gosh his eyes


Sherlock closes his eyes so the last thing he sees in case his plan doesn’t work is John.


We got a Norwegian James Dean, who conveys a whole universe of plagued inner life behind those intense eyes and with a magnetism that comes through the screen in a way we have never seen on Norwegian screens before.

#He’s looking at Keith

Post war Shiro looking at his beautiful husband walking down the aisle (during their space wedding, Shiro walked down). I also think Shiro is the type to cry during a wedding especially if it’s his lol

For Day 1 of Sheith Quote Week!

i never noticed how BIG that smile was. he just can’t help it. the love of his life is going on about how she didn’t like him and he just can’t help smiling because LOOK AT WHERE THEY ARE NOW. they’re getting ready to go to space after everything they’ve been through and he’s so ready to spend the next five years with her. and then he looks back at her with these massive heart eyes and WOW this ship destroys me

Hogworts worst kept secret

I recon Remus being a werewolf would be the worst kept secret in hogworts… like when snape finds out the next evening at dinner he get up and tells the whole school.

Remus is terrified and looks about ready to be sick or pass out.

james and Sirius are ready to protect him .they both have there hands on there wands ready to let hexes start flying at anyone who dare try hurt there friend.

Peter watching not shore what to do. But working out how they would make an exit if need be.

The teachers held there breath ready to step in.

Then someone laughs.

“What Remus? Are Remus lupin? The Remus who is lovely to everyone and cried once because a dog was too cute? Funny one snape. Whatever next james turning into a goat?”

James didn’t miss a beat.“ahh no don’t be stupid I’m a stag actually ! Gosh !” Rolling his eyes dramatically.

Sirius grins “I’m actually a Great Dane, keep up!”

And it just becomes this huge joke.

Peter helps feed the rumours. Keeping the joke going.

“Ah the curtain has fallen down must be werewolf lupin ”

“Ahh thers no more chicken left must have been werewolf lupin ”

“ I haven’t got my homework werewolf lupin ate it”

“Ahh a animal has been found dead on the grounds must have been werewolf lupin ”

And Remus is like “ ….yea about that last one.”

It even got to a point where he got a new scar on his face. He had no explanation for how he got it and a sixth year laughed saying “ werewolf fight I see. Did you win "moonie”?“

And Remus would just laugh uncomfortably ” ahh yea"
And the sixth year high five’d him and wonder off no questions asked.

No one questioned the blatant Proof that started popping up because there lovely Remus lupin couldn’t be a werewolf .

Remus has never felt to confused but excepted in his life.


When I speak about perfection, I mean Choi Seunghyun.

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heres my spoopy ghost eevee i won from @occasionallyskitty ​ a lil while ago :3 (i changed his type from ghost to psychic because unowns are psychic typesss….and because he is technically a ghost. just not a ghost type! hahah??)


I’ve offically named him Hitomu (ひとむ)! It translates to one dream/single dream.

I wanted to explore some really Decora like looks, with vibrant colors and such! I also plan to do a lot of horror and gore and psychological horror with him! Even though his personality is bubbly and positive, until it gets annoying, weird, creepy, or disturbing.

I use a lot of vocaloid songs for him, and other japanese or just interesting songs!

I’ve already sketched out a christmas outfit, so i’ll probably do that next!! ^y^ <3