discreet girl when it came to crushes and you were pretty surprised that he never got the slightest hint about that.

The second reason was ironically linked to the first one. He always found a way to ruin your dates and came up with silly excuses or sometimes incidents. Just like the last time, you were in a coffee shop, getting to know a little bit more about your date, when you suddenly felt a hot liquid splash on your chest and lap. When you shot your head to the responsible it was none other than Namjoon, giving you his apologetic smile, rubbing the back of his neck. He insisted to cancel the date and took you home so you could shower. You were mad at him and all the other times too. Why did he always ruin your dates? 

You understood it was on purpose the day he nonchalantly said “you’ll thank me later.”. Thank him for what? Staying forever single? Not being able to stop the feelings you had for him? 

Sometimes, when your mind was wandering too much, you liked to think that it was because he actually liked you and was just too shy to confess to you. Nonetheless, reality hit you when you remember that he was the one who were pushing you to get a boyfriend, which was confusing to you. You tried your best to meet new people, new guys as he tells you but it seems like none of them satisfied your father-like friend. 

Your last text was rather risky. Or at least, it made you apprehend his next reply. To be honest, you didn’t really know what to expect. Was he going to make fun of what you just said? You wanted him to tell you the otherwise. That all the accidents happened because he wanted you to date him. It sure would be a weird way to express his feelings, but you’d never reject him. You weren’t this resentful. Not when it comes to him.

Your heart missed a beat when you saw the typing… underneath his name. You shifted your position, from lied on your side to sat down, your back against the headboard. You didn’t know why you were nervous like that. It wasn’t the first time you joked on that yet, today you had a different feeling. As if today, he’ll finally let you know if he was interested in you or not. 

What was he even typing that took him so much time? 

Then he stopped typing and went offline.

“Wait, no! What did you want to say! Come back!” You scream-whispered, shaking your phone as if you were shaking him. 

You suddenly recalled that he was meters away from you, somewhere in the living room. Perhaps he stopped typing because he preferred telling you this face-to-face? Then, if it was something to tell in person, it meant that it was important and if it was bad news, you weren’t ready to face him right now. You’d rather have him joking about what you said than telling you that things would never work out for you two. 

You waited. Paying attention to evey little noises you could hear. You wanted to know where he was and if he was moving, preparing yourself to the worst. However, the only thing you hear and felt was the vibration of your phone. 

You froze. 

These two simple words caused your body to stop functioning. You didn’t know what to do nor what to think. Actually, your first thought was he’s just playing. He couldn’t be serious. 

With trembling thumbs, you typed out the only answer that came up to your mind, not feeling very proud once you sent it. 

Your heart was madly pumping the blood. You could hear you heartbeat in your eardrums. 

You read the texts several times to make sure you weren’t misinterpreting anything. A large smile made its way on you lips. You wanted to scream. You needed to exteriorize your joy. 

You lied on your back and rapidly kicked the air with your feet, your hands on your mouth to prevent you from screaming. You couldn’t believe what was happening. 

You stopped moving and took your phone to read the messages again. You thought of a way to reply. As you sent your texts, another message from him came. 

Of course you did. It’s been years and everyone knew you were head over heel for Namjoon, he was the only one who hasn’t noticed it yet. 

You started typing your answer when he replied to your question, leading you to want to tease him a little bit more. 

And seconds later, you saw his figure standing at the entrance of the bedroom, his signature smile on his lips. 

He walked toward you at a slow pace, his eyes never leaving yours, causing a knot of anticipation in your stomach. You knew what would happen next. It was something that you wanted for so long and the fact that you were going to get it today made you chew your bottom lip. 

He was now at the edge of the bed, slowly leaning over you. Your eyes fluttered the moment his cologne infiltrated your nostrils. You were truly losing the control of your entire self. You felt him smirk. 

He knew it. He knew the effects he had on you and he was enjoying that. He brushed your lips with his several times never failing to make you react everytime. You wanted and needed to feel more, which resulted in making you whine, a bit annoyed by his teasing. 

“Looks like I’m not the only one dying for this.” He murmured before leading you into the sweet and slow kiss you’ve been longing for. 

Mystery Tech Wizard

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You), Various JL Members.

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Jaime Reyes x reader. Reader is a tech wiz that helps out the JL sometimes and Jaime doesn’t know who she is. JL has inside jokes with her and Jaime is just confused as to who she is.


A/N: I’m really hoping this was cute?
Hope you like it!

Tags: @lastbeliever

She had just appeared out of nowhere one day and vanishes just as easily. Jaime didn’t know what to say or do. Who was this girl?

She was hunched over a computer today, fingers moving at lightning speed and Cyborg and The Flash standing at her sides, mouths moving to ask her questions or something.
Cyborg said something and he and her laughed loudly, it echoed around the watchtower.

Wonder Woman walked into the room. “Long time, no see Y/N.”
“Hey, Di!” The girl chirped.
“Di?” Jaime scoffed. “She’s on nickname basis with Wonder Woman?”

“Alright there, Blue?” Green Lantern hovered past, raising an eyebrow at overhearing Jaime talking to himself.
“Yeah. Yeah. I’m not loco.” Jaime laughed nervously.
“Right.” Green Lanern rolled his eyes.
“Wait.” Jaime grabbed his arm and dragged him back to him. “I’m not loco, but I’m not imagining the girl talking to Cy right now, am I?”
“Who? Y/N?”
“Is that her name?” Jaime’s eyes widened.
“You’ve never met Y/N?”
Jaime shook his head.
“Are you really all here?” Green Lantern laughed and went over to The Flash and led him back down past me towards another part of the Watchtower.

More laughter came from Cyborg and Y/N, as he learnt her name was. But what was her story? What was she doing here?

Jaime was so lost in his thoughts about you that he tuned out and hadn’t noticed Wonder Woman standing next to him.
Jaime jumped.
“I said, ‘you’ve been standing there a long time. What are you doing?’.”
“Oh, um,” rubbed the back of his neck, “I have a question.”
“Yes?” Wonder Woman crossed her arms over her chest and waited intently.
“Um, oh gosh, it’s slipped my mind, how silly of me,” Jaime noticed Y/N and Cyborg staring at him now, “bye.” He darted off.


“She’s young. You can’t be serious.”
“We’ve taken in youth before,” Batman explained as he spoke to Martian Manhunter passing Jaime’s table in the cafeteria, “Besides, we won’t be sending her out. She will be our eyes and ears without leaving the tower.”
“It’s still a risk.” Manhunter replied.

Jaime couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know who she was and now she might be joining the league. He choked on his food.
“Need CPR?” A female voice came from behind him.
Jaime turned around to see Y/N, grinning from ear to ear.
“I have experience.” She sat down next to him with her tray.
“I-I’m fine.” Jaime coughed.
Y/N hummed and started to pick at her food.
“Oh!” She exclaimed. “I totally forgot that I haven’t actually met you properly. Well, I mean, you’re Blue Beetle. I’ve seen you on the TV,” She rambled, “But I mean in person. I’ve seen you around but it seems we are both too nervous to speak to each other.” Jaime opened his mouth to speak, but she kept talking. “I never would’ve greeted anyone here on my own. Especially not Batman. They all had to speak to me first.”
“You,” Jaime paused to confirm she was done talking. God, she is adorable, Jaime thought to himself, her hair, her eyes sparkling, and she was so bubbly and bouncy. “You seem pretty close to them all?”
“Ha! Yeah! Cy and Flash mostly. GL and Di as well, I guess.”
“Yup!” She sat up straight and looked like one does when proud of themselves.

“Y/N!” Cyborg appeared behind us and startled them. “Sorry.” He said. “The files are ready.” He placed a hand on her shoulder and Jaime couldn’t explain but he felt, jelousy?
“Coming!” She stood up. “Nice talking to you, Beetle,” she did finger guns, “I have no clue why I did that,: she blushed, "see you around!” And skipped away.
Jaime found himself smiling widely, attracting stares from other leaguers sitting nearby.

Ultra light beam

Yes, God
We don’t want no devils in the house, God
Yes, Lord
We want the lord
Yes, Jesus
And that’s it
Yes, God
Hallel— hand over Satan
Yes, Jesus
Jesus praise the Lord
Yes, God
Hallelujah, God
Yes, God
We don’t want no devils in the house, God
Yes, Lord
We want the lord
Yes, Jesus
And that’s it
Yes, God
Hallel— hand over Satan
Yes, Jesus
Jesus praise the Lord
Yes, God

I’m tryna keep my faith
We on an ultralight beam
We on an ultralight beam
This is a God dream
This is a God dream
This is everything
This is everything
Deliver us serenity
Deliver us peace
Deliver us loving
We know we need it
You know we need it
You know we need it
That’s why we need you now, oh,
I pray for Paris
Pray for the parents
This is a God dream
This is a God dream
This is a God dream
We on an ultralight beam
We on an ultralight beam
This is a God dream
This is a God dream
This is everything
Everything, thing, thing, thing

I’m tryna keep my faith
But I’m looking for more
Somewhere I can feel safe
And end my holy war
I’m tryna keep my faith

So why send depression not blessings?
Why, oh why’d you do me wrong? More
You persecute the weak
Because it makes you feel so strong to save
Don’t have much strength to fight
So I look to the light, Lord
To make these wrongs turn right
Head up high, I look to the light
Hey, cause I know that you’ll make everything alright
And I know that you’ll take good care of your child
Oh, no longer am afraid of the night
Cause I, I look to the light

When they come for you, I will shield your name
I will field their questions, I will feel your pain
No one can judge
They don’t, they don’t know
They don’t know
Foot on the Devil’s neck ‘til it drifted Pangaea
I’m moving all my family from Chatham to Zambia
Treat the demons just like Pam
I mean I fuck with your friends, but damn, Gina
I been this way since Arthur was anteater
Now they wanna hit me with the woo wap the bam
Tryna snap photos of familia
My daughter look just like Sia, you can’t see her
You can feel the lyrics, the spirit coming in braille
Tubman of the underground, come and follow the trail
I made Sunday Candy, I’m never going to hell
I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail
He said let’s do a good ass job with Chance three
I hear you gotta sell it to snatch the Grammy
Let’s make it so free and the bars so hard
That there ain’t one gosh darn part you can’t tweet
This is my part, nobody else speak
This is my part, nobody else speak
This little light of mine
Glory be to God, yeah
I'mma make sure that they go where they can’t go
If they don’t wanna ride I'mma still give them raincoats
Know what God said when he made the first rainbow
Just throw this at the end if I’m too late for the intro
Ugh, I’m just having fun with it
You know that a nigga was lost
I laugh in my head
Cause I bet that my ex looking back like a pillar of salt
Ugh, cause they’ll flip the script on your ass like Wesley and Spike
You cannot mess with the light
Look at lil Chano from 79th

We on an ultralight beam
We on an ultralight beam
This is a God dream
This is a God dream
This is everything

Yes, God
I’m tryna keep my faith
Yes, Jesus
That’s it
But I’m looking for more
Somewhere I can feel safe
And end my holy war

Father, this prayer is for everyone that feels they’re not good enough.
This prayer’s for everybody that feels like they’re too messed up.
For everyone that feels they’ve said “I’m sorry” too many times.
You can never go too far when you can’t come back home again. That’s why I need…
Faith, more, safe, war

Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 2. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

          But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

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           "So that’s his name? Just… V?“ Silver giggled into the phone. "It sounds cute already.”

           "Right?“ You grinned. "Oh my gosh. I’m so nervous. Should I message him first or wait for him to message me?”

           "I would wait.“ Silver suggested. "Besides, you’re at work right now. You need to be in a place where you can really be into the messaging. Plus you don’t want to be too eager or come off desperate.”

           "Alright.“ You exhaled excitedly. "I’ll just wait until after work then I’ll message him first.”

           "You go girl! I’m so happy for you!“

           "Ahh! I hope he’s not creepy.” You bit your lip nervously.

           "Keep us updated. Even if he is a creep, you can take him.“ Silver snorted.

           "You’re right.”

           "Get back to work. Who knows what trouble the guys are getting into over there.“

           ”‘Kay ~ I’ll let you know how it goes!“ You hung up and spun your chair around. Immediately, you jumped out of your seat as you finally spotted Jimin blinking cutely and sitting on your desk patiently.

           "Holy shit, Chims!”

           He smiled and swung his legs adorably as he sang. “Who you talking about?”

           You blushed, “Um I got my perfect match on that dating app.”

           "Ahh.“ he nodded. "V?”

           "Just how long were you sitting there?“ You smacked him and he laughed.

           "You should be more aware of your surroundings.” he crossed his arms.

           "Did you finish your client early again? You really need to take it easy!“ You furrowed your brows.

           "Not this time. She actually wanted a Gentleman persona today so I grabbed one of the trainees in the break room.”

           You groaned, “You’re supposed to tell me before you switch people around!”

           "Well, I was but you were on the phone.“ he grinned.

           You glared at him then turned on the monitor. Jimin scooted beside you to take a look too, and his lips curled up smugly.

           "Well looks like things are going well.”

           You sighed and turned it off, relieved yet annoyed.

           "You forget I’m a flexible personality.“ He propped his legs up on the arms of your wheelie chair. "You’re the one who assigned me to be an aggressor.”

           "You’re also the one who said you preferred to be an aggressor because you didn’t want to be the same as Hobi.“ You tried to push his feet away so you could spin in your chair, but he didn’t budge.

           "Back to this V guy.” Jimin smirked.

           "There’s nothing to say yet, Chims. We just got matched with each other.“

           Jimin grabbed your hand and glanced at your watch. "How long has it been since you got the notification?”

           "Umm 15 minutes?“

           He smiled, "He’ll message you in two hours.”

           "Why two hours?“

           "It’s not too long of a time period that he comes off as too nonchalant but it’s not too short that he looks too eager.”

           "I don’t know…“ You were skeptical.

           "That’s just how all guys are.” Jimin shrugged.

           Suddenly, your phone vibrated and both of your eyes zoomed to the screen. Your face brightened while Jimin’s was surprised when you saw:

           V: I finally found you!

           V: Well the app did…but I found you!Yay!

           V: Oh, and Hi perfect match :)

           Your heart fluttered at the light hearted and enthusiastic messages. Jimin’s face contorted to one of judgment as he read over your shoulder.

           "What is he in middle school? What is with that smiley? And all those exclamation points?“

           You elbowed Jimin. "Shut up. It’s cute!”

           Jimin made a face behind you then rested his chin on your shoulder. “What’re you going to reply?”

           "Jimin.“ You scolded. "I know we tell each other everything, but I need your nose out of my texts.”

           He rolled his eyes as he straightened up, “Like I care. I’m just wondering what’s going to happen to your little Tae ~ that brings linner and goodies now that you’ve found your 'perfect match’.”

           You hummed, “Well neither one is anything serious so I don’t see the issue.”

           "That’s my girl.“ Jimin snickered as he patted your head. "Well, I’ll be in the break room then. Make sure I’m awake for my next client, love.”

           You nodded distractedly as you continued to stare at the messages on your screen. He was your perfect match right? So wouldn’t just being yourself be okay?

           "Ah whatever.“ You hissed, choosing to ignore all the preconceptions messaging right away might create.

           Coffeegirl: Hey! Yeah, I was getting anxious that they wouldn’t find anyone for me haha

           Immediately, a reply came, bringing a smile to your face.

           V: Hehe, I had faith I’d find you.

           And so, you two eased into a comfortable conversation. It was frightening, how easily it flowed from topic to topic. Neither of you spared any details to answer each other’s questions. You both shared the belief that honesty is the foundation of any relationship and besides, neither of you had anything to lose by telling a stranger personal things about yourself.

           V, you found, also worked a few odd jobs, but his main career was a veterinarian. He owned a cat and dog, and he had his own apartment. He had to work other jobs because he was only part time at the animal clinic and he wanted to save up to open his own one day. You admired his hard working personality and his aspirations right away.

           Time flew without you noticing.

           "Oh mannn.” Jimin whined as you locked up. “Now that you work after, we can’t walk home together anymore.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Good. So now you can actually stay at your own house for once.”

           Jimin pouted and you shook your head.

           "I have work Chims. Go sleep in your own bed or find someone else to sleep with you.“

           "Fine. Go have fun with your little ball of fluff.” He scrunched his face as he dug his hands into his pockets.

           You laughed, “You know I will. And you better use protection, Mister.”

           "Don’t I always?“ Jimin grinned.

           "Like I would know.” You rolled your eyes. “I’ll catch you later.”

           "See ya.“ Jimin waved as he watched you scurry to the Burlesque Bar, wanting to escape from the cold as fast as possible.

           "Y/N!” Tae spread his arms out and hugged you warmly.

           You were a bit surprised from the open affection, but you welcomed it.

           "We just saw each other earlier, Tae.“ You giggled.

           Tae grinned, "Yeah, but it’s been a few hours.”

           You blushed.

           "Girls, let’s get changed and we’re going to start learning the first few pieces. Let’s go, go, go!“ the manager instructed.

           Tae smiled happily, "Have fun! I’ll be watching ~”

           You nodded as you hurried backstage to get into your first full costume; the scent of Taehyung lingered on your skin.

           The next few days seemed to pass like a dream. Your mood was visibly brighter and you felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders, a burden that you didn’t even know was there. You constantly felt butterflies as you waited for V’s replies and you never had to wait long. You talked about random things and deep philosophies, and there was never a boring topic. Sometimes he was a little out there, but that was quite endearing to you too.

           V: You know, sometimes I wonder if people live on the stars and then look at Earth as one of their moons.

           Coffeegirl: V, it’s 4 in the morning.

           V: Sorry, did I wake you?

           Coffeegirl: No, I have to be up cause I didn’t shower last night. Sorry if that’s tmi.

           V: Haha not at all. Sometimes, if I don’t leave my house I don’t shower because I don’t feel dirty.

           You chuckled as you rolled out of bed. It made waking up so much easier when you had something to look forward to.

           V: Since you’re up, GOOD MORNING! :D

           Coffeegirl: Good morning V ~

           V: Are you opposed to corny pick up lines?

           Coffeegirl: I’m opposed to their main purpose of picking up girls with just a line, but I love them if you’re trying to get me to laugh.

           V: Perfect haha I haven’t heard your laugh, but I already know it’s going to be pretty.

           Coffeegirl: Was that the pick up line?

           V: Haha no! Why? Did it work? Did that make you laugh?

           Coffeegirl: It made me smile?

           V: Close enough :)

           V: Okay here’s the pick-up line: Are you coffee? (Say 'why?’)

           Coffeegirl: lol why?

           V: Because you make my heart race and keep me energized ~

           You covered your mouth giddily. It felt stupid to have something so small give you butterflies, but it still made you laugh nonetheless.

           V: Did you laugh? :D

           Coffeegirl: haha I really tried not to, but I did.

           V: Yay ^_^ my mission of the day is complete!

           Coffeegirl: Your mission?

           V: I wanna make you laugh at least once every day!

           Your heart flipped over at his sweet comment.

           Coffeegirl: Why?

           V: Because I think girls are prettiest when they’re laughing or smiling loudly. And it makes ME happy if I’m the one that made them.

           Coffeegirl: You know, sometimes I wonder if stars are just exploding planets, but it happens so slowly that it looks like they’re constantly shining.

           V: Wow, that’s a good point. Beats my star critters theory. Hmmm, I’ll get back to you with a better thought.  

           You couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. Things were just so easy with him.

           When you weren’t chatting with V, you were spending time with Taehyung during work. Even on stage, your eyes naturally gravitated to him working behind the bar. And without fail, he was smiling and watching your performance attentively. It’s not like you were new to having male attention, but it was the first time you couldn’t exactly read their intentions. What did Taehyung think of you exactly? Did he like you? Did he just want to be friends? And what did you want from him?

           During breaks, you made your way to his counter, where he always had food prepared for you, along with a few jokes and compliments. Taehyung was on all the girls’ radar as they continuously complimented his physique and his handsomeness in the changing quarters. It made you giggle internally, knowing that you were the closest to him out of everyone, although you weren’t exactly sure how or why that happened.

           But his subtle skinship didn’t go unnoticed because it always made your heart race without fail. Sometimes, he would help out with putting the microphones on the girls and his fingertips would brush against your bare skin as he adjusted it on you. When you asked for refills, his hand would find its way to cover yours as he grabbed the glass from your grasp. It was driving you insane because you were quite attracted to him– his bright personality and his gentle touches.

           You were usually the last girl to change out of costume, because you ended up practicing a little bit longer to make sure everything was perfect. So most of the time, you were alone in the dressing room as you packed up for the night.

           There was a timid knock on the door.

           "Come in?“ you called out curiously.

           Tae stepped in with his hands over his eyes. "I promise I’m not here to peep!”

           You chuckled as you stood up. “I’m dressed, don’t worry.”

           "Good.“ he grinned as he removed his hand from his eyes.

           "What’re you still doing here?”

           "Well I noticed you hadn’t left yet.“ he walked over and grabbed your scarf while you threw on your coat.

           "And?” You fluttered your eyes as he stepped forward, wrapping your scarf around your neck. Your heart was beating quickly as he reached around you, his face close to yours as he made sure your neck was covered and warm.

           "Just wanted to make sure you weren’t passed out or anything.“ he smiled as he stepped back. "You always work so hard.”

           Your body relaxed. What were you expecting him to do or say anyway? You glanced at his lips then at his face, staring at you curiously.

           "Do I have something on my face?“ he giggled.

           You shook your head. "Let’s go?”

           Taehyung grabbed your bag, which now held your barista clothes, your Club Masquerade clothes, and normal casual wear to enter and leave the Burlesque lounge. Gratefully, you smiled as you led the way out of the lounge and into the freezing tundra of winter.

           "Oh no! You don’t have a hat or anything and you’re still sweating!“ Tae’s eyes widened.

           "What?” You blinked.

           "You’re going to get sick. Here.“ He took off his beanie and pulled it over your head, fixing your hair to make sure it was tucked in and neat.

           "But what about you…” you trailed off.

           It really was warmer with the beanie covering your head and ears, but you worried about him. He waved his hand nonchalantly.

           "I don’t live too far so if I run, I’ll be okay.“ he giggled. "You still have a bit of a travel you said right?”

           You smiled and nodded.

           "You can always give it back to me tomorrow anyway! Get home safe okay?“ he waved.

           "Thanks, Tae!”

           You called out to his figure scurrying away into the direction of the wind. Once he disappeared, you shivered and buried your head into your scarf so that only your eyes were exposed to the frigid weather, smiling underneath it all.

           "So Saturday, you’re still good to come with me right?“ Jimin sat in front of your desk as you slipped into your leather stiletto boots.

           "Yeah. That office Christmas party you and Hoseok planned together?” You questioned. “I’m proud of both of you by the way. He was such a grouch at work, and you would always plan parties for an ulterior motive, but that all went away this year. I could cry.”

           Jimin clutched his chest, “How do you know me so well?”

           You laughed as you stood up, pulling down your skirt. Jimin whistled as you walked around in your heels, breaking them in.

           "I thought you were having a hard time making ends meet?“ he teased.

           "Silver gave these to me.” You rolled your eyes. “She said her best friend gave it to her, but she won’t be using them.”

           "Poor Hobi.“ Jimin frowned as he crossed his legs and eyed you strutting around. "But bless Silver for giving them to you.”

           You laughed, “She figured since I worked here and Burlesque, I’ll make better use of them, which is accurate.”

           "You’re going to wear those here?“ Jimin raised an eyebrow as you took a seat and crossed your legs seductively.

           "Problem?” You smirked.

           He swiftly made his way to you and leaned down, hovering over your face as he placed his hands on the arms of your chair for leverage.

           "And if I attack you because of how good you look in those?“

           "The stilettos go into your leg before your lips touch mine.” You retorted confidently, and he chuckled, straightening up.

           "Be honest. You’re wearing those just in case Taehyung swings by again.“ Jimin smirked.

           You unbuttoned your shirt a little more so that your cleavage was more obvious.

           "Don’t do that. You look like a slut.” Jimin reached over and buttoned it again.

           You glared at him as you fumbled to unbutton it again. “You’re the only one that says that Chims.”

           "Cause I’m the only guy who will say it out loud! Everyone’s thinking it.“ Jimin fought to stop you.

           "They do not!” You yelled as you tried to pull his hands off.

           "They do!“

           "Umm…” a familiar voice echoed in the halls and you both froze.

           Jimin stepped back, keeping his hands up in the air.

           "Tae!“ You breathed, your face turning red immediately at being caught in a weird position.

           "Just in time!” Jimin grinned, already working to smooth things out.

           "Huh?“ Tae blinked.

           "Okay, so Y/N wants to unbutton one more button. What is your opinion on the matter?” Jimin threw his arm around Tae’s shoulder. “I for one say no because it makes her look easy.”

           Tae glanced over at you and you blushed, pulling down your skirt so it wasn’t too revealing. He studied your outfit intently then smiled.

           "Leave it as it is. One more button should be reserved for someone special.“ he winked brightly, leaving both you and Jimin stunned.

           You giggled shyly as you fixed your hair while Jimin was scowling beside Taehyung. This guy was completely unpredictable to him.

           "What’re you here for?” You smiled.

           "Oh right.“ Tae gently placed a box beside your desk. "As a friendly, neighborly gesture, we’re giving you guys some wine and other costumes that we haven’t used in a long time but they’re in almost brand new condition! We only have girl dancers and it felt a shame to throw away all these guy costumes, so maybe you guys will be able to put it to good use.”

           Jimin opened the box excitedly and laughed as he held up silk vests and bow ties, “Oh wow.”

           His eyes glimmered mischievously. Ideas were already brewing in his mind. You and Tae glanced at each other and giggled. Jimin looked like a child opening up his Christmas presents.

           "Take it to the break room and divide it up with the other guys.“ You instructed, knocking on the table to snap Jimin out of his maniacal thoughts.

           "Yes ma'am.” He slapped Tae’s back affably. “Thanks bro.”

           Tae chuckled, “Anytime.”

           Before Jimin stepped behind the veil, he glanced over at you and Taehyung chatting happily. He pursed his lips and headed to the break room.

           Saturday rolled around and you had slipped on a silk red dress, which hugged all your curves well and accentuated your fit figure. It had a subtle v-cut at the front but dipped seductively low at the back. Jimin had asked you to dress classily seductive and well, that was your forte. You styled your hair up so that the back design of your dress was more obvious and embellished the look with simple silver, dangling earrings. You threw on your black trench coat and grabbed your packed bag, since you were going to be sleeping over at the hotel the party was being hosted in.

           Y/N: You better be wearing what I told you to wear. I will legitly leave you if you didn’t.

           Jimin chuckled as he read the message when he pulled up to your house. He hopped out and scurried to your doorstep, knocking a playful rhythm onto your door. You opened it, already anticipating his arrival and smiled, seeing that he was in fact, wearing the black on black attired that you liked on him and had shamelessly requested.

           "Perfect. Come here.“ You ushered him in and pulled something out of your purse.

           He furrowed his brows and you wiggled the silk red skinny tie in front of him.

           "I know you hate ties, but still.”

           "I don’t hate ties.“ he chuckled.

           "Okay, it just reminds you of your fantasies so you don’t wear them often, but make an exception today.” You handed it to him.

           He shook his head. “Put it on me.”

           "What? You can put on your own goddamn tie.“

           "If you’re forcing me to wear it, you have to put it on me.” he stated firmly.

           You exhaled and popped his collar, carefully pulling the tie over his head without ruining his styled hair. Expertly, you tucked it underneath his collar and pulled the knot up. The entire time, he was watching your concentrated expression intently. You caught his gaze and raised an eyebrow.

           "What?“ You blinked. "Is the make-up too much?”

           He shook his head and chuckled. “Just wondering how many guys you did this for to get so good at tying ties.”

           You laughed, “My mother died early on, remember? So I had to help my disheveled father out.”

           Jimin glanced at your sad smile as you patted down his tie.

           "Not too tight?“

           "Will you tighten it if I’m bad?” he smirked.

           "And there he is.“ You patted his cheek playfully. "Please go home Red Mask. I came to escort Jimin today.”

           He chuckled at your teasing. “Let’s go? I brought the expensive car today, just for you.”

           You grinned knowingly and nudged him, “The car that you never let anyone into?”

           "Well Hoseok has ridden in it cause he was there when we did the test drive.“

           "Eh.” You waved your hand nonchalantly. “That’s Hoseok. He doesn’t count.”

           You grabbed your things enthusiastically. “Let’s go! Woo!”

           He laughed as you scurried out before him. You had been begging him to drive you around ever since he had purchased it. He locked your door and followed you to his car, which you were marveling at with your mouth wide open and your eyes sparkling. He walked slowly to let you take pictures of it in awe, quite amused at your reaction.  

           You both arrived at the hotel and stepped out of the car, letting the valet take over from there. Jimin handed you the ticket for safe keeping and the present he was supposed to put up for the company Secret Santa raffle.

           "I swear Jimin. I hope this isn’t a sex toy.“ You chuckled as you shook the box skeptically.

           "What? Everyone secretly wants one for Christmas.” Jimin winked as he grabbed both of your bags from his trunk.

           "Well I hope Silver and Hobi get it.“

           "Oh no.” Jimin shook his head. “Hobi already has the one I gave him last Christmas.”

           "You suck at giving presents.“ You rolled your eyes.

           "Hey that large box of condoms was incredibly useful to you wasn’t it?” he giggled as you both made your way inside. “It’s a practical present. I put a lot of thought into it.”

           "Glow in the dark condoms are NOT fun for your information.“

           "No?” he chuckled. “I thought it was amusing.”

           You glared at him as he made his way to the front desk with an innocent smile plastered onto his face. You wondered how on Earth no one had figured out his true nature in the office. According to Silver though, he was completely different. You had seen his gentle side plenty of times before, but never for a prolonged period of time. It was usually in a public setting but he’d always shoot you a sneaky smirk or two when his conversation partner wasn’t looking.

           He handed the concierge your bags to place inside your room and grabbed the key card from them before returning to your side.

           "Here. I lose things.“ he handed you the key too and you shook your head, stuffing it into your purse along with the valet ticket. He pressed a gentle hand on your back and gestured in a certain direction. "Let’s go.”

           You followed his lead into a large decorated banquet hall. You had to squint with how bright it was when you stepped inside; blinded by the expensive things you would never be able to afford.  

           "Wow. It’s like a treasure chest in here.“ You giggled as you two found your assigned table.

           "People at the company are quite loaded.”

           You shook your head as you slipped your coat off, finally revealing your dress. Jimin’s jaw slackened as he took in your figure. You glanced over at him, feeling his gaze, and you smirked.

           "Does this suit your taste, Mr. Park?“

           Jimin bit his lip and stepped in front of you.

           "Makes me want to skip the party and get to that penthouse.”

           You laughed as you leaned forward, knowing his eyes were watching your every move. Smiling playfully, you reached around him so that your body brushed against his. His hands found its way to your waist to keep you from toppling over, but he stared at you expectantly as you didn’t break the eye contact as you moved closer to his face. He immediately chuckled as you lifted up the present that you had been reaching for.

           "Did I just make THE Park Jimin anticipate something?“ You batted your eyelashes. "I’m honored.”

           "You’re sneaky.“ he grinned as he released your hips so you could step back.

           "You seem to be losing your touch if something like that flustered you.” You smirked as you fixed up your dress.

           But before he could reply, you both heard a loud, congregated,  

           "MR. PARK!“

           A crowd of females hurried to greet him with bright, expectant eyes. You had to cover your face with the present you were holding to hide your amused smile.

           "Hey.” Jimin smiled warmly. “Great job on the decorations! It looks so festive.”

           "Really?“ They clearly hung onto his every word.

           Jimin nodded, "Thanks for taking up the hard work of decorating.”

           "No! Thank you, Mr. Park! We never dreamed we’d be having such an event until you came along.“ they cooed.

           "Yeah, Mr. Jung also turned around ever since you arrived!”

           Jimin laughed and scratched the back of his head, “I don’t think that was any of my doing.”

           "You also clean up very well, Mr. Park.“ Another complimented him, daring to get closer.

           You tried to slowly walk backwards, praying to go unnoticed from his crowd of fans and just go find Silver and Hoseok, but Jimin grabbed your wrist, causing you to stumble forward into his chest. They all gasped a little as he took the present you were hiding behind and revealed your face. They were finally aware of your presence.

           "Oh you must be Mr. Park’s girlfriend!” one of the co-workers clapped, as if a light bulb went off in her mind.

           "Oh n–“ You started but Jimin slipped his arm around your waist and grinned.

           "Yeah, we met in college and well, we’ve been together ever since.”

           "Aww how sweet!“ One of the females squealed and caressed your arm. "You’re gorgeous!”

           "Thanks…“ You blushed, a bit skeptic about the compliment, and glanced at Jimin, who was beaming at you proudly.

           The co-workers then excused themselves, and Jimin led you closer to the open bar.

           "I didn’t know I had been your girlfriend for that long.” You gasped playfully.

           "No?“ Jimin smirked as he watched the dance floor filling up slowly.

           You glared at him, "Alright, spill. Who did you sleep with here that you have to pretend to be taken?”

           Jimin laughed, “No one.”

           You squinted your eyes skeptically, and he caught your look.

           "I swear!“ he insisted. "Have I ever lied to you about who I sleep with?”

           You relaxed your gaze. “True. You’d have gloated right away.”

           "Exactly.“ Jimin turned and called out. "Two shots of vodka please.”

           He handed you one, which you accepted gratefully.

           "I separate work and play, Y/N.“

           "Except when you play for work.” You grinned as you raised your shot glass.

           "You know it.“ He pointed at you. "Which is why I had to become unavailable to them.”

           "Oh boy.“ You exhaled. "I’m going to need more shots.”

           You threw the shot back easily and bellowed.

           "One more over here!“

            Jimin laughed. "Pressured?”

           "If I have to pretend to be your girlfriend for the night, I’m going to need a little buzz.“      You finished your second shot as soon as it came.

           "I’m honored you need to be intoxicated to date me.” he chuckled.

           "Come on, Casanova.“ You smacked his butt. "Let’s show these ladies you’re happily taken. I can feel their judgment from here.”

           Jimin smiled, his eyes turning into those crescents you knew too well. He grabbed your hand as you led him to the dance floor. Hoseok and Silver slipped through the crowd to dance near you guys.

           "Psst. What’re you guys doing?“ Hoseok hissed.

           "Jimin, the playboy, apparently needs a pretend girlfriend so he won’t get tempted to sleep with his co-workers.” You whispered.

           Hoseok rolled his eyes while Silver shook her head disapprovingly.

           "He’s lucky I’m awesome.“

           "They’re already trying to judge when you two are going to break up.” Silver admitted. “I heard them gossiping. He could tell you weren’t super into him and he apparently deserves better. Sorry.”

           All four of you laughed.  

           "Eh, it’s okay. He’ll live with the temptation after I dump him.“ You teased.

           Jimin hummed and pulled you closer to his body. "Who said I was going to let you go?”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously. “How’re we supposed to pretend to be who we’re not?”

           Jimin grinned, “Who says we’re not convincingly attracted to each other?”

           "I do. I say we’re not.“ You retorted.

           "Well then, show me how you burlesque.” Jimin whispered into your ear.

           You chuckled and whispered in return, “Can you keep up?”

           Jimin felt shivers run up his spine as your leg climbed up his languidly while your arms wrapped around his neck. Grinning widely, he slid his hand up to the middle of your back to keep you from falling.

           "Who do you think I am?“ he chuckled.

           You fluttered your eyes at him. "Mr. Park…”

           Jimin’s eyes bore into yours expectantly.

           You leaned forward so that your lips were almost touching, “You can’t show your Red side here.”

           Your breath ghosted over his lips and he leaned forward to kiss you playfully, but you were a step ahead and distanced yourself with a smirk.

           "Play nice kids.“ Hoseok sighed then turned to Silver. "Let’s grab a drink.”

           "Sure.“ Silver smiled and they disappeared into the crowd.  

           "Mr. Park, you’re going to have to play nice.” You giggled as you danced lightly to the upbeat music. “Besides, this is our jam!”

           You bobbed your head and swayed your hips gently as you swung your hands side-to-side. Jimin cracked up at your silly dancing, but it really was one of the songs you both always went wild to.

           "Ah whatever.“

           He exhaled and he hopped around excitedly to the beat as you cheered him on. In no time, he and Hoseok were at the center of the dance floor, showing off their moves. You learned that they had notoriously had a short dance off during one of their company camping trips. You in turn told the DJ to turn on a song that you knew would heat the competition up more. Silver cheered on Hoseok excitedly while most of the other females were fanning themselves at the way Jimin was moving. Both of their bodies were fluid and their techniques skilled. You watched them proudly as you clapped and danced along.

           But you couldn’t lose to the guys so you dragged Silver to the bar and you both hopped on top of it, drawing the male co-workers to your side enthusiastically.

           "Sex is better when they’re jealous.” You whispered to Silver and winked at her.

           She smirked knowingly and you both began dancing sexily on top of the counter. The male hotel workers and the office workers were hooting and hollering at you two. You chugged down two more shots while you were up there so you felt your body slowly loosening up and getting lost in the music.

           In no time, Silver was dragged down by Hoseok and they disappeared from the party soon after. Jimin laughed at you yelling at the crowd to cheer and bounce to the song excitedly. He could visibly see the looks of judgment the female co-workers were giving you, not that you ever cared about what other people thought in the first place. That’s one of the things he admired about you.

           When you bent down to grab another filled shot glass, he slipped in and stole it from you, throwing it back.

           "Alright, come on, babe.“ he urged you down.

           You giggled and grabbed a hold of his hand as you jumped down into him. He caught you easily in his arms.

           "Geezus. I would’ve kept a closer eye on you if you were going to turn this into a strip club.” He laughed as he pushed the pieces of your hair that was sticking to your sweaty face away. “I would’ve gotten my dollar bills ready.”

           "I’m just trying to make sure they know I’m hott, and that you–“ You patted his chest, a little tipsy, and whispered. "You caught yourself a nice catch.”

           He chuckled, “Well I don’t know if that happened with the girls, but you sure as hell attracted my male co-workers. I’m sure they’re WELL aware you’re hott and a nice catch.”

           "Oh.“ You blinked then shrugged. "Eh. Close enough.”

           "No.“ He pulled you flush against him. "Cause now I have to make sure they know you’re MINE.”

           Your eyes widened as your faces were inches apart. Jimin smirked and whispered into your ear.

           "Now who’s losing their touch?“

           You rolled your eyes. "Well, Mr. Park. How does one pretend to be a loving couple?”

           He shook his head and chuckled, “I of all people wouldn’t know.”

           "But…“ he held your hand, "let’s at least have fun dancing, without trying to impress anyone.”

           You grinned and nodded.

           "Sounds perfect.“

           The night ended well. You danced and ate the entire time. Hoseok and Silver returned later on. You and Jimin teased them about how many times they had sex in that time period. It started an argument between them so you both slowly walked away, not wanting to get between that, although you both felt guilty about accidently starting it.

           So once the party officially finished, you and Jimin alone stumbled back to the penthouse suite he had booked.

           "Wahhh.” You exhaled as you finally kicked off your heels and laid on the couch. “That was fun.”

           "Seriously.“ Jimin found his way to the bed.

           "And!” You pointed. “Neither of us went home with strangers. This has got to be a first.”

           Jimin giggled.

           You groaned and rummaged through your bag for your pajamas. “I’ll change first.”

           "Hmm.“ Jimin mumbled, his face morphing into the bed relaxingly.

           "There’s no lock in this bathroom?” You commented as you noticed the sliding door.

           He peeked over and noticed you sliding the door shut and open worriedly. “Just change. I’m too tired to peep.”

           "That’s comforting.“ You rolled your eyes as you began changing hurriedly and taking off your make up. "Out of all the hotel rooms I’ve been to, this is the first without a lock.”

           "It’s cause couples stay here.“ Jimin mumbled.

           "But still.” You retorted as you stepped out in a sweatshirt and shorts while brushing your teeth.

           "Don’t blame the hotel.“

           "You’re right. I should be thankful to be housed in this mansion for a night.” You commented as you finished up your nightly routine.

           Jimin dragged himself out of bed and floated to the bathroom after you. You positioned yourself on the couch and covered yourself in the extra blankets while he changed. He came out just simply wearing sweatpants and ruffling his hair. Glancing at you in a bundled ball as you swiped through your phone nonchalantly, he exhaled.


           "What?” You hummed, not prying your eyes away from your phone.

           "Y/N. Get on the bed.“

           "No thanks, Chims.”

           "Y/N, get on the bed.“

           You glared at him skeptically. "You have alcohol in your system, sir.”

           "I’m not even drunk or anything. I should be far more afraid of you.“ he chuckled.

           You contemplated as he stared at you.

           "I promise I won’t try anything. I’m exhausted and just want to sleep.” Jimin exhaled. “And don’t flatter yourself.”

           You glanced at the bed. Its fluffiness was invitingly tempting.

           "Fine. It’s big enough so we have our sides anyway.“ You smiled as you slipped underneath the fort of blankets and rolled yourself in it.

           Jimin chuckled as he jumped in as well and turned to face you. "Hey.”

           "Hm?“ You hummed as you looked at him too.

           "Thanks for coming with me today.”

           You grinned, “A free penthouse hotel room, free food, open bar, good music. I think that’s just about equivalent payment for my presence.”

           He chuckled, reaching over to ruffle your hair.

           "Oh right.“ You remembered. "Did you know that down the street from Club Masquerade, there’s a place that hosts a Masquerade Ball every Friday?”

           Jimin scrunched his face, “Like as in fairytales?”

           "Well it starts off that way apparently, but they play club music and stuff as the night goes on.“

           "So guys dress up as Princes and grind on girls wearing huge ass ball gowns? Sounds like a lot of work.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Well ANYWAYS, my perfect match V wants to meet me there.”

           "At a BALL?“ He raised an eyebrow, skeptically and repeated. "At a masquerade ball?”

           "Yes, Jimin.“ You giggled. "It’s romantic, isn’t it?”

           "Are you going to wear a crown and wave your wand?“ Jimin teased and you shoved him.

           "Shut up. It’s going to be a cute meeting.”

           "Totally cute ~“ he mimicked in a high-pitched voice. "Do you even have a dress and stuff?”

           "Yeah.“ You rolled onto your back and stared at your ceiling. "I have the perfect dress.”

           Jimin observed as you closed your eyes and yawned.

           "Night night Chims.“

           "Night.” he hummed as he continued to watch you, until he too fell victim to his exhaustion.

            The next morning, Jimin’s eyes sprung open as he realized that someone was lying on his chest and his arms were wrapped around them. He tried to hurriedly recall the events of last night, wondering if he had ended up sleeping with someone. But when he remembered that you two had come back together, his body relaxed. He glanced down to find you resting peaceful in his embrace. He lifted his arms awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

           Slowly, you stirred. It took awhile for your eyes to adjust and realize the situation in front of you. You glanced up, unfazed by your close position, and shoved him away from you gently.

           "Well this is new.“ he laughed.

           "What?” You yawned. “Actually not having to leave after spending the night with someone?”

           Jimin chuckled as he fixed his hair. “Yeah. Didn’t expect it to be with you.”

           "Are you actually perverted 24/7?“

           He reached over and organized your disheveled hair too.

           "Only around you.” he giggled.

           "Lucky me.“ You stated dryly. "When do we have to check out?”

           "Mmm it’s still early. Wanna grab the complimentary breakfast?“

           You perked up. "Um YES. Why is that even a question?”

           Jimin laughed, “Well let me go put a shirt on.”

           "Nah. Just go like that.“ You teased. "Your female co-workers would probably faint on the spot.”

           He flirtatiously lifted his eyebrows and leaned over, “What about you?”

           "What about me?“ You retreated back a little.

           "Aren’t you the least bit attracted?” He glanced down at his toned chest and abs and wiggled the garter of his loose sweatpants.

           "Well tell me then…“ You chuckled as you revealed your exposed legs from beneath the blanket. "Aren’t you the least bit attracted?”

           His lips curled up, “It’s nothing new to me.”

           "Yeah same here.“ you laughed as you threw the blanket off you. "I’ll shower first.”

           "Can I join?“

           You smacked his face with a pillow as you got up. "No, Jimin.”

           "Why not?“ he whined cutely, as he watched you gather fresh clothes.

           You glared at him. "Don’t you dare barge into the bathroom, Park Jimin, or I’ll personally make sure you won’t be able to have sex in the next week.”

           "I wouldn’t dare.“ Jimin blinked innocently and you slid the bathroom door shut.

           You turned on the shower and crossed your arms, letting the water run and waiting. As you predicted, the door slid open a minute or two later, and you chucked a heavily wet towel at Jimin, causing him to fall backwards from its weight. You straddled his body as he coughed from the impact and threw the wet towel off of him.

           "What the hell?” he groaned.

           You stared down at him angrily, “What did I tell you?”

           He laughed, “I can’t believe you’re wasting water, Y/N!”

           "How do you want me to castrate you?“ You threatened.

           "Alright, alright. I won’t peek.” He put his hands behind his head and smiled. “I already got this nice view.”

           You rolled your eyes and slapped his bare chest hard in retaliation. He winced from the sting.

           "You know, in a different context that would’ve totally excited me.“

           "Would you like me to tie you somewhere Mr. Kinky?” You crawled off of him.

           "No thanks.“ he sensed your irritation and decided to stop his teasing. "I’ll be good.”


           You returned to the bathroom and Jimin slid the door slightly to see if he could get a glimpse, but his eyes were poked before they could even look in.

           "AHHH Y/N!” he yelled. “FUCK!”

           "MORE JIMIN! MORE!“ You teasingly moaned, as you shut the door again and finally hopping into the shower. "DON’T STOP!”

           Jimin rubbed his eye and laughed, “Don’t tempt me with your dirty talk!”

           "As if.“ You called out.

           V: You know, I hope this isn’t creepy or too soon. But I really want to meet you.

           Coffeegirl: It’s not creepy at all. I want to meet you too, V.

           You smiled as you re-read the messages.

           V: I hope this isn’t cheesy but you said you liked unique romantic gestures. I walked by a place that hosts Masquerade Balls every Friday.

           Coffeegirl: What? Seriously? That’s a thing?

           V: Right? I was surprised too! It’s been a thing at the place for a long time now! So I immediately thought of you when I found it.

           Coffeegirl: Aww V ~

           V: Would you like to go to a Masquerade Ball? *insert rose emoji*

           Coffeegirl: V, do you not have emojis?

           V: I can’t find them…

           Coffeegirl: LOL.

           V: Hopefully my lack of emojis won’t deter you from saying yes x)

           Coffeegirl: haha of course not, I’d love to go and I really do want to meet you.

           V: I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to hear your voice and your laugh, and if you totally think I’m awkward, please feel free to run away and leave your slipper behind.

           You giggled.

           Coffeegirl: Will you search the whole kingdom to find me?

           V: I found you once. I’m sure I’ll be able to find you again.

           Coffeegirl: I’ll look forward to receiving a real rose instead of that emoji then.

           V: You know I wouldn’t come empty handed to meet a beautiful lady ^_^

           Coffeegirl: But you don’t even know what I look like?

           V: You’re still beautiful just from getting to know your personality though!

           Suddenly your phone was ripped out of your hand, and Jimin who was munching on a piece of bread, scrolled through your messages.

           "Chims!” You groaned.

           He glanced at you amused while you pouted, embarrassed about your replies.

           "I’m about to upchuck my bread that was so gross.“ he teased.

           "Shut up.” You tried to reach for your phone.          

           But he continued scrolling, keeping it away from you.

           "Ooo ~ he loves animals. How cute. Family oriented, nice. Wowww wants a lot of kids.“ he wiggled his eyebrows. "Then he’s lucky your stamina is great in bed.”

           You punched his stomach and he groaned, conceding and handing you back your phone.

           "Seems like a super nice guy.“ He went back to munching as he rubbed the place you had hit him.

           "He does.” You smiled happily.

           "Not your type though.“ Jimin shook his head.

           "Well what I want may not be what I need.” You shrugged.

           Jimin hummed, “Interesting.”

           "What is?“

           "Well what if you don’t want what you need?” He glanced at you intently. “Will you still force it?”

           "No…“ You hesitated. "I don’t know. Well everything takes some give and take.”

           "Well I think,“ Jimin crossed his legs as he leaned against your desk. "you need to want the need this person is going to give you in order to want him.”

           You squinted your eyes at him, puzzled. “Okay, what?”

           Jimin’s lips curled up. “You’re going to have to want to change, Y/N. This V guy is looking to settle down. Are you?”

           You chuckled and stared straight at him, “Yes, I want to.”

           Jimin was a bit taken aback then he nodded, “Well then, that’s that.”

           He dusted the crumbs off his pants and bowed. “I wish you plentiful babies with your perfect match.”

           "You don’t believe me.“ You glared at him.

           He glanced at you amused, "Look Y/N. You like the bad guys because they were exciting and fun. I really wonder if you’re going to be able to give all that up to be committed. You’re just like me.”

           "I’m not like you Jimin.“ You snapped.

           "No?” He reached for a mint and popped it into his mouth.

           "Definitely not.“

           Jimin smirked and walked away as you stared at him angrily.

           You definitely weren’t like him. You knew this time was different. You were looking for something different than your previous guys. Someone much like V…or Taehyung for that matter.

           "Ahhh.” You groaned as you lay your head onto your desk, frustrated. To be honest, you were curious about both of them. Your emotional connection to V was undeniably yet your physical attraction to Taehyung was gnawing at you.


           You perked up as Tae stepped inside.

           "Tae!” You squeaked, a bit dizzy that the exact person you were thinking of appeared.

           "You didn’t open yet right?“ he looked around.

           "No, not yet.” You smiled. “What brings you here?”

           "No, I just missed you.“ he laughed. "Plus it gets a bit lonely manning the bars when we haven’t opened yet.”

           You blushed at how casually he confessed that he missed you. It was things like this that confused you. You knew he meant it sincerely, but what exactly was the significance behind it?

           "You said you and Chims had a Christmas party? How was that?“

           You blinked, "Chims?”

           "Oh sorry.“ Tae looked down timidly. "I hear you call him that sometimes and I thought it was a cute nickname…”

           You laughed, “Oh I don’t mind. I was just surprised you caught it.”

           Tae grinnned, his eyes smiling along with him. “I remember everything you say, Y/N!”

           "Can I ask you something?“ You tilted your head inquisitively.

           "Sure!” he jumped closer to you, excited that you were finally curious about him.

           "Why did you give me that flyer?“

           "Hmm…” he pondered. “Well like I said you were pretty and two…I guess I just felt a good aura around you…is that weird?”

           "A good aura?“

           He smiled, "Yeah. Like you’re a very warm and trusting person. But I also felt like you underestimate your potential and stay humble, but you’re ready to fight for something you want… which I really like.”

           You beamed. His answer melted you.

           "What aura does Jimin give off?“

           "Mmm he’s a bit confusing.” Tae hummed, thinking about it deeply. “I feel like he’s still kind of lost, you know? I could definitely sense that he’s sweet, but it’s like he’s suffocating that part of him.”

           You chuckled, “Sounds about right.”

           Tae giggled, “Then I’m definitely not wrong about you either.”

           You looked down at your hands hesitantly.


           "Hm?” he tilted his head cutely.

           "Do you think people can change?“

           "Y/N.” he grabbed your hand gently as you glanced up at him. “I think people can grow.”

           You smiled at each other.

           The day of your first meeting with V soon arrived, and for the most part, you had planned out everything you needed to in advance.  

           "What’re you wearing?“ Jimin snickered into the phone as you put him on speaker.

           You exhaled as you roamed your room, gathering your things together. "Are you serious, Chims?”

           "What?“ he giggled.

           "I am going on a date today. I don’t have time to play with you.” You threw off your clothes and slipped into dark blue velvet floor length dress with a high leg slit that rested right about your thigh.

           "You’re wearing your favorite blue dress, aren’t you?“ he grinned as he lay on his bed.

           You glanced around skeptically, "Did you install cameras in my room when you slept over?”

           "Am I right?“

           "You’re a creep.” You rolled your eyes as you finished zipping yourself up.

           "You wear that to every important occasion so I’m not surprised. Oh, also put your hair up.“


           "Guys go crazy for exposed necks.“

           "I’m going to just pull my hair over to one side. I don’t want to look too formal.”

           "What mask are you wearing?“

           "My favorite gold one.” You grinned as you grabbed it from your shelf.

           "This V fellow won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.“

           "That’s the plan.” You smiled as you threw on a few simple accessories.

           "Don’t go having babies now.“

           "Don’t worry.” You smirked. “I’m always classy.”

           "Facetime me so I can seee.“ Jimin whined as he rolled around his bed.

           "Seriously? You’re just going to say something dirty.” You stated, but switched to Facetime anyway.

           Jimin pressed his face closer to his phone as if it would give him the ability to see you better. You cracked up as his face filled up your screen.

           "Jimin. This is not a telescope.“

           He moved back and grinned.

           "Guaranteed. V will drop his balls when he sees you.”

           You smiled gently, “Thanks Jimin.”

           "Also, I’ll have my phone on me in case he’s a creeper.“ He stared at you seriously.

           You laughed, "You’ll be the first I call.”

           "Good.“ he grinned. "Have a good time…but not too good.”

           You snorted, “Bye Chim-Chim.”

           Afterwards, you quickly sent a picture of your mask and outfit to V so that he’d be able to find you and then a silly one to Silver to represent your excitement and nervousness.

           You sighed as you scrolled through your phone. You had been sitting by the bar, rejecting guys who asked you to dance and if you come alone tonight. V wasn’t super late, but you felt a bit awkward waiting alone. He hadn’t texted you yet, so you reassured yourself that he was probably driving.

           You took the time to glance around. It was a club, but decorated with Renaissance era antiques. There was a grand staircase, which you weren’t sure where it led to, and there was a big chandelier in the center of the dance floor.

           You didn’t think a lot of people were going to follow the dress code seriously, but you were surprised to find the guests donning extravagant ball gowns and three piece suits with coattails. A few wore small crowns and others wore large wigs like they did in the olden days. It was intriguing and awe-inspiring. It really felt like you had been sucked into a classical romantic movie, and now all you needed was for your Prince Charming to come find you.


           Someone greeted and you smiled as you spun around, praying it wasn’t someone else hitting on you.


           "Have you been waiting long?“

           A man wearing a Maroon mask bowed and pulled a rose out from behind him suavely, and your grin immediately widened.

           It was him.

           You shook your head, "I was just taking in the view.”

           His lips curled up as he stared at you deeply, “Now it’s my turn to take in the view.”

           You blushed.

           "You wanna dance?“ he asked timidly.

           You nodded as you placed the rose inside your clutch. He held his hand out to you, and you slipped yours into his gently. Leading you right beneath the chandelier, he tightened his hold on your hand and placed the other on your waist cautiously. Since a slow song was playing, you both swayed back and forth, at a loss for words.

           "I can’t believe you’re here right now.” You tried to hide your giddiness and racing heart.

           His hands were warm and your hip tingled at the feeling of his touch. He smiled and continued to lead you in the slow dance mannerly. There was a small space between your bodies that seemed like he didn’t want to cross just yet.

           You weren’t sure what to talk about. All the topics you had planned out seemed to disappear as soon as he was in front of you. But the silence wasn’t awkward. It was comfortable, like you both were simply content listening to the music and having each other’s presence.

           Which you were.

           "You look beautiful.“ he whispered as he placed his cheek on your temple, closing the distance a bit.

           You smiled as you shut your eyes, letting yourself revel in his warmth and closeness. How long had it been since someone you dated just held you without any other thoughts or ideas?

           You heard him humming sweetly, the vibrations of his voice were felt on your skin, and you chuckled.

           "Ah there it is. The laugh I wanted to hear.”

           You fluttered your eyes up at him as you stepped back a bit. He titled his head a bit, questioning you actions, and your hands answered by traveling around his neck. A gentle smile formed on his face as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

           "I was really nervous about coming tonight.“ You admitted as you studied the designs on his Maroon mask.


           "Well, I had a lot of expectations of how it would turn out to be and then I had a lot of fears at the same time…that I would be disappointed.“

           He moved a stray hair away from your eyes. "Are you disappointed?”

           You looked down at his lips then into his eyes, and shook your head. “Not at all… Are you?”

           "I’m dancing with a beautiful girl under a nice, expensive chandelier to one of my favorite classic songs. What is there to be disappointed about?“

           You giggled, "It’s one of my favorites too.”

           He smiled gently as you both continued to sway.

           Suddenly, the music changed into a more upbeat vibe and immediately, you turned yourself around to start moving your body to the song. He was a bit taken aback by your abrupt change but soon followed your lead, keeping his hands on your hips. Every time you tried to back up, he maintained a respectful distance between you two.

           For some reason, that made you fall even harder for him, but it also made you crave more. After a few attempts at trying to grind, you spun around so that you two were face-to-face and you could see that he was alarmed. You grinned as you grabbed his arms to pull him closer to you.

           "Are you afraid of me?“

           He shook his head. "I just didn’t want to do anything you didn’t…”

           You closed the distance and pressed against him, “I don’t mind…if it’s with you.”

           He smiled and you were soon flush against his body. Finding a mutual rhythm, your hips moved along with his sensually. You had had a few shots in your system, but you knew it wasn’t the alcohol. The best way you knew how to communicate was through your body, and his gentle actions increased your desire for him tenfold, so as you pushed even closer to the hardness that you felt in his pants. He gripped your waist worriedly. He soon loosened it as you maintained a seductive eye contact with him, trying to tell him this was what you wanted. Your hand traced his mask, down to the side of his face softly, and he closed his eyes, taking in your touch. You leaned forward, no longer wanting to restrain yourself from finding out how he kissed and how his lips felt on yours. But he pulled back a little and tensed. You opened your eyes.

           "What’s wrong?“

           "Well…we haven’t done this before…”

           "Well of course not. We just met.“ You chuckled then you looked down shyly. "Am I going too fast for you?”

           He shook his head and cupped your face. “Not at all…”

           Slowly, he opened his mouth and captured your lips sweetly.

           And God did he know how to kiss.

           Although his movements were hesitant, they were slow and breathtaking as you both tried to study each other. You pulled his head down so you could deepen the kiss, and you both stumbled back, laughing into the kiss. He stepped forward as you walked backwards, your lips still locked together. You trusted him and he guided you to a wall, gently placing a hand on the back of your head so you didn’t get hurt from the impact. That made you lunge at him more passionately and immediately, tongues became involved. 

           Your hands immediately roamed down his chest and pulled his waist closer to the heat pooling in your lower abdomen. You grinded into his hardness and he groaned. The vibration reached your mouth as you both continued to kiss and it excited your senses even more. You nipped at his lip hungrily and you both paused to stare at each other, catching your breath; bodies still touching dangerously. You were drawn to this man in front of you and you weren’t sure if this was going to scare him off, but you decided to speak your mind anyway.

           "I need you.“

           You whispered, ghosting your breath over his lips.

           "What?” he blinked; you could tell he was a bit worried, but also anticipating.

           Your hand found its way to his bulge and you traced the outline aggressively. His breath hitched as you did so and you repeated yourself, more firmly this time.

           "I need you.“

           His lips crashed into yours immediately and you welcomed the vigor. His hands were soon caressing all your curves and you exhaled needily as he began kissing your neck. You threaded your fingers through his hair as you continued to grind into him.  

           "Follow me.”

           He breathed into your neck and you nodded. Gently, he took your hand and led you away from the crowd, into one of the lounges.

           "Don’t get me wrong.“ he breathed as he took out the key. "I had gotten one just in case we wanted to talk without the blaring music.”

           You giggled.

           The door opened and he awkwardly stepped in. You shut the door behind you and smirked at him playfully.

           "Come here.“ You called as you leaned your back onto the door.

           He licked his lips and slid towards you. As soon as he was close enough, you pulled his tie down and captured his lips hungrily. His hands found its way to your ass and he gave it a light squeeze. Immediately, you wrapped that leg around and heaved him closer to you. Your panties were damp already from anticipation and you needed friction. Judging from how hard he was, he needed it as well.

           You moaned into his mouth as you rubbed yourself onto him, and he groaned, trying to control his urge.

           "Don’t fight it.” You breathed on his lips. “I want you.”

           He bit your lower lip, full of desire. You grabbed his shoulders and spun around, pinning him to the door. He was taken aback, but before he could react or speak, your hands were rubbing his clothed cock as you intensely gazed at him, checking to see if your forwardness was scaring him off. Contrastingly though, you felt yourself getting wetter as he was heaving under your touch, his hips circling to meet your hands.

           "Oh my god.“ he breathed as he grabbed your hand and pressed it harder onto him.

           "Can I?” You fluttered your lidded eyes at him and he glanced at you questioningly.


           You unbuckled his belt easily with one hand, while you continued to please him with your other.

           "Ah fuck.” he cursed and your lips curled up happily.

           You dropped his pants and latched your tongue onto the outline of his cock without hesitation.


           "I like it when you curse.” You smirked as your hand slid underneath his shirt to trace his lower abdomen playfully.

           "Fuck, how are you so good.“ he hissed.

           You glanced up arrogantly, "Baby, I haven’t even started yet.”

           He stared at you eagerly as you climbed back to come face to face with him. His eyes were burning holes into you with lust and desire, and you reveled in the feeling. Swiftly, you stuffed your hands inside his boxers and swallowed his gasp by kissed him. He squirmed as you massaged his dick inconsistently. You would do it for a bit then focus on kissing him senselessly then return to it.

           "You’re teasing.“ he breathed.

           You smirked. "What do you want from me?”

           He stared at you. You slipped your hand out of his boxers and he hissed at the loss of contact.

           "I won’t know what you want me to do unless you tell me.“

           You wanted to hear him beg. You wanted him to tell you he wanted you a certain way. But something seemed to change in him and he smirked back at you.

           "First, my princess.” he caressed your face. “I want you out of that dress.”

           You turned around and lifted your hair up, “You’ll have to get me out of it then.”

           He growled as his gaze was now directed at your exposed neck. Slowly, his hands lay on your waist and he peppered sweet yet passionate kisses down the side of your neck. You sighed and melted into him. In the midst of pleasuring you, his hands found your zipper and pulled it down hurriedly. He slid down your straps, nipping at your neck even more fervently. Your dress fell to the floor and this time, you lunged at him, sucking at his neck expertly. His hands roamed your newly exposed skin, addicted to how soft it felt. He pulled at your underwear playfully and you began walking away, a flirtatious smirk on your face. He watched intently as you crawled onto the bed seductively.

           You lay on your side, displaying your assets that were teasingly hidden by your coordinated black bra and panties. Biting your lip and staring at him, you stuck your index finger into your mouth and sucked on it. His eyes were mesmerized and locked on you as you traced your cleavage with your wet fingers. Languidly, you moved down to your underwear and stroked yourself gently. Swiftly, he marched over and grasped your hand to stop you, and crashed his lips into yours.

           Using the element of surprise, you pushed him into the bed and straddled him, grinding into his hardness. His hips immediately bucked up into you and you moaned. Quickly, your fingers unbutton his shirt and you licked down his torso as you gazed at him with a lustful expression. You felt his dick twitch into your chest as you got closer and he groaned.

           "Still don’t want to tell me what you want?“ you smirked.

           "I want to cum in your mouth.”

           You shook your head. “Please let me cum in to your mouth.”

           "Please.“ he urged.

           "Then be good.”

           He nodded breathlessly.

           "Keep your hands behind your head.“ You ordered and he immediately followed.

           The need was throbbing so much that it was starting to become painful, but still, you weren’t quite satisfied with his begging. Your hands began to trace the skin around his crotch. You playfully caressed his inner thighs, pressing prolonged kisses against his hips, and toyed with the skin above his dick by drawing gentle circles. He writhed underneath your touch, his body begging for more. You knew what he wanted, but you wanted him disheveled, about to come undone with just a simple touch. You smacked his thighs gently to scold him and he stopped his squirming. His breathing was getting more shallow and his hands were curling into the sheets.

           "So needy.” You smirked as you kissed his still clothed cock. It was straining so much that you were afraid it would spring out of his boxers on his own. You crawled over him and smiled.

           "I’ll let you touch one thing.“ You whispered as you pulled down your bra. "Which do you want to touch?”

           Breathlessly, he began massaging one of your breasts and your face contorted into one of pleasure, which only served to escalate his want.

           "Harder.“ You moaned and he groaned as he thumbed your nipple. "Faster.”

           He obliged then as he was getting into a rhythm, you pulled away. His breath hitched with anticipation as you kissed his neck sweetly.

           "You almost got punished.“ You hissed into his ear and he shivered.

           "Please.” he begged. He bucked his hip up and flipped you over so that he was now on top of you. He rolled into you and you breathed pleasurably, which encouraged him. As he grinded into you, your leg slowly made its way up his thigh and his arms weakened. Your hands wrapped around him and tugged down his boxers slightly.

           "You’re close aren’t you?“ You mused.

           He couldn’t do anything but close his eyes and pant heavily, resting his head onto your chest. You knew he needed a release so you grabbed his hands and guided him to massage your breasts. He slowly began kissing and sucking at your neck, and you quickly pried his hands off of you.

           "I’ll give you what you need.”

           He glanced at you desperately, and you smiled gently to reassure him.

           "On your back.“

           Gently, he obeyed and you climbed on top of him, sweetly kissing him, his hands once again finding its way to your waist and to your boobs. You grinded into his clothed cock as you continued to swirl your tongue against his. The kisses soon became more sloppy and heated. Feeling that he was close, you bit his lip and pulled off his boxers. His cock sprung up. You covered your hands with pre-cum and immediately began rubbing his dick. Your hands moved quickly and slickly since he was dripping immensely already.

           "Ah fuck.” He groaned and you sped up. You used your other hand to massage his balls, and that sent him over the edge. You continued your rhythm, letting him ride out his orgasm, as you whispered repeatedly, “You’re cumming so well for me baby boy. Keep going.” Your words only made him fuck your hand harder, until he was out of breath and in a daze.

           "Holy shit.“ he breathed, at a loss.

           You grinned and climbed over him, carefully, trying not to touch his sticky mess. Gently, you pressed a soft kiss on his lips.

           "You’re welcome.”

           You rolled the sheets and cleaned him up as he tried to catch his breath.

           "What about you?“ he questioned.

           You glanced at him, a mischievous glint in your eye. "If I didn’t completely scare you off and you want to see me again, we’ll see how things go.”

           You winked as you chucked the stained sheets to the corner of the room and threw his pants at him.

           "I suggest you go commando, because your boxers are soaked.“

           "Damn.” he pressed his head into the stack of pillows, amazed. “What the fuck was that?”

           Your lips curled up, your heart welling up at his genuine awe.

           As you were about to leave the bed, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down. His lips found its way to yours and kissed you passionately, making you dizzy. He used your astonishment to climb down so he was face level with your wetness. He flicked his tongue out and you moaned. Playfully, he licked your inner thighs and the crease between your hip bone and legs. It was your turn to be out of breath and needy. His fingers stroked you gently through your panties, until you were pressing down to meeting it instinctively. Then he pulled away, grinning from ear to ear.

           You looked at him desperately as he whispered onto your lips.

           "Let’s meet again then.“

           You swallowed and he chuckled, rolling off the bed. He jumped into his pants and began buttoning up his shirt.

           "Where?” You questioned curiously.

           "Here seems like a nice spot.“ He teased cheekily as he straightened up his Maroon Mask.  

            You giggled as you got up from the bed. You felt his eyes on you as you walked over to the dress he had discarded by the door. Teasingly, you bent down and locked gazes with him. He bit his lip as you slipped into your dress slowly, milking the sight of your exposed skin. Walking over, he zipped you up as he peppered your back with kisses as he did so. He got to your neck and nipped at it, not wanting to leave the room. 

            You turned to face him and immediately, your lips and tongues were battling it out once more, fighting for dominance. He gripped at your wrists so you couldn’t tease him with your hands but your foot playfully stroked his. The slit of your dress exposed your thigh and he released one of your hands so that he could pull your leg up by his waist to trace your skin beneath it.

            You smiled into the kiss excitedly. Both of you were trying to tease each other in order to leave a more lasting impression. Your heart raced. Did you even have that in common?

           You both separated, out of breath.

           "We’ll meet again.” You whispered.

           He simply nodded and you stepped out of the room, glancing back at the Maroon masked man, completely smitten. He was giving you a lopsided grin in return, his eyes also expressing intrigue. You gave a shy smile and disappeared into the crowd, making your way to the exit.    

          Your night didn’t go as you had expected it to.

           It was exceeded your expectations.

            So you were on cloud nine when you finally got to your house. Hurriedly, you changed and curled into your bed, squealing like it was your first time doing any of that. But it felt like the first time; it was different. It was electrifying and exciting. You didn’t completely lead it and he didn’t completely give in to you either. You hadn’t really experienced such an unpredictable time before and it astonished you.

            You stared at the rose you had placed in a vase on your bedside table and smiled.

           V was absolutely perfect.      

           Taehyung arrived at his place and whipped out his phone, hurriedly typing something into it as he took off his suit and tie.

           You immediately shot up from your bed as text from V came in; your eyes widened at the message.

           V: I’m so sorry I didn’t get to make it tonight. I had a sudden work emergency and my phone ran out of battery. Sucky timing, omg. I’M REALLY SORRY! I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU!

           V: Did you end up staying and having a good time anyway?

           V: You looked beautiful in the picture you sent me by the way. I’m beating myself up that I didn’t get to see you in person.

            You stared at the texts in horror.


           Jimin whistled happily as he pressed in the pass code of his apartment. He hung his coat and didn’t even flinch when Hoseok appeared in his hallway.

           "Where have you been?“ His best friend questioned. "I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer so I let myself in.”

           "It’s all good.“ Jimin grinned nonchalantly.

           "Wait… why’re you dressed like that?” Hoseok glanced at his attire curiously. “Where the hell did you go?”

           Jimin smirked as he lifted the Maroon Mask off his face.

           "I went to a fucking ball.“


This Means War (part 5)

Summary: Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman (based on the movie)

Word count: 2,131

A/N: hey guys! (Y/N) IS BACK haha. So now is where it gets juicy! The big reveal! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I went to a baseball game and it got postponed until 10:50 and I got home at 3am so I passed out pretty much all day. Also! I apologize for mess of the chapter. I promise I’ll fix it once my computer is working away. Anyways enjoy the chapter.

⚠️Warnings⚠️: um a trapeze? Falling into a net?

This Means War (Masterlist)

(Present: aka after meeting both men)

The Steve at work typing away on his computer when Bucky raised a brow. “what were you doing on the laptop? Porn?” He pointed at the open laptop on the other side of his desk.

Steve grinned, “I have a photograph of my girl.”

“I was doing the same thing!” Bucky grins. “I was doing a background check.”

Steve furrowed his brows, “I don’t know if that’s creepy or romantic. ”

Bucky shrugged, “its Cromantic. I do it all the time, wanna see her?”

“Yeah sure,” Steve smiled. “Wanna see her?” Steve also asked moving toward the laptop.

“Yeah.” Bucky nods.

“I bet yours has got antlers and Howls at the moon.” Steve laughs.

“She does but she’s incredibly attractive with them. ” Bucky joked and they both laughed. “She’s a Ten.”

“go on three?” Steve asked.

“One two three and go?.” Bucky asked.

“Yeah .” Steve nods. “I’ll sound off…one.”

“Two.” Bucky grinned gripping his computer.

“Three!” Steve and Buck both flipped their laptops to face each other. Their smiles fell when they realized it was you.

Bucky looked at his computer then at Steve’s. He frowned.

“That’s (Y/N)-” Steve started.

“(Y/N), (Y/L/N) ” Bucky finished.

“(Y/L/N)…” Steve sighed. “That’s the girl from the video store?”

“That’s right around the corner from the coffee shop.” Bucky blinked. “Oh, wow. Um… I had no idea.” He was dumbfounded.

“Of course you didn’t. How could you know that?” Steve cleared his throat. “Um, did she actually say she wanted to go out on a date with you, though? ”

“You know what? I’m going to make this really easy. I’m going to bow out. You date her. ” Bucky shrugs.

“Hang on. Did she actually say she wanted to go out with you? ” Steve insisted.

Bucky sighs, “well it doesn’t matter. I love you. You’re my best friend.”


“You go…date her. Yeah, besides the fact, if I got in the picture it wouldn’t be fair.” Bucky shrugged.

Steve was taken aback, “well, I’m sorry. What does that mean?”

Bucky sighed.

“What does that mean?” Steve insisted.

“I mean, come on, man… I mean you’re just not out there as much as I am. And like anything practice makes, uh… ” Bucky trailed off.

“Perfect?” Steve added.

“No, no, no.” Bucky shook his head.

“Oh you’re perfect now huh?” Steve scoffed.

“Maybe not perfect, but damn near close…” Bucky trailed off.

“Wow.” Steve looked away speechless.

…to perfect.“ He finished.

“You believe that as well?” Steve asked looking at his computer. Bucky just shrugged. “Well, you don’t have to bow out because of me. ”

“I don’t?” Bucky furrowed his brows.

“I’m not concerned that she’s going to phone love with you, pal.” Steve shrugged.

Bucky blinked, “uh, how very nice of you. Thank you.” He frowned.

“You are welcome.” Steve continued to type. “So do your thing.. whatever that is. And um, just let her decide.”

“Sure.” Bucky shrugged closing his computer.

“Yep.” Steve nodded. After a few moments of awkward silence Steve spoke up again. “Well while we’re at it, why don’t we put in some ground rules?”

“I think we should.” Bucky said.

“One, I don’t think we should tell her that we know each other. ”

“Number two, stay out of each other’s way.” Bucky butted in.

“Number three, No…Fonduing.” He said.

“What?” Bucky raised a brow.

“You know, no hanky panky. ” Steve pointed out.

“God, you have not dated in a long time have you? ” Bucky looked at his friend with disbelief.

Steve looked away, “and if this ever starts to affect our friendship-”

“W-which it won’t.” Bucky rushed out.

“Which it won’t.” Steve repeated. “…then we walk away.”

“Done.” Bucky nodded.

“So then we have- we have uh-” steve stuttered.

“We have a gentleman’s agreement .” Bucky said.

“Right a gentleman’s agreement. We do.”

“May the best man win.” Bucky said.

“The best man, for her.” Steve corrected.

“For her.” , “for the lady.” They both said at the same time as they tapped their pictures of her.


Later on Bucky was calling Steve but he got his voicemail. “Aye stevo! Where are you man? 5 o'clock. Chips marathon about to start, I got the new sticks for rock band. call me.” he drummed a bit then hung up.

At the pier

“Oh my gosh, I love these places!” You gushed out looking up at Steve.

“Yeah I thought you might,” he chuckled, “and we’re not gonna leave until we’ve spent all of our tokens.” He grinned. 

Bucky paced his house as he left another message, “dude! Where are you?”

“Oh!” Steve laughed as you shot the hockey puck into his side of the table.

You laughed, “I win!” You grinned jumping up and down. 

Hey man, uh it’s about 5:43. Uh so whatever man, just hanging out, watching the thing. Are you-? Maybe your phones turned off or something. But just check it to make su- well clearly you can’t check it and see if it- ah whatever. Call me.” Bucky left yet again another message.

“So the great air hockey cheats, that is” Steve chuckled.

“I’m available for lessons anytime.” You laugh as you carry a big pink plush stuffed animal. “But only for you. ” you smile and slip your hand into his.

He looks down and smiled at your conjoined hands. “You know, there’s something else I want show you.” He grins.

“Hey man, so, uh I’m a little worried. I don’t know if, um- well you haven’t returned my calls for, like, a long time now, like an hour.” Bucky looks at his watch. “So, uh, just give me a call if you’re ok, ok? Okay. I’ve said OK now, like five times.” He chuckled, “give me a call, oka-” he stops himself and hangs up.

You giggled as Steve led you along , with his hands over your eyes, toward a dark building, most of the light coming in from the moonlight. “Okay, where are we going?” You asked.

“There are lions in here.” Steve smirked.

“Nooo.” You laugh nervously.

“Yes.” He chuckled.

“Are you serious?” You asked holding onto his wrists.

“Okay open.” Steve stopped walking and let you see.

You opened your eyes and grinned. It was inside the tent where the acrobats did their stunts. “Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

“Come on.” Steve took your hand and walked toward the trapeze.

“We’re going up there?” You asked.

He didn’t answer.

A few moments later you were on top of the stairs hanging onto a swing while Steve was on another swinging back and forth.

“You’re gonna catch me right?” You asked.

“Yeah.” He grinned.

“Promise?” You asked.

“Absolutely.” He nods.

“Okay.” You take a deep breath.

“One..” he counted. “Two..” he swung himself to get more momentum and then hung upside down. “Three!”

You grabbed onto the swing and pushed yourself off the stairs as you swung towards Steve. You let out an excited scream.

“There you go!” He laughed.

You positioned yourself to hang upside down too and once you and Steve were aligned you reached out and he grabbed your hands and swung holding onto you.

After a second, he let go and you fell down onto the net bouncing. You laughed loudly. “Oh my gosh.” Your body bounced on the net.

Steve laughed and let go so he too would fall onto the net. You both bounced and rolled until you met in the middle. “What was that?” You laughed.

“I’m sorry I lost my grip.” He smirked laying on his back looking up.

“You did that on purpose.” You laid on your side and hooked your leg on his and placed your hand around his torso.

“Maybe I- maybe I did.” He sounded out of breath.

“I think you did.” You whispered.

“Well, sometimes falling is the best part.” He looked up at you softly.

You smiled and leaned down pressing your lips to his. He pulled you closer and kissed you back happily.


You held your phone and called Daisy, “hello?” She answered sounding busy.

“Hey it’s me can you talk?” You asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” She asked.

“It’s- I don’t know. I feel weird about dating two guys at once.” You sighed.

“Don’t feel bad about dating two guys. This is good, OK? You got to go out there and live a life for women like me who can’t because they have a man already.” She chuckled.

“For women everywhere.” You chuckled.

“That’s the Spirit. Do it.” She laughed. “Alright girl, i gotta go, Lincoln is waiting for me…”

You laughed, “okay, bye.”


The next day Bucky wasn’t at work. Steve held his gun and looked over to his empty desk.

Fury walked by, “Steve, where’s your partner?”

“Oh he went out on a date.” Steve shrugged.

“Of course he did.” Fury chuckled. “Guys an assassin, slays everything he sets his sights on, right?” He smirked and walked away.

Steve clenched his fist and walked over to his Tech guy.

“We have a positive lock on that license plate, you want me to pull it up?” Peter Parker looked up at Steve.

“Yes.” He nods but groans. “No actually no don’t.”

“Uh, alright…”

“Yeah, go on. If you would. Thanks yeah.” Steve changed his mind.

“Okay?” Peter starts typing.

“No! No we can’t!” Steve walks to the wall and leans against it.

Peter sighs.

“Yeah, you’ve gotta do it now. Go on.” He walked back to look at the screen.


You were waiting in line at the club when a fancy car pulled up to valet and Bucky jumped out, literally jumped out and walked up to you.

“Wow.” He grinned. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to show. ”

“I told you I could handle it, bucky. ” you said.

“We’ll see. Come on.” He started walking.

“Oh! Um I don’t wanna lose my spot in line.” You said looking back.

“Don’t worry about it.” Bucky said and walked towards the bouncer. “After you.” He smiled standing in front of the entrance.

“Oh.” You walked forward and watched Bucky say hello to the bouncer.

“You’ll love this place I swear.” He led you with a hand on your lower back.

“I think you’re enjoying yourself. You just have to loosen up. Get off simmer mode.” He teased you about the grills.

You chuckled.

“Nathaniel!” He greeted another person.

He grinned down at you and spun you, “you are shining like a bright light.”

He noticed some people at the table, “you guys are here too? Come on!” He grinned and kept walking with you.

You looked around the loud club and followed him.

“Alright I’ve got to go say hi to the DJ, he knows me.” He walked through the dance floor with you and waved to the DJ.

After he led you to the VIP entrance, “after yo My Lady.” They opened te red velvet rope for you.

Some men set up a table with candles and glasses. He walked away to order a drink and you sighed standing up and walking out.

When he turned and didn’t see you he chased you down. “Hey ! Where are you going?” He asked as you crossed the street.

“Where are you going? We just got here.” He asked confused.

“You know what?” You stopped him. “I’m not the girl for you. ”

“Oh, come on, just- come inside and we’ll have a good time.” He offered.

“It’s really okay, i-ive done this, when I was a gymnist back in highschool. My best event was a keg stand-”

“You were a gymnist?” He raised a brow.

“Unbelievable.” You sighed.

“What? It’s a valid question. You said you were a gymnist..I asked a question.” He defended himself.

“That is exactly why I’m walking away.” You said turning.

“What? Because you’re uptight and dont know how to have a good time?” He raised a brow.

You groaned. “you have the emotional intelligence of a 15 year old boy.”

“Wow.” He scoffed.

“And you think I’d be interested in going out with you, or back ‘up in the club’? I don’t think so.” You shook your head.

“Well thank you judgmental princess.” He announced sarcastically.

“Can we call it a night?” You sighed.

“Can we please, call it a night!?” He exaggerated.

“Goodnight!” You said.

“Sayonara.” He said back.

“Have fun.” You rolled your eyes.

“Ciao, go back to the retirement village, I’ll see you soon.” He turned walking off.

You walked off the other way an your eyes widened seeing someone there. “Oh my god, this is not happening.” you muttered and ran back to Bucky.

“Wait! Wait Wait!” You grabbed his arm to stop him.

“What?” He groaned.

“Just kiss me.” You looked up at him.

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“brand image” Anon

No one can “predict” how Tay’s brand image will be impacted with a coming out (even as bi/fluid), but It’s a very good question.

Tay’s brand/name is an empire now, i guess it’s safe for this era bc i don’t think anything big will happen before it ends anyway (too much at stake with the album & ticket sales), but for the next era: her main audience (you girls & young ladies ;) will be more grown up, mature, more accepting..so it won’t be a problem…she will have lost an important part of the hardcore conservative homophobic republican fanbase by then, so …..

So far, we don’t know who she chose to partner with for this new era. We don’t know if Diet Coke will still be here, or if she’ll go to something more organic or natural than a soda (gosh i hope)..

When i look back at the partnerships/endorsements she had in the past, for 1989 & Red, they were big = big $

Big brands, powerful ones, choose very very strategically (& sometimes harshly) who will represent them & be associated with them : brand image is everything, yes, but so is brand territory : everything revolving around the brand itself, that helps build it’s legitimity (example (about something i know quite well from work experience) : an alcohol brand: a whisky : Scottish: the brand territory will be about everything related to Scotland, the Highlands, the longtime tradition about making whisky, old Scottish castles, the Scottish kilt, the bagpipes..even the Loch Ness…. You see the picture  ?  :)

It’s the same for artists, actors, athletes : it’s not just about their name anymore, or about success in their own field, it’s about everything that englobes their brand, and what it means “by extension” if you will…

Which poses a problem for the ones who come out (even as bi) : the big names (like Tay) or Cristiano Ronaldo (for ex) : names for whom marketing, merchandising, endorsements represent a huge source of revenue: bc there are, still to this day, many big brands which don’t want to be associated with an openly bi/fluid/gay celebrity. Even in Fashion, it’s not that tolerant (the irony when there are so many gay designers, models….) or many more would come out, but they usually don’t, or at least go with the bi option (look at what Cara did for her movie career now: (everyone knows in the fashion indus that she’s super gay) but she said she was bi (a big fat lie).

C.Ronaldo is soft outed now, he will wait for his professional retirement to confirm everything people pretty much already know (except for the very deeply in denial homophobic soccer fans) but for now, for his contract, he still plays the beard game, (even softly) with tabloids, bc it’s just too much $ involved for him right now….

i strongly believe this is one of the many things Tay & her team have been working on & studying for quite some time now, so honestly i’m not worried, bc if i’ve learnt something important over these past 6 months spent here among Kaylors, it is how smart, overthinking & meticulous Tay is…

anonymous asked:

Don't get me wrong get me wrong, I love Allura. She's an amazing dynamic character. I just feel like the fandom puts her on a pedestal of perfection/can do no wrong, which is very untrue. Mistakes are what make characters grow. I want to see Allura grow, not be stuck in the black/white and good/evil that tumblr seems to think. I hope that makes sense

Oh my gosh, I feel you completely, nonnie! Fanon!Allura honestly isn’t accurate to her actual character. I mean, yes, she is definitely badass and yes she is extremely smart and capable, but she’s also scared and lost and makes bad decisions or can be rash or hurtful to others. That’s part of why I love her so much! 

I really, really relate to her I guess - like Allura, I lost my father very abruptly when I was young, and like her it put me in a position where I had to grow up a lot earlier than I should have. Allura is in that same boat. She lost someone that meant the world to her in the middle of an already difficult, vulnerable time in her life; it forced her to have to abruptly grow up and fill his shoes and become a leader in an intergalactic war. And she did an amazing job of it, but she’s still “human” (so to speak, I mean this in the colloquial sense, in that she’s still a living, breathing creature with emotions and flaws and feelings) and is still still hurting over the loss of her father. 

She makes mistakes, she wants to be back in her father’s arms, she wants life to be the way it used to be. But it isn’t and it won’t be. This is why Crystal Venom is still one of my favorite episodes, because it really shows this flawed, scared, unsure side of Allura. 

This girl is broken and hurting and having to make choices that she never should have had to make in the first place. And yes, she’s badass, and yes she eventually makes the correct choices, which is why we love her. But she still falters and fears and makes mistakes. 

Her unwillingness to let her father go, her rash decision to put herself in the hands of the Galra and literally toss Shiro out, her poorly-thought out decision to abandon the castle because she was scared Zarkon might be tracking her (just like Keith feared about himself) and thought the paladins might be better/safer if she weren’t there (like Keith thought about his own presence in the castle),  her skepticism about Keith’s loyalties after she finds out he’s part Galra, these are all such real flaws that could literally happen to anyone. And the fact that so much of the fandom just… ignores all that for the sake of putting her on a pedestal of imperfection is such a shame… it’s ignoring a HUGE part of who Allura is. 

She’s good overall, she’s a good person - but she still does bad things sometimes, she still makes bad decisions, or behaves rashly, just like any of us might - and the true showing of the good in her is how she overcomes these hardships, how she learns. 

[it’s worth noting that the other characters on the show similarly have very complicated and multifaceted personalities and behaviors, too, just like Allura, which is part of why this show is so amazing - I just didn’t delve into them here because this post was about Allura and not about the rest of the team :) ]

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Could you please do headcanons for have a crush on like Skywalker and them him asking you out? Thanks!

okay here we go!! i haven’t wrote for luke since my old blog days so forgive me if i’m a little crappy :/

• despite your attempts at subtle hints at your feelings for him, luke is completely and utterly oblivious. he’s l o s t

• “You know what? I love spending time with you honestly.”

“me too, (Y/N). That’s why we’re best friends.”

• Everyday you swear you fall for him more and more.

• You want to slap him everytime he smiles because everytime he smiles your heart begins to thump in your chest, and you suddenly can’t speak without mumbling or messing up your words. You hate that he makes you feel this way because you literally just appreciated him so much u g h.

• it literally took you forever to get together, leia wouldn’t stop harassing luke about it until one of you got the courage to ask the other out.

• and of course, han harassed as much as leia harassed luke. If not, more than leia.

• Luke and you would be the Best Friends to Lovers™ trope and honestly that’s adorable.

• You were the first to admit how you felt to Luke. His reaction was priceless.

• “Luke, damn it i like you. A lot.”
“I like you too, we wouldn’t be friends if i didn’t?”
“Oh maker, Luke! I like you like, i like like you. More than this.”
“Well, i like you like that too.”

• Han and leia secretly betted on who would confess first. Leia lost and Han rubbed it in her face for the entirety of your relationship.

You’re Safe Now

This is based on lily-clare’s merman Arthur.

He’s so precious! ^////^

This was written by me and is dedicated to lily-clare

The world was showered in darkness, the way it always was.  All I could feel was the water around me.  It was a floating feeling.  As if you weren’t even there.  Just dark, warm, water.  I clutched to my trident and slowly made my way closer to the shore, knowing that if someone found me, I would surely be dead.  But I was taking risks, this was the only chance I had.  The events that had happened in only the last hour still scared me to death.

I opened my eyes, not like it would change the darkness around me.  The sound of a familiar voice filled my un-humanlike merman ears.

“Arthur, you have to get out of here.  Right.  Now.”  Francis grabbed me and shoved me out of the door.

“Wh-what is it?”

“They’re going to kill you.”  he hissed.

“Wh-kill me-”  there was loud clanking and the rushing sound of water.

“Get out of here, go to the shore!  There will be someone waiting for you!  He’ll explain everything!”  I was shoved forcefully out of the house.  Being drowsy it hadn’t occurred to me why my life was in danger at the moment.  But despite my confusion, I listened.  If Francis was talking that desperately, something was most definitely wrong.  My tail propelled me forward the fastest speed that I could possibly go.  Unfortunately for myself, that was slow compared to other merfolk.  There was clacking of metal behind me.  I recognized the sound as iron tridents against rocks.  That meant danger.  I swam faster.  My arms got scraped on rocks.  Panic filled my senses.  My hands were all I had to see the world around me.  Something stabbed my side.  I yelped, trying to get away.  It hurt about as much as it just scared me.  I wacked my tail against something hard and uneven.  It wasn’t a rock.  It felt more like a……guard.  A guard was chasing me!  A metal substance grazed against my tail.  I grabbed it with a quick motion.  Nothing was holding onto it, so I simply took it.  I couldn’t hear the guard.  Perhaps I’d knocked him out.  Since then I’d been swimming the only route I knew outside of the merkingdom as I slowly gained more consciousness and recovered from drowsiness.

The trident I was holding was much easier to feel with than my hands.  Not to mention, much faster.  I was very close to the shore at the moment.  Fear was still flowing steadily through my veins.  My arms hurt, but I just had to deal with it.  So did my side.  I knew they’d been scraped against the rocks on my way.  Everything had a dull ache, but it was mostly my heart that was feeling the pain.  I’d just lost my home, one of my good friends, and my freedom to.  Well, I’d never really had freedom.  Being blind meant you were trapped in this merkingdom.  All of the blind mermen and mermaids were executed.  Merpeople were workers.  Everyone had to work together in order to catch food, repopulate, and other things.  But the problem was, blind merpeople couldn’t see in order to contribute.  So they were killed usually about a month after they became blind, just so they could do whatever needed to be done.  Such as last wishes. I was an exception however.  Being the king’s son, I was allowed to live.  But only a year.  I had become blind after a tragic accident when a small underwater volcano erupted.  I had been trying to find my parents.  But before I could, flaming rocks hit my face and the rest of my body.  After that, I had to live in almost constant care.  Francis, my butler, was the only one that really helped out with my ‘problem’.  But my time had gone up.  Now I was on my own.  I was on the run.  Alone and scared.  Francis would probably be punished for allowing me to escape.  I felt horrible.  It would be my fault if they hurt him.  Hopefully the human he always talked about on the shore would save him.  His name was Matthew and was literally the only name I ever heard.  Matthew this, Matthew that.  Matthew is so cute.  Matthew is such a great person.  It confused me how he could love a human.  It made no sense.  But I shouldn’t talk.  After all, I am half human.  All of the royal family have the ability to shed their tails and regrow them when touching water.  But human body parts were so odd.  Legs?  I can see why they would be useful for walking but they looked absolutely ridiculous.  Well, they did when I could see.  Sand hit my chest.  I was on the shore.  Or at least, I was close to it.  I heard a voice.

“….Arthur?  That’s you right?”  an unfamiliar voice asked me.  I looked in the direction in which the voice came from.

“Yes.”  I mumbled halfheartedly.  “….Who are you?”

“I’m Alfred, Francis sent me.  I’m Mattie’s twin brother.”  for a second, there was no words.  I gasped oxygen into my gills.  Swimming that fast was something I could not do very well.  “……Your arms are all scratched up…..You okay dude?”  …dude?

“Don’t call me dude.”  I said with disdain, regretting it the second I said it.  What on earth was I doing?!  This human was probably risking his life to help me.  Not to mention, he was even asking if I was alright.  “….I-I’m sorry that was rather rude.”  I apologized quickly, feeling heat crowd around my face.  “….Thank you for all of this.”

“It’s not a problem.  Now let me help you out of there.  I have clothes and everything for you.  Francis told me you can change into a human.  You can do that right?  Or was he just pulling my leg?”  I gasped for some more breaths and nodded.  All the sudden, strong hands wrapped around my waist, right where my tail met the rest of my body.  I let out a little squeak.  I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  Some of the pain disappeared from my side.  “Y-you okay?  Did you get hurt or-”

“You just surprised me.”

“Surprised you?”  …How idiotic was he?  I let out a long dramatic sigh and pointed to my eyes.  “……O-oh!  Jeez I’m really sorry.  It totally slipped my mind.”  he apologized profusely.

“It’s fine.”  I muttered, slightly annoyed.  My body was lifted from the ground and held inside two strong arms.  They felt like pillars.  It felt odd to be out of the water.  Everything seemed different and….ugh, dry.  My tail felt like it was spilling in half.  It wasn’t painful or anything.  Just surprising.  I tried my best not to let out a yelp.  This was the first time I would ever change into my human form considering the fact that I had never left the water in my life.  It was so strange.  Is this what legs felt like?  I kicked, being sure not to hurt Alfred by accident.  Woah.  It felt so…odd.  Instead of one machine there were two seperate moving parts.

“Uh, you should put some clothes on Arthur.”  Alfred’s voice trembled a little bit.  I recognized the tone as embarrassed.  Why on earth would he be embarrassed?  I was just human now.  Was there something wrong?  I felt the loss of the strong hands that had held me tightly.  I was standing.  Or at least I was until I lost balance.  My face collided with the, surprisingly not very hard, sand.

“Ow.”  I grumbled, trying to push myself back up with my hands, but my arms ached and stung.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!”  Alfred apologized.  “I-I thought you could stand on your own-”

“It’s fine.”  I murmured, slightly annoyed about the fact that he’d dropped me on my face.  His hands wrapped back around me and pulled me up and placed me down on something hard.  By the feeling, I assumed it was a rock.

“Here, put your hands up.”

“Do what?”

“Put your hands above your head.  How else am I supposed to get this shirt on you?”  a shirt?  Mermen didn’t need shirts.  But I did as he told.  After all, he was rescuing me.  “Don’t worry Arthur, this clothing is just a temporary thing.  Back at Mattie and my place there is a huge tank.  It’s about the size of the house.  Well, if it was above ground it would be.  Since Mattie works to save sea turtles and dolphins and stuff we just keep the tank in our backyard.  He gets paid for it by the city, but he never has to leave home.  It’s awesome!  You can live there!”  ….live there?  Oh, how could I have forgotten.  I was never allowed to go home again.  Not like I would be missed.  My own parents had a seething hatred for me after I became blind.

“…..Sounds interesting.”  I mumbled.  A strange soft thing was draped over my body.  Was this what a shirt felt like.

“Yeah, you’ll like it there.”  he exclaimed.  His hands brought something up around my legs.  It was cloth to.  I hated the feeling.

“Wh-what on earth is that?!”  I tried to back away from it, but before I could get it off me his hands secured it around my waist.

“It’s pants.”

“Can you take them off?”  I complained.  Only then did I notice there was something odd between my legs, a little bit below my waist.  Was this another weird human body part?

“I’m sorry, but I can’t.  You can’t go around stark naked Arthur.”  ….naked?  But, mermen were never naked.  Mermaids could have something not covering their chest, but merman didn’t have to cover that.

“I’m not naked.”  I pushed, a little bit annoyed.  Alfred took my hands away when I tried to pull off those hideous pants.

“….You’re naked as a human.”  he explained, “It’s different.  So you have to keep the pants on until we get home.”

“I hate the pants.”  I grumbled.  “They’re squeezing the thing between my legs.”  I reached down to touch it, wondering what on earth it could be, but Alfred grabbed my hands away again.

“Uh, you don’t want to touch that.”

“Why?”  I asked, trying to break out of his grip.

“Do you know anything about humans?”  for a second, I thought.  Not really.  Just that they had legs.  I shook my head no.  Alfred sighed.  “….I don’t really know how to explain this without being awkward.”

“Just explain while you bring me back.”  I felt his strong arms around my body.  In moments I was being carried, probably down the beach.  After a little bit of awkward silence Alfred spoke up.

“You use the bathroom with that thing.”  he explained very, very awkwardly.

“……Oh.”  I replied, feeling embarrassed myself.  I probably should’ve guessed that on my own.  There was more awkward silence.

“…..Do your arms hurt?”  he asked me.  I felt one of his hands gently stroke my arm.  For some reason, my face heated up.

“A-A little.”  I mumbled.  For some reason, my mind had slipped about them.  Now they hurt again.  I knew they were deep cuts.  The rocks down there were incredibly sharp.  But oddly enough, it didn’t hurt as much as before for some reason.

“Don’t worry.  We’re already here, so now I can fix you up.”  I heard a creak.  Alfred brought me somewhere I couldn’t see.

“Alfred, is that you?”  a timid voice asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got him.  His arms are a little bit scratched up, but he’s alright.”  he set me down on something hard.  Something I haven’t felt before.  It was smooth but it wasn’t like a rock.  It kind of felt…how do I put it?  A little bit like the stuff ships are made out of.  Oh yes, that’s what it was.  Wood.

“Oh dear, I think he did a little more than scratch up his arms.”  the timid voice continued.  I felt hands touching me, but they weren’t Alfred’s hands.  Something along my side hurt like crazy.  “Are you okay?  You’re bleeding a lot!”  I nodded, not understanding what he meant.  Did I get something more than just my arms.  My mind wandered back.  I had been stabbed with that trident.  Was that it?

“….Oh gosh.”  Alfred gasped. “Dude……you…..you have this…..giant wound on your side…..How did I not notice that?!  Mattie I’m getting the bandages.”  Mattie?  Was he the person that was touching me?  The person with the timid voice.

“Are you Matthew?”  I asked curiously.

“Yes, it’s very nice to meet you.”

“……Francis told me a lot about you.”  I said quietly.  It was sort of like I already knew him.  “He talks about you all the time.”  for a second Matthew was quiet.

“….He does?”  he asked softly.

“He won’t shut up about you.”  my heart started to hurt.  Was Francis going to be okay?  Was I ever going to hear him drone on about how cute Matthew’s smile was again?…….Could he be dead?  The thought terrified me, and I quickly shook it off.

“Oh, that’s rather….embarrassing.”  Matthew mumbled.

“I’ve got the bandages.”  Alfred yelled.

“Okay, Alfred, would you take him to the pool?”

“Got it!”  my body was quickly hoisted up.  Only then did I actually begin to start feeling the true piercing pain in my side.  I screamed, not able to hold back.  “A-Arthur are you okay?”  Alfred asked worriedly.  I panted for breath.  It felt like the trident was stabbing into me, over and over and over again.  Tears poured out of my eyes.  I couldn’t help it.  It felt like I was slowly dying.  Which….I probably was.  I suppose I deserved it.  Alfred’s hands cupped my face inside of them.  “Mattie what do I do?!”  suddenly water splashed around me.  The pants I was wearing ripped off my body.  I felt my tail again.  However the wound stayed, and it stung madly.  “Mattie?!”

“Alfred, hush.  You’re scaring him.”  Matthew scolded, sounding worried himself.  “Alfred, do exactly as I say.”

“O-okay.”  Alfred nervously placed me on his lap inside of the water.  I tried to get a little bit closer to him.  For some reason, I felt safe around him.  I used my hand to cling to his arm.

“Alfred, wrap the bandages around his waist where the wound is.”  some weird stretchy cloth squeezed my side and the wound.  I cried out in pain and squeezed Alfred’s arm.  “Alfred were you the first person to touch him when he got out of the water?”

“Yeah, I pulled him out of the water.”

“Okay.  You touched his gills right?”  I didn’t really understand how this related to anything, but the pain didn’t allow me to think much of it.

“….Uh, yeah.”

“Place your hand on his other side.  That’s where his gills are.  Since you were the first to touch him this should be a lot more effective.”  I felt a warm hand on the side of my body that wasn’t in extreme pain.  “Make sure he’s in at least a little bit of water.  Now just press your mouth against his.”

“Alrigh- wait, what?”

“Press your mouth on his and breathe in.  Alfred, do it now.”  Matthew commanded.

“I-I mean he’s cute and everything but Mattie-”

“Alfred do it right now!  He’s dying!  Only a human can save him Alfred!”  after a few moments I tasted something sweet on my mouth.  I assumed it was Alfred.  But I didn’t really mind.  It was kind of nice actually.  I had never known what it felt like to kiss someone before.  Well, it wasn’t really a kiss.  I guess I knew one other thing that humans could do.  Funny how it slipped my mind.  Humans could heal merpeople.  The most effective way they healed was by kissing.  But just touching them could heal a merperson.  Maybe that was why I didn’t feel the wound.  That could also be why Alfred didn’t see it.  It closed because I was being touched by him.  But when he set me down, it reopened, and fast.  Suddenly the pain went away.  I panted desperately into Alfred’s mouth.  Even though my wound had surely closed I was still breathing heavily.

“….D-did it work?”  Alfred mumbled and pulled away from my mouth.  Matthew sighed, extremely relieved.

“Oh thank the lord.”  I felt Alfred pull me against his body.

“You okay?”  he asked.  I nodded and snuggled up to him, still feeling a little bit scared.

“Thank you.”  my lips trembled as I spoke.  I hated to show weakness, especially around people I didn’t know.  But I couldn’t help the fact that I was crying.  Alfred paused for a moment, still holding me close.

“…..It’s okay Arthur.  You’re safe now.”  he mumbled into my ear.  I clutched onto him and sighed.  I lost my only friend, I lost my home, my freedom in the ocean, all of my things.  Fear still ran through my system as well.  But……I was safe, and I had had Alfred to take care of me.

“You’re safe now.”  he repeated.  

And I believed the words for the first time.

I was safe here with Alfred, blind and all.

(This story was written by Artineascout14)

princess-unipeg  asked:

I was surprised Lance from the recent episode didn't bring up at (least not often enough) how Eugene lives in the royal castle. Will we see Lance Strongbow again? It was pretty generous of him to give most of his stolen loot to the orphanage. Does that mean he's gonna reform? How come the queen didn't tell the king about the returned ring? Would he really kick Eugene out? I kinda expected Eugene to keep having Rapunzel wear the ring. Cassandra was being meaner then usual don't you think?

I think Lance was a little too taken aback that he was sincerely going by Eugene and not Flynn to worry too much about where he lived. He was just grateful there was all that extra stuff to pilfer. (I sincerely loved watching him casually steal things and then Eugene casually put them back.)

Yes, Lance is going to be a recurring character.

He may be on the road to reformation, but I don’t know if that’s gonna be a wholesale reform the way Eugene did. After all, he doesn’t have nearly as much to reform for.

I think Arianna was undecided about what she was going to tell Frederic, but she observed Eugene and saw how genuinely and sincerely remorseful he was for what happened. If Frederic has no problem laying down the law like that on Rapunzel, I can easily see him laying down the law on Eugene. Arianna knows Eugene is good for Rapunzel, and vice versa. Also… don’t you think it would have crossed her mind that if Eugene left, Rapunzel would follow? She’s already got the wanderlust, and why would she just let him go like that? It was probably in literally everyone’s best interest the Frederic not know. Because think about it this way: Frederic didn’t know that the ring was stolen. Arianna reported it “lost” to him. Perhaps it was a sore spot between she and Frederic to begin with.

(Oh my gosh, now I’m getting ideas, right as I type this.)

Clearly, Frederic was not on that trip. What if he’s almost as protective of Arianna as he is of Rapunzel? What if telling him that their little caravan was held up would mean that he would tell her not to leave the kingdom anymore? So she hid that part from him. And telling him that Eugene was the thief who stole the ring would also blow her own fib wide open?

If Eugene had Rapunzel wear the ring, he’d still have to explain the situation to Arianna. And even if they still went with the story that he “found” it, a lady’s ring with the royal crest on it clearly didn’t belong to the girl who’d been missing from the palace all her life. I think it’s sweet that he bought her a pretty little flower ring with what little money he had left after his wallet was left at the arena in Challenge of the Brave. It just goes to show even more that he is willing to sacrifice everything that people think is good for Rapunzel.

And yes, Cassandra was being exceptionally smugly mean in that episode, and I’m glad Rapunzel yelled at her.

Hell yea, I’m so close!!

I don’t even recognize myself anymore.. Gosh. I have lost over 70lbs, in 3 years. Most of it, like 35lbs in last year. I love this feeling.

Older pic on left: 220,5lbs/100kg
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So I have lost totally 70,6lbs/32kg
That all in 3 years weightloss journey.

Most important part of journey have been my activity. Nowadays I might walk over 44.25 miles/70 kilometers in 6 days. I also don’t eat as much as I did before. My best accessory have been my Apple Watch. It motivates me to walk more.

For more:
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anonymous asked:

PART 2? Where the girls do take junkrats daughter out and just she gets lost and they're all like shit we have to tell junkrat Since at that point they just can't find her? And she's just kinda lost in the big city about to cri? I really like your daughter imagines !!

Well, gosh, thanks!! I hope this is what you wanted to read.

The day of the outing, Satya and Mei making you a big breakfast before promising to return together later that night. Junkrat makes sure to kiss your head and wish you a fun time with the women.

You’re actually kind of excited to go out. You’ve occasionally dreamed about what life in the outside world is like.

The city, however, is just…way too much for you for your first time. The amount of people walking around, the tall buildings, the sounds and smells, and don’t even start on the Omnics peacefully living their lives. It all too overstimulating for you and as you go to cover your ears as a loud truck passes, you horribly realize too late that you’ve lost Mei and Satya in the crowd. There are just too many people bumping into your small frame and you can’t see through what feels like a sea of people.

A man accidentally trips you with his foot and you scrap your knees on the ground, not the worse injury you’ve gotten in life but it still stings as you stand back up. The man doesn’t even offer an apology as he scrambles away, so you just continue on with your search. The longer you’re alone, the more worried and scared you get. Did they do this to abandon you without an issue?? Does Junkrat know??!

You want Junkrat.


You manage to find an alleyway to get away from the influx of beings. Quite a bit of time passes in that alleyway as you sit and hopefully wait for someone to show up. But when no one does, tears start to collect in your eyes.

Will you ever get back to Junkrat?? Did he plan this to get rid of you?? Does he not want you anymore?!

“Jamison!” The floodgates break and fat tears roll down your cheeks as you sob.

It’s going to get dark soon enough, what are you going to do then? Are you back on your own again?! No more food and shelter!? Did this really happen again!? Why??!!

Suddenly, a beautiful voice graces your ears and your sobs come to a screeching halt.

“There you are! Are you okay!?”

And then there’s another one.

“We’re so sorry, sweetie! We didn’t mean to lose you!”

You look up from your tear stained hands and see Satya and Mei standing at the entrance of the alley.

“I wanna see Junkrat!” you cry.

The two women take a moment to comfort you, again apologizing for letting you be so scared and alone for so long. Mei makes sure to hold your hand nice and firm as the three of you make your way back home for the day. The second you see Junkrat that night, you race into his thin arms and hug him so tight.

“Aw! What’s wrong, darl’? Did something happen?”

pomrania  asked:

I'm sorry, here's a dose of pain and/or feels nobody asked for, not even me: stormtroopers that Vader is almost-fond of, as much as he can not-hate anything about his life, and then one of them gets horribly burned in an accident and Vader just. Cannot.

Oh my gosh that reminded me of a Darth Vader comic I saw way back in…ooh, 2006? 2007? (It might’ve been part of the Darth Vader and the Lost Command series, but I don’t remember)

He was still commanding clones at that point, and these were the guys who had been through everything with him. Like, he’s here in full Vader armor, jumping in ahead of his guys, yelling at them to get out of the way when he senses a trap, and then there’s like this firebomb or something? And a couple clones die, and Vader goes on a rampage.

Maybe because at that point, so soon after Revenge of the Sith, they’re really the only friends/family he has left?