gosh his hair is so cute

Exo Reacrion To When You Mumble Their Name In Yor Sleep


*Tries hard not to burst out laughing so that he will wake you up*

*Will most likely tease you about it later*


*You keep mumble his name in your sleep as you cuddled up against him. Chanyeol would start to play with your hair, with a big smile on his face.*

“Gosh, I love her”


*Watching you with a smile spread on his face, admiring you features as you keep saying his name in a extremely entertaining way*


*Dies from you cuteness overload *


“What is she/he doing?” ^^


*Feels honoured”

“Did she/he just say my name?”


*Would the first times thinks it’s cute. But after a few times, he would get irritated since you always somehow woke him up (by just mumbling)*



“She/he’s so cute..”

“what should I do..”

*when you wake up*

“Hi jagiya, did you dream about me?”


“Thinks you’re adorable, giggles as you keep saying his name over and over again. But when you start to move from the noise of his giggles, he would try to prevent himself from giggeling, to not wake you up.

“..sehun, SEhun, Shuhuuunie”



*As you mumnle his name in you sleep his ego would grow*

“I am the one, don’t weigh a ton, don’t need a gun to get resp-”  

GOT7 Reaction | Hiding Your Face in their Chest When You’re Flustered

this wasn’t requested but i need more GOT7 on this blog they are my sons and also my husbands and i needed to do some fluff after writing that one bts reaction okay~~ alright my dudes help this is me whY AM I SO SMALL WHY ~Admin Hedgehog

Mark: Gosh he’s so embarrassed as well but he thinks you’re so cute and he can’t stand it he just buries his face in your hair and you guys are just this big puddle of cute squishy cinnamon rolls y'all are adorable
JB/Jaebum: he tries to be all “Oppa” but in actuality he’s screaming inside and trying not to hide his face in his hands bc you’re just so fucking cUTE HOW CAN ONE PERSON BE THAT ADORABLE (and you’re not Youngjae…how can u be cuter then youngjae he’s confused)
Jackson: literally screams and picks you up and spins you until you’re both dizzy bc he cannot handle how cute you are doing that like he’s actually crushing your ribs together who needs a corset when you have Jackson Wang am i right
Jinyoung: he coos at you like you’re a small child and ur low key offended like excuse me i am a grOWNUP I DO NOT NEED THIS but he’s like nope~~ you’re too cute~~ ahh how can one person be so smol and adorable?? either that or he’s a savage asshole who makes fun of your red face therese only 2 ways this can go my friend RIP in peace @ you

Youngjae: awkward giggles all aroundddd!!! he’s also a Cute Smol Shy himself so by burying your face in his chest he’s afraid you can hear his heart going at least 8,000 miles per second he thinks he’s gonna pass out help him Jaebum how does he react to this amount of cuteness
Bambam: he’s nOT EASILY SWAYED BY CUTE THINGS BUT DAMMIT YOU’VE MADE HIM W E A K he tries to play off him being flustered by making a dirty joke but that just makes you laugh and be more embarrassed so you nuzzle his chest with your nose and he is g o n e he is a puddle
Yugyeom: yes. this is it. this is what he lives for. he loves being tall in this moment like he gets a lot of shit from the hyungs for your guys hight difference sometimes but dammit he is so content right now. If you want him to do anything for you all u gotta do is A: back hug him or B: hug him and nuzzle his chest with your nose and he is putty in your hands he’d buy a house for you if you asked

Josh Dun x reader. Age Difference

Word count: 952

a/g= age gap

How can a man be such a cute dork and be incredibly hot at the same time?!
I’m standing with a glass of water in my hand at the side of the stage as I watch Tyler and Josh doing sound check.
Oh my gosh. Just look at him, his just so PERFECT. He has a colorful hair, tattoos, piercings, a beautiful body and he is the most kind, cute, dorky person I have ever met!

Damnit Y/n stopping thinking about him that way! He is older than you!

I sigh and keep staring at him until he looked my way and I awkwardly try and turn around as I crash with one of the crew members dropping the glass.
“Holy shit! I’m so so sorry!” I said crouching down trying to get all the pieces of broken glass.
“It’s okay,” he said “You were a bit distracted, weren’t you?” He said looking over to Josh.
“What? What do you mean? What are you talking about?” I responded turning red probably like a tomato.
The dude just shook his head laughing.

So yeah I probably have a tiny little crush on Josh… well Probably a bit bigger than crush… OKAY I properly like the dude, but he is a/g older than me and I don’t know, people tend to be mean and judgmental over things like these.
Tyler and Josh finished sound check and walked over to where I was standing.

“Um y/n?” Tyler said.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“Why is your hand bleeding?” He asked pointing at my hand.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.” I ran to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands in the sink, Josh came in the bathroom.

“Hey. How you doing?” He asked looking at me. “Great just great. What about you?” I responded.

“Oh, I’m cool.” He said and I looked up from staring at my hands to stare at his eyes.

He smiled an innocent smile, he sighed.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said. I tilted my head to the side and asked

“Which way?”

“Like that. With those eyes.”

“What eyes Josh? Sorry but I won’t stick a spoon in my eyes and pop them out just for you.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” He took a step closer to me “Y/n. Look I-”

“You?” I questioned.

“You know what is happening between us.” He said.

“No. I don’t.” I lied. Of course, I know. It is impossible to not notice how he stares at me, or how I stare at him. Oh, yeah, we have also slept in the same bed, same couch and same bunk bed once or twice… or more.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you more than you think.” He said.

“Josh. We can’t.”


“Is it not obvious?” I asked and he shook his head, “Josh you’re a/g older than me. I’m just an immature kid and you’re, not the most mature adult, but you’re an adult thinking about important things. I don’t even know what I’ll do with my life after the tour. I’m just a photographer who doesn’t even know what to eat for dinner. Basically, I’m still looking for myself, I’m still trying to understand myself while you’re already sure about your whole life, why would you want to be with a hormonal kid like me? Oh, and what would your fans think about this?” I spoked.

He just stared at me.

“I- I don’t, I don’t know.” He responded.
Josh placed both his hands in my hips. He pulled me closer to him colliding both our lips. I placed my hands in his neck.

This feels so real and perfect and just right.

We separated our lips and he looked at me and said, “I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just want you Y/n. I want your immature comments, your immature actions and I want to be with you and help you find yourself. I just want all of you.”

I took a step back.

“Josh I-” I tried speaking but nothing came out of my mind.
I ran out of the bathroom.
I got out of the venue and called a taxi.
I asked the taxi to take me to the hotel.
I was laying down in the floor of my hotel room with a soda to my right and chips to my left.
I stared at the fan in the ceiling.
I should be in the concert right now, taking photos, but I couldn’t get up from the floor.
XXXXX 3 hours later XXXXXXXX

“Y/n” I heard from outside my door.

“I know you’re in there” The voice said.

It was Josh.

I sighed.

“Doors open.” I yelled.

I heard the door open and close. Footsteps were getting closer to me.

Josh laid down on the floor with me. I turned to my side and looked at him.

“I’m sorry. Is that I’m just scared.” I whispered.

“I know. You shouldn’t.” He turned to my side and grabbed my hand.

“Y/n I like you. I know you’re younger than me. I know people will talk. The thing is that I don’t care as long as we’re happy. Wouldn’t you be happy being with me? Because I would.” He said.

I closed my eyes and nodded.

I heard Josh giggle. He got closer to me and placed a kiss to my nose.

“Look at me.” He whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Y/n, be mine.”

“I’m yours Josh. I’m yours.”

Sherlock and John meeting
  • John: *holy shit he's really fucking hot, act natural*
  • Sherlock: *oh fuck he's really cute and in the military i just-pull yourself together! Okay make up some excuse to talk to him.*
  • Sherlock: MY PHONE. I UH DONT HAVE IT.
  • Mike: here, borro-
  • John: *lol good job that was smooth. Omg his voice*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot. Look at his tan and his face and his HAIR and oh my gosh wounded in war he is so hot and and I need to impress him*
  • John: *holy shit he's psychic and even more gorgeous up close*
  • John: HOW DID YOU KNOW????
  • Sherlock: *don't let him get away...*
  • John: *gettin laid tonight...no be casual*
  • Sherlock: *he's so hot im too busy staring at him so idk wtf he just said lol*
  • Sherlock: *WINK*
  • John: *oh I'm so fucked*
  • Sherlock: *oh my gosh omigosh omigosh omigosh yesyesyesyes*
  • Mike: *lol I'm the best mate ever*

“Doll? Are you there ?” 

 “Yeah in the kitchen. What’s up?” Before I step out of the kitchen I heard a small bark. “Bucky is that a dog?” I stand in front of Bucky. 

He nervously running his fingers through his hair.“I um… maybe I adopt a puppy.” 

 He smiling sheepishly and I can’t hold back my smile. He is so cute standing in front of me with dog food in his left hand and in the other hand  some dog toys. I hear another bark. Bucky take down the things from his hand and pick up the puppy from the box behind him. He turn around and I see a small dachshund puppy. 

 “Oh my gosh Bucky it’s a dachshund.”

 “Really? I…” 

 “This is my favorite dog breed.” 

 “Ohh…Yeah I know.” I laughed softly and take the dog from Bucky. Bucky and I for the next few hours playing with the dog in his room.Bucky named him Sausage. I never let him named something ever. “You know Stark will kill you.”

 “Me? You’re my partner in crime! So we are both going to die but before that I want to do something.” 

 I look up at Bucky and meet with his gaze. He leaned a little bit but stops when we heard F.R. I.D.A.Y voice.

“Mrs (Y/L/N) and Mr Barnes Mr Stark want you to come to the kitchen.” 

 We share a look before we head to the kitchen. For one second I thought he want to kiss me. All the avenger sitting at the table except Tony. He standing in front of the table and has something in his hand.

 “Okay now everyone is here. So anyone know what is this?” He show us a dog toy. I quickly look at Bucky who just watched the floor. 

 “I think it’s a toy for dogs.” Sam said 

 “Haha funny, but who brought a dog here?”

 It was really hard to hold back my laughter. We are sitting in silence for a few second when I heard a bark from the living room. Shit. We didn’t close the door. Bucky and I both stand up and running to the living room like our life depends on it. Sausage thinks we want to play with him and start running to the opposite direction. We played this for a few minutes. But somehow Bucky can catch him. We both start laughing and I pet the puppy’s head. I looked in the kitchen and I saw all the avenger smiling except Tony. 

 “Ohh look it’s a dog… ” I try to pretend like I don’t know anything but it doesn’t work" Listen Tony. We can’t take him back, and he is so cute look at him. He will be a great dog. Pleeease Tony can we keep it.

“I look at him with puppy eyes. 

“Fine. You can keep it, but if he destroys anything..” 

“He won’t” I said quickly The avenger go back to do their own things so Bucky and I and Sausage stay in the living room. 

 “Bucky what did you wanted to do in..” Before I can finish Bucky kissed me. He wants to pull away but I kissed him back. Sausage try to separate us because he wants us attention. We started laughing and a hugged Bucky.

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Part of you thought Wally was aware of how flustered he made you. He loved to sneak up on you and make you let out a little yelp. He’d laugh like crazy as you started to blush. You wanted you wanted to be mad but his smile was just so cute.

“Man you’re cute when you’re scared” Wally chuckled ruffling up your hair.

The colour in your cheeks only went darker. You didn’t say anything in reply. Gosh why couldn’t you just talk to him?

Tired (N.G)

|based on the request: Can u do a Nash imagine please? Possibly where he’s being clingy and tired and cute?|

|literally so effing short at 700+ words, masterlist is in my description bbys|

“Oh my gosh,” Nash puffs as he sits in the car, laying his head back on my shoulder. “I am so tired.”

I grin down at him and lightly kiss his mildly sweaty hair. We’ve been down at the lake with his family all day and it’s been a very active few hours on the boat and the jet skis.

“Man, was today a good day!” Hayes exclaims as he climbs into the seats behind us, clapping his hands and whooting.

“Don’t be too loud!” I hiss, snapping my head around to quiet him down. “There are two very sleepy babies in the car.”

Skylynn was fast asleep the minute Elizabeth put her in her seat and Nash is pretty much asleep on my shoulder. I’m pretty tired too, we’ve been sat in the sun all day and it’s been awfully tiring. I’m a little sunburnt on my legs and chest, as is Nash on his face.

“Y/N, you’re so nice and cuddly.” Nash sighs as he cuddles my shoulder. “I don’t want to leave your shoulder. Ever.”

“Aw, babe,” I grin and lay my cheek on his head in a way to cuddle him back. “I have to go home though, I’m sorry.”

“I’ll ask my mom if you can sleep over, that way, I don’t have to leave your side.” He’s so clingy when he’s tired, he’s incredibly cuddly, it’s adorable.

“I guess I could sleep round-” A huge smile breaks out over his face and he whispers a little cheer. “But! It has to be okay with your mom and my parents and it has to be innocent.”

“Do you really think I’d do anything like that when my entire family is home?”

“No, but it’s just a reminder.”

“Hey guys, do you mind keeping your sex conversation down? It’s not the nicest thing to hear.” Hayes butts in, pushing his head between the chairs and on Nash’s head.

Wow, we’re all within a close proximity of each other right now. I feel oddly uncomfortable.

“Put your damn headphones in and stop listening boy!” Nash laughs and swats his brothers head away from us.

Hayes laughs along with Nash and leans back in his seat. “I’d really appreciate it if you two kept it down tonight too… We would all appreciate it.” I playfully roll my eyes and sneak a glance down at the sleeping Skylynn, she can sleep through anything and everything.

Nash goes to make another comment but his mom finally climbs into the passenger seat and they both go silent, typical.

They are both such mommas boys and they don’t even try to hide it, and because Elizabeth is such a religious woman, she does not appreciate swears and crude language in her home and around her so the boys have to be so careful about what they say sometimes.

Elizabeth immediately buckles up before pulling her sunglasses onto the cap of her hat. She pulls the mirror down in front of her and looks straight at me in it. “Hey Y/N, are you staying for dinner? We’re gunna get takeout.”

“Yes!” Nash moans out in joy, another huge grin spreading across his lips. “I need a good burger so bad.”

“I don’t know, I mean, I can, if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it’s alright! It’s been such a lovely day and you’re as much a part of this family as Nash is.”

She’s so welcoming and kind, I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like her.

Nash looks up at me with a small smirk, but with majorly tired eyes. “Could she spend the night too, mom? Please?”

“You’re meant to be going to grandmas tomorrow but I’m sure she’ll be fine with Y/N coming, so if it’s okay with her parents, she definitely can.”

I’ve only met Nash’s grandparents a few times over the course of a year but they’re pretty nice. They’re like the stereotypical grandparents that overfeed you and bake you delicious treats and give you some cash every time you go round.

I wish my grandparents were like that, the only ‘gifts’ they give me are life tips and lessons and twenty dollars on my birthday and Christmas.

“And stay in the same room?”

Elizabeth smiles and pushes the sun shield back up. “I trust you two.”

“We trust you too, mom.”

lancelesbian  asked:

idk who to send this to so hi!! coran teaches CARE OF MAGICAL CREATURES & he starts class like "hey this cute guy is a weblum!!" [class staring up at a huge horrible worm] "just avoid their mouths, and be sure to follow my instructions!!" [class screaming]

oh my gosh i am screaming

in which coran and hagrid are the same person and the students are growing white hairs

single dad!ashton

this is better than my last, lol. but it’s for single dad!5sos blurb night with @anarchyaustralia and @darkmikeyrises!

“Oh my gosh,” you cooed, leaning over to see the baby in his little seat. “He’s so adorable; are you his father?” You asked the scruffy-haired man who was pushing the child’s stroller.

He nodded, a proud smile on his face.

“Hi there,” you cooed again, making your voice high-pitched. The small boy giggled, reaching his tiny hand out towards you.

You didn’t notice it, but your hair wasn’t tied back and so the toddler took a hold of a clump of your hair, pulling you towards him. “Shi–oot,” you cried, trying to remove the sticky fingers from the mess that was your hair.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” the father gushed, attempting to help you from his child’s grasp. “I should’ve mentioned he has a tendency to pull hair.”

“It’s fine,” you grimaced, plastering an awkward smile on your face. “I never asked.”

It took a while, but finally, the little boy released you from his grip after his father bribed him with a random food item he had put in the kid’s eyesight.

Combing your fingers through your hair, the guy gave you a sheepish smile. “Sorry about that. He likes pretty girls as much as I do.”

With a smile you asked, “Isn’t your wife going to be angry you’re flirting with some other girl?”

He shook his head sadly. “Nah, my girlfriend skipped out right after Hayden was born. It’s okay, though. We’re doing just fine, the two of us. The name’s Ashton, by the way.”

After you told him your name he asked, “Hey, if you’re not doing anything, would you want to get some coffee? As an apology for Hayden’s behavior?”

Little did you know, in a few years , Hayden would be bragging that he was the reason Daddy and Mommy were married.

People That Could Possibly Be The Real Peter Pan

I made a list, here it is:

Robbie Kay- Alright so we’ll just start off with him because he actually plays Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time, a dark one that is, but still Peter Pan none the less. Anywho, he is so cute and he has the floppy hair and the little button nose, gOSH HE SO CU TE

Rupert Grint- Alrighty then, I know it’s kinda hard to see him as anything other than Ron Weasley, but you see it too right? I mean look at this cutie, he’s got the classic red Peter Pan hair, and a darling smile and I could go on forever like seriously give this boy a feather hat and some tights and he’s good to go

Ashton Irwin- I don’t f*cking care if you have something against him or his band I will literally fight you I mean C'mon he’s a cute little ball of fuzzy kitties and sunshine and he has the hair and a cute smile and this adorable little giggle that he does, and who knows maybe modern Peter Pan wears a bandana instead of a green hat you never know

Thomas Sangster- Don’t even argue with me on this he is probably living on an island with a bunch of little kids he calls Lost Boys in his spare time because he DOESN’T AGE and he had been lookin fourteen for how long now??? And plus he has the hair and nose and sparkly eyes and I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I FAINT

Niall Horan- Yes I know I’m not their biggest fan for sure but LOOK at this dude and tell me you can’t see him knocking on your window in the middle of the night {{ha wow that sounded a LOT less creepy in my head oh well}} but look his face is a sure match of the cartoon kinda and the little facial expression just sells the whole Peter Pan thing, I’M CONVINCED SHUTUP AND PLEASE KEEP READING CUZ I AIN’T DONE WITH Y'ALL

Andrew Garfield- OH GEEZ wow okay Spiderman has reached a whole new level and I think that I can see him being the cute dude from Neverland I mean wow what gorgeous eyes and cute smile and nose and hey HAS ANYONE SEEN SOME RED HAIR DYE AND A PAIR OF TIGHTS???

Jacob Loftland- I’m screaming because this is the boy who PLAYS ARIS in The Scorch Trials  and OH BOY don’t even get me started on how pretty he is but can you even tell me no? NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT and I see him as Peter Pan and just why is it fair to any of us that he is this cute because I dont get it when is he gonna get the role of Peter Pan???

Logan Lerman- Do I even have to explain this one just LOOK AT THIS SHY LITTLE SH*T WHO THINKS HE’S ALLOWED TO BE THIS CUTE but he’s got the little bit of shyness about him and he has that kinda super cute look on his face and he is freaking PERCY JACKSON and how could he be a better Peter Pan tho

Alright so if you don’t agree with my list you can shut your wh**e mouth because this is my opinion and I’m feeling super confident and I don’t know maybe they all live in Neverland with each other and they’re all a type of Peter Pan and they bring girls to their island, and I don’t know bout you but I really need some celebrity Peter Pan AUs now so Imma go try and find some

Hi Tumblr, it’s been a while! I’ve just been living life, and I figured it’d be a good idea to start up my blog again!! Lately, I’ve been occupied with my qtπ girlfriend who makes me so happy. Expect lots of adorable trans lesbianism from now on! And can you believe how long my hair is getting? Oh my gosh

  • Natsu: What does that E.N.D. guy look like, anyway?
  • Zeref: Pink hair.
  • Zeref: Round face.
  • Zeref: Small pupils.
  • Zeref: Cute smile.
  • Zeref: Fangs.
  • Natsu: ... O_O
  • Zeref: He's got Fairy Tail's insignia on his shoulder.
  • Natsu: You mean Tartarus' insignia?
  • Zeref: No, no. Fairy Tail's.
  • Natsu: ...
  • Zeref: So? Doesn't that remind you of anyone?
  • Natsu: ... *mindblown*
  • *Five hours later*
  • Natsu: WAIT A MINUTE.
  • Zeref: *sigh* Oh gosh, finally, just how the hell haven't you realized it yet?
  • Natsu: IS THAT I'M E.N.D--
  • Zeref: Yes.
  • Zeref: Wait, what?
  • Zeref: *facepalm* ... Just when and how did you become an idiot?
  • Zeref: *I don't remember raising him like that.*
  • Zeref: *What did that Fire Dragon do to turn the child that created curses and founded a guild at a young age into a dumbass?*
  • Zeref: Seriously, I've had enough of your stupidity, Natsu.
  • Zeref: I'm out.
  • Natsu: Wait, what are you trying to--
  • Zeref: *disappears*
  • Natsu: Oh god damn it!

alrighty so my very first thing on this blog, domestic!joshua , as requested by the lovely @jisoostar ♡ I hope you enjoy this!!

it was so cute to write

○ owning a house w/ josh would be the cutest thing ever honestly
○ like first of all
○ can you imagine waking up to him every day
○ sleepy josh w/ messy hair and a soft smile? sign me UP
○ ok like i see him as someone who wants his house to be really clean
○ but never really wants to do the cleaning himself……
○ but also feels rly bad asking u to clean
○ “gosh the living room is getting kinda messy…..”
○ “then clean it?”
○ “idk..would u do it…please?”
○ you’d always end up doing the cleaning
○ but his laziness in cleaning is made up for by him cooking and doing the shopping for around the house and like laundry
○ will probably over decorate for holidays
○ “i got more halloween decorations!!!”
○ “josh..thats great but it literally looks like a haunted house in here”
○ “i know isnt it GREAT?!”
○ just gets really excited over holidays and spending them with u in your home
○ artist!joshua would come out tbh
○ he’d spend so much time decorating the christmas tree cookies with green frosting and tiny sprinkle ornaments
○ eventually gets frustrated and just throws on random frosting and a shit ton of sprinkles
○ christmas morning would be thE BEST
○ you’d wake up to a non-sleepy josh, he’d be leaning over you just WAITING for you to wake up so he could see what you got for him and he’d be SO EXCITED to see ur reaction to what he got u
○ “y/n wake up!! come on its CHRISTMAS!!!!”
○ josh is just an excitable little angel omg
○ ok but like back to house decorating
○ i feel like he’d be the type to really be into feng shui or have like a very serious aesthetic for your home
○ you’ll come home with like new red drapes or something and he’d just be like
○ “oh no…y/n….this doesn’t match the rest of the house….”
○ he’d leave u really cute sticky notes in the morning
○ like on the mirror in your bathroom saying
○ “good morning beautiful, have a lovely day ♡”
○ he’d very often come home with like flowers or one of ur fave snacks or just anything to let u know he was thinking of u on his way home
○ eating dinner together would be so sweet
○ he’d always ask you abt ur day and listen intently to u rant about the drama at work
○ he’d probably get so into what u were talking abt he’d stop eating
○ if u had an especially bad day at work he’d cook u ur fave meal followed by cuddling while watching ur fave movie/tv show
my heart is fluttering thinking about it omg
○ he’d honestly be the best stress reliever i just-
○ he’d be an even better listener on those days and would hold you in his arms and stroke ur hair while listening to you, nodding along to everything you say
○ you guys would have a music room in ur house
○ he’d spend a lot of his free time in there
○ like his guitar would be in there, all the albums u guys own with a really good sound system, and any instruments u play
○ would want to have jam sessions with u in there ALL THE TIME
○ like u guys would probably spend more time in there than anywhere else honestly
○ likes when u sing along to the music you’re listening to
○ like he’s just walking past the music room and hears ur voice and just stops outside the door and peaks in and smiles to himself
○ he loves your voice ;;;
○ ok so like you’ll have to go away for like a week on a business trip or smthn
○ and like time apart isnt anything super rare for you guys, but it’s mostly him thats gone
○ and so he’s spending a week alone in the house…and he’s like….really sad
○ like ofc he loves the house cause its your guys’
○ but its different without you there
○ and he’d have trouble sleeping in your bed without you there in his arms like
○ he’d just be so sad w/o you there
○ and you come back and he’s waiting for you with flowers and his arms wide open
○ you run into his arms and you guys just hold each other for like 10 minutes
○ and when you pull away joshua is like
○ “this house isnt a home without you in it”
○ so in conclusion, domestic!joshua would be the sweetest, fluffiest thing ever