gosh his hair is so cute

katyabaryzh  asked:

i love the idea of mccree being cleaned up and hanzo being like 😍 but like imagine mccree being 😍 at Hanzo for being the opposite like hanzo with his hair down wearing sweatpants and looking so domestic like?? hanzo looking comfortable enough to be himself around jesse??? someone so guarded as hanzo?? hanzo waking up in the morning all sleepy and jesse is just... gosh his bf is so cute and so comfortable around him. anyway sorry for the ramble, ur art is just so comforting n inspiring

oh my god yES i love it! unlocking hanzo’s not giving a fuck mode

I Promised To Keep You Safe

[SVT as the Mafia] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

A/N: I’m finally back from the dead 😂 I haven’t posted in so long jesusususu I’m sorry

Jeon Wonwoo x Reader

Summary: Played poker with him once. He lost. Now he wants a rematch but you keep denying his challenge.

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, suggestive

Word count: 4,878 (one of the longest things I have written tbh 😂)

Originally posted by bokdeongeori

“I still can’t let you go,” he said but now is nowhere to be found. You started thinking that maybe you only dreamt about him coming over yesterday. You looked at the empty spot besides you, sighed and rolled to the other side. There is still a few hours before work, might as well sleep a bit more. Why were you feeling so displeased by this turn of events, it’s not like you were expecting anything… You sighed again, this time louder as if it could make you feel better.

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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x  Stark Reader

Part (1/6)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: none! just lots of fluff and hugs


AN: So this will be my mini Peter fic that will lead up to smut!! I wanted to just do a Peter smut but i had this brilliant idea that needed more than one post!! I would like to point out that both Peter and reader are 18+, so it’s not weird.  Also, Pietro is alive and healthy bc I refuse to accept that this precious muffin is dead.  Also Clint and Nat are together bc I refuse to believe they weren’t made for each other. So hope you enjoy the first part of my mini fic!!

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EXO: Boyfriend Kai
  • Jongin is such a precious man can we just take a fkin minute and appreciate him amen!!!!!!!
  • his shy glances and cute smile would get your attention first ngl
  • over time he will approach you and wouldn’t really be shy about telling you how he felt
  • only bc he knows that life is short and he wants to spend as much time as he can w/ you
  • wow soft jongin is here and he ain’t leaving
  • the other boys would probably more worried about him getting into a relationship than he would lmao but they’d love you hella quick when they see how much you care for nini
  • I won’t even lie to you…………it’s gonna be awkward at first
  • like just the *first time* things you know???
  • first kiss w/ him, first time he took off his jacket and gave it to you bc you were cold, first time he dared to lay his head on your soft shoulder, first time he looked into your eyes and felt his chest tighten bc he realized that feeling was true love
  • he’ll become more clingy when trying to decide if he should tell you or not
  • bc getting no response would be worse than not saying it, so yeah he’s gonna be a mess and stuck in his head for a couple days
  • it’ll kinda slip out when he fell asleep/about to drift off on your lap after a long practice
  • just kinda hugs your legs tightly as he closes his eyes
  • “y/n, thank you for always being here when I need you………..I’m so tired…………..and I love you………”
  • he’s always on the phone w/ you whenever he’s not practicing or rehearsing for an interview
  • seriously this boy will talk your ear off about everything that happened throughout his day and will insist on hearing about your day too
  • will not hang up until you’ve both said ‘I love you’ omfg nini
  • a deep emotional bond will start to blossom between the both of you bc he just trusts you so much
  • like he was just always iffy about love and relationships in general
  • but whenever you smiled or tucked him in when he was too tired to get ready for bed, or even text him constantly throughout the day……he can see what all the fuss was about
  • 11/10 will bring you a stuffed toy whenever he returned from traveling anywhere
  • lots of chill movie dates in the comfort of your own place
  • him embarrassing you in public by either dancing to whatever music was playing or fawning over puppies ahjsdkfgl I love him can you imagine like
  • sometimes he even pulls you to his chest while he dances bc he does not give a HECK about anyone watching
  • also those moments where he just pulls away and looks into your eyes and you feel like no one else in the world exists wow good shit
  • he has the power to do that and honestly you’ve never felt more dizzy and in love at the same time
  • sometimes you’ll catch him looking at you and is2g
  • instead of looking away or feeling embarrassed, he’d kinda tilt his head and his lips will curl at both ends and he’d look at you as if you were a rare painting
  • “ what were u saying y/n :’)”
  • ouch I want a jongin
  • so I’ve talked about his sleeping habits hella times but I promise you he’d be such a messy sleeper and his limbs are always entangled w/ yours in the weirdest ways every time yall wake up together
  • but hey it’s comfy and his warm and squishy body makes you wanna stay in bed for 10+ hours if you could
  • it’s happened on multiple occasions shhhhh 
  • probably drags you to their dance practices all the time so he can get “feedback”
  • but you know damn well all he wants to do is show off lmaooo 
  • read: the Eve dance practice
  • he’ll introduce you to Taemin!!!!!!!
  • gosh that meeting will be full of nervous laughter and blushing from jongin bc he can’t believe his best friend is betraying him like that and telling you all the embarrassing he’s done and said in the 10+ yrs of them being friends
  • he’d laugh at your cute jokes even if they weren’t funny
  • like yeah he laughs at everything but it’s just so endearing to see you try and be funny and make him laugh he lives for that
  • and ruffles your hair and pouts when you don’t laugh at his confusing jokes
  • ????
  • come on at least he’s trying man this ain’t chanyeol we’re talking about
  • whines constantly when he’s sick but honestly appreciates you so much if you decided to take care of him in any way shape or form
  • probably will want to cuddle 20 times a day when he pulls you into his arms
  • like there’s no escaping him, good luck
  • but like……….who’d say no to him when all he wants to do is spoil you w/ love………..cough cough I wouldn’t
  • take care of this weirdo, he deserves all the love in the world 🌼

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can you make a hogwarts! jeno au?? ily ily ilysm you dont have to write this if you dont want to!!

  • an adorable hufflepuff who people always mistake for a slytherin,,,,,,and jeno just smiles it off and is like,,,,,,,,i like my house and wouldnt change it for the world
  • kindness? loyalty? patience? lee jeno has THAT
  • his pet is a green toad, which to this day freaks taeyong out so much and all the younger kids think it’s hilarious
  • even though he’s not as social as some of the other always cheerful hufflepuffs, he is insanely good at making friends with ghosts
  • like,,,,,even the bloody baron likes him and chats with him,,,,,,and haechan - an actual slytherin - has never spoken to his house ghost,,,,not even once
  • the teachers all think jeno has some kind of power when it comes to the undead,,,,but jeno brushes it off because he’s too humble to admit he’s good at something LOL
  • you know jeno,,,,,,he’s your seatmate for muggle music and gosh,,,,every time you have that class????
  • it’s like fireworks in your head and thunderclaps in your heart
  • because who asked jeno to be so cute up close? with fluffy hair and pretty eyes and a smile that makes you feel like you’ve just seen the sun
  • let me tell you something: you didn’t ask,,,but yET here you are
  • and that one time you’d been out sick from class, jeno had let you copy his notes
  • and his closeness, his shoulders brushing against yours, had almost made you spill all the ink from your quill
  • jenos melodic voice told you to be careful as he caught the bottle before it could break,,,,,,,and all you could manage was a small, tiny nod
  • afterwords you’d found yourself climbing the stairs talking to yourself about how jeno,,,,,might just be the sweetest boy you’ve ever met,,,,,,,,,the cutest too
  • and the paintings, which surrounded you, began to giggle and pry
  • “is he the cutest?” “do you have a crush?” “where is this jeno fellow, should we call him and tell him how you feel~~~”
  • they all joked and you huffed, asking them to plEASE keep their voices down - really,,,,what if he was around somewhere
  • the paintings just cooed, only calming down after a prefect came by and told them to cut the noise
  • you had been foolish to think that was the last time the paintings would tease,,,,,,because you found yourself listening to them again
  • except this time - jeno was there. like right beside you.
  • “oh, this must be the lucky boy!” “they do look awfully sweet together - oh, young love is beautiful!” “hey, hey, you know they like you right?”
  • you had been frantically motioning for them to be quiet, to stop talking but the paintings continued to make a commotion
  • jeno stopped, turning to look at one of the large paintings of an old century wizard
  • who simply winked at him and pointed back at you
  • jeno turned,,,,your eyes wide and your face painted with embarrassment
  • you waited for him to say something, to roll his eyes,,,,to laugh this off as some kind of joke
  • but he just tilted his head, the entirety of the wall became silent and watched you two
  • “is it true? what they’re saying?”
  • you were at a loss of words, not sure how to lie your way out of this one, so you swallowed with a weak nod
  • the figures in the paintings began to whisper again, nudging each other in their frames 
  • jeno blinked a bit, then that smile you had come to admire showed itself
  • and in a casual voice he asked, “would you like to go on a date then? this weekend at hogsmeade?”
  • before you could register the shock, the paintings around you were all gasping and clapping
  • jeno turned to them, hushing them and adding “you better keep it a better secret - you know how the teachers don’t want us going on dates.”
  • the paintings all began to swear they wouldn’t peep a word, and jeno nodded at them 
  • with his attention back on you, he used his wand to lift your books from your hand and into his own
  • “ill walk you to your next class for now.”
  • and as you walked up with him, the paintings watching your every step, you were still slightly frustrated with them but in the end,,,,,,,,they did keep their promise
  • you and jeno definitely got to go on that date (although the paintings demanded to know what happened on it after LOL) 

Hi Miss Wester! I loved your short film Welcome to Hell, and got to work immediately on trying to draw Sock and Jonathan. I drew it back in April and have waited so long to submit it til now. 😓
But I hope you like it!

submitted by twilightpaladin
Oh my gosh, I love how cute and wispy their hair looks!  Thank you!

FILLED REQUEST: down with love, a fuckboi! seongwu au

(image credit)

pairing: ong seongwu x reader
genre: fluff, angst
wordcount: 3023
summary: Ong Seongwu is the campus’s resident type-A fuckboy. when you, an unknown writer, attempt to steal his spotlight, he tries to get revenge by making you fall in love with him.
warnings: provocative situations, but nothing too steamy
(inspired by the movie of the same name! same verse as the sungwoon prince au, but with a different reader + earlier time period. cross-posted on ao3.)

one | two

Each term, Ong Seongwu beats three of his own personal records: the number of features editors who’ve quit at the campus publication he heads; the amount of attention its social media has garnered under his editorship; and the size of his contacts list, the names of interviewees mingling with those of all the people he’s slept with.

Everybody on campus knows Ong Seongwu, and he wants to keep it that way. A consummate professional, he entered university knowing exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get there. After all, one doesn’t become an excellent reporter and social media influencer overnight; Seongwu built his brand through hard work, god-given good looks, and a knack for making people laugh. He flirts with all of them and fucks them without batting an eyelash, and none of them can say they didn’t know what they signed up for.

Yes, it’s easy to fall for Seongwu, with a story like his: a talented boy on scholarship with big dreams, eager to find someone to share his life with. The best lies are half-truths, after all. Seongwu does work hard, but he doesn’t think there’s a place in his life for love. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun, and he’s broken the many hearts of people who’ve wanted more.

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50 Things I'm Convinced Tay & Joe Do

Guys, this little idea has been on my mind since a while now. Of course, this is fiction. Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy ;) 


1. Joe picking up on Taylor’s 13- related habit by requesting exactly thirteen kisses before going to sleep each night.

2. Taylor having Joe’s contact in her phone under “Bubba” 

3. Joe always talking in a thick southern accent while ordering take out for the two, of course just to annoy her.

4. Taylor responding to him “You are so disrespectful, oh my god.” while secretly thinking that it is, in fact, pretty funny when he talks that way & receiving an “I’m just embracing your roots, love.” as a cocky answer from her boyfriend.

5. Taylor requesting 2am tea sessions whenever one of them can’t sleep. “Who’s the Brit here now, huh?” he’d say with a proud smile while competitively adding a spoon of milk to his tea before sitting down next to her on the sofa and being surrounded by the smell of her favorite sandalwood candle.

6. Joe showing her his favorite London Café on a rainy and cold Thursday morning in November, that is just quiet enough for the two to catch a quick coffee at 7 in the morning before having breakfast back at home. “I love it here, so cute” she’d smile and look around the place while holding onto his hand and waiting for their order to be ready. “Yeah, love it too.” he’d answer, “Except for the enormous amount of American tourists. s’ a bit annoying.” he’d tease and make her roll her eyes while trying to hide a laugh.

7. Taylor grabbing his hand nervously each time before leaving the car with him while wearing enormously big hoodies and whispering “m’ so sorry“ in advance while receiving a gentle smile with a low “stop apologizing“ from him.

8. Joe playing with the ends of her hair while sitting next to her on the plane and listening to her talk.

9. Joe’s lips always trying to find their way onto her forehead underneath her bangs to give her a short forehead kiss before resting his chin on her head while Taylor tries to take a power nap in the car.

10. Joe asking Tay to pronounce “Worcestershire“ over and over again because she says it in such a weird way and it makes him smile.

11. They both read in bed before falling asleep and sometimes, Joe would sink his book a bit, turn his head to Taylor and read a passage aloud while showing off his acting skills, which always makes her listen and looking at him absolutely mesmerized.

12. Joe watching a documentary about Roger Moore with Taylor’s family on Thanksgiving and murmuring a casual “Me too apparently“ out loud when the narrator says that Roger Moore had a thing for older women.

13. Her entre family would laugh at his remark while Taylor just punches him with a grin on her face.

14. Taylor journals every night.

15. Taylor hearing Joe practice for some of his auditions in the living room when every now and then he aggressively yells “Jesus Christ Fuck Me.“ through the entire house after messing up a line which always makes her giggle wherever she is.

16. Joe always admiring how professional Taylor is when it comes to answering important phone calls that are work- related while baking cookies in a cat onesie and looking like the princess of kittytown herself.

17. Tay always telling Joe that dark hot chocolate is her favorite, but admitting a few months later that she was just trying to make herself believe so, to finally develop healthier habits.

18. Taylor calling him “Joseph Matthew“ whenever she’s mad. 

19. Joe playing with the J necklace he gave her while launching on the sofa with her and listening to her talk about her week.

20. Taylor having a photo of Joe and Olivia as a lock screen on her iPhone.

21. Joe standing in the kitchen each morning, leaning against the counter while waiting for coffee to be ready, being absolutely grumpy because “s’ just too early.“ and scrolling through his phone until Tay comes downstairs and kisses his puffy and sleepy eyes one time before making breakfast.

22. Joe whispering “get back here“ and pulling her close to him, after feeling Tay change her sleep position in the middle of the night.

23. Joe laying on the side and cupping her bare boob with one hand while falling asleep and responding a sleepy “for safety reasons“ which makes her giggle once more before falling asleep.

24. Tay plucking his eyebrows every three months and being annoyed even before she starts because he’s been whining about how much he hates the whole procedure for the entire week.

25. Taylor annoyingly mumbling a “you can do it, buddy.“ while taking a quick break from plucking his eyebrows and watching Joe covers his eyes and groan in pain like a baby.

26. Joe kissing her temple, whispering “I love you so much“ in her ear before kissing her neck right underneath her ear each time they say goodbye.

35. Joe having the hardest time with Austin at first because he’s just so protective of his sister after everything she went through in her last relationships.

28. Joe wandering around her kitchen in his boxers while Tay is on her laptop and glancing at her for a second before seeing that she’s about to read the headline of some negative news story involving them. He’d then walk up to her, place his big hands on her shoulders and kiss her cheek slowly. She’d immediately smile as he whispers “don’t read it“ before distracting her with a kiss on her neck once more.

29. Joe mumbling a gentle “Oh baby..“ after feeling Tay press her cold feet between his warm legs in bed.

30. Joe kissing her naked tummy at least ten times after hearing Tay complain that she has gained weight.

31. Joe waking Taylor up after she has had a horrible nightmare and pulling her closer to him immediately while mumbling “s’ just a dream. I’m here, baby. I’m here.“

32. Taylor sometimes being super lost in her own thoughts and doubting everything about her life. “Do you sometimes feel weird about dating me?“ she’d ask after being quiet for a while and removing her eye make up in front of the mirror. Joe would walk up behind her and answer “Yeah, especially when you have more nicknames for your cats than for me.“

33. Taylor laughing at his remark and Joe getting more serious. He’d step up to her, pull her closer and smile at her make up free face in the bathroom mirror “Stop these silly thoughts. I love you. And I’m happy. And as long as you are happy with me too, I’ll stick around ’til you get sick and tired of me, baby.“

34. “Such an incredibly good guy, Taylor“ is what Scott says to his daughter in the car after meeting Joe for the first time.

35. Austin adding Joe into the family group on iMessage and Taylor telling him that this move has been an official declaration of love by her brother.

36. Taylor standing half naked in the doorframe and holding up two outfits before visiting his parents for dinner „Which one does not say ‘Hi-I’m-Taylor-I-Have-Grammys-At-Home‘?“

37. Joe telling her all about his first girlfriend while sitting outside her Rhode Island home in thick sweaters, blankets and with two glasses of wine in their hands. It’s the middle of the night in December and while talking about all the reasons why it never worked out with his Ex, he tells her in a very serious tone that this, right here, with her, is everything he’ll ever want and need.

38. Taylor and Joe constantly fighting about him leaving the milk outside the fridge and her picking a fight whenever she can’t find the milk in the fridge.

39. Joe watching Taylor paint her nails with a fascinated look on his face while sitting in bed next to her and watching TV. 

40. Joe having to tell Taylor the story of how his parents fell in love over and over again when she can’t sleep because of jet lag.

41. Andrea calling Joe “Honey“ whenever they’re saying hello with a warm hug.

42. Joe crawling into bed to Tay whenever he just came home from a few days of work and laying on top of her while bombarding her with kisses on the cheek. “What are you doing?“ she’d laugh, not able to move anymore and Joe just mumbling “so kissable, these cheeks“ in between his kisses.

43. Tay and Joe deciding to take random road trips whenever they have a free weekend in London. Joe driving her to the most boring and rural areas of the country to distract her from everything, while always having a car of security people right behind them.

44. Joe turning up the radio as soon as IDWLF is played on the radio singing ridiculously loud while Taylor almost dies from laughing because his high- pitched version of “baby baby, I feel crazy“ is beyond what her ears can take.

45. Taylor writing him poetry and giving it to him as a handwritten letter for his birthday.

46. Joe pulling her into a super long hug after having a bad day “Thanks for keeping up with my shit. And for loving me.“ he’d whisper even though the pleasure is all hers.

47. Joe rubbing circles on her tummy when she’s on her period and whispering a low “Just think of all the cute babies I’ll put in you someday“ to make her feel better about her cramps and getting a tired smile followed by a little kiss from her in return.

48. Tay running her hands through his blonde hair for more than five minutes while laying in bed, still being a bit tipsy from a night out with her friends “You’re so pretty. Do you know that? So handsome. Gosh.“ she’d squeak before falling asleep.

49. Joe walking up to her and saying a super serious “God. You’re so gorgeous, baby.“ that is absolutely out of context before kissing her when he knows she’s had a bad day and wears nothing but PJ’s and glasses and complains about the red pimple on her chin.

50. Joe inspiring Taylor for a song after responding to her with „It’s okay to want some alone time. We’ll be together anyway. So take your time, baby. I’m always here. No need to be worried about me leaving or anythin“ after having a serious talk about Taylor’s fear of entering a new relationship and getting emotionally involved which, up until now, always included a ton of pain at the very end.   But this time …I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time.

Short Hair

Request: Watching Captain America and Bucky with his short hair looks amazing. So hwb Steve one day takes Bucky to get a haircut like the old days and he comes back to the tower handsome asf and reader can’t stop gawking, which leads to a confession and smut? -@charlesgrey1875


Originally posted by hiname-rg

Bucky had been gone all morning and it was already lunchtime and he still wasn’t back. You were waiting anxiously at the tower, hoping Bucky and Steve would be back soon. You were biting at the skin around your nails, wondering what Bucky had up his sleeve.

He had told you he had a surprise and you weren’t sure what to expect; you never did with Bucky. He surprised you all the time and you had a feeling this would be huge.

You were squirming anxiously in your seat as you sat in the common room and you sighed, looking at the clock on the wall. “What’s got you so antsy, Y/N?” Vision questioned. You sighed again, looking over at him. “Vis, they’ve been gone all morning.” You complained, leaning your head back against the couch.

Vision smoothly walked closer, rubbing his chin. “Have you tried to contact them? See when they’ll arrive?” He asked, giving you a small smile. You sighed. “I haven’t.” You murmured, feeling kind of stupid for not just texting one of them to see how much longer they’d be.

Just as you picked up your phone from the table, you heard the elevator ding. You gasped and stood to your feet immediately, your heart beating fast. You stood beside Vision, the others piling in from the kitchen.

You saw Steve walk in first with a wide smile. “Oh, good. Everyone is here. We’ve got a treat for you all.” He said with a smirk. “Oh, goodie!” Tony piped, rubbing his hands together as he smiled. A few laughs sounded through the room. You walked closer to the front, standing in front of everyone else.

With a smirk still plastered on his face, Steve left. You waited patiently yet still anxiously for him to return. He finally walked back with Bucky in front of him, his hands on his shoulders. Your eyes widened and you gasped, your mouth hanging open. Bucky’s hair was short. His long hair was gone.

Everyone gasped and started cheering. “Oh, gross! You promised me a treat!” Tony said with a gag. Sam laughed and patted Tony’s shoulder. “Oh come on, even I want fries with that!” He said with a chuckle.

Bucky looked over at you and you felt your feet carrying you over to him. He looked so different. So young, so radiant, so handsome. Bucky looked like Bucky from the 40’s you’d seen in the museum. His smile was just as bright and his hair, gosh, his hair looked so soft. You wanted to run your fingers through it like you’ve done so many times when it was long.

You stood in front of Bucky and he beamed down at you. His eyes were bright and he gently scooped your hands up in his. “How do you like it?” Bucky softly questioned, hoping you didn’t hate it. You couldn’t find the right words to describe how you felt right now. You were in awe, taking in his features. You could see his ears and you could cry at how cute they were.

You tried to say something, anything, and you could tell Bucky was getting nervous and possibly regretting his decision as the seconds ticked by. “Y/N?” Bucky asked, his hands squeezing yours. You breathed out, feeling yourself getting wet the longer you stared at him. “It looks amazing.” You finally managed to say.

Bucky smiled and you could see how his jaw is more defined. “Do you like it?” Bucky asked again. You nodded and blushed. “I love it. So much.” You said with a giggle. You heard Tony gagging again. You shyly turned to the team. “We’ll be back.” You quickly said before pulling Bucky towards the elevator.

“But I didn’t get to feel it!” Tony yelled out, making you and the team laugh. You stepped into the elevator and Bucky turned to you. “What are you doing, Doll?” Bucky asked, confusion crossing his features. You sighed out, your heart starting to race. “I need you. I want-I need-please just-Bucky you have to eat me out and let me feel your hair.” You rushed out, your pulse quickening as you spoke.

Bucky’s eyes widened and the elevator stopped, the doors sliding open. You quickly grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him along to your bedroom. You needed Bucky now, you couldn’t wait. He looked undeniably sexy with his shorter hair. At this moment in time, you never knew how you needed short hair Bucky in your life.

You pushed your door open and slammed Bucky against it. He grunted and you hopped into his arms. “Doll, what’s gotten into you?” Bucky chuckled as he took you over to the bed.

You pulled Bucky on top of you and crashed your lips against his. You moaned into the kiss and let your hands feel Bucky’s hair for the first time today. It felt soft and so short, but you loved it. You heard Bucky growl low in his throat as you tugged on it.

Bucky hands roughly pulled down your pants and panties, throwing them to the floor. He kissed your neck and slid your shirt off, tossing it to the pile. You bit your lip and felt his hand move down to your clit. Bucky moaned as he felt how wet you were.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re already so wet.” Bucky said with a smirk. You looked at him and his hair was ruffled and it looked so sexy. Bucky kissed down your torso after taking your bra off. You were completely bare and exposed to Bucky.

A moan fell from your lips when you felt Bucky kiss the inside of your thigh. His stubble rubbed against your skin and goosebumps covered you. Bucky smirked, looking up at you. His arms wrapped over your waist and he began to lick up your slit.

You gasped as your eyes closed and your hips jerked from being so sensitive. Bucky’s tongue flicked against your clit before he sucked on it. Your hands flew to his hair and you tugged on it, causing Bucky to moan against you.

Bucky’s short hair was quickly becoming your favorite thing. You could feel him groaning as you raked your hands through his hair over and over again, pulling at it.

You opened your eyes to watch Bucky and he was already staring up at you. He shook his head back and forth before shoving his tongue into your soaked pussy. You moaned, your voice coming out higher.

Bucky slid in two fingers and pumped them in and out of you fast, hitting your g-spot continuously. You arched your back and Bucky held your hips down as you started to cum, your moans catching in your throat.

Your pussy throbbed and Bucky kept going, wanting you to come again. Your thighs shook around his head and his short hair tickled your skin. Bucky moaned again, licking long and hard stripes on your pussy.

Another orgasm was fast approaching and you relished in the sounds coming from between your legs. It was sloppy and wet, loud and naughty. Your nails scraped against Bucky’s head and you tugged on his hair as hard as you could as you came for the second time.

Your chest was rising and falling quickly as Bucky pulled away from your pussy with a loud smack. “God, you’re gonna rip my hair out one day.” Bucky said with a deep chuckle. You lazily looked up at Bucky as he hovered over you again.

Bucky’s hair was wild and you blushed at how you messed it up so badly. He was just so hot with short hair. “I love your long hair, but damn, your short hair is amazing.” You breathed out with a smile.

You felt Bucky rub his clothed hard cock against your sensitive pussy. Bucky wiped at his lips and chin, licking off his fingers. “Well, you taste amazing. Think your pretty pussy can come for me one more time?” Bucky asked, leaning down to kiss you.

You pulled him closer and helped him take off his pants and boxers. Bucky immediately slid inside of your pussy. You gasped, feeling full and overstimulated. Bucky groaned and started thrusting in and out of you slowly.

Your hands rested in Bucky’s hair and you tried to tug gently on it, not wanting to hurt him. Bucky looked into your eyes and bit his lip, watching your face contort with pleasure from his thick cock. “Pull on it.” Bucky rasped.

You looked up at him hesitantly. “I pulled hard last time, I don’t wan-” Bucky growled and thrust into you faster, using his flesh hand to rub fast circles on your clit. The action caused your fingers to tighten in his hair and yank his head back a tad. “Fuck!” Bucky yelled, a wicked smile on his face.

You moaned at the sight and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head as you tugged on his hair again. You felt yourself getting closer and you squealed, the force of his thrusts sending you in a state of euphoria.

Bucky fucked you harder and you felt the bed slam into the wall. Bucky stared down at you and brought his hand up to grip your throat. A moan got caught in your throat. “Fuck. Cum, Y/N. I wanna feel you clench around me. Yes, you’re such a good girl.” Bucky groaned, his hips slapping into yours.

Your back arched and your legs tightened around Bucky’s waist as you started to cum. “Your pussy is so good!” Bucky shouted, an animalistic growl falling from his mouth. You felt hot spurts of his cum filling you up and you gasped for air, coming down from your orgasm.

You moaned lightly, gently massaging your hands through Bucky’s hair. Bucky collapsed on top of you, breathing heavily. He rolled off of you and chuckled deeply. “God. If that’s how you act when I get a hair cut, I wonder what’ll happen if I shave my beard.” Bucky said, looking over at you.

“You better not!” You giggled and blushed, leaning up. You groaned as you felt sore and your pussy was throbbing. Bucky sat up and helped you to the bathroom to clean you up. 

You smiled and looked up at Bucky. He was brushing his hair now.. “You look really handsome, Bucky.” You whispered, taking in how his hair looked. Bucky smiled down at you and kissed you. “Let’s get dressed and take a bunch of selfies.” You snorted and followed after Bucky.

Bucky’s short hair was definitely your favorite thing.

Note: this is short (omg a pun!) but I hope you like it!! Bucky with short hair is easily the cutest thing. thanks for the request! feedback is always welcome! .c

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the bus (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Lim-Manuel Miranda

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, awkwardness stupid friends

pronouns : they/them

a/n : the wifi on this bus only apparently works where there’s cell reception idfk wtf and this is that cute idea I thought of… maybe it’s not so cute??? PLSE tell me what u guys think I need to improve my writing !!!

a/n : the previous a/n was the original one, but I’m adding this in here. this may be an ongoing series!!! sorry for the shitty writing in advance GIMME FEEDBACK,,

1 ,, 2 ,, next chatpter in the works

your eyes were dropping. it was about four in the morning, and the tour bus was picking people up. you pressed play on some music and put to full volume. your friend next to you, tanushka, drifted off a few minutes before you. you felt yourself fade into sleep, letting your mind rest.


lin couldn’t believe it. he’d been in queens town for about six days and not a single person recognized him. no matter how peaceful it was, it was also disheartening. he didn’t let it get him down, he signed himself up for an 8 hour bus ride to Millford Sound. he walked onto the bus using the incredibly steep stairs, then heard a familiar beat. he couldn’t place it, but he saw the source of the noise- you. he walked towards your seat and that’s when tanushka noticed him.

she let out a loud gasp, grabbing your phone and opening it to the home screen, a picture of Lin on it. “you’re the guy! with the music play thing! LIT manny or something!” She exclaims in a shout-whisper. he laughs at lit-manny.

“I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that’s what you mean.”

“yeah! That guy! Holy shit y/n FUCKING loves you!” she points at you.

“so you don’t mind if i… sit here?” he asks, wanting to surprise you.

“oh! oh! oh sure!” she gets up, letting him slide in. for the first he examines you. your hands were inside your star labs hoodie, and half of your face as well. he got to notice your hair and your eyes. from the corner of his eyes, in the seat pocket, he spotted glasses. you were cute enough in your own way. now that he was closer to you, he could hear all the music. it seemed your music range varied greatly. one second it was Hamilton, then it was Metallica, then it was twenty one pilots. it was quite amusing. then the bus driver spoke into the speakers, his voice startling you.

“o- what the SHIT? ugh tanushka you never wake me u-” you turned and Lin was smirking. you rubbed your eyes and blinked, fumbling for your glasses.

“what the heckle?” you muttered, letting your eyes clear to reveal Lin, laughing.

“well hello there I’m Lin-”

“Manuel Miranda” you finished, in awe, “no freaking way.”

“well yes freaking way. I kinda just, heard your music, and asked your friend, tanushka I believe?, if I could sit here.” at her cue, she popped up from behind you. “that’s me!”

“anyways, so hey! I guess you have some great music taste!” Lin chuckles. “so what’s you’re name?”

“uh- y/n” you stutter out. then with more confidence, “y/n l/n”.

“well, y/n, what a lovely name might I mention, may I ask you what you’re favorite Hamilton song?” he says, making you laugh.

“I have so many really- uh I guess I really like Washington on your side- ooh! or maybe the Reynolds Pamphlet! Definitely guns and ships! oh! also! RIGHT hand man? and the Schuyler sisters? they’re all so good and so brilliantly put together and the music and t-” his laugh interrupted you.

“I think I’d know how good it is, I spent way too much of my life writing them”

“modest MUCH?” you laugh, then realize how rude you came off. “I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to-”

“it’s fine! don’t be sorry!” he noticed your fidgeting. “nervous?”

“this is… a lot to take in” you breathed out.

“well take your time then.” he jokes, “the dad bod is my best attribute, I believe.” you laugh, and grab your phone.

“is it ok if I take a picture with you?” you ask awkwardly. he nods, and you open up camera. he spots your homescreen and points at it.

“that’s me!”

“well duh” you grin, holding up the camera so you could take a photo. you guys ended up taking maybe fifty because you both couldn’t keep a straight face.

“you don’t mind if I… sit here for the rest of the ride?” he asked, quite nervously. Lin has a crush. yes, it was a school girlish crush, but you had such a bright attractive personality… he couldn’t help it. was that even legal? liking a fan? it seemed like a distant thought, a foreign idea only sought after in fanfiction.

“oh my god of course!” you were practically screaming, a grin so wide that Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“so… let’s get to know each other I guess?” Lin said, then tried to think of a question. “oh! what’s your twitter handle?” he asks and you tell him. a pan formularles in his head on how to get your number.

“can you send me the photos?” Lin asks, reaching for your phone “here I’ll-”

“I’ll just dm it on Twitter!” you smile and type in his handle, sending him the photos. there goes that.

“you don’t mind sending me all the pictures? Maybe it would be faster over text?” he tried again.

“oh it’s fine, you don’t want a fan like me with your number.” you say, not getting the hint.

“I mean-”

“don’t worry about it! there, it should have delivere-”

“goddamit can I please have your number?” he finally blurts. your eyes widen as you look up at him.


“I-uhm” Lin didn’t know how to fix this. he scratches the back of his head, looking towards his feet

“I’d love to give you my number.” You grin, and send it to him over Twitter.

“uh thanks” he grins sheepishly, then posted a photo. your phone rang with the notification for both Lins post & that he tagged you.

“you have me on post notifs?” he laughs, running a hand through his hair. god, he was cute.


“that’s cute.” he says laughing at your blush.

met the most amazing dum dum ever… (your handle)

you blushed again and covered your laugh as you looked at him. “this is so sweet!” you exclaim, and it was his turn to blush as he nervously looked towards the floor.

“and you followed me? what? that’s so cool! oh my gosh!” you gush, smile plastered across your cheeks.

“it’s no problem, really.” he says.

“thank you! well god, I’m tired so you don’t mind if I take a quick nap?” you ask, and he laughs. in the back of his head, he prayed the cliche gods were at work and you would fall asleep onto his shoulders.

to be continued¿

dating nct taeyong!1!2!1!!

• taeyong wants love
• taeyong is not afraid to show you that he wants love, well he’s kinda shy about it
• but he wants all the love.
• okok jk, not really, but ok jk.
• taeyong is super nice honestly
• he rests his chin on your shoulders and the top of your head a lot like, watching tv? his chin is resting on your shoulder. cooking? his chin is resting on your head.
• PRETTY RANDOOM BUT he answers all of your questions like, no matter what.
• “…mmmmm…. you look good in red. so. red.”
• he looks so good in like, sleeveless shirts
• he’s so passionate about dancing and he loves it when you love his dancing and he’s just so bashful whenever you talk about his dance skills
• he looks good while dancing in sleeveless shirts and he knows you like it. he. knows.
• he knows most of your weaknesses but sometimes he doesn’t know that the slightest “hand brushing through wet, just showered, hair” action drives you crazy and kills you inside
• “…are you ok????” //the tiny shy laugh he does whenever he’s kinda confused of flustered//
• taeyong is like, lowkey (HIGHKEY VERY) protective over you
• esp w the members
• he won’t even share you w the younger baby rookies
• “jaem-”
• “hyung-”
• “jaemin don’t… don’t touch her” and he whines
• “hyung…hyung i high fived her”
• “i…knew that ok that’s ok.”
• he’s kind of… ok he’s not over protective and stops you from meeting people or hugging people but honestly he’s like “…,,,, why’d u hug that guy there”
• “taeyong that’s my cousin. and he’s 4. 4 years old. and 3 months.”
• “he’s SO CUTE OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO adorable. can we take a selfie w him”
• SUPER- OK IF EXPRESSIONS COULD BE MONOTONE- that’s just, like, a poker face.
• but y'all sometimes use like, really weird filters like dog filters and like, angel demon filters and both of tou are making the best facial expressions ever omg but those are, p r i vate.
• but those selfies are also your…um, phone wallpaper, profile pic for every social media site ever, profile pic on kakao/any messaging app ever, and you post them on social media.
• taeyong posts them on twitter and he’s like “whOOPS. HOW DID THOSE GET ON MY ACC- OH GOSH. but we’re cute, she’s cute ok this is cute aren’t we cute.”
• he brags about you in such a lowkey way to the members. it’s so cute
• “hm who’s this cutie? //looking at a picture of you on his phone//”
• you bicker w yuta and hansol a lot. SO VERY SURPRISINGLY TBH
• “you and taeyong are like, perfect for each other. it’s like a frog and an octopus in love. it’s really beautiful.”
• “…you should be the next world wide drag queen, yuta.”
• “it’s true”
• “shut up hansol”
• hansol and yuta stalk you guys on dates but THEY AIN’T SLICK Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
• you guys mess w them on purpose sometimes and it confuses them so much and it’s the funniest thing
• taeyong loves sharing his jackets with you
• you guys buy matching couple snapbacks. yes. it’s cute. you guys are that cute.
• sometimes you guys could just be sitting and talking in the empty practice room and suddenly you guys would just, dance and it’s both really romantic and really… idk it’s really special? and really, fun.
• taeyong is very open about his feelings on special days where you two just stay up talking.
• he cries sometimes talking about his past and his present worries and you comfort him and you feel yourself slightly feeling like you’re about to cry too.
• the pressure of being a leader, of being such a big part of this group, and being such a looked up to figure in this group, really breaks him sometimes but he just tries to think about how such a positive turn his life has taken after he met you, got into this group, got accepted to this company, etc etc.
• aegyo. no need for any more words. just. aegyo.
• you were sick once and like, in bed all day and taeyong felt so bad that he just got you, everything.
• “ok, my baby ok, first off i hope you feel better soon and, i brought you soup, i made your favorite ingredients, and i brought your favorite books, i brought you a teddy bear and i brought you some of my nicest jackets, and, OH. OH YEAH. I GOT YOUR MEDICINE.”
• kissing lee taeyong is either super intense and really hot or super sweet and soft and sensitive and slow
• one time you were like, w hansol, GOD KNOWS WHY BC THAT BOY TEASES YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW, ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW, HE ONLY MESSES WITH YOU, but anyway, you were w hansol bc he’s an old friend of yours
• but you were just sitting at a cafe and just sipping your nice little, iced drinks and just talking about stupid memories from high school gym class, you were in like, 2 classes under him. but he still heard about your embarrassing gym stories. they. were pretty famous.
• and then suddenly this hand just, hit hansol on his back and was like “HANSOL?”
• AND boy was he hot. he had really nice eyes and he looked at you and he was, obviously surprised to see you w hansol bc hansol wasn’t. dating. anyone.
• “um, who’s this?”
• and you smiled and said “im hansol’s old friend”
• “oh, well, it’s nice to meet you!”
• and then, every time hansol met with you, it seemed like taeyong was always with him, and that he somehow always, “happened” to be there.
• and then well, meet and meet, you found out that, wow, lee taeyong is a great guy
• and you guys started talking without hansol, LOL SORRY HANSOL, and you guys, liked it. a lot. taeyong felt like he didn’t have anything to hide from you, and he felt so…comfortable.
• meet after meet, you guys just got a, bit closer, inch by inch, after three meets his hand would be on yours, after five, you guys would be hugging, and after seven, he’d be playing with your hair.
• but he never, asked you out. you know?
• but he probably got some weird lecture from hansol and yuta about how he’s gotta GO FOR IT.
• because one day, as soon as he met you, he seemed anxious and when you said “how was your day?”
• he was like “it was goo- hey you, wanna date? like do you want to be my girlfriend?”
• and gosh you could not stop smiling and you nodded and he smiled and gosh SO CUTE.
• taeyong loves you all the time, but he especially loves you when you bake, or buy him chocolate.
• or chocolate chip cookies. or chocolate flavored macaroons. you know he just really loves chocolate.
• he also just, loves you so much, just, he loves you.
• he loves it when you guys just, embrace each other and snuggle up on each other and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
• he sometimes treats you like you’re 3 i swear- he’s such a grandpa omg but it’s cute you guys are cute
• you’re like an older sister to donghyuck and mark it’s so funny it’s just, damn it’s just really funny.
• you’re so nice to your elders and you’re so polite and taeyong loves that about you, he loves it so much
• he likes it when you don’t necessarily dress up, like doll up, you know? he likes it when you dress up too but he loves your casual outfit. skinny jeans and a shirt, a pair of joggers, trainer pants, everything casual, he loves it.
• he gets super shy and laughs and smiles a lot when you compliment him on his dancing or singing or rapping
• he feeds you a lot like “this is so good try this oh my god”
• he sometimes just stares at you and you look up at him and smile and you’re like “what?”
• “you’re just so pretty”
• but you like it so it doesn’t really matter
• this is super like, this is such a cliché thing but i can totally see taeyong cutely calling you “여보/yeobo” or like making up a really cute petname/nickname for you
• taeyong is one of those boyfriends who like, consistently tells you how beautiful and nice and wonderful and talented and pretty you are, so you don’t feel even the slightest bit insecure.
• because taeyong knows what it feels like to be insecure, not visual wise, but from the way others view him and he doesn’t want the person he loves the most to go through the same thing, and when you first heard him tell you that, that’s when you first realized that this guy is really, a wonderful and kind hearted person who’s been through so much and that he really loves you.
• ok but taeyong is such a sucker for cute babies he really wants kids
• but like, not now ofc, not now, not yet
• the closest thing he has to a child is the other 39 members of nct, yes even the older ones.
• one time you got kind of jealous bc he had this very, intimate acting session in a (future) mv but taeyong kept teasing you and hugging you and being like “nooooo baby you know i love you”
• working out w taeyong. is a thing.
• taeyong could literally go from, PERFECT MAM HE’S WONDERFUL WOW HE’S A GIFT WOW HE’S A 49495959 OUT OF 10. to omg he’s so cute he’s like 3 no jk he’s obviously like 4 months old goodness what a cutie pie gosh you’re so stupid and so cute and so precious im lovin it.
• taeyong cooks for you and he’s always like “can you try this for me?”
• it’s always tasty
• he loves puppies
• puppies are great and you will never see taeyong not gush over puppies when he sees one.
• taeyong once saw you take care of jisung once and gosh you’d be such parent material
• he once saw your little baby niece. he gushed all over her gosh he loved her and he loved you loving her and goODNESS.
• he’s super good with words it makes you just, QUESTION.
• taeyong has nice clothes
• taeyong’s a fashionista, that does not try.
• taeyong is so, TEMPTING SOMETIMES
• k that was so 19+ i can’t believe i did that he’s like 5 noOooOoo
• taeyong has this, laugh, that he does when a joke or something isn’t funny but he doesn’t wanna hurt the other persons feelings and it’s super obvious, and so, funny.
• his eyes also like, shake??? waver???? when he does that laugh and, IT’S SO AWKWARD HAHA
• “if doyoung and i both fell into a lake and was drowning, who’d you save?”
• “you.”
• “i can swim”
• “you.”
• you guys go shopping sometimes but 7/10 times you guys leave empty handed bc you guys are such parents omg you guys are like “I THINK WE NEED THIS BUT WE PROBABLY DON’T AND WE’RE SHORT ON MONEY”
• but the other 3 times you guys either buy food for everyone in the nct dorm or clothes
• “taeyong you’re going to the convenience store that’s 2 minutes away”
• he really wants cute little babies with you
• like he can’t wait for little tiny babies who’s half you and half him to run around the house and play with him
• he’ll be such a good dad
• it took him like, surprisingly a very short time to say “i love you” to you
• he just, said “i love you” the morning after you two talked all of your feelings out which was like, a few weeks after you two became official
• he totally prefers just seeing you in person, but if he can’t, he’ll video chat you
• sometimes it gets, really weird like, johnny comes in the screen and then ten and then they’re dancing and having a contest on who can twerk better and taeyong’s disgusted
• it’s super funny
• or sometimes he’s laying down in the bed in the dark and just smiling and quietly asking you how your day was and how much you mean to him and something funny that happened that day
• you guys go and take walks a lot, you guys love the other members and their crazy, chaotic selves, but sometimes you guys enjoy the quiet, and the breeze, and the crunch of the leaves during the fall.
• you guys sometimes just, go into animal shelters and pet stores and play with the animals
• you better love taeyong
• with all your heart
• i support this relationship yes i do yes
• pls don’t let my support go to waste
• lee taeyong deserves all the love


also this was requested by @yuyukar !!!! (i was working on both hansol and taeyong at once haha) i hope you see this and i hope it’s good haha

lax-girl96  asked:

Can I just say that your artwork is so adorable!!! Every time I look at it, I just get this huge smile on my face that both my cheeks and teeth hurt just from smiling. Your H2ovanoss work is sooooo cute! I love Delirious' hair, it adds to his cuteness, and Vanoss' smile with his little beak is also super cute! I just love everything about your work! Also, hope you're having an amazing day! <3

P-pfffttt… o///v///o
Oh my gosh, reading your comment just made me smile until MY face hurt!! Hahah!! ;;v;; <3 Like wow, thank you so very much for all the kind words… ahhh..!! My heart, you are just too sweet! Hope you’re having a fantastic day your-self!
Sorry this isn’t much… but..
Here is some hugging H2OVanoss for you. <’:

Wanna-One Yoon Jisung Boyfriend Scenario

Not sure if “Love At First Fight” is an actual scenario term that is used; if it isn’t then all credits to the anon who made this request, lmao. Enjoy! (You + Yoon Jisung)

  • You had just gotten off your shift at you work, a coffeeshop
  • You were in a bit of a sour mood because of a rude customer
  • And on top of that, it was raining, and you forgot to check the forecast
  • Which meant you had no umbrella
  • You cursed to yourself as you walked outside with your bag over your head, trying to shield yourself from the rain 
  • Some days were crappy, nothing you could do about that
  • You managed to smile, thinking of taking a hot shower and curling up with your warm cozy bed and blanket at home
  • You would light a nice scented candle and cuddle up with your laptop and watch the next episode of a kdrama (if this aint me)
  • Your mood was just improving, halfway done on your walk home, when a nearby car ran over a puddle of water, completely drenching you
  • You literally screamed in anger and ran to catch up with the driver of the car at a nearby red light
  • You started banging on the driver’s window, noticing the handsome side of the driver’s face, with multiple ear piercings
  • You heard a loud “SORRY” as the car zoomed off
  • He didn’t sound sorry. Maybe it was your imagination thinking the worst possible scenario, but you weren’t in the mood for funny business
  • You didn’t know what you were hoping to happen, for him to take you home or pay for new clothing or to let you splash him with a puddle but either way none of that happened at all.
  • You trudged home, unable to hold back your tears as you finished the route, angry
  • You finally were able to hop in the shower and let the warm water wash away your anger
  • But a week later on your shift, a customer came in
  • A very interesting customer indeed, considering he had the sAME EXACT earrings as the guy you saw that night in the car
  • You were in charge of making the coffee for the day, and someone else was the cashier
  • You excitedly waited for the dude to order, reADY to exact revenge
  • He said his name was “Jisung” for the order
  • You giggled to yourself as you overheard the guy order a regular latte, the perfect drink for your plan
  • You made the drink, and instead of the classic floral shape you drew a skULL AND CROSSBONES….
  • HA!!!!!!
  • (y/n your revenge is kind of dumb it’s all the same once digested)
  • Jisung got the drink, and you eagerly awaited his reaction, pretending you weren’t staring at him when he got the drink
  • And…
  • “Haha what an unique coffeeshop, I’ll make sure to come back again! I can expect another drawing next time, (Y/N)?” he asked, catching your name on the tag of your uniform
  • You gaped at him, angered and confused that your plan didn’t work
  • For the next week, Jisung kept coming back to the shop, and every time you would try to sabotage his drink, either by giving him the completely wrong order or drawing weird things, at one point you even deadass wrote “Jisucks” on the cup for his order
  • and EVERY TIME the boy literally just laughed and smiled at you. Did he think you were joking????
  • He even asked when your shifts were, and would purposefully pop in to get his “daily insult”, as he called it
  • You made it your liFE’s GOAL to make him angry lmao
  • You eventually found yourself looking forward to him coming in, thinking about what unique thing you could do to him even when you weren’t working
  • You got used to his adorable eyesmile and his contagious laugh that you tried so hard stop from affecting you
  • You learned that he worked nearby, at an entertainment agency
  • He would always tell you stories while you were working
  • He would offer to drive you home, and when you asked him if it was the same car he splashed you with, he was genuinely shocked and sorry
  • “That was you?? Oh my gosh (Y/N ) I’m so sorry I really was in a huge rush that day, I barely saw you”
  • You couldn’t help but forgive him (even though you pretty much had completely forgotten about the whole thing over the course of getting to know him)
  • “OHhhHHHHh that’s why you drew angry things on my coffee?”
  • You nodded, trying to look intimidating, but Jisung only ruffled your hair, claiming that you were “cute”.
  • Even since then, you continued to do things to his order that would get a reaction out of Jisung, from creepy to scary to cringey
  • But one day, he just randomly stopped coming
  • The other baristas asked you about it, and you felt horrible that you didn’t even have an answer to give you
  • Every time the door would chime indicating someone came into the shop, you would desperately look up in hopes it’d be Jisung
  • You didn’t realize how much you would miss him, and it was killing you
  • This went on for a couple weeks, and eventually you started giving up that he would come back
  • You considered going to the entertainment company, but you scolded yourself for that idea
  • You really think you two are that close? Get it together (Y/N).
  • You even considered getting a different part time job, because this one was getting too sour for you
  • But one day when you were about to close shop, while you were cleaning up the tables, you heard the cashier call out “Oh, Jisung-ssi!” (sorry i had to)
  • You looked up, you eyes so wide they could pop out of your face and you ran faster than Usain to Jisung (hahhdfaha)
  • You totally attacked him with a hug, hitting him with your fists
  • Jisung was shocked from your sudden action, but hugged in you return and patted your head
  • “What, no scary drawings for me this time?”
  • Jisung explained that his entertainment agency had randomly sent him out of town to go conduct audition evaluations, totally cracking up at the fact that you thought he died LOL
  • “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL MEEEEEE” you whined lol
  • “Uhh (Y/N) it was sudden and I don’t exactly have your phone number”
  • Your hands dropped to your sides and you death glared at Jisung, pretty much embarrassed at this whole situation
  • You wrestled his phone out of his pocket and grabbed his finger to unlock his phone, entering your number in his contacts
  • Jisung laughed, with that cute eyesmile of his, and this time you couldn’t resist laughing along with him
  • He hugged you again, earning a blush from you, and started teasing you
  • “You missed me that much? You should have just told me how you felt, (Y/N), then I could have gotten your number and we wouldn’t have had this problem”
  • You hugged him back, “Well now you do, so you better tell me where you are from now on”
  • “It’s okay (Y/N), you don’t have to deny it… I guess I missed you and your coffee too.”

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Sherlock and John meeting
  • John: *holy shit he's really fucking hot, act natural*
  • Sherlock: *oh fuck he's really cute and in the military i just-pull yourself together! Okay make up some excuse to talk to him.*
  • Sherlock: MY PHONE. I UH DONT HAVE IT.
  • Mike: here, borro-
  • John: *lol good job that was smooth. Omg his voice*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot. Look at his tan and his face and his HAIR and oh my gosh wounded in war he is so hot and and I need to impress him*
  • John: *holy shit he's psychic and even more gorgeous up close*
  • John: HOW DID YOU KNOW????
  • Sherlock: *don't let him get away...*
  • John: *gettin laid tonight...no be casual*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot im too busy staring at him so idk wtf he just said lol*
  • Sherlock: *WINK*
  • John: *oh I'm so fucked*
  • Sherlock: *oh my gosh omigosh omigosh omigosh yesyesyesyes*
  • Mike: *lol I'm the best mate ever*
taegi fic recs~

chasing sunsets with you by taegikook

taehyung wants to go out on a date with yoongi, but they both know it’ll be hard especially if they want to keep it secret 

or the taegi hawaii trip that nobody probably asked for


Will You B Minor? by ohdizzy

“Hey baby, my brass isn’t the only thing that’s upright.”

“Goddamnit, Kim Taehyung.”

In which Taehyung is full of useless music-related pickup lines and Yoongi is too confused, too awkward, and too smitten with a certain Saxophonist.

(A story with one too many midnight serenades, Americano’s, hungover misunderstandings, exploding washing machines, and that one little snore Yoongi does in his sleep that makes Taehyung want to catapult himself into space for No Apparent Reason.)

prequel to the jikook fic  this is probably my fave taegi fic ever, yoongi is perfect, tae is perfect and i don’t know what to do with my life after ending this

Binary Stars by dashirun

In which Taehyung sees [not for the first time] that Yoongi is sweet behind his bite.

We’ll Be Okay by SeungMaoKi

Taehyung’s heart was too big for others, considering how weak it physically was.

(In which Tae is sick and Yoongi has to take him to an appointment.)

should i say hellyes when tae is sick in this fic

taehyung’s babies by kafeuka 

taehyung would do anything to make his babies happy.


11:11 by  aborescent

Yoongi is an insomniac who loves looking at the stars. Taehyung is a star that likes looking at a boy with a telescope.

!!! what else can i say

Not a Lovesong by  taegi

Yoongi is Suga. He doesn’t write love songs. Not even for purple haired boys that wear yellow glasses and only drink lemon tea or cinnamon hot chocolate.

oh boy

化け物 by daisyillusive (bluedreaming)

Baka, fool in Japanese, sounds a lot like bakemono, monster, sometimes.
Maybe there’s not much of a difference.

side namjin & jikook

human by awsuga

Taehyung almost kills the most beautiful mortal he has ever seen.


Of Glitters and Glows by yoongayhoesuckjin

“Oh gosh it’s mint! It’s so cute!” One of his classmates’ half-whispers half-informs. Taehyung heaves a sigh before scratching his scalp a little bit more.

Mint-colored glitters fell softly from his head, landing on his shirt and his desk, magically disappearing after two seconds like it’s some pixie dust.


(soulmate au where your hair creates glitters the same color as your soulmate’s hair color (whether dyed or not) after you first see each other and your scalp will be itchy until you meet again
Once you meet again, your hair will glow vibrantly and the itch will stop, the glitter will lessen.)


my heart flutters from the sugar high by hoars

Yoongi and Taehyung sneak around together, cheating on their diets. The group? They’ve drawn different conclusions.

Marshmallows and Mints by fruitKiwi

Fate… It’s a funny thing. It is unexpected. It is exciting. It is unwanted, sometimes. But yet it is everything opposite as well.

In other words,
Taegi meet in uni as roommates and found each other as the one.

i need more.

because fries and mixtapes by hoars

Yoongi works the graveyard shift at a fast food restaurant while trying to make it big. Taehyung has insomnia.

goodgod, yes.

Hyung by Kay (Kaywrites)

Taehyung is a ten year old with an imagination the size of china and Yoongi is his eighteen year old brother who protects Taehyungs imagination like his life depended on it.

i love brothers taegi au and i need more of this au, some1 pls

anonymous asked:

"We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)" Oh my gosh please w/ Jason. I wanted to request like everything from that list lol, they were all so cute.

The crash of thunder is what wakes Jason up. He jerks backward, his hand searching for the gun he keeps under his pillow before he realizes that’s he’s not sleeping in his bed and that the warm body pressed against his isn’t trying to kill him.

Jason freezes as you stir, your hand sliding up his stomach and wrapping around him so you can pull yourself closer to him. The living room is lit up from the television, some late night sitcom playing quietly in the background. He detangles his hand softly from your hair and pushes himself halfway up.

He groans when his phone lights up, it’s three a.m.. He was supposed to be on the docks tonight to do recon for a drug shipment and he completely slept through it.

Tossing his phone back onto the side table he lets himself sink back down beside you, jumping when you stretch. One of your leg worms itself in between his and he can feel your lips pressing against his neck. He’s frozen, making sure you didn’t wake up. When you don’t move again he lets himself relax, arms coming to wrap around you loosely. This isn’t the first time the two of you have fallen asleep beside each other, but he has to admit, this is the first time the two of you have ever slept this close.

He tries to focus on the television; he tries to fall back asleep but he can’t. The way your breathing on his neck is making his stomach twist and the feeling of you pressed up against him is doing the complete opposite of relaxing him.

After twenty minutes of torture, he hears you groan, feels you stretch and in a moment of blind panic he pretends to be asleep. Beside him, you sit up, and through his eyelids, he can see how your phone screen lights up when you check the time. Detangling yourself from him, you stand and stretch. Jason peers at you through his eyelashes and watches you turn around to grab the throw blanket off of the back of the couch and toss it over him. He watches you stumble into your bedroom and fall onto your bed and wonders what it would be like to wake up beside you on purpose.