gosh i have a lot of yarn!

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First of all I like to say that I really really REALLY LOVE your art style. You are honestly one of my all time favorite artists. Keep up being awesome like you always are. now, i'm thinking about making the spain doll you drew long time ago for my chibi romano cosplay. However, I really wanna try and ask anyway, do you know what material I can use the best to make the doll? it would be a great help if you thought with me on this one.

((Thank you!! ;O; Oh gosh, this is a little complicated. I’d love to answer it in depth with a tutorial or something– but I only have experience sewing clothing. I’ll just list some things and give options to consider, I guess?
I know a lot of people who make plushes and they usually use some variations of fleece (I assume anti-pilling fleece) because it’s soft, colourful, and easy to sew. I had a natural cotton material in mind when I drew it, because the fleece I mentioned isn’t anywhere near the 1500s. For the hair, I think I had a thick yarn in mind when I drew it, but usually I see people just cut the shape from fleece as well. The face would be easier to paint on, especially his cheeks, but I also had hand-stitching in mind when I drew it for the mouth and eyes at least. And for stuffing, I had something in mind like the body was a more solid stuffing (cotton fluff) while the limbs were stuffed loosely with beads/beans because they were more floppy. It might be complicated to sew the clothes directly in, instead of making a body and sewing miniature clothing, but that’s what I had in mind. Here’s a little turn-around of the doll with some seams drawn in. It’s definitely not a 16th century rag doll but ease >antiquity in this case lol  If you get stuck at any point making it, ask me off-anon and I’ll try to help in more detail! ))