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Sherlock closes his eyes so the last thing he sees in case his plan doesn’t work is John.


yuggie was so happy here I need 2 bring this back asdfghgfd

Nice Fireworks, Minho

So, apparently my buddy @chanyeolandthebananas thinks Minho is a sweetie cinnamon roll too pure for her to think impure thoughs of. And… well, @smutfictionaddicted and yours truly think she needs to see the LIGHT.

CL made this awesome moodboard based on my smutty story, and we’re not even one bit sorry. Here you go, sweetie… Merry Christmas and a Smutty New Year. 

Word count: 2254
Genre: Smut
Warnings: the usual. Don’t read if you’re a minor.

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anonymous asked:

hi! can i request wanna one's reaction to you randomly hugging them from behind?

i’m assuming y’all are dating when this happens

Jisung would be mildly surprised but would love the little gesture. He’d lean right into your touch and would be all smiles while you keep hugging him from behind and he’d be like ‘My partner loves me so much can you believe?’ 

Sungwoon would find it very sweet and would be very happy about it. He’d turn around and hold your face in between his hands and give you a big smooch right on the lips.

Minhyun would play it off and just smile at you and ask you what you need but you know deep inside he loves it. He’d tease you for being so affectionate in public but you’d tease him right back by exposing how much his heart rate picked up.

Seongwoo would act all nonchalant and would be like ‘Yes, dear?’. He’d love the feeling of being backhugged though, so he’d make it known that he wants another one once you let go.

Jaehwan would be a little surprised and would ask if you needed anything. He’d turn around and hug you normally since he’d prefer it if your face was buried in his chest/shoulder.

Daniel would giggle and ask what you were doing. He wouldn’t mind being backhugged and he’d go about his business while you cling to him. Eventually, he’d turn to you and give you a giant bear hug.

Jihoon would be a blushing mess and he’d be screaming inside his head. He’d reach behind him and pinch your cheek or something and be like ‘Yes?’ but you can literally sense him dying on the inside.

Woojin would be like ‘what’ and would just stand there for a few seconds. You’d be unsure whether he likes it or not but after a while he’d laugh and admit he was a bit caught off guard.

Jinyoung would get so excited gosh bless this boy. His smile would reach from ear to ear and he’d giggle so cutely to himself. He’d be too embarrassed to say anything, though, so he just lets you hug him while he continues his work.

Daehwi would love this sort of affection from you. He’d be like ‘Hey, cutie.’ and would turn around so he can pinch your cheeks. He’d backhug you in return and would stay clung to your back for the next fifteen minutes.

Guanlin would smile to himself and be like ‘Hi’ while lifting one of his arms so you can move to his side and hug him from there. He’d pinch your nose and just gush about how cute you are.