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Norma Jeane  Mortensen was born  to Gladys Pearl Mortensen at 9:30 A.M. on June 1, 1926 in the Charity Ward of the Los Angeles General Hospital. By June 13th, Norma Jeane was living with her mother and foster families, the Bolenders. Her mother was unable to take care of her because of her mental health problems, as such Norma Jeane spent the majority of her childhood being moved from one foster family to another, including a stay at the orphanage. To avoid being moved to the orphanage, Norma Jeane married a neighbourhood boy, James Dougherty at the age of 16. Despite her childhood woes, Norma Jeane followed the American dream, and rose from ashes to become one of the most famous actresses. As with any ‘myth’, many false speculations have been created and routinely regurgitated but for those with a passion for truth Marilyn Monroe holds a promise of a brighter future. Her influence remains prominent even fifty one years after her passing.