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Hey. I’m a little anxious publishing this…. I just went back to animating stuff and this was the first thing that came to me. Oikawa’s expressions are rich and precious, but as I was trying to picture it I didn’t really pay attention to volumes etc, also there’s not really any context here and … well. Maybe if I happen to get my hand on the software again I’ll try to clean this a little bit.

I hope some of you will enjoy this :) have a good day and/or sweet dreams wherever you are


Anon! I’m so sorry it took me so long, but I loved this prompt so much and I really wanted to do it justice, and I have to thank you so much because I learned so much during this project, and I’m really, really happy with how it turned out! I hope you like it! :D

EDIT: Oh my gosh, I almost forgot! The script for this was edited and beta’d by the lovely @tinibellbeanie who is amazing! <3 Thank you so much, Tini! 

First Line Meme

Oh gosh! I almost forgot about this. This is a different little game that’s kinda neat. Post the first line from a WIP and tag as many people as words. I was tagged by the illustrious @threewhiskeylunch! Thanks my dear! 

Here’s the first line of my upcoming mshenko Christmas fluff: 

“Shit!” Kaidan blew out a long breath after disconnecting the call.

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And here is awkward Apritello from @mesacat13 dark!turts AU!!
Golly gosh I almost forgot about posting this… Anyway, this scene was one I debated on putting in the fancomic I am working on called Dark!turts Spoopy…but I dont think it would fit. So i just am putting this here as a bonus thing.
Basically someone is hunting and trapping the turtles, setting up complex traps so these trained assassins can’t fet away…well, the Hunters didn’t realize that they would have human companions with them. Like April here who tries to cut themselves free. (It ends with Mikey cutting them loose because it was quite awkward for her to move around.
And yes it is a bit suggestive I am sorry for that…

(though Donnie only slightly uncomfortable. Mostly he just wants to escape being trapped and trying to get himself free to find his brothers but April is feeling the most uncomfortable and awkward. Luckily Mikey finds them soon. …kinda like some anime scenes. (You get a cookie if you know which scene and anime this is from. Here’s a hint: it’s a Halloween special) ) Anyway. Yeah…

luanna255  asked:

Rena, I think this idea will be relevant to your interests: I was watching the scene from The Force Awakens the other day, where Finn is telling Rey about how he was "raised to do one thing. But my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn't gonna kill for them. So I ran" and it hit me: You could draw some serious parallels between him and Cass, couldn't you?


my god.

It’s all coming full circle. My loves are uniting. My mind is blown! And this makes, officially, one of the best things I could ever talk about on May the Fourth! I cannot thank you enough for this, Lu!!!

Two of my fictional children’s arcs are united and I didn’t even realize it or how powerful it is and I just aghhhhh! I’m so happy right now. 

I also want to make a note that this is mostly a limited thing because I haven’t gotten to see TFA since it was in theaters and haven’t bought it yet because I’m at least fairly certain if I buy one more thing for myself before my birthday this month my parents will throw their shoes at me when I come home because I’ve ruined all their ideas thus far.

Okay, so let’s look at those parallels: 

* Cassandra Cain was raised from birth to be an international assassin by her father. Her limited social exposure and dependence on him led for her to be oblivious throughout her upbringing that what she was being trained to do, while giving her impeccable skill important to her adventures later in life, were very much intentioned to make her do the very things her innate moral character was against. 
* Finn was taken by the First Order when he was too young to even remember a life beforehand. He was raised as a Storm Trooper and heavily trained and indoctrinated, especially by Captain Phasma. He was trained in skills that he was expected to use for the First Order’s advancement, including doing things as a soldier that would be against the innate moral character that was within him. 

* Cass was fully involved and even loved the lifestyle she had been raised in, showing extreme loyalty to her father, until the day she was first used for an assassination. From the moment it happened, Cass knew right from wrong and lashed out against the system she had been subjected to, running away and experiencing a life long guilt over what had been done. She dedicated her life to saving others at that point. 
* Finn was fully indoctrinated by the First Order and consistently showed signs of being an ideal Storm Trooper during training, having top marks with shooting. That is until he was deployed to Jakku and witnessed the slaughter of a village as well as the deaths of some of his fellow troopers, shaking Finn from the conscious grip of the Order and inspiring him to save a Resistance pilot and run away. 

* Cassandra (though later retconned) was initially given her name by the vigilante Oracle aka Barbara Gordon, who took her under her wing during a time of great crisis for the Bat Family (No Man’s Land), and was an example of their bonding and giving Cass reassurance that she was more than what she had been trained to be. 
* Finn (originally FN-2187) was given his new name by the freedom fighter and ace pilot Poe Dameron, who was indebted to Finn for aiding in his escape and immediately took Finn under his wing during a time of crisis (escaping the First Order and Kylo Ren). It was an example of their bonding and giving Finn reassurance that he was more than what the First Order trained him to be.

Like. These parallels are so amazing and I’m so happy with the fact that two of my favorite characters are going to have this arc that means so much to me oh my GOSH I’m so happy right now.

Oh. I almost forgot the most important parallel of all.

They both absolutely SLAY leather jackets like oh my god

I am so happy right now.

Florence Nightingale Syndrome (Theo/Stiles)

writing-for-teenwolf asked: Hey, I really like your writing and I wondering if I could have an imagine where you are best friends with Malia and through her stiles(you know about the supernatural world and are a minor part of the pack sort of like mason but with the pack longer) and theo saves your life and you start to have a crush on him but stiles doesn’t like it. Please? It would be amazing if you do

Oh my gosh, I wrote this whole Imagine and I forgot to add the whole Jealousy part to it. If you want me to rewrite, and change it up a bit, I totally understand. But I really want to post this because it is almost Midnight where I am, and I wanted to get this up. Send me an ask if you want me to change it. Again, I am so sorry. :( I still hope you will like this though!

Imagine: You get hurt and Theo saves you. You think Theo is starting to like you and you develop feelings for him.

Word Count: 1089

Triggers: One cuss word, and sadness.

(In case you were wondering, Florence Nightingale Syndrome is when you fall in love with the person who saved you) 

Your eyelids flutter open and you see three people in the room you are in. It’s completely white.

The Hospital.

Once your vision clears you can see the people clearly.

Malia, Stiles and Theo.

“Guys look, she’s awake” Malia says.

“What happened?” You asked in a hoarse voice. Stiles hands you a cup of water.

“You were being attacked from the Dread Doctors last night.” Malia started.

“And I came in and saved you.” Theo grinned. You smiled and started to remember it all. The dread doctors carrying you away. Then Theo coming in and fighting the Dread Doctors who, eventually fled the scene. Then you remember someone taking you to the hospital.

“Who took me to the hospital?” You question. You thought Stiles was going to speak up but then Theo quickly said

“I did. I carried you back into the building and Ms. McCall took care of you.”

“Yes, I did, now I need every to let her get some rest.” Melissa said as she walked into the room.

“Bye, (y/n) I’ll come visit next visiting hours.” Theo said. You smile and say okay. Malia said goodbye along with Stiles.

“So, is he your boyfriend?” Melissa asked with a smirk on her face. You cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

“No. Just a friend.” You reply.


Theo has been visiting you so much for the past 2 weeks. He brings you food, flowers, get well cards. You’ve been developing a crush on him. Before he was your crush you had the biggest crush on Stiles Stilinski. You didn’t know him a lot, but you were pretty good friends with him. Malia introduced you to him. He’s funny but really caring at the same time. Yet, he hasn’t came and visited you this whole time.You think you’ve seen him came to your door, but every time Theo’s been here so you just assumed he didn’t want to bother you guys.

No one ever visited you during night visiting hours though, which was fine by you because you were asleep by then. It was finally time for you to check out and go home. Everyone in the pack was there as you left. They were all outside while the nurse was having you sign release papers.

“So, tell me who was the guy that always visited you during the night huh? He would sit by your bed until like almost midnight. He was kind of cute.” She smiled.

“Umm I don’t really know, I didn’t think anyone came at night. I’ll have to ask.” You say back. As you walk away she says.

“Whoever he is, he’s a keeper!”

You smile to yourself - since you know exactly who it is.

Your friends threw you a welcome home party at Malia’s house. You were excited because you were finally going to admit your feelings to Theo. A few hours after the party started, You were trying to find Theo alone. You searched all over the house. Finally, you went upstairs and opened the door to the first bedroom you saw: Bad Idea. You found Theo and Malia making out on the bed.

“Oh geez Sorry!” You say and leave the room. Theo runs out behind you. You didn’t even realize you were crying.

“(y/n) I’m sorry that you had to see that…. it’s kind of embarrasing…” He chuckles.

“Why are you crying?”

You wipe away the tears you didn’t see fall.

“Nothing, it’s just, I thought you liked me… from all the times you visited me and brought me stuff.” You fluster.

“Oh… didn’t you know? That was from Malia as well, she was just more concerned on her school work and stuff… didn’t you ever read the tags?” He asked. Now that you think about it, you never really did.

“I guess I didn’t.. I’m sorry Theo, I thought you had a thing for me” You said looking down.

“I’m sorry (y/n)… I’ve liked Malia for a few weeks now. I just saved your life, that’s something that I do. I’m sorry you thought that.” He said. Then he awkwardly left you and went back into the room he was in with Malia. You dart down the stairs and outside - no one saw you, they were all too busy having a fun time.

As soon as you got outside, you just burst into tears. You couldn’t hold it any longer. Why did you even like him? All he did was save you. He isn’t even that nice. Well, he is but still.

“Rough Night huh?” A voice behind you says. You turn around. Stiles was standing there. He took a seat next to you. You wiped away your tears.

“Umm.. sorry. No, I’m fine.” You manage to say.

“Let me guess, Theo isn’t your knight and shining armour huh? He’s Malia’s.” You look at him and nod.

“H-how did you-”

“How did I know you liked him? Easy, you guys spent literally everyday together. Plus, he saved you. and how did I know about Malia? The have been making out in the Janitor’s closet for the past 3 weeks now. Kind of hard to miss, and hear.” You both laugh a bit. He wraps his arm around you.

“You know what (y/n), there are way better fish in the sea.” He says.

“I know, I had a crush on one for almost a year now. He’s funny, unbelievably dorky, and is the most caring person in the world.” You say. Stiles looks at you.

“Really who?” He says. He really didn’t know it was him you were talking about.

You roll your eyes,

“You you dork. You, I like you..” He looks at you with lust in his eyes and passionately kisses you. Startled by the Dweeb’s move, you kiss him back.

He pulls away, both of you out of breath.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.” He says and smiles.

“Me too Stilinski, me too.” You rest you head on his shoulder.

“Wait, if it wasn’t Theo who came at night it was-”

“Me, I came every night to make you you were safe and didn’t have any nightmares. Trust me, those Doctors are scary. I wanted to make sure you were safe.” He and kissed your forehead.

“OH, and also I’m the one that took you inside the hospital, I have no idea why that ass Theo took credit for it.” He sassed. You laugh and give him another kiss.

‘He’s a keeper’

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It’s sushinfood’s Highway!! More like Highbae amirite

I attended Sushi’s stream last night and gosh, he and Hebby bring so much joy to my life, they are wonderful. Sushi has such talent for writing and bringing characters to life, to listen to and witness these characters is such a pleasure

I hope to colour this at some point but I wanted to post the lineart too!!