gosh i just loved this shot so much

Just discovered this blog and I’m loving the story and artwork! You all draw with so much charm that I wanted to try a shot at drawing Goatgurt myself.

I’m kinda really nervous showing this to you, but at least I hope you’ll all like it!

Goatgurt looks adorable!! Thank you so so much!!

-Mod Egg

Morning Pleasure*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader wants to eat the breakfast Chris has cooked for her, but he has other plans. Blame your too sexy denim shorts!
Word Count: 1.7k
Warning: Long detailed oral sex (female receiving).

Gifs used below aren’t mine, credit to the rightful owners.

Freshly out of your morning shower, you finished adding the last touches to your light makeup after you had gotten dressed in your favorite denim shorts and a white cotton blouse.

Walking in the kitchen, you followed the smell of the pancakes and fresh fruits that Chris had cooked, accompanied by the exotic effluvia of hot coffee. You smiled at the sight of your boyfriend too busy to notice your presence as his back was turned to you, humming the slow melody of a song you both loved.

You walked up to him and folded your arms around his broad chest, wrapped by his Henley shirt, planting a longing and loving kiss at the back of his neck as he smiled widely.

“Hmm, what did I do so special for you to cook this morning?” You murmured.

“You came into my life,” Chris accompanied your mocking laugh and you moved your body to rest against the counter, standing next to him.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about our trip to Boston next week and…” you trailed off, noticing Chris’ baby blue gaze remaining locked on your frame. “What, you don’t like the outfit?“ You interrogated, checking out, yet he didn’t answer and kept looking at you.

His gaze was so ardent that you almost forgot how to breathe properly. Every time your man laid his eyes on you with such fierce, you felt the desire rising inside.


Your boyfriend eventually looked up at your blown eyes, licking his full lips and you could see his pupils dilating slowly as he drank in the view from his orbs like he had been in the desert for long days of a burning hot summer.

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hi !!! can u help me stan Loona ???? I always see u reblog abt them it's just idk where to start!! how many members are there??


Okay so loona has not debuted yet, they’re set to debut in december this year.

They have this thing where each month BlockBerry Creative introduce one of the members to us, as well as release a solo song for that certain member and another song with the other introduced members. Each members have their MV shot in different countries and different animals!!!!!

So far, the introduced members are (in order):

October’s girl: Jeon Heejin
DOB: October 19, 2000
Position: Vocalist, Leader
- Scared of pigeons (this kid cried at the shooting set in Paris bc of this save her)
- Can play guitar
ViViD / ViViD (Acoustic Ver) / ViViD (Acoustic Live) / ViViD dance practice
Location: Paris | Animal: Rabbit | Color: Bright pink

November’s girl: Kim Hyunjin
DOB: November 15, 2000
Position: Vocalist
- Can play piano
Around You / Around You (film ver.) / Around You (Acoustic Live)
I’ll Be There (ft. Heejin)
Location: Tokyo | Animal: Cat | Color: Yellow

December’s girl: Jo Haseul
DOB: August 18, 1997 (thats my birthday!!!!!!!)
Position: Vocalist, Sub-rapper
- Scared of pigeons
- Was in a lot of art related activities in school
- Can play guitar
Let Me In / LAYBACKSOUND’s The Starry Night (Haseul Acoustic cover)
Location: Iceland | Animal: Bird
The Carol (ft. Heejin & Hyunjin)
Location: London | Animal: bird | Color: Green

January’s girl: Im Yeojin
DOB: November 11, 2002
Height: about 160cm / 4'11" (According to a fanacc)
Position: Vocalist
- Nicknamed ‘bean sprout’ by Haseul
- Maknae (so far)
Kiss Later / Kiss Later (choreography ver.) / My Melody (ft. Haseul)
Location: Taiwan | Animal: Frog | Color: Orange

Febuary & March’s subunit: LOONA 1/3
Members: Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, ViVi (new member)
Love&Live / Love&Live (choreogaphy ver.) / You and Me Together (special m/v)
- The first appearance LOONA has made on music shows
Location: New Zealand & Hong Kong

April’s girl: ViVi
Real name: Wong Viian
DOB: December 9, 1996
Position: N/A
- Was a model in Hong Kong
Everyday I Love You (ft. Haseul) / Everyday I Need You (ft. Jinsoul)
Animal: Deer | Color: Pastel Rose

May’s girl: KimLip
Real name: Kim Jeongeun
DOB: February 10, 1999
Position: Vocalist, Dancer
Eclipse / Twilight
- Gained attention for having an album track (Twilight) produced by Cha Cha Malone, known for his works with Jay Park
Animal: Owl | Color: Red

June’s girl: Jinsoul
DOB: June 13, 1997
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
- In LOONAverse, she was kept in a basement (??) and is now freed
Singing In The Rain
Animal: Fish | Color: Royal blue

They have a series called LOONA TV where they upload a short (when i say short i really mean short theyre like 20 sec) video of them behind the scenes, traveling to the MV shooting locations and stuff on their Youtube channel

Honestly all of their stuff are so high quality and aesthetically pleasing, and they’re such talented sweet kids as well. 

I promise, if you check out just their solo mv’s you’ll be hooked. pls support my baby girls, anticipate their future members and debut!!!!

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Can you make a story where Veronica takes Jd's trench coat and keeps it if she feels down?

Sure I can! Ah! I haven’t had much activity on this blog lately! I’m so happy you sent in a request! I really enjoyed writing this! Get ready for so much fluff anf JD being a sweet little angel! Enjoy!

“Hey Ronnie, darling? Have you seen my-” JD cut himself off when he saw Veronica asleep on the couch, wrapped in his coat. “… Jacket.” He finished, leaning against the wall, smirking. Veronica yawned in her sleep and JD smiled. He moved to sit next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Veronica stirred and rolled over to fall against him. JD felt his breath hitch and his face flush as Veronica snuggled with him in her sleep. “Woah…” He whispered.

JD wrapped his arms around Veronica and held her close as she slept. “I love you, Ronnie.” He whispered in her ear. “I’ll never let anything hurt you.” He promised her. He stroked her dark hair and felt the soft curls wrap around his fingers. Veronica shifted a bit and JD hushed her. He kept whispering loving words in her ear and holding her close.

“Oh my gosh how cute!” JD’s face shot up and he looked mortified as Heather Chandler put her hands on her hips. “What an adorable sight! Big bad JD is snuggling with little Ronnie!” She laughed. JD tried to keep himself from blushing.

“S-screw off Heather!” JD snapped. “I’m just… she fell asleep on me!” He defended. Heather flipped her hair.

“Suuuuure.” She rolled her eyes. “And then you accidentally kissed her and told her how much you loooove her!” Heather laughed.

“What are you like, six?” JD grumbled. “Yeah, so the secrets out.” He said sarcastically. “I love my girlfriend, I wanna marry Veronica!” He spoke sarcastically, but as soon as he realized what he said his face went stark red and he froze.

“You wanna marry Veronica?” Heather asked. JD held totally still and gulped.

“I… I don’t NOT want to marry her…” He rubbed the back of his head.

“You do! You really are in love with her aren’t you?” Heather asked. JD blushed deeper and Heather cackled. “You’re blushing so much right now!” She teased, laughing hysterically. JD gritted his teeth.

“Don’t tell her what I said.” He mumbled.

“Are you seriously thinking about marrying Veronica?” Heather asked. “You guys are only seventeen.” She added.

“Just, hush! I don’t want her waking up.” JD told her. He set Veronica down and motioned for Heather to follow him into the kitchen. She followed close behind and JD rocked on his heels. He dug in his pocket for a while and pulled out a small box. “Look, I know we’re young but… I really love her. I can’t picture my life without her. I don’t want to live without her again.” He mumbled on and on.

“Oh my god you’re so lame.” Chandler tried to say, but she actually thought it was nice. “So I have one clue as to what’s in the box.” She took it from the boy and JD rubbed the back of his head. Heather opened the box. “Oh my god… this is really pretty.” Heather said, actually surprised.

“I was my mom’s. And I want Veronica to have it.” He spoke.

“Are you sure about this? Getting engaged? At seventeen?” Heather asked. “This is a big thing to think about.” She warned him. JD nodded.

“I think about it every single day.” He told her. “And I evaluate every bad thing that could happen but… none of them come close to me not being with Veronica. Even if we get married and we don’t have a lot or we stay in some dead end town forever! It’ll be great cause I’m with her.” He went on and on. Heather was done being teasing and now had important questions.

“JD, you may not have thought about this error.” She told him. JD looked up curious. “What if she says ‘No’?” Heather asked. JD all of the sudden felt like it was hard to breath and he felt heavy as led. “What will you do then?” Chandler asked.

“I just… hope she says yes.” Was all JD said. “Will she like the ring?” He asked.

“I want to say something mean about it but… it’s stunning.” Heather admitted. “This was your mother’s?” She asked. JD nodded and Heather looked at it some more. She then smiled and handed it back to JD, closing the box up. “Veronica is going to look wonderful in it.” She assured. JD grinned.

“Thanks Heather… you know? You aren’t so bad when you’re not being a total bitch.” He jabbed at her. Heather punched his shoulder.

“And you’re not so bad when when you’re not acting like a complete punk.” She huffed. “When are you thinking of asking her?” Heather asked.

“I don’t know. I have no idea actually but… I just know I want to.” He admitted.

“So you carry this ring around with you in case the perfect time comes along?” Chandler asked. JD nodded. “You really are softie, aren’t you?” She asked.

“Tell anybody and I’ll poison you.” JD threatened.

“Yeah, well tell anybody I was nice to you and I’ll shoot you.” Heather warned. JD held his hand out and Heather shook it.

“Well then it’s settled. We’ll hate each other always… unless nobody’s looking. Then we can be civil.” He agreed.

“No TOO civil… we’re already pushing it as it is.” She mumbled. “Care to throw in an insult or two before I go? Just so it feels less awkward?” She asked. “… Jackass.” Heather added. JD nodded and thought for a moment.

“Shallow priss.” He spat.

“Punk-ass-bitch.” She snapped back. “That feels better.”

“Yeah let’s never be nice to each other again.”

Watch on newt-loves-tina.tumblr.com


(A/N: I’m also using the official screenplay for this scene to describe some of the actions)

Right, so in this scene you have the two couples of the movie – Newt/Tina and Jacob/Queenie.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious Jacob/Queenie in the scene:

  • The screenplay states that they are “getting on famously” – he’s watching her intently as she talks, hanging onto every word she says and clearly taking an interest in what she’s saying.
  •  He obviously feels sad for her (and Tina) when she tells him about their parents because she says “oh, you’re sweet!”
  • Then he says to her, “Could you stop reading my mind for a second?” – she looks a little offended, a little upset, and that’s probably because she’s used to people asking her to stop reading their minds even though she can’t help it. He sees that because he hurriedly says “Don’t get me wrong, I love it!” – and she giggles (HER GIGGLE IS EVERYTHING OH MY GOD)
  • As written in the screenplay: “QUEENIE giggles, delighted, captivated by JACOB” – SHE IS CAPTIVATED BY HIM, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  • Jacob compliments her on her cooking, saying that it’s “the best meal” he’s ever had – and he’d know because he’s a cook as well; Queenie obviously knows this because she’s so touched and laughs “Oh, you slay me!”.
  • “I ain’t never talked to a No-Maj before!” – don’t you just love how Queenie is as interested in his life as a No-Maj as he is in her life as a witch? It’s so wonderful how they take a genuine interest in each other’s lives from the very start
  • Screenplay: “QUEENIE and JACOB gaze into each other’s eyes” :’)
  • “I am NOT flirting!” – oh, but you kind of are? Just a bit?
  • Screenplay: “JACOB is suddenly very pale and sweaty again, although still trying to look good for QUEENIE”.
  • Queenie immediately appears concerned and asks “Oh, hey, you okay, honey?”
  • SCREENPLAY: “As TINA shuts the door, JACOB gets a quick glimpse of QUEENIE in the other room, wearing a much less demure dressing gown”
  • “Thanks…very much” *obviously staring at Queenie*
  • Queenie knows – of course – and she’s fucking beaming at him like a saint, I LOVE IT

Like, seriously, this scene is so wonderful for them :3

Now we have Newt and Tina’s slightly more subtle relationship emerging:

  • Not really a Newtina thing, but Tina’s face when Queenie says “Tina is the career girl” – like, gosh, absolute FUCKING cinnamon roll right there. And don’t you love how it cuts to a shot of Newt reacting as well? JJJ
  • When Jacob says “this meal is insanely good”, Tina looks over at Newt – the filmmakers didn’t put shots of them sharing looks for no reason, THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON FOR A SHOT
  • Screenplay: “NEWT and TINA sit opposite each other, uncomfortably silent in the presence of such affectionate behaviour”
  • Tina is totally wishing she could flirt like Queenie in this scene, don’t lie, which is why Queenie then announces “I am NOT flirting!”
  • And then Tina looks totally embarrassed because Newt looks at her like “???” and she’s like “FUUUUCCK”
  • She takes a really long moment to start speaking, it’s like “okay, how do I recover from this, how do I pretend I wasn’t just thinking about cute his freckles are in the candlelight”
  • Screenplay: “TINA looks put out.”
  • Can we appreciate how she offers Newt (and Jacob) the bedroom, like, she barely knows them and yet she offers them beds.
  • “Okay, you guys can bunk in here” – Newt looks kind of like “…Oh…right…”
  • Tina then tilts her head, and I honestly think she’s thinking to herself in a small voice “I’m just trying to be nice though”.
  • Tina knocking on the door “tentatively” (screenplay words, not mine!)
  • SCREENPLAY: “TINA, with some frustration, pointedly places his cup on the bedside table”
  • She’s noticeably irritated that he doesn’t even react or move (again, screenplay says it)


(I don’t have a Sherlock tumblr, so I hope you don’t mind this long submission)

Weeks ago you were talking about non fandom person’s thoughts on 4th series, so I thought I’d share this: 

I have a work friend that’s what I would call a devoted casual in that she adores Ben, so owns and rewatches the series DVDs, but is not in any fandom, doesn’t read/watch press, and relies entirely on me for info on when the next series comes out.

We’ve talked about the show before- superficially and for only ~10 min each series. But after she’d finally watched the 4th series, she made a point to seek me out so she could talk/vent. (Highlights of that conversation include ‘Well, Ben looked and acted great as usual.’ And ‘It was ok while I was watching it…but looking back it didn’t make much sense.’)

She ended with expressing huge disappointment with the whole series, and regretted that she’d bought the dvds because she didn’t want to rewatch them again.

Pervious to this, I’d never talked about the show real in-depth or ‘fanish’ with her, but seeing as she was so disappointed, I just couldn’t resist. I talked about the things that I’d read ‘on the internet’ that made me feel better about the series- namely the concept of unreliable narrator (edited footage with Magnussen; the memory altering drug T12) and the theory that TFP was in John’s mind- like TAB was in Sherlocks.

We only talked for a few minutes, but I could see something click for her and she was super excited to rewatch with these things in mind.

A week later, after rewatching the series x3 with those things in mind, she sought me out again. ‘I think I know what happened in last season of Sherlock! Want to hear my theories?’ Of course I did!

So, what follows is what she came up with. Obviously, I influenced her, but overall I think what she came up with (on her own outside of fandom) is interesting.

John killed Mary, and T6T is the ‘cover story’ of events. John and Sherlock were working together to find out the truth about Mary- John didn’t love or want to stay with her, but that was the easiest way to keep track of her. The plan wasn’t necessarily to kill her, but to get her and the danger around her out of their lives.

There was no ‘woman on the bus’ that John had a thing with. That was a readymade lie that John could admit to if he got caught in inconsistencies on the cover story or if Mary became suspicious over John’s behavior. Admit to the small lie to hide the big lie- that sound like something Sherlock would suggest.

Smith had zero to do with the drug T12- that was just a bit of ‘overflow’ from Sherlock and John choosing to take it for *reasons* (better cover story? John needed to sell the grief, but couldn’t?)

It’s Sherlocks idea to take T12, and he sells it to John as necessary. John learns that Sherlock had this done before but not the reason why. He only learns that are code words associated with these sessions, and Sherlocks previous code word was ‘Redbeard.’ The code word for their session is of course ‘Eurus.’

They take it, and it has some unexpected consequences. It worked perfectly, but the lie that John loved Mary and was devastated when she died was too big for John to handle- it was too far from the truth. John’s mind told him he loved Mary and was sad she was dead, but his heart knew that was a lie. That internal conflict started John drinking, which further complicated the issue. Now John not quite remembered, but somehow knew that it was Sherlocks fault for this (Sherlock got John to take the T12) and that is why John blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death.

And so both John and Sherlock are abusing their substances, which further messes with both their memories- i.e. John also ends up thinking that the woman on the bus is real -and they end up estranged.

The case with Smith happened mostly as shown- but it is thru John and Sherlocks substance abusing POV so it’s unreliable. Fake!Faith and the therapist were real and the same woman- but the reason the woman on the bus had the same face was because John mind wasn’t very creative when it made her real.

Fake!Faith/therapist is a bad guy- either tied to Moriarty or on her own. She knows about the T12 and manipulated both using that knowledge- maybe even drugging them with more.

She shoots John, and TFP is all in John’s head as he’s dying. It’s a mix of the movies John likes (she pointed out to me the bit from T6T about John knowing the horror stories) and John’s assumptions about Sherlock. ‘Sherlocks sister’ of course has the same face as the woman that shot him, becasue again- John’s mind isn’t that creative. John in the dream thinks it’s real, but a part of him knows he’s dying- that part is Victor, and that shows how much John is worried that not only will Sherlock will fail to save him in time, he’ll also forget about him when he is gone.

And that was her theory. I was pretty impressed, and she was pleased to have thought it out like that.

(submitted by itreallyisthelittlethings)

Hey Lovely!

Oh gosh, I don’t remember which post you’re referencing, so I’m just going to assume it’s any of the many I get LOL. Thank you very much for this interesting theory from your friend! My own theory differs slightly from your friend (ie. I believe that the Bus Stop Lady is the “one true face” who was an agent for Mycroft / MI5 and John integrated her into his TD-12 fuelled story, much like Sherlock did with Lady Carmichael and the Airline Stewardess), but we both believe it’s a faulty narrative, TFP is John’s TAB, and that TD-12 has a LOT to do with the unreliable narration. 

I really love all these theories. Thank you for sharing!

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I love Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and it's a shame waking up to this news, I haven't read any mangas from Nakamura (her style is kinda meh to my eyes) but bc I love your scanlation so much and if you find a staff to work on the series I'm so giving in a chance! For your hard work and because Nakamura doesn't deserve my selfishness lol Thanks for everything you guys 💕💕

Oh my gosh I so get you xDDD
Her artstyle is absolutely not my thing either, but I just love her characters so much because of the anime, that I just HAD to buy and read the manga when I became a fujoshi. It was a task because….


YOU KNOW…………..

He knows…

But the characters are so lovable…. mostly hehe
And there are some really awesome and cute moments. Sigh. ^^

They’re totally worth a shot in my opinion ^^

Bechloe Week 2017- Coincidence (day 1)

           Beca absolutely hated the beach. Her skin tone and the sun were not compatible, but she somehow let her best friends convince her to take the five-hour drive from Atlanta down to Myrtle Beach with them for a week long vacation. So while Jesse played beach volleyball or did some other beachy activity and Stacie flirted with every lifeguard she could get her hands on, Beca walked the shoreline all by herself with a cheap plastic beach bucket, shovel, and sifter she got from one of those surf shops on the boardwalk.

           On her first day at the beach she encountered a man in his forties and two kids digging in the sand looking for shark teeth. When the man saw she seemed interested, he approached her and showed her all the ones they’ve collected as well as his methods for doing so. Beca thought sharks were badass and was immediately intrigued. So that night when they went to the boardwalk for dinner and to shop, Beca insisted on buying the bucket, shovel, and sifter that the gentleman suggested. She earned some looks from Jesse and Stacie, but they figured if Beca was doing something other than complaining about being at the beach than they should be grateful.

           She had been searching the past three days for shark teeth, but has come up practically empty aside from the three little ones she found her first day of trying. She secretly blames that man and his family for snatching them all up so she decided to venture a little further down the shoreline to see if she would have any more luck. By some miracle she was picking up little shark teeth left and right. She figured out the closer she was to the large pier, the more she was finding. She had been finding some decent sized shark teeth, but her goal was to find a big one. Like the ones you find on necklaces in surf shops surrounded by beads and shells.

           She squatted right where the sand met the water, cringing whenever a tiny wave would cause the water to splash against her butt. She pushed her bucket into the sand, to keep it from getting knocked over by a strong breeze or a wave, and pulled out her shovel and sifter. She let the water run over them briefly to clean them off and then looked at the sand around her to try and figure out where she wanted to start. She softly ran her fingertips over the surface of the sand before settling on a spot. She dug the shovel in and her eyes lit up on excitement when she saw something ‘big shark tooth size’ in part of the wet clump she scooped up. She plopped it onto her sifter and held it carefully just below the surface of the water to wash the sand away. She excitedly waited for what she thought was a shark tooth to be revealed, but instead a silver ring came into view. Beca immediately picked it up to look at it. It was a sort of thick silver band with a random design on the outside and the words ‘Be good’ engraved on the inside. Beca frowned and looked around the area as if she was going to be able to find the person who lost the ring right then and there. In reality, she knew that she would probably never find the owner of that ring. She sighed and tucked it into the pocket of her jean shorts and continued on her search for her shark teeth.

        When the three of them reconvened back at the little apartment they were renting for the trip, Beca had completely forgotten to talk to them about the ring. She was so focused on showing off all the teeth she found, as well as showering to wash away the sand and sunscreen from her body. It wasn’t until she was halfway through her cheeseburger that she remembered it.

“You guys need to see what I found at the beach.” She said with her mouth full of food. She pulled the ring from her pocket and held it out for Jesse and Stacie. Stacie immediately grabbed it from her Beca and looked it over.

“It’s nice. You should sell it.”

“What?!” Beca practically screeched as she snatched the ring back and shoved it into her pocket. “Dude, no. This is someone’s ring. It probably means something to them. What if I find them or something? I’m not going to sell it.”

“Okay, weirdo. What are you gonna do with it then? Wear it?”

“No, of course not!”

           Okay, so she started wearing the ring. When they returned from their vacation, Beca felt bad that the ring was just sitting on top of her dresser doing nothing except for collecting dust. She ended up taking a pendant off of a necklace that she never wore and slipped the ring on to the now empty chain and then clipped it around her neck. She thought it was weird that she was wearing a stranger’s ring on her neck, but she thought it was even weirder that she was oddly comforted by it. She would fiddle with it while she would work on her mixes and when she was feeling anxious she would run her thumbnail over the design on the outside of the ring to calm her down. After two months of having it around her neck, Beca completely forgot it was a complete stranger’s ring.

           Beca was sitting in her usual coffee shop for not even ten minutes when a redhead two tables down started staring at her. Like intensely staring at her. Beca shot her an awkward smile before looking down at her laptop and continuing to work on one of her mixes. She started fiddling with the ring again because this girl was really making her nervous. Every time Beca would take a chance and glance up at the girl she would either find the redhead staring at her or she would find her AND her blonde friend staring Beca down.

           When Beca went to take another glimpse at the girl she found that she was no longer at the table and it was blonde girl sitting by herself. The brunette nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the redhead standing patiently in front of her. She practically ripped the headphones off her ears and gave the girl another awkward smile.

“Um…hi?” Beca said as she rubbed her now sweaty palms against her jeans.

“Hi! I’m Chloe.” The redhead stuck her hand out for a handshake and Beca wiped her palm once more before shaking her hand.

“Beca. Can I help you with something?” Chloe nodded and took the empty seat across from Beca.

“Actually, you can. This is going to sound so weird, but can I ask you about the ring on your necklace?” Beca instinctively clutched on to the piece of jewelry.

“It’s not actually my ring. I –uh found it.” Chloe perked up a little at that piece of information.

“You didn’t happen to find it at Myrtle Beach did you? It looks so much like the ring my grandmother gave me before she died. I lost while I was on vacation a few months back. Gosh, I know this is probably a long shot. I just love that ring so much an-“

“What does it say on the inside? Your ring?” This girl was rambling like crazy. Beca didn’t really mean to interrupt her, but she was eager to figure out if this ring actually belonged to this girl or not.

“It says ‘be good’ on the inside.” Chloe said hopefully. Beca smiled at Chloe before reaching behind her neck to unclip the necklace. She slid the ring off of the chain and handed the ring to Chloe. The redhead immediately slipped it on to the ring finger of her right hand. Once the ring was securely on her finger, Chloe lunged at Beca and pulled her in for a tight embrace. “Thank you so much.” Chloe whispered into her ear and squeezed her tighter. Beca wrapped her arms around the girl as well and awkwardly patted her back.

“It was no problem, really.” Chloe finally pulled away from the hugged and wiped away a few stray tears from her cheeks. “I found it while looking for shark teeth. I thought it was a big tooth, but alas it was not.” She said awkwardly, internally cursing at herself for saying the word ‘alas’.  Chloe let out this angelic giggle and Beca was couldn’t be happier about the fact that she found that ring.

“Let me repay you for taking care of my ring. Can I take you to dinner or something?”

“Oh, n-no. You don’t have to do that, really.” From the corner of her eye Beca caught Chloe’s blonde friend rolling her eyes. She wasn’t sure who it was directed at, but she’s pretty sure it was aimed at her.

“Okayyyy, well how about I take you to dinner for the sake of getting to know you more? Maybe even call it a date?” Chloe shot Beca a heart-stopping smile and how the hell was Beca going to say no to that?

“Yeah, okay. Let’s do that. Do you want to see my shark teeth, too?” Beca’s eyes widened slightly. She was nervous. Like really nervous. Such a beautiful girl had never asked her out before and she was suffering from freaking word vomit now. “I mean-uh.”

“You’re so cute, Beca.” Chloe was trying to suppress a giggle when she said that, but Beca would still take the compliment. “But I would love to see your shark teeth. Can I type my number in?” Chloe gestured to Beca’s phone sitting on the table and the brunette unlocked it before handing it over to Chloe. She tapped away for not even a minute before she handed Beca’s phone back with a smile. “I texted myself off your phone so I have your number. I would totally be up for going now, but I promised my friend I’d spend the day with her. I’ll text you tonight and we can set up the date?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”

“Awes! Thank you again for finding my ring. I’m looking forward to our date.“ Beca just smiled and watched Chloe exit the coffee shop with her friend. Beca couldn’t wipe the smile off her face no matter how hard she tried.

I have decided that these are my favourite photos from the released photographs of Thomas Brodie-Sangster from his cover shoot for the Boys By Girl Magazine and here are my reasons that I am not at all sorry for:

Because yes, what a darling in blue. He looks so stunning like a beautiful sculpture - a sweet masterpiece. A nymph in human clothing that I want to protect from all the horrors of the human world.

Because all I want to do is snuggle him up and hold him and make sure the world is safe for him. I want to sit close, lounging in a cool morning with the sun on our skin and I want to look at every spot on his speckled skin and just snuggle and be so darn cute.

But then there’s this hot shot with the long hair + leather jacket on a slender bod combination that will forever be the death of me. All I want to do is him, ngl. On those stairs? Yeah, sure! I’m down just please go down on me gosh dang.

You’re literally all I need

Hello babes! Omg I haven’t posted anything in like 2 months and I’m truly sorry for neglecting you all for this long! I swear I never meant to do it so here I am with a little something. Nowadays I really don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do these fake edits so instead I wrote this. Let me know what you all think, if it’s a good idea to post stuff like this here and there or if it’s not. I’ll try to be more active but I don’t want to promise anything in case I can’t keep it. I feel bad enough for not posting for 2 months so imagine if I were to promise to be active.. gosh, no. Feel free to leave any recommendations for me to do whether it’s fake texts or imagines/one shots like this. I’ll try my best to come up with something. :) I hope everyone’s having a good night, day, afternoon, morning, whenever you’re reading or seeing this. Also, thank you so so much for the 889 followers it means so much that you guys keep on following this blog even if I haven’t been active lately. :) Love you a lot, xoxo B

Length: 2,723 words and 4 and a half pages
About it: cute, a bit random since I just wrote what came to me

Missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. His job required him to travel around the world most of the time and I was okay with it because I knew how much he loved to do it. We have always supported each other, no matter what the other wanted to do because we knew we weren’t alone. Having each other’s backs was what made our relationship strong and stable as well as being honest and open. Lying wasn’t an option between us, not even little white lies because we just couldn’t keep things from one another. Believe me, both of us tried it before but we ended up spilling the beans. It was weird though. I was never this honest with anyone in my life ever. Not even with my mum when supposedly she’s supposed to be my best friend. Well, in this case, Harry was my best friend. I kind of had a feeling he knew more about me than anyone else – including myself.

So, when he decided he wanted to go to America for a few weeks I let him. The band announced they were having a break, or as they like to call it “hiatus”, so who was I to tell him where he can and can’t go? They decided on this break for this exact reason – they didn’t want anyone to tie them to time limits and stuff because they’ve been told what to do for the past five years. It was only fair if I let him go. I’ll be honest, and say, it was the hardest thing because not too long ago did he arrive back home and just a few days after he went away again. However I wanted him to be happy and if he’s happy on the other side of the world then I’m going to have to deal without him. Of course, he asked me to tag along but having an office job is nothing like being a popstar. I can’t just take time off whenever because other people rely on me and that’s alright with me. I knew what I was signing up for when I applied, went for the interview and scored the job.  

But, missing Harry was something that never left my system. I missed him constantly – whether he was with me or not. Those few weeks that he spent in the United States turned into almost two months, my birthday nearing and I haven’t heard anything from him. Whenever I called him, he was busy in the studio or out with his friends which I understood in the beginning because I was aware of the fact he hasn’t seen them in a while and that he wanted to work on his own songs as well. But I just felt left out and forgotten. I tried my hardest to push these feelings out the window, to tear them out of me, put them in a box, lock it with a key then throw it into the river Thames. Nonetheless, it did not seem to work and it started to give me a headache. And mostly heartache but again, I tried to get rid of it by drowning myself in work. There were days where I stayed in the office for longer than I needed to; sometimes I even slept there because the couch was comfy enough. And in all fairness, it didn’t really make a difference since I would’ve slept alone at home as well so I basically just saved petrol in my car by not going back home.

Finding a black Mercedes Benz parked in front of my house after arriving home was not something I expected. Surprised wasn’t even a good enough word to describe how I felt the moment I stepped into my place and walked into the living room just to find my boyfriend on my couch in his sweats. My heart was beating uncontrollably against my chest, almost ripping out of its place as our eyes met and my bag dropped from my hands to the floor. With shaking hands I covered my mouth which was wide open in my surprised state, my eyes instantly starting to water up when I saw him walking towards me. He wrapped his fingers around my arms once he was in front of me, deeply looking into my eyes which were hid behind my glasses. My lenses started to fog up because it was really warm in the house and since I was out in the cold just a few minutes ago it was due to happen at any time.

“What are you doing here? When did you come home? And why didn’t you tell me?” I bombarded him with questions, my voice shaking like a leaf in the cold. Soon enough my tears started to stream down my face and as soon as that happened, I was already engulfed in Harry’s warm and loving hug.

“Don’t cry, baby doll,” he muttered quietly as he held me close to his chest, his chin resting on the top of my head as I hid my face in his chest. He smelled so good; I almost forgot how heavenly his scent was. Finding comfort in his arms made me calm down easily but at the same time I was still worked up from the fact that he was home. “I love you. I love you so much, yeah? Don’t cry, love.”

“Are you staying home? Are you staying with me?” the questions left my mouth without any second-guessing, my heart rate quickening up again as I was slightly afraid of his answer. What if he only came home to check in with the band’s team then he leaves again?

“Yes, baby doll. I am staying home, I am staying with you,” he replied without any hesitation and this caused me to smile. A huge grin spread across my face as I hugged him even more tightly causing my glasses to almost fall off my face. “I’ve missed you so much, you know?”

“I’ve missed you too, a lot. I don’t know how I’ve gone that long without you here,” I shook my head as I pulled away from him. Sniffling quietly, I pulled down the sleeve of my shirt to clean my cheeks and to wipe my tears off of my glasses. “Are you actually staying? Like, you’re not going anywhere, right? You are staying for like, a month?”

“More than a month, actually,” he winked at me as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. “I already said this, but I’ve missed you so much and I was so stupid to just leave as soon as we announced the hiatus and finished all of our performances and stuff. I really should’ve stayed, but I thought about it as I bought my plane tickets, and you never really stopped me from going away.”

“I didn’t because it seemed as though you were happy to leave. I didn’t want you to be sad because you only deserve to be happy so I let you go.”

“Were you happy when I left?” he asked me curiously, his fingers intertwining with mine as he aimed his words at me with a calm tone.

I kicked my shoes off then we entered my living room and sat down on the couch where he was laying before I came home. The TV was on some kind of cooking show which made me chuckle. Harry looked at me with an arched brow and I just nodded towards the screen so he looked that way. After that he sat so close to me that our noses almost touched and I just smiled at him being clingy. I truly did miss him a lot.

“No, I wasn’t,” I sighed as I finally gave him an answer. “But what did you expected me to do? Tell you not to go? I wasn’t about to give you orders when that was the very reason you guys took some time off.”

“You still could’ve told me you didn’t want me to leave,” he shook his head slightly, his eyes staring into mine. I could only imagine how horrible I looked with smudged mascara under my eyes and on my eyelids. “When you called me, you always did at the wrong times and I felt like a douchebag telling you I can’t speak. I always wanted to call you back but I just never did. And all I can reason this with is that it always slipped my mind. It’s really bad, I know.”

“Did you have a good time, though?” I asked him, changing the subject totally. Lifting my legs up, I placed them onto his lap then wrapped my hands around his neck. It was a weird position and I didn’t think it’d be comfortable but I liked it. “Have you written any good tunes?”

“Why do you not care about me leaving you?” he seemed and sounded so serious, it instantly killed off my good mood. My smile faded as I stared back into his eyes which were so close to me since I pulled him onto me.

I licked my lips as I slowly started to let go of him. Maybe he didn’t want to be this close and that’s why he didn’t answer my question.

“What’s the point of crying about stuff that’s already happened? You’re here, you said you won’t go anywhere for a while. I’ve missed you a lot and I love you so I just want to spend as much time with you as I can without any possible arguments. I obviously care about you leaving, but it wasn’t as if you wouldn’t have ever come back. You’re here so I don’t see the problem anymore.”

“So you’re not mad at me?” he looked genuinely surprised as the words left his mouth, forming a question which made me reconsider if he actually knew me better than anyone else.

“No, Harry, I’m not mad at you. It hurt but I’m over it, yeah? You are here to make up for the time we spent apart.”

“That’s right,” he smiled at me, finally. His green eyes lit up as he pushed me onto my back so my head was on one of the pillows. My right leg was between his body and the back of the couch while my left leg was hanging down since his body was between my legs. “I love you, doll face. I truly do. I want you to be my wife one day.”

“From zero to a hundred real quick,” I said laughing, slightly cringing a bit and Harry just rolled his eyes at me. “Why do you want me to be your wife? I thought I was really annoying.”

“You are,” he nodded as he came closer to my face and pressed a kiss onto my nose. “But you also make me really happy and always support me and I know I don’t deserve you but I want to keep you by my side for as long as possible. If you’d be my wife I’d be the happiest guy on this planet.”

“I’m your girlfriend, aren’t you happy?” I challenged him even though I felt a bit cheeky saying this even if I was joking. Never in a million years would I ever ask this question from him seriously.

“I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been. I don’t even know why I just said that before actually. I’m sorry. I’m really happy now with you being my girlfriend.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” I smiled at him as I put my hands on either side of his face, cupping his cheeks and pressing a small kiss onto his soft lips. I closed my eyes as our mouths connected, the feeling I haven’t felt in a long time came rushing back to me. My smile grew as our lips parted from each other’s but I still didn’t open my eyes. I missed his kisses, his taste, and his scent. I just missed him in general. “I’d love to be your wife. Actually, I can’t wait for you to be my husband.”

“Really?” he asked me with a surprised expression on his face. We haven’t really talked about this stuff this deeply before because we either didn’t have the time or we just had other things to chat about.

“Yes,” I nodded smiling. “Don’t laugh, but your contact name has been “my hubby” before but then I was like, shit, what if he’ll see it and freak out or something? So I just changed it back to “gorgeous boy” then I changed it to “Haz” just today.”

“Is that supposed to mean something?” he looked at me questioningly. “Why did I go from hubby, to gorgeous boy to simply being Haz? Were you about to break up with me or something?” he joked as he was making his eyebrows go up and down with a cheeky half smile on his face.

“No, I was just trying to be mad at you but I love you too much,” I rolled my eyes as I pulled him closer and kissed his lips again.

This time we didn’t pull away after a small and innocent peck but rather he swept his tongue across my bottom lip and slightly bit into it to pull it apart. I let him take control of the situation, his mouth moved in sync with mine whilst my hands disappeared into his hair. A quiet moan left his lips which almost instantly died out as well because he kept on kissing me. It was sweet and much needed because going through two months without his loving gestures was challenging.

“You’re literally all I need,” he mumbled against my lips, his forehead pressed against mine. A wide grin appeared on my face as my heart was beating and my legs wrapped around his waist. “You make me happy and I can’t wait to call you wifey. I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved in your life and you’re my role model. I want to be like you. You’re strong and independent. Kind but knows when to toughen up with people who need to be put into their places. You’re overall amazing and I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I’m lucky to have you, too,” I told him honestly, his green eyes captivating me. “You’re such an amazing human being I don’t even have the right words to tell you how I feel about you.”

“You don’t even need them because you always show me what I mean to you and I love that about you so much. I love everything about you and everything that comes with you.”

“Don’t get too sappy, Styles,” I laughed lightly and he just smiled at me. “You’ll have enough time to do that when you get on your knees and…”

“Oh,” he interrupted me with a cheeky smile and that look in his eyes which I knew very well.

“Shut up, silly,” I laughed as I pulled on his hair a little bit.

“Someone wants it rough tonight I see,” he wiggled his eyebrows once again and I couldn’t keep my laughter in anymore. Not like I did before, but this time it was chest shaking. Harry joined me instantly and I don’t even know how we ended up in my bed but we did.

I was tired, Harry was tired – we were both tired. I didn’t have the energy to take a shower so Harry being an angel that he is he decided we were going to take a bath together. And I didn’t argue with him I just agreed and got in the bath tub with him where I leaned against his chest, closed my eyes and just relaxed. Our conversation went from one topic to another; never kept talking about one thing for more than ten minutes. We had so much to catch up on so even when we were lying in bed and both of us were about to fall asleep we just kept on rambling.

It was so good to have him back so I just hoped that even though missing Harry was something that never left my system, it will quiet down for a bit.

Hello my lovely test audience for all my material. Here’s your heads up that I will be absent from all social media from tomorrow morning until Monday. My phone will be on for emergencies, but other than that I will be completely unavailable.

I don’t wanna make a big deal of it so I’m not posting this everywhere. But hey, if someone is like, “I think Pepper and Pals fucking DIED,” you can be like, “No, she just died digitally and will live again in five days time, not unlike our lord Jesus Christ.”

Basically I need to take a break from existence for a few days and find myself. Some people travel, some go to therapy, some look to religion… I’m going to socially isolate myself and do nothing but play Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, where I will surely find answers. My hypothesis is that I will find that never in my life will I write as a great a shitpost as Tetsuya Nomura has accomplished with the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series, but we’ll see.

In reality, I chose Kingdom Hearts to play as back in middle school it was THE reason I begged my parents for a PS2, and playing jumpstarted many things for me in terms of motivation, drawing, finding an online community, writing, and a love for games. Plus I just had so much gosh darn fun playing it despite it not making a lick of sense. I don’t know that those things will be inspired in me again, but ehhhh it’s been so many years since I’ve played them and I’ve been itching to play them again anyway.

And I just think it’s fucking hilarious to try and attribute some greater meaning to Kingdom goddamn Hearts.

I figure it’s worth a shot because there’s a great number of creative endeavors that I want (and even desperately need) to get started on, but I’ve been too caught up in my own bullshit. So I guess I’m sorta trying to get back in touch with the younger version of me who just did stuff because she wanted to and didn’t give in to the numerous doubts. I’m more or less saying, “Hey, let’s just travel back for a few days to before a lot of complete nonsense happened in my life. You know, like complete disillusionment in the future.”

Also like. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I am very likely lactose intolerant, so I’m going through some shit. You know, even more so than the normal shit. I just. I love cheese. But it no longer loves me. I know there’s pills and stuff, but I’m also checking out some dairy alternatives.

And it’s just been rough times in general for a while now if I’m honest.

So until Monday, it’s just gonna be me, birds, these fine games by SquareEnix, and this vegan pizza.

Will I be reborn or broken by this time spent within this land of too many belts and zippers? Well as sure as Kingdom Hearts is light, I’m gonna find out.

See you on the other side, my guys, gals, and non-binary pals.

Unexpected Congratulations

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 1,279

Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, language, I think that’s about it

Request: Cas pops in to talk to Y/N but he notices that she has conceived a baby. He’s confused and and poofs out , saying nothing, only to return later to congratulate Dean on being a father. Dean has no idea what he’s talking about & Cas explains. Funny & fluffy when Dean ends up telling Y/N she’s pregnant. Y/N is a little hesitant but is reassured when she sees how excited Dean is :) 

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PJ Ligouri-Party of Your Life (SMUT)

“Did we really have to go to this?” you moan to your good friend, tugging on her shirt to get her attention.

“It’s gross here. There’s way too many people!” you nag again. You were begged to go to this stupid damn party and you barely agreed. Mostly because she wouldn’t leave you alone until you said you’d go and you were afraid that creepers might hit on her.

“Get over that! Live a little! You need to stop nagging and enjoy!” she shouts to you over the music that thumped through your ears.

“Do you want to get a drink or dance first?” she asked

“How about neither?”

“Oh come on! We can leave soon but let’s have alittle fun first.”

“Fine. If you think I’m going to dance though,  you’re going to have to get some drinks in me first.”

She nods and runs towards the bar. You take the time to look at your surroundings. Girls are grinding on each other wearing skimpy dresses with guys surrounding them, egging them on. Your friend had tried to make you wear something similar but luckily you won the fight and wore your nice warm sweater and leggings.

“Its the middle of winter, how the hell are they not freezing?” you think.

“Here you go,” your friend says, shoving a bright red cup in your hand. You peer into the cup, seeing that there was little liquid in it.

“So what they ran out of shot glasses, come on, down it!” You drink it down. You shake your head to clear it and smile. You don’t drink often, so it’s already working its way into your system, going to make you put yourself out there.

“Hey, isn’t that Chris Kendall? You know, from Youtube?” your friend squeals, pointing to a group of guys chatting in the corner.

“Oh my gosh, you’re right!” you say, laughing a little and trying stand on your tippy-toes to look around for PJ Ligouri. You would have just loved to see him in person.

“Aw, I know how much you love Peej,” your friend says, rubbing your back.“Do you want to go say hi to Chris instead?”

“Nah, I’m fine” you say. People are forming a clump around him and you don’t really want to add to the chaos. “And even if PJ is here, I don’t know think I would go up to him….Come on, let’s go dance,” you say, changing the subject while grabbing your friend by the hand.

You and your friend sure are having a lot of fun dancing with guys that once in awhile jump in. Your friend is more forward than you are, but there is one guy in particular who is pretty cute who keeps dancing with you guys.

After the song ends, your friend pulls you away, back towards the kitchen. “Oh my god, he was hot,” she says. “You have to get to know him better if you know what I mean,” she says nudging you.

“Hah! Ok, since you say so,” you say with a big fake wink.

“Live a little! I’m going to get us another shot before we go back out there, okay?” She disappears, leaving you alone again to observe things. You search for Chris but he’s nowhere to be found. You give up, thinking he left already which would mean PJ left too if he was even here at all in the first place.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and you spin around, expecting to see your friend when you see your perfect PJ standing there, christmas jumper and glasses and all.

“Oh….umm….hi,” you say, slurring alittle.

“Hey, I’m PJ,” he says coolly.

“Yeah, I know who you are…umm..I’m Y/N….I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!” you suddenly blurt out.

“Oh, why thank you I just wanted to say hi. I saw you dancing with your friend and… that sounds kind of creepy, huh?”

“No, it’s…I mean, it’s not creepy. I saw Chris earlier, but I didn’t want bother him since he looked busy.”

The curliness of his hair is alluring. You’d seen some many photo sets dedicted to it on Tumblr, but its pixelated whimsy is nothing compared to seeing it on the actual in person. And the eyes! And god, he towered over you like a giant. You wonder if he smells good, but maybe you shouldn’t lean in for a whiff.

‘Was that your boyfriend?” he asks, pointing in the general direction that you last saw walk off into.t

“Who? What? I don’t have a boyfriend.”

PJ chuckled and you almost fainted. God he is so cute.

“Do you want to dance alittle?” he asks, sticking out his hand.

“Yeah…um…let’s do it.” Your friend would hopefully understand. This is a man you watched daily after all.  You can feel the stares the girls in the room who know who he is, but you couldn’t care less as he pulled you out on the floor.

He pulls you close to him and starts to move. “This is not something I’m good at!” he says with a laugh. “Don’t judge me.”

His dancing is absolutely adorable and really sexy at the same time. You don’t even know how to describe what he’s doing, but at least he’s trying.

“Wow, look at you haha,” you giggle, joining in. The upbeat song turns into something alittle more ranchy after awhile so he presses his body against yours. He almost wraps his arms around you but he instead has fists against you.

“It’s okay. You can touch me,” you say to calm him down. His hands are now gripping your hips tightly and you can feel the heat from his hands through your leggings. You start to move against him and his grip tightens even further. You twirl around so your back is against his chest. You bend a little at the waist. You can hear him groan as you brush against him. His hands leave your hips and make their way upwards underneath your sweater, rubbing along your side and brushing along your breasts. He lowers hands back down to your hips as he spins you back around and brings you close against him again. PJ bends his head down to kiss you, slowly at first, and then with an intenseness you’d never experienced before. Pj pulls away, taking your hand to a bedroom door.

“Are we allowed in here?” you ask.

“Yes, the guy that has this room owes me a favor.” He turns to look at you now that you’re both in the room. “He won’t mind, don’t worry,” he says, stepping towards you. You back up a little and he keeps coming closer. Your back is now against the wall.

Your hands tangle in his hair, as he brings his lips down to kiss you. He groans, making his hands snake down to grip your butt and pull you up so your legs wrapping around his waist. PJ breaks the kiss and rests his head against your forehead as he thrusts against you.

“Please, Peej,” you beg.

“Are you sure?” he said biting his lip which was one of the sexiest sites you’ve ever seen.You yank your sweater and leggings in two swift motions before unbuttoning his button-up shirt.

“God your beautiful, love,” he says, appreciating your body, before unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. He pulls you against him again and you both groan at the skin on skin contact.

“I need you so bad right now,” he whispers.

“Then take me now,” you reply, jumping again to wrap your legs around his waist again. He hesitates, but you take control pushing your body down so he enters you with one thrust.

“Holy fuck you’re so tight right now,” he moans. He begins to thrust in and out of you, with you helping by pushing off the wall behind you. His hands are squeezing your hips as he moves you up and down on him. You can tell he’s getting close and your hand moves down to play with your clit, helping you push yourself over the edge. PJ sees this and loses all control. His thrusts become harder and deeper. Your legs squeeze him into you further and your other hand reaches up for support around his neck. This is too much for him so he comes inside you, hips bucking. He looks down, panting to rest. Your fingers tangle in his hair again, playing with his curly locks. After a few moments he sets you down. He picks up your clothes and hands them to you, quietly and nervously Once you’re both dressed, PJ pulls his phone out of his pocket. He grins as he looks at it and then flashes the screen at you.

“I would really like to get your number. How does it sound if we went on a proper date?

If you haven't unlocked the secret Wynonna Earp tumblr don't read below

Oh my gosh. THAT BLOG. NICOLE AND HER THOUGHTS. I can’t believe Emily gave us this. And with MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! And we’ve never really seen her be her little snarky self with Waverly. Just her heart eyes self. And I love that she’s still so snarky with Waverly. “Dude. Your sister banged Dolls” I LOVE HER SO MUCH. And then you know there’s the part where SHE IS LITERALLY TOO GAY TO FUNCTION. And then the TEXTS. OH THE TEXTS. “You were SHOT” “I was GRAZED” “I don’t know what I would do without you” AND THE UNICORNS. ALL THE UNICORNS THEY TEXT EACH OTHER UNICORNS. OH MY GOD. AND KISSES. THEY TEXT EACH OTHER UNICORNS AND KISSES GUYS I CANT. And then the last entry. OH THE LAST ENTRY. “Maybe have a future” NICOLE IS WRITING IN HER JOURNAL ABOUT A FUTURE WITH WAVERLY. GUYS. GUYS. MY EMOTIONALLY CLOSED OFF SELF DOES NOT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO DEAL WITH ALL THESE EMOTIONS. I just can’t believe Emily gave this to us. I am just so appreciative. I may or may not have cried multiple times today because I’m just so grateful for all the things she’s given us and continues to give us. Just…agh. Emily is a goddess. And the best showrunner to ever exist on this earth. Oh and lastly. 😺🍆🌸✈️ And of course 🦄

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t.

(I mean he doesn’t look drunk at all, but just picture him- Also, READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

“Come on Dean” you groaned, dragging him towards his room “Just a little more”

Dean huffed and puffed, literally doing nothing to help in your situation. If anything he just put more weight on top of you.

“Aww but I don’t wanna sleeeeep!” he whined like a little child “Uness it’s with you gorgeous” he said and winked, soon followed by a feat of giggles. It was actually cute to see him like this, and you didn’t get the chance very often.

“I’m sorry Dean but that can’t happen” you chuckled, pushing the door open in the meanwhile trying not to let him fall down.

He pretended to cry, an overly sad - but still adorable - look on his face as he pouted visibly “Is it- is it because you don’t want me?”

You shook your head “No, Dean. It’s because you don’t really want me” you gave him a sad smile.

He looked at you with a deep frown for a second. He let out a big huff as you let him fall on his bed.

“But-” he spoke, licking his lips “-But how do you know that hm?”

“Because… I know”

“That’s not a very good reason ya know” he said with a giggle and despite the pang in your chest you chuckled at him as well.

“And how can you know? You’re drunk off your ass” you retorted and he fakes a glare.

“That’s mean.” he pursed his lips in a childish way “But- But if you wanna know you, miss, are wroooooong!” he pointed a finger in your face, wiggling it a little around.

You pushed it off your face and shook your head at him “Whatever you say”

“No, no no” he pushed his lips out in almost a duck-face, as he shook his head stubbornly “You just don’t get it.”

“Well neither do you. You’re drunk Dean, just relax a little and tomorrow everything’s going to be alright” you stood up but before you could move you felt a hand on your arm and before you could realize it you were dragged back and down.

A loud huff and then groan left your lips when your back collided with the matress and Dean, who didn’t miss a beat to wrap his arms around you.

“See, not so bad” Dean grinned widely at you “I mean not to brag about it, my I’m the best in bed sweetheart and for you I will be the only one from now on” he chuckled at what he said and you just rolled your eyes.

“Dean, stop this. I know flirting is your thing but-”

“Flirting? Who said I was flirting? Oh sweetheart I haven’t even began yet” a lopside smirk was on his face as he pinned you down on the bed and hoevered over you. You felt your face heat up dangerously.

You groaned “And you are not going to either” you hit his chest to push him off you.

He laughed out loudly “You are so cuuuute when you blush”

“Shut up” you grumbled “You don’t know anything. You’re drunk”

“I may be drunk but you still remain cute. And dorable. And sweet. And beautiful. And- So. Damn. Hot!” he almost groaned the last part and you jumped when you felt him slap your-


“Hey there gorgeous- can I ask for something?”


“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back” he grinned and you hit his shoulder.


“Oh (Y/n)” he cut you off, saying in worry “You look a little pale. I think you’re suffering from lack of vitamin me” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Very funn-”

“You know, that shirt’s very becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too.” he smirked and you felt your face get incredibly hot.

“My face is leaving in fifteen minutes. Be on it.” he said in a low rough voice, leaning closer to you and your eyes were all but wide.

“Dean, sto-”

“Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.” and that certainly was all it took for you.

“Dean!” you shrieked.

He erupted into a feat of giggles “Oh gosh look at you! Here it is! The darker blush! Honestly I have no idea which one looks better on you- maybe both” he sighed happily, throwing an arm over you and nuzzling his face at the croock of your neck “Damn” he whispered and you felt goosebumps form over your skin.

“Have I ever told you how good you smell? Because you do. You smell so so soooo good” he snuggled closer to you.

“Dean” you sighed “Please, just let me go. You need to rest and sleep.” you tried to ingore how your entire face felt as if it was on fire.

“No.” he said stubbornly “You’re gonna stay here so that when I wake up you will be in my arms and I will stare at you all morning till you wake up and you will tease me and I will deny it and you will hit me and I will attack you with tickles and kisses and it will be all- all romantic and those crap”

“Dean” your voice trembled as did your heart. You really wanted that more than anything else.

“Sshh it’s much better this way” he whispered, placing a small kiss at the crook of your neck that made your heart skip a beat.

You let a small sigh, closing softly your eyes as you began to relax. Maybe you could just for a little while enjoy this. He was not going to remember anyway.

“Gosh I love you so much” he whispered and your eyes snapped open.

Did Dean Winchester just say that to you?

Part 2

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The Letters From My Lovers series is lethal why are you like this? Tae was just sitting in a hotel room and I cried? Jimin was talking about hiking and I cried? Are you trying to kill us all? 😭😭😱 No one is safe. But I love you. I don't think I've read anything so beautiful 💚💙💜

asjflasjlkfjalj A PURPLE RAIN PRINCE HEART! plus two others! oh my gosh anon this is SO SWEET AND KIND! i dont even know what to say i am overwhelmed ahh~~ i am absolutely loving writing this series, and loving thinking through the many different shades of love or the ways love can endure. thank you SO MUCH for reading these one shots and reaching out to say hello. i cannot tell you enough how much i appreciate it! and NO. i am NOT trying to harm anyone but i guess this is par for the course? ITS JUST LOVE EVERYONE. NO NEED TO HURT <3

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Here we are again. This is my soul writing to you lol. That update took all I had :) I absolutely loved it. The way it was written was Gorgeous. I loved the little connections in it and in the others as well. I smiled and screamed from the time I started reading until I finished. Thank you for the update mamas. Also, I lost my mind when she sent in her review...I was like oh my gosh did that just happen!!!!! I loved the fact that she ran a blog (nice touch) I'm so excited for the rest :)

Gahhhhhh, LOVE! Thank you so, so much. Ahhh haha I’m so glad you liked the connection to Yoongi’s one shot haha - and YES! Excited for the rest of the series as well - only two more TT @eradikeats-writes and I will be so, so sad to see the world go ~

THANK YOU, AGAIN FOR READING! I am very happy you enjoyed :))

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Last weekend was really rough, as all Supercorp shippers know. However, your perseverance and positivity really helped me get through it. By the time you wrote your one shot, I was ready to submerge myself into the fandom again. Your blog is amazing and gay and Katie McGrath and just. You're so awesome #flatterstenfriday

ugh gosh i just love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

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((I don't have an RP thing I just wanted to say I love this blog because I realize I probably have never said so and I do so please keep up the good work))

[[ Oh my gosh, thank you! ;_; it warms my heart to know I provide laughs with my silly humor and this adopted 50 year old spud! Hopefully will keep it up for a long while! \o/ ]]

Look at him

Muffin Man’s all grown up oh my gosh
No words can describe how much I love his coat. None
And he does still have his gourd! Just like in ‘The Last’, but with an extra belt and no chain. Me likey
I was kinda hoping his pants would be tucked into not-quite-knee-high boots, but whatever

Look at the bottom left head shot he’s smiling!!!!! *dies*