gosh i almost forgot to post it


And here is awkward Apritello from @mesacat13 dark!turts AU!!
Golly gosh I almost forgot about posting this… Anyway, this scene was one I debated on putting in the fancomic I am working on called Dark!turts Spoopy…but I dont think it would fit. So i just am putting this here as a bonus thing.
Basically someone is hunting and trapping the turtles, setting up complex traps so these trained assassins can’t fet away…well, the Hunters didn’t realize that they would have human companions with them. Like April here who tries to cut themselves free. (It ends with Mikey cutting them loose because it was quite awkward for her to move around.
And yes it is a bit suggestive I am sorry for that…

(though Donnie only slightly uncomfortable. Mostly he just wants to escape being trapped and trying to get himself free to find his brothers but April is feeling the most uncomfortable and awkward. Luckily Mikey finds them soon. …kinda like some anime scenes. (You get a cookie if you know which scene and anime this is from. Here’s a hint: it’s a Halloween special) ) Anyway. Yeah…