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Pairing: Steve rogers

Plot: At the end of your first date with Steve you two end up sleeping together. The following day you are overcome with sadness when you hear Steve talking to the guys about what happened the night before.

a/n ok so in this fic the reader has a ex boyfriend who posted about their sex life on the internet. What show and character did I get that idea from? The first person to send in the correct answer to the question gets their own fic. Also if you can only give me one part of the answer you’ll still get a fic. So technically there can be two winners here. I’ll even give you a hint it’s from a very popular sitcom

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Steve Rogers was undeniably the most attractive and most kind-hearted man you had ever met. You have dreamt about him asking you out ever since you joined the team but thought he only saw you as a teammate. So it came as a surprise to you when he came up to you after training and asked if you would go on a date with him. “Y/n would you like to go on a date with me?” Steve gave you a small smile and hoped you’d say yes.

What you didn’t know was that Steve liked you back and he found himself staring at you when you weren’t looking. After a very long conversation with Bucky and sam he promised them that he would finally ask you out on a date. “I would love to steve ! ! !” You were so excited he asked you that you actually leaned in a kissed him on the cheek. Horrified by what you did you began to apologize “oh my gosh I’m so sorry.”

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Who is Fiore Marchesi?

By far the most asks I received were about Fio and who he is, but it’s been a really busy weekend for me with traveling and errands and so on, so this took longer than I wanted.  I finally got some time to sit down and sort through my inbox, so hopefully I’ve answered all your questions, and if not, just send me another message : )  

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-Shiro and Lance both use a ton of beauty products, when they start sharing a room their bathroom is a mess of lotions and eyeliner- Back on Earth Lance had been the president of Shiro's fanclub, Shiro finds out and is both embarrassed and flattered, won't stop teasing about it- Shiro has literally 0 card game skills and Lance capitalizes on this with Strip Poker - Lance likes to sleep on Shiro's chest and it makes Shiro feel more grounded and keeps away nightmares- <3 I hope you are ok and safe

Yes omg! Their bathroom would be a wreck almost howls moving castle style!

Gosh he so would! Though find it absolutely endearing. Imagine him using it to his advantage though. “Well as my number one fan wouldn’t it be great if you did the honors of having breakfast with me?”

Omg if that was a fic I’d do read it XD

Hmm ya know it probably would work real well. Kind of like a thunder blanket sometimes. That’s adorable!!!

Thank you nonny!!!

WTF Caitlin???

So this is my piece for Snowbarry Valentine. I would not have even thought of this idea if not for my Snowbarry family!


It was a few days after Zoom had been taken by the time wraiths that Team Flash plus Wally and Iris decided to celebrate not dying with drinks.

“I still can’t believe that Jay wasn’t Jay,” Cisco said, still shaking his head in disbelief.

“No wonder he told me never to call his name out in bed,” Caitlin mumbled under her breath.

Iris raised an eyebrow. “For real?”

Caitlin shrugged. “I was a bit too distracted to think about it.”

Barry contained his disgust to the best of his ability. The idea of Hunter touching Cait like that made him feel sick.

“I don’t miss him,” Caitlin said, her gaze thoughtful. “But I do miss the sex.”

Barry choked on his drink.

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how about MC an RFA member are getting into a ~super hot~ makeout session but they get walked in on by another RFA member?

hah misread this as well take a mini-fic for all of them

Seven had never been much of an exhibitionist. Until he met you, that was. Actually, he wasn’t sure if he was an exhibitionist, or if he was just so attracted to you that he actually needed to kiss you everywhere, all the time. Either way, he wasn’t entirely sure that he could justify this particular location, but hey, it’d do. His hands were tight on your hips as he held onto you, keeping you steady in his lap as his lips assaulted your own, rapid breaths mingling as you kissed. Just as he was letting his hands wander down your butt cheeks, groaning into your mouth, the door was flung open–


“Jeez… Calm down, Yoosung.” Seven squinted as light flooded the dark room. “Can you close the door?”

“Wha- No!” Yoosung was fuming, face red as he stared down at the pair of you. “Get out!”

“But we’re busy.”

“You’re– You’re in my closet!”

“Oh. Yeah. Sorry, did you need to use it?”

“What… I… Please get out of my closet.”

“Do you need to get in it?”

You would’ve never guessed that you’d ever have to run away from Yoosung, but as you held on to Seven’s hand, you realised that you would’ve never thought that you’d date an actual madman.

Yoosung had recently discovered that kissing you was seriously addictive. It was becoming a problem - he just wanted to kiss you everywhere, all the time. So when you found yourself shut in the men’s bathroom at the most recent party, hungry lips smothering your own, it wasn’t a massive surprise. You weren’t going to complain, either; all this kissing practice had made Yoosung pretty damn good at it. So when he sat you up on the counter, hands trailing over the soft skin beneath your blouse, you let him… It wasn’t like anyone would walk in, not during Zen’s speech, right?

“Do you really think this is the appropriate place to do that?”

Yoosung actually squeaked when he heard Jumin’s voice, his face going redder than you’d ever seen it before.

“I- I thought I locked the door!!” He was desperately trying to cover what was obviously an erection with his hands, and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him - there was nothing you could do to help, really.

“You did.” Jumin procured a key, waving it in front of your humiliated boyfriend. “I also own this building.”

“… We should go.” Crestfallen, Yoosung grabbed your hand with his own, slightly damp one.

“You should.”

Zen knew that initiating this in his dressing room wasn’t a good idea, but seriously, you must’ve known what you were up to, wearing that skirt on set. It just made him want to kiss you… So he did. Groaning as your hips shifted against his own, Zen found your neck, nipping at the sensitive skin, lips already swollen from kisses attaching themselves to your clavicle.

“Zen? I hope you’re ok with us coming in.”

“Wha…” Zen barely even had the time to break out of his lustful stupor before the door was opening, and several pairs of eyes settled on the pair of you, him still pinning you against his wall.

“Oh my gosh.” Jaehee covered her eyes with her hand, but alas, the damage was already done.

“What the fuck is this?!” The shrill cry that came from one of the girls stood next to Jaehee actually hurt your ears. “Is this my precious Zenny, with a girl in his arms?!”

“Oh no…” Zen’s head fell to the crook of your shoulder in despair. Why, of all times, did this have to happen now?

Jumin was as forceful as ever, even here - his mouth was merciless as it assaulted your own, pushing you further against the hard wood of his desk. You really had no idea that he was still turned on from this morning, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered with bringing him lunch; you did have work to do, after all. Yet here you were, clothes strewn around the room, holding on desperately to the edge of your boyfriend’s desk as his mouth left yet another mark across your collarbone.


Jumin didn’t even move when he heard the voice, halting his actions for a moment before continuing, making sure his body covered your own, bare one.

“Woah. You’re not even going to stop? That’s dedication.” Seven’s teasing voice was really ruining the mood for you, and clearly, Jumin agreed. With a final, frustrated nip at your neck, he pulled back.

“What do you want? I’m busy.”

“Clearly…” He paused, and you knew that he was going to say something stupid. “So Jumin Han does not gay, eh?!”


Jaehee wasn’t expecting her first kiss with you to go this way. She wasn’t expecting to be half-naked, with your mouth buried in the crook of her neck, creating what she already knew were marks that she’d have to cover. She hadn’t even worn a sexy bra… Yet here she was, face flushed and hands clinging onto your hair as your mouth grew more intense- 

“Holy shit.”

The pair of you squealed at the voice coming from the door, and Jaehee grabbed her blouse in a desperate attempt to preserve her dignity.

“Wowie. I mean, I knew you two were hot for each other, but this is–”

“Please leave, Zen.” How your voice was still level, Jaehee had no idea. She was glad, but also rather amazed.

“Alright, alright…” Zen turned to leave - and Jaehee pondered what choices she had made in life that led her to this point. “But y’know, if you ever want a guy-”



Did someone finally finished a PJ reference sheet?

YES. YES she did.

GOSH this took me a while to make sure I got it right. And yeah, the splatters on his face are different - honestly you can do whatever and be OK with it. 

But gosh… I not only did it like this…

I did a GIF too.

(Do NOT use the gif for colors… cause the gif MESSED IT UP)

And this goes through each and every layer to him, starting with his shirt and leggings. (yes I’m calling them that cause they are he cannot deny that)

And yeah I didn’t draw his arm for the side view cause then that would of blocked details… and it would be hard.

But @alainaprana… *points to the pictures* Hope these work!

Ch 114

Not going to lie to anybody, last week I was ready to rant, especially when we got some of the confirmations of who passed the exam. I, of course, didn’t because we hadn’t gotten the full list yet and I was waiting for that but, knowing how most shounens go, I was ready to go on a long ass rant on how it was unjustifiable that Class 1-A gets special main character privileges while other characters don’t.

Yet, Boku no Hero Academia proves ONCE AGAIN that it is not your typical shounen manga and that no character, main or not, has these special main character privileges that allows them to bend the rules however they want.

So many times in so many other shounens, we get some bullshit explanation on how something special happened especially to the main character or how they were able to pull some magical friendship card that allowed them to accomplish something that shouldn’t have been accomplished. I don’t mean to bag on other series, but a perfect PERFECT example of this is with Fairy Tail. It has happened so many times that certain villains shouldn’t be beaten or things should not have been done, etc YET how many times did the main characters get the main character benefit and suddenly pull some card that granted them access to that. A prime example of this was during the Grand Magic Games and even now in this new arc. How many times did Natsu win the rounds in the GMG because of friendship power or how many times have characters been brought back to life after being killed for shock value? All the Fairy Tail members get some type of main character benefit that shouldn’t be granted to them and I could rant more on that but this is a bnha post so feel free to flood my ask about it cuz I’m not doing it here.

To me, the fact that Todoroki and Bakugou didn’t pass was not only expected but it was a bold move from the author and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. And to the characters that passed like Izuku, they didn’t pass out of some bullshit mean but because they did something that made them EARN it.

I will only go into Izuku because I don’t have time to talk about the others (SORRY OCHAKO AND TENYA I STILL LOVE YOU) but this is one of the VERY few times that we see a main character receive something special like a license AND actually earn it. Like I love HxH which had a similar thing and I even thought that Gon earning his license was some asspull from the author. Fairy Tail winning the GMG was an asspull as well. But in BnHA, I love how it was executed. What was great about this situation was the timing of the license exam. Normally, stuff like that is done in the beginning of series but I love how it took over 100 chapters to execute it, which gave Izuku time to grow and time to grow into his quirk and understand it better, especially considering everything that happened in All Might. Throughout the series, he’s developed so much as a leader and has really shown how capable he is of being a hero, which is why IT MAKES FREAKIN SENSE WHY HE PASSED THE EXAM. Not to sound like an Izuku fangirl but he EARNED IT. Even with all his development and growth that was done before the exam, during the exam he really pushed himself and proved the test givers he deserved it. He showed them leadership skills for the people in his class and the ability to rescue others as seen with the rescuees and Todoroki/Inasa. He made sure as many people as possible in his class made it through the test and he snapped Todoroki and Inasa out of their spitting match. Hell, he even indirectly inspired Ochako to push her limits and to focus on being a hero during the exam. Out of all the students, Izuku and Tenya are the two that deserved it the most and they really showed that during these exams.

Now for Katsuki and Shouto, this one was a bit of a shocker since these two are the strongest in the class and the two that you would expect to pass the most yet they didn’t. But you know, I love that Horikoshi had that happen as that not only showed that they still had to room to grow but it also showed to the audience that, just because you’re strong, doesn’t mean that you earn something like a hero license, you have to once again EARN it and it was clearly shown that none of those 3 earned it. Inasa and Todoroki allowed their pride and their hurt feelings to get in the way of their goals in sight. Unlike Izuku and Ochako who they both pushed their feelings off the side to focus on the task at hand, Todoroki and Inasa squabbled and didn’t even bother working together to help save people. They allowed their emotions to overcome them and behave in unprofessional ways. Just imagine what would have occurred if they continued behaving like 2 years old in the real world?? Yea that’s right, PEOPLE WOULD HAVE DIED.

Let that sink in and now tell me with a straight face that they deserved the Hero license.

Because last time I checked, a hero puts away his pride and all his personality faults and grudges away to help people and keep their community safe. They don’t allow some sappy backstory that is clearly copy and paste from the Incredibles to stop them from saving their community and the people living in it. The animosity between them showed that, while yes they are strong, they aren’t able to keep their emotions out of their work and that they could not handle putting away any type of their pride to be able to work together. You can’t even argue that Todoroki earned it because if it wasn’t for Izuku stopping them and making Todoroki realize what he was doing, they still would have bickered to no end and a hero can’t do that. Inasa and Todoroki still have a lot to work on and I hope they can work together to overcome it.

And oh my gosh, ok I love Katsuki Bakugou with all my heart like he is my son and I have a figure of him and I’ve read so many fanfics of him and I talk about him ALL THE FREAKIN TIME but he didn’t deserve the license AT ALL. Like he did absolutely NOTHING special during the exam. For the first part, let’s not forget he got turned into a little potato mutant fucking thing and it took THE POSSIBLE TRAITOR KAMINARI to get him to snap out of it and actually get some points. He took no initiative at all to pass. He more just wanted to beat people. I mean look at this panel

He didn’t give two shits about helping people like KATSUKI DIDN’T CARE. This boy wants to be a hero but he doesn’t care about saving civilians or doing ANYTHING that is remotely hero like. All he wants to be a second rate version of All Might (which aint happening since that’s going to Izuku) and beat up villains all day. During the second part of the exams, he didn’t even try to rescue people, he just shouted at them. Like really bro? Everyone, EVEN FUCKBOI GRAPE BOY, was carrying someone and trying to bring them to safety and he’s just there standing around, shouting at people and just wanting to fight the villains like a toddler. That’s why it totally makes sense that he didn’t get the license. Unlike Izuku or Yuuga or even Tenya, he didn’t show the test takers that he was being serious about being a hero or even doing hero things. True, he doesn’t want to be a villain but as of now, he’s not showing he wants to be a hero as well.

Overall, I’m actually really pleased with how the spoilers are and I’m actually really excited to read the chapter itself. I’m really happy that Horikoshi didn’t take pity on these characters and is actually pushing them to grow in ways that they maybe didn’t want to grow in. He’s showing us that you can be the very best and still not be what you want and you need to tone it down like 50 notches and I find that incredible. I’m really excited to see how he’s going to make them grow and how they’ll tackle this exam differently next time.

So much Tension: Harry x Plus size reader

Summary: Y/n and Harry build tension

word count: 1.6k  

Smut or Fluff 

School. High school more or less it was something everyone had to go through, a part of life: for some it could be the greatest years of your life; which is sad, or the worst which is also sad. You were the normal girl, well as normal as you can be for a bigger girl, with arm fat, tummy rolls and thick thighs but that didn’t stop you for trying to have fun during your years.

It was the end of the year you were excited because the last year after this you go to uni and actually start living as adult, It was another morning of groaning that you didn’t want to get up for school, sitting up on your bed still asleep when you heard a pounding on your door,

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You trip and fall on him(friend) (BTS)

Namjoon: -the boys tease you and when you were walking by Namjoon someone pushed you straight into him. He caught you quickly and held you up so you wouldn’t fall- “You ok there Y/N? I didn’t think you’d ever fall for me this hard. Do you get it cause you tripped”

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Jin: -he was the best friend and someone pushed you without the ability to catch yourself you landed head first into his crotch. Everything happened to fast after you feel you had something cold and wet hit your head causing you to shoot up even faster- *gif*

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Suga: -as soon as your face made connection with his chest you let out a painful groan and he pulled you away as fast as he could to inspect the damaged- “Oh my gosh are you ok?! I mean your noise is bleeding but other than that are you fine?” 

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J-Hope: -Joking around you went to push him but before you could even get there you tripped on nothing and he caught you and began teasing- “I didn’t expect you to fall this hard for me sweetheart. But since you did give your Hope a kiss”

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Jimin: -you were rushing down the stairs when you tripped you didn’t fall and hit the ground because you were caught by a solid body. Jimin looked over at the boys before looking down at you- “you gotta be more careful hun don’t need you hurting that cute little face of yours”

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V: -it was a really weird you tripped and your lips connected with his it was hard yet hard. You both stood still for a second processing it before you pulled away looking at him with a blushy face- “well hello to you too”

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Jungkook: -you shoe came undone and you accidentally stepped on it expecting to land hard on the ground. Another body caught you and made sure you were balanced before he let go.- “Hey are you ok? That may have ended worse if I wasn’t here”

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        that castle never seemed as big as it did now, rushing through the hallways and down the stairs until she found him. she could hear the death eaters getting closer and the tension in the air could almost be sliced with a knife, the terror in everyone’s hearts, the hopelessness most of them couldn’t help but feel. heart pounded in her ears as she skimmed through the familiar faces ( and the fear in their eyes ) hoping to find the only one she was looking for. everything was in complete chaos, people running in different directions while she went straight to the battle, bumping shoulders with anyone in her way. that’s where he’d be, wasn’t it? was he looking for her too..? she just needed to find him…

         time seemed to freeze as she reached the front of the castle, only the sounds of her heartbeat audible as she looked around. where was he? she couldn’t see him… the tears blurred her vision and she knew she should move ( the blonde was a sitting duck if she just stood there ) but her legs betrayed her, the reality of their situation weighing heavily on her head. a pair of hands grabbed her by her shoulders, turning her around until she was left facing luke, the one person that could calm her down. ah, luke. he was okay. for a moment it felt like everything had went silent, the sound of the explosions and spells from the distance completely ignored. she could see that he was speaking to her but mina just couldn’t listen, everything was a blur. words barely a whisper as she spoke, staring at him. “ they… they’re here…. ” and god, she was so terrified. hogwarts was supposed to be their SAFE PLACE… “ everywhere… ”

@atelouus && the battle of hogwarts.

Good for you buck.

Pairing: reader x Bucky

@therebeltype request: Idk how old this is lol but uh, can you do one where the reader is the shy quiet type(virgin) and her and Bucky are best friends. One night the bucky has a nightmare so she sneaks into the readers room and gets in bed with her and he tells her the dream was about him hurting her and they end up kissing which leads to ya know ;) . And basically hesitant to do anything with her in fear of hurting her and she tells him that she trusts him and then they do the deed. (Gentle,sweet,tiny bit rough plz)

*Bucky pov*

I’m love her it’s as simple as that. I’m a better man when I’m around her and I love everything about her. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t judge me for what I did in the past. Constantly reminding me that the past is the past and we can only move forward now. Steve always tells me that Im a perfect for her. Which I didn’t believe because she’s way out of my league. He would tell me I have helped her break out of her shell since I joined the team. He would say she was super shy and only speak when she absolutely had to. It was because of that I had taken it upon myself to defend her whenever someone tried to talk down to her. There were also times when she would defend me as well, those moments I truly loved about her. Mainly because I know it takes her a lot to confront someone.

“Alright guys I’m calling it a night, I’ll see you guys in the morning” We were all having movie a night when we all turned to y/n who was now standing up. She was getting her blanket from the couch. Everyone said their goodnights to her while I just stared at her. “Goodnight Bucky” she spoke as she caught me staring.

“Goodnight y/n” I got up and I hugged her a little too long before she left.

“Dude when are you going to tell y/n that you are in love with her” Natasha asked as I sat down next to Steve again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Did you really say that” Scott the newest addition to the team spoke up. “My daughter could tell something was up between you two and she’s only visited here twice.” Everyone started to agree with Scott.

“Yeah whatever let’s just continue to watch the movie” I replied while watching the movie I was no longer interested in.

*midnight y/n pov*

Making my way back to my room after drinking a glass of water I stopped in front of Bucky’s room. I heard him yelling, gosh I hope he’s ok. Ever since he joined the team I’ve developed a soft spot for him. He’s become one of my good friends. I know he’s been through so much that even though I’m not the most vocal person I would stick up for him.

“Bucky are you ok?” I knocked on his door but the only responds I got was more yelling. “F.r.i.d.a.y. can you unlock Bucky’s door, I think he needs help” the door soon unlocked and I rushed inside. I closed it so the screams wouldn’t wake everyone else up.

“NOOO how could I do this to you” Bucky screamed as he was thrashing on his bed.

“Bucky Bucky Bucky it’s ok you’re safe it’s just a dream, wake up it’s just a dream.” I started to pet his hair, trying to calm him down.

“Y/n?” Bucky started to wake up

“Yes it’s me, I’m right here Bucky” I reach to grab his hands. “I’m right here Bucky, it was just a dream”

“It felt so real though” tears started to run down Bucky’s face.

“Do you want me to stay with you” I asked as I wiped away his tears.

“Yes please, I don’t want to be alone” Bucky rolled over to make room for me on his bed. I got under the covers and cuddled up next to him, his human hand was wrapped around my waist. I held onto him repeating that it was ok and that it was just a dream. After a while Bucky’s heart rate went back to normal.

“Do you want to talk about it buck” I asked against his chest hoping he would tell me what he dreamt about.

“It was about you” he paused before continuing. “I went into the winter soldier mode and I … ” Bucky took a deep breath before continuing “I was choking you to death” we were both silent for a while.

“It’s ok Bucky it was just a dream” I looked up at him and got his human hand. “You didn’t actually do it” I placed his hand on my cheek to reassure him. “I know you would never hurt me” I moved his hand to my lips and kissed his knuckles, never breaking eye contact with him. “I trust you” I placed a kiss on his cheek, soon I felt his lips on mine. I was taken aback at first but quickly decided to kiss him back. It was sweet and innocent, not what I would of expected from an ex-assassin. I found myself laying on top of Bucky as our kiss became more passionate and possessive. Right as I was about to lift my shirt off he placed me next to him.

“What’s wrong” I asked as I tried to catch my breath.

“I … I don’t want to hurt you” Bucky replied as he sat up on the bed, and turned so I couldn’t see his face.

“Buck I trust you"I kneeled behind him as I hugged him from behind “I know you won’t hurt me” I kissed the back of his neck as my left and started rubbing his stomach. “I trust you so much that I want you to be my first” I finally spoke as I was dying of embarrassment that I confessed I was still a virgin.

“See even more of a reason not to do it” Bucky tried to get up but my grip tightened.

“No buck don’t you see I trust and love you enough that I want to do it with you. I love you Bucky” I finally confessed to him how I truly felt about him. I have always had feelings for Bucky, ever since I met him. The only reason I never admitted it to anyone was because Steve told us he wasn’t stable enough to think about ever being in a relationship. Unfortunately my feelings for him only intensified as our friendship grew stronger. The only person who actually did know about my crush was Wanda. The only reason why was because she read my mind. I had to make her promise not to say anything, and like the kind hearted woman she is she kept the promise.

“You love me?” Bucky turned to look at me.

“Yeah for a while now” I was staring at my hands. “Do you?” I held my breath hoping he said yes. I mean I was hoping our little make out session was a clue that he at least liked me more than a friend.

“Yes I do, I love you so much y/n” Bucky reattached his lips onto mine again. “I love you so much but I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you” Bucky rested his forehead against mine.

“I trust you buck, I trust you so much” I placed both of my hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss again.

“Please.tell.me.if.I.hurt.you, I.don’t.want.to.hurt.you” Bucky managed to say in between kisses.

“I will, don’t worry” Bucky placed his hand on my back as he lowered us onto the bed. He scooted up until my head hit his pillow, our lips attached the entire time. I felt both his human and metal hands under my shirt before lifting it off my body. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, and slid it off my body. Staring at my naked upper half a smile crept up on Bucky’s face before diving in and attached his lips to my right breast.

“You’re so beautiful y/n” Bucky praised as sucked my nipple and played with the other one. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the pleasure Bucky was giving me.

“Mmm Bucky that feels nice”

“And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet” Bucky smirked as he mirrored what he did to my right to my left one. Once he was satisfied with my breast me started to leave opened mouth kisses down my body. Stopping just above my pajama shorts. “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m more than ok with just kissing and playing with your beautiful breast.” Bucky asked secretly hoping I’d say for him to continue.

“Yes buck I’m sure, I want you” with that Bucky slid both my shorts and underwear off. I felt the instant need to cover up, but Bucky removed my hands and smiled up at me.

“Don’t be shy, you look beautiful” Bucky reassured me as he kissed my hip bones. “I’m going to have a taste before we get started ok?” I nodded my head yes as he spread my legs. “So beautiful” he mumbled to himself before his face dissapeard between my legs.

“Bucky oh god” my eyes rolled back as his tongue made contact with my clit.

“You like that y/n”

“Yes oh god keep doing that” my hands got tangled in his hair as he did what I told him to do.

“Is it ok if I insert my fingers inside you?” Unable to speak because of the pleasured state I was in I nodded my head yes. I began to moan low at first but as Bucky started to play with my clit, my moans got louder and louder. Soon I felt a pressure in my stomach.

“Bucky I think I’m going to cum” I heaved

“Cum for me y/n”

“Bucky ! ! !” I yelled as I came all over his fingers.

“Oh god you look gorgeous when you cum” Bucky praised me as he removed his fingers from my now soaked pussy and licked his fingers clean. “And you taste good too”. Bucky then took off his sweat and underwear. I couldn’t help but stare at his well endowed member. I just hope it fits inside me. “You like what you see y/n? It’s all yours” Bucky got on top of me again.

“Yes Bucky, please I want you inside me” I begged as he started teasing my slit with his cock before his slowly eased himself inside me. “Ow” I shut my eyes as I felt a pain in my lower region.

“Are you ok do want me to stop” Bucky asked as he started to panic.

“It’s ok buck I heard it hurts the first time for girls. Just go really slow please”

“I’ll go as slow as you want” Bucky wiped the tears that were falling off my face. True to his word Bucky went slower than before until he was completely inside me. He stayed still so I could adjust to him before I gave him the ok to move.

“Bucky it’s ok you can move now” I moaned now fully comfortable with him inside me. He began to move slow at first, not wanting to hurt me. Our lips molded together as my arms clung to his back.

“Mmm y/n you feel so good” Bucky groaned as I bit his lower lip. His his metal arm snaked around my lower back as he pressed me closer to him. Though he’s going at a slow pace his thrust were sharp. We weren’t having sex, we were making love.

“Mmm Bucky, can you move a little faster"I moaned louder as he complied and started picking up his pace. Our moans grew louder and louder as my second orgasm was rapidly approached. "Bucky I’m going to cum again” I closed my eyes as Bucky started to gradually speed up his pace.

“It’s ok y/n you can cum again, I’m not far behind. Let go” Bucky’s soothing words took me over the edge

“Bucky ! ! ! ” came for a second time. This time around his cock.

“Y/n” Bucky growled as I felt him cum inside me. We held onto each other as if we were afraid one of us was going to disappear. Bucky eventually rolled off me but pulled me into an embrace. “I love you so much y/n, I promise you I will never leave your side” I felt Bucky press a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you so much too Bucky, and I promise I won’t ever leave your side as well” I curled myself up next to him as he pulled the covers over our bodies as we drifted off to sleep.

*the next day Steve’s pov*

“Hey buck do you-” i stopped talking when I noticed y/n was laying next to Bucky in his room. They’re clothes thrown on the floor, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened here. I quietly exited Bucky’s room, trying not to wake them when I bumped into Natasha.

“Have you seen y/n? I was going to ask her if she wanted to go out for breakfast but she’s not in her room?” I pointed to Bucky’s room and she quietly opened it and closed it once she saw what was going on. “I fucking knew it. There was always a small part of me that knew y/n liked Bucky. Good for them, so do you want to go get breakfast?”

“Yeah let me just change, I’ll meet you in the living room” Natasha nodded before leaving. I peeked inside Bucky’s room again. “Good for you buck” I whispered before leaving.

Didn't Want To (Garrett) *Request*
In this imagine you are dating Garrett but your a werewolf and you find out that he is killing people. I know he’s dead but I’m still posting this.Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=130112602 “I don’t get it,” You shout tears welling up in your eyes. “Why me? Why my family?” Lydia, Malia, and Derek were about as confused as you were. You were the only alpha born wolf in Beacon Hills and the only one with an alive werewolf family, which would make sense as to why your on the deadpool. “Hey, its going to be ok. We’re not going to let them hurt you.” Derek says pulling you into a tight hug. You’ve known Derek since birth and he was your big brother figure. You pull yourself together and remember that your the badass alpha in town. “How much am I on there for?” You ask pulling away from Derek. “20 million.” Scott says. “Well that makes me feel a little better,” You say trying to lighten the mood. Suddenly, you feel your phone buzz in your pocket and when you pull it out theres a text from Garrett, your boyfriend on the screen. Games starting. Where are you? :( It reads. On my way :) You reply before grabbing you bag. “I have to go, I’m sorry can we talk about this later?” Everyone nods and gives you a hug. You walk to your car and drive to the school for the lacrosse game, but when you get there all you see is someone laying on the ground.  “Garrett.” You whisper to yourself. You run towards the field panicked but then you feel someone grab you and pull you to the side. Your eyes meet with Garrett’s blue ones, “Oh thank god your ok,” You say pulling him into a hug. “Im sorry I was late.” “Its fine.” He says, but then you notice a something on his shirt. “Garrett, whats that?” You ask pointing to it, even though you already know it is blood. “It’s nothing, I just had a nose bleed before the game.” He lies but you nod, not questioning him. “Ok, well do you want a ride home? Im assuming the game is over.” “Yeah it is, and sure.” He replies wrapping his arm around you, pulling you close. When you get home, before you can even get out of your car you get a text from Scott telling you to get over there quick. You pull up to Scott’s house and see Stiles’ jeep in the driveway. You focus your hearing and can hear them talking about Garrett. You let your self into Scott’s house and go to his room. “What is it?” You question. “We know who one of the assassin is.” Scott says. “Well, who is it?” You raise your eyebrows. “Garrett.” Stiles replies looking down. You stumble back and lean against the wall, feeling as a ton of brick has just hit you. “You sure?” You question a few seconds later and they just nod. “Shit what am I going to do?” “Break up with him!” Stiles yells like its the obvious choice but you shake your head. “I can’t.” You say. “He might not give you the chance to! Y/N, what you don’t understand is that you are next. Your name is next and then your families, we have to figure out a plan and you have to break up with him!” Stiles continues to yell. “Stiles calm down, its going to be ok.” Scott says placing a hand on Stiles’ shoulder. “Sorry, I just don’t want to see anyone else killed.” “Were not going to let anyone else get hurt, ok?” Scott says as Stiles nods. “I’ll do it,” You lie. “I have to go.” You turn to leave but Scott grabs your wrist. “No. Do it now, so that we know your actually going to.” He says as Stiles nods in agreement. “No.” You say as you rip your hand away and flash your red eyes. You walk out and drive home. You had a plan, it wasn’t very good but it was a plan. *3 Weeks Later* Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=130361373 You finish taking off your makeup and are about to walk out of the bathroom but you can sense somethings wrong. You slowly open the bathroom door that leads to your room and you see a figure standing there. You tense up but as the figure approaches you can see that its Garrett. “Garrett? What are you doing here?” You question as you notice a hand behind his back causing you to remain tense. “I came to see why your ignoring me,” He says sadly walking closer as you take a step back. “What did I do wrong.” You take a deep breath and then tell him. “I know your killing people who are on the deadpool.” “Scott told you, huh?” You nod. “Look it’s hard to explain why but I hope you know that I’d never hurt you or your family or your friends. Ok?” “Im sorry,” You say shaking your head. “I just-“ “Shhh,” He says putting his index finger to your lip. “It’s ok. I brought you something.” He pulls out a bouquet of roses and hands them to you. “Oh my gosh Garrett.” You say pulling him into a hug. “I love you. Please don’t ignore me again, I missed you.” “Trust me I didn’t want to ignore you.” He looks at you confused but before he can say anything you pull him into a kiss.  “What do you mean, you didn’t want to?” He asks when you pull away. “Doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I love you.” A/N I hope everyone liked this. Im starting a new story but I’m not sure if I want it to be Derek or Stiles so please message me you choice. Stiles or Derek?

anonymous asked:

Out of interest, in the student/teacher au, does Tsuki and Rize know about Sasaki being in love with Touka?

anon!! thank you for your ask! which straight-up became a prompt, haha.

important disclaimer: teacher/student AU is originally neimana‘s idea! this is like…a fanfic of her AU, & veers from the timeline she wrote originally.

hope you all are having a good day and taking care out there~

~3600 words. there are a lot of (spoiler-y) content warnings for this one, so please click here to see them if you need to. excerpt:

“So,” Rize says, as Haise watches the coffee drip down. “How was your first week?”

“It was…good. Yes,” he says, decisively, and with a rub of his chin, “it was good,” and Rize snorts.

“Alright, how many troublemakers are there?”

“None,” Haise says. Rize stares, waiting, as he pours out coffee into a little mug.

“…one,” he admits, finally.

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