gosh i have a lot of yarn!

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Hi Bronte, I hope you're ok! Would you mind recommending some knitting patterns and things for a beginner? I've recently taught myself to knit and have made some simple things like a scarf and a bag, and now I'm making some socks. I would love to be able to make beautiful jumpers and shawls like you do but don't really know where to start! How do you choose a pattern and yarn for your projects? Thanks a lot! :)

Hi there! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry it’s taken me a million years to answer this! I’ve been so busy and I wanted to set aside time to answer this properly for you, because I wanted to give you good advice!

Okay! I personally think if you can make socks (i’m guessing on 4 double pointed needles?) you’re not a beginner anymore! Socks can be tricky, and because you’re knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing, you have all the skills you need to make a jumper! 

There are some excellent beginner patterns from Quince & Co., an American yarn we sell at Loop. The Agnes sweater is particularly good for beginners, because it’s in lovely chunky yarn so it grows fast! It also has a great construction; you do the whole thing in the round so there are no seams! 

That’s the pattern! We sell them at work as a PDFs so if you got one we would email it to you! I’ve made that jumper and I love mine so much, I’m going to make another one (one day, I have so many other things planned!) The yarn the pattern uses is quite expensive, but you can substitute it with this, which is way cheaper and still makes a lovely squishy jumper:

As for shawls this one is a great one, again I’ve made this and it’s nice and easy for a first shawl:

It’s in an aran weight yarn, so quite heavy, but you could totally substitute it with something else. The amazing thing about shawls is that, because they aren’t fitted, you can use any weight of yarn you like, with the correct needles. So if you used a heavier weight of yarn that what the pattern says, it would come out bigger, and if you used a lighter weight of yarn it would be smaller! 

As for how I choose… Well I spend a lot of time at work squishing yarn (I love restocking shelves because I get to play with colour) and I see lots of patterns and other peoples projects so I’m constantly getting inspiration. I also follow lots of knitters/designers on Instagram so see what they are making, and new patterns being released by designers and things! I always pick a pattern I think will go with lots of my clothes, and with my personal style. I also always pick a colour of yarn that will go with lots of things. For example, when I make a shawl I always bear in mind that I have a navy blue winter coat, so I try to pick colours that will go with that! 

I hope this is helpful, and again, I’m so sorry it took me so long to answer your lovely polite question! (Also if you wanted more help/a chat come off anon and we can chat about knitting more!)

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Oh gosh I have a lot of favorite songs uh- I guess Something Just Like This by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers..?

Stand Name:  『Just Like This』

Stand Master: @ouroneblackcat

Destructive Power: D

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: A

Precision: C

Developmental Potential: A

Special Abilities: Bonds with objects such as rope, string or yarn upon command. Naturally bonds with the users hair, being able to increase it’s length tenfold. No physical potential, but extremely versatile in things such as setting traps and ensnaring opponents. Enough sentience to move slightly when user is unconscious.

agshasghagh it’s more rough than i wanted it to be but god damn i can’t draw crochet i’m s o r r y

but this is probably one of my more bizarre stands so y a y

it was originally just going to be a ball of yarn that trapped things but then i said ‘hey?? that’s dumb??’ even tho it totally fits in-universe

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First of all I like to say that I really really REALLY LOVE your art style. You are honestly one of my all time favorite artists. Keep up being awesome like you always are. now, i'm thinking about making the spain doll you drew long time ago for my chibi romano cosplay. However, I really wanna try and ask anyway, do you know what material I can use the best to make the doll? it would be a great help if you thought with me on this one.

((Thank you!! ;O; Oh gosh, this is a little complicated. I’d love to answer it in depth with a tutorial or something– but I only have experience sewing clothing. I’ll just list some things and give options to consider, I guess?
I know a lot of people who make plushes and they usually use some variations of fleece (I assume anti-pilling fleece) because it’s soft, colourful, and easy to sew. I had a natural cotton material in mind when I drew it, because the fleece I mentioned isn’t anywhere near the 1500s. For the hair, I think I had a thick yarn in mind when I drew it, but usually I see people just cut the shape from fleece as well. The face would be easier to paint on, especially his cheeks, but I also had hand-stitching in mind when I drew it for the mouth and eyes at least. And for stuffing, I had something in mind like the body was a more solid stuffing (cotton fluff) while the limbs were stuffed loosely with beads/beans because they were more floppy. It might be complicated to sew the clothes directly in, instead of making a body and sewing miniature clothing, but that’s what I had in mind. Here’s a little turn-around of the doll with some seams drawn in. It’s definitely not a 16th century rag doll but ease >antiquity in this case lol  If you get stuck at any point making it, ask me off-anon and I’ll try to help in more detail! ))