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Spelling “Hakyeon”: countdown to #HappyNDay ♡
N: NNNNN (VIXX’s outstanding, loving, and very emotional leader, we love you too!)



…. definitely has got something to do with a guy and Kotoko’s face.

They're still 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Regardless of their name ‘change’ they’re still the same people doing what they love for their dreams and for us ARMYs. BTS that stood for (B)ang(T)an(S)onyeondan now just has a more in depth meaning, Beyond The Scenes. Don’t you think it’s actually so beautiful that there’s such a deep and meaning interpretation to the name? I think so…
RM was super happy about it, sure their logo is no longer the bulletproof vest… but they’ve included us, they’ve made a logo for US as well. That just goes to show how much they think about and love us. Being a fan since pre debut and then becoming an ARMY when they gave us that title, seeing them evolve into something so incredible from nothing to now, I couldn’t be more proud of them 😭 we should be happy for these ‘changes’. They’re still the same seven dorky ass loveable guys we know and came to love. Don’t let a name change or logo change, differ your opinion on them. They’re growing and thinking of us all. 

They don’t need bulletproof vests; because from now on, we’ll be their armour and shield💜

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“Am I the only one…?”

“Run, run, run…” 
“A place in the sun…” 
“And then there was light…” 
“Under this gentle glow…” 

okay but can we really quickly talk about all the other times they walked down that exact same street, just the two of them? like, walking back from school, shoulders brushing as Isak tries to explain something interesting he learned in advanced math that day, Even interrupting him as they round the corner to really quickly remind Isak they ran out of cereal this morning and have to go get some later, and Isak nodding, then picking up his story right where he left off, all casual because this is what they do now and these quiet moments are for made for them.

or like, strolling back from going to the cinema, the cold biting at their ears and the tips of their noses, Even excitedly clapping his hands just once as he recounts how great a certain part of the soundtrack worked with the colors used in that scene and like, Isak tries but he can’t help but smile up at him because his boy is so smart, and so cool, and he’s just so thankful he gets to hear so many gorgeous words every single day.

or, walking back from a party, and they’re not drunk, but they are happy. it’s dark, a full moon in the sky, and Isak feels comfortable reaching out to grab Even’s hand with just the stars looking down on them. and they’re not really talking, just kind of being, calm and chill and looking forward to curling up in a warm bed and each other later and it’s just good like that. it’s all so good like that.


Hello I’m back with a real artwork! With real artwork I just mean something I actually took my sweet time with finishing it _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

I’m currently reading “H&H Roman Company” by Mum and GOSH I’M IN LOVE WITH IT (that I had to do an actual fanart for it-)

I also made a SPEEDPAINT, please take a look if you have time~ (It’s also my first speedpaint ever!!)

Ps: I LOVE RUM SO MUCH O H GOD I LOVE RUM SO MuCH plzlookatthebrownhairedguyinthebottomleft ////

I MISS MY TABLET but I couldn’t not doodle this when it came to mind, apologies for the slightly blurry quality 3

Remembered reading he is one to train, though idk if he’s ticklish, I doubt anyone has the guts to try it out like 99% of the time. Either way: Trust no one not even your gf who is helping you train weights, especially that actually.

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