gosh i look old


Based on this post

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up

Doodles of some faces that may seem familar to you! ;3
((Hopefully X’D))

art by pwnage101 



aesthetic: plankton and karen at the end of the best day ever

maybe taehyung idk


Oh my god… where do i even start

An actual puppy~~

He makes me go weak…

cute as f here oh my god

 —- Then his BLONDE hair during his Nu’Bility days. I repeat BLONDE

such beauty…

such grace.. XD

Changkyun in glasses… *insert crying noises*

gosh, i spent a good hour looking at his old photos. What am i doing with my life. 


This is exactly what it looks like
And gosh did I miss drawing with an old cartoony style. Reasons why I call myself a cartoon artist sometimes haha! I need to draw cartoons more often I love drawing with the cartoony style so much. I love exaggerating and stuff with it.

Anyway, here’s Bendy from ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine!’
Don’t ask me what that pose is I havent draw a cartoon in forever. Like 2 years. Used to draw them for my mom sometimes.

Bendy and Bendy and the Ink machine © TheMeatlyGames

gosh i look back at old scenes with allison and lydia and i just think of how allison would be so so so unbelievably happy for lydia that she finally knows what it feels like to actually genuinely be in love she would be the proudest best friend ever and she would probably be the #1 stydia shipper wow i miss their friendship.

Two years we’ve had this boy. When he was given to us by an owner who could no longer care for him. He was only 4 months old. He was scared of life, people, and shadows. 
Two years I’ve resigned to understanding that Vincent would never be the most cuddly rat. That he would never fully trust the pets we give him, that he wasn’t fond of being out of his cage and that he didn’t like being held.

Yesterday, was the first time he fell asleep soundly beside me. We were in bed and I stroked his cute face as he hid in the blanket cave I made for him. Not only did he fall asleep, he also boggled. It reminded me why I rescue animals, because of these small moments no matter how long or short it takes. It reminded me how genuine their love for us is. It really took my breathe away to see a this tiny creature that meant so  much to me to just trust that I was a safe person. I felt loved.

So for anyone who doesnt know, this is the 10th presets inherent alec ryder,,,,,

Im sorry i know they really tried but

Would it kill him to color in his eyebrows so he at least makes an effort to match his hair,,,, it looks like he aint have eyebrows why,,,,