gosh i hate these

  • Black Person: *Does exactly what policeman tells him to*
  • Cop: *Murders him*
  • White People: I totally believe that was justified coz he was in fear for his safety.
  • KKK, nazis and alt-righters: *Straight up go around saying they want to kill Jewish people, POC, LGBT people and liberals. And do it too*
  • Antifa: *Punches one of them*
  • White People: Now hold on just a gosh darned second. Don't fight hate with hate. They're just words. I guess we see who the real violent ones are.

Jason is the kind of older brother who will pick you up and carry you into the kitchen while you scream “put me down put me down put me down” and drop you into the garbage can saying “okay I’ll put you down” and Damian is the kind of younger brother who falls victim to this multiple times


hey,, Im not drawing a single worthwhile thing today so why the heck not the Embarassment Comic™ amirite haha