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When I meet you in the summer -Part 1

Summary: Working as a bartender in a five star hotel while a rich and famous family is staying over for a month, and one of their sons, Bucky, happens to have an eye for you, is a dream right? Right? Wrong!

Chapter 1: Special Guests.

Fandom: Marvel

Y/N: your name

Warnings: alcoholic parents, mentions of abuse.

Word count: 1,464

A/N: Well, I wanted to give the whole Alternative Universe thing a shot, so I came up with this series. This is the first chapter, should I continue?

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Y/N’s POV:

The pool of a five star hotel is a place many would pay to be on. Actually, a lot of people do. The three different pools, plus two Jacuzzis, massaging experts, tropical cocktails and as much sunshine as you could want. Who wouldn’t love that? So yes, I could say I’m enjoying myself, even though of the facilities I listed, I only benefit from the last one.

I’m the hotel’s bartender. The new hotel’s bartender. I’ve been here for barely a week, but luckily I know my share on alcohol. My mother’s death: elliptic coma. My father, how ironic, turned into an alcoholic after that. That’s essentially my life: a bad joke. Let’s stop taking about this.

Today is an important day. Well, all days are important for our manager Scott, but apparently today is an extra important day. A really rich and famous family, of those that have their face front cover on Sunday’s gossip magazine special, are arriving today. They come to this hotel every summer for a month and are the most prestigious guests of the year. I wish I could tell you why exactly they are so famous, but while most girls of my age where screaming and freaking out about their celebrity crushes, I had better things to do. Like making sure we had enough money to eat that night, for instance.

The pool has been prepared, and all the staff instructed. I have to admit everything looks gorgeous: The plants are sorted in an exquisite combination of white and green, and give out a fresh smell that mixes with the sea’s. The private beach is accesible from here, and the sound of soft waves, brushing golden sand and dragging castaway seashells to shore, fills the otherwise silent terrace. All hammocks have clean and fluffy white towels, with the hotel’s name embroiled with gold, and the parasols are made out of wood and blend naturally with the atmosphere. The waitress is ready to take their orders, the pools are calmed and cristal clear, palm trees lean over to frame the views of the beach, the very first thing they will see when they enter. Everything is beautiful and for a second I allow myself to be the one who’s actually going to enter through that door and enjoy all the facilities. But just for a second.

“Here they come… Y/N, are you ready?” mumbles Scott, from the door of the bar. I nod silently and rub my hands on my apron in an unconscious attempt to relive stress.

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*Crossing Paths* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can I get an Newt Scamander in the modern day, is in CA studying any cool creature, and meets the reader at college (specifically CSUSM because I go there 😁) and it’s just full of fluff and whatnot 😝 I adore this man💙

I hope you enjoy, sweet Anon! Sorry it took a few days to finally get done! I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be! ^_^ Enjoy some modern day Newt Scamander!

Dropping your books on the table, you opened up your laptop and took a sip of the steaming hot coffee you had bought and settled in for an afternoon of serious paper writing. You knew you shouldn’t have procrastinated, but the past few weeks the weather had been so perfect you just had to go to the beach with your friends. 

“Come one…” You pressed the keyboard multiple times, but your stupid screen kept freezing. Letting out a sigh, you pressed the restart button and waited for your laptop to reboot. 

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Ride Along

Originally posted by p1styles

Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader

Word Count: 500+

Warnings: Possibly some cursing?

A/N: I’m so happy to have finally written a request. Shout out to @moxxetti for giving me my first request. I would love to write more requests so be sure to send them in!

“Honestly, you’re such a child sometimes,” you complained as you started the car, causing AJ to roll his eyes at you.

“You’re just mad that I beat you in rock, paper, scissors, babe.”

“Yeah, whatever you say,” you muttered as you pulled out of the arena and onto the road. “Where are we headed?”

“Uh, we’re headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, which is about two hours away,” he responded, pulling his phone out to give you directions to the highway. You smiled and quickly glanced over at him.

“I like your accent, babe,” you said and AJ laughed.


“I said I like your accent. It’s cute.”

“Well, I’m glad that you still find me cute after all these years.”

“No, you’re not cute, just your accent is cute,” you joked and you could nearly feel him rolling his eyes.

“Gosh, you are so mean to me,” AJ pouted and your grinned, grabbing his hand and pressing a kiss to it.

“You love me anyway, though.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he responded, pulling his hand away from you and looking back down at his phone. “Take a left up here to get on the highway, baby.”

“Hey, you know today is the seven year anniversary of the day you proposed to me?” you asked as you merged onto the highway.

“Yes, actually, I was aware of that. It was the second best day of my life.”

“Better than beating Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship?”

“Well, maybe third best,” he said, causing you to smack his arm.


“I’m kidding of course. Proposing to you was the best decision I ever made.”

“Aw, that’s so sweet and I would definitely kiss you if I wasn’t driving right now.”

“Well, now I have that to look forward to.”

“Oh, do you wanna hear some cheesy pickup lines that I used on Ziggler earlier?”

AJ looked at you incredulously. “Why were you using cheesy pickup lines on Ziggler?”

“Well, for one he’s really hot,” you responded causing AJ to huff at you. “And I wanted to see if they were bad enough to use on you later.”

“I can’t believe you just called another guy hot.”

“Oh, please, don’t get your panties in a twist. You know I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah, just let me hear the pickup lines.”

“Okay, first one. Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have a sweet ass!”

“Wow, that was terrible. There’s no way Ziggler would’ve been into that.”

“Are you actually jealous of him or are you just trying to be a pain in my ass?”

“Just wanna be a pain in the ass,” he replied honestly, causing you to roll your eyes.

“I hate you.”

“You wish.”

You grinned as you pulled into the hotel’s parking lot. “Finally,” you said, unbuckling your seatbelt, watching as AJ did the same. “Wait, don’t get out yet.”

“Why not?” he asked turning to face you.

“Because I promised you a kiss, didn’t I?”

AJ smiled and nodded. “That you did, darlin’.”

“Well, a promise is a promise,” you said before leaning forward to press a quick kiss against his lips. You smiled as you pulled away, turning towards the camera. “And we’ll see you all on SmackDown Live! Goodnight everybody!”

Beach House (Pt. II)

Title: Beach House (Pt. II)

Pairing: Tyler/Reader

Warnings: Not much really, I mean I couldn’t really have it get too kinky, because it’s the poor kid’s first time, so have patience lol.

A/N: I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this, ya’ll let me know what you think.  Also, Tumblr crashed when I finished editing this, so this is the second fucking time and I’m mildly displeased, in case you couldn’t tell.

Sidenote, here is the link to Beach House (Pt. I) for all you lazy motherfuckers.  I would recommend reading it first, but hey, it’s your world and I’m just livin’ in it so do whatever the fuck you want.

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his eyes leak night // acomaf

his eyes leak night
stars collide when he blinks
worlds shatter when he moves
moons spill from his gaze

her heart leaks sorrow
he holds her close when she cries
until universes tremble when she breathes
and fire and ice spill from her fingertips

she heals his gaping wounds
and he uplifts her until she is new
and they are a force of nature
their love could make the world crumble

and when darkness comes to claim them
their heads are held up high
their fingers are entwined like their lives
like their souls, their existences

when she is ripped from his grasp
when all forces try to split them apart
when he feels his soul ripped in two
they will survive

but barely

“until we meet again -
because we must;
because you are the only force
that ties me to this earth”

“i will always come back to you
you are my salvation
you are mine
and i am yours”

@time-to-hit-the-clouds personally I think Bruce noticed that 13-year-old Dick had noticed Barbara and was like “hah AS IF” and “you’re waaaay too young, chum”

“Bruce shut up I don’t know what you’re even talking about”

[cue Bruce’s “dad face”] 😏

And it’s kind of true, Dick know Babs is pretty but he doesn’t really think about it too much. Bruce is safe.

But then. 

Dick turns 18. 

He notices Barbara. NOTICES notices. 

Barbara notices him noticing her. 

And doesn’t mind. 

[cue flirting] 😘🤗

Bruce minds. 

And DAMNIT, why did they have to pull this over on him now?? Bruce can’t hate Barbara! She’s been around way too long!!!

[cue Bruce’s brooding/sulking while Dick and Babs flirt in the background] 

😑 … 😚😌

Bruce makes a vow. No more Batgirls.

He wasn’t banking on a Spoiler. 

Blanket War - A Supernatural Fic

Author’s note: Happy Birthday, @thebest-medicine ! I’m sorry this fic is so late, but I hope it’s alright! 

Description: Dean and Cas are having a movie night, but things go awry when Dean won’t share the blanket.

Wordcount: 1,117


“Dean, give it back.”

“Sorry, what?”

“The blanket. You’ve stolen a considerable amount.”

“Oh, come on, Cas. Angels don’t need blankets.”

“My vessel had acclimatised to the temperature over the past half an hour – I feel cold now.”

Castiel frowned, reaching across the sofa to retrieve the fabric which had earlier insulated both hunter and seraph. Neither party had intended the movie night to happen, yet when Dean had collapsed on the couch after returning home, he seemed incapable of movement. The quiet of the bunker was somewhat unsettling – for once, everything was peaceful. It was late, Sam having already turned in for the night, leaving Dean and Cas with the TV blaring softly. However, Dean had developed a case of the fidgets, growing increasingly restless over time. Until, having had enough of sharing, he managed to pull the blanket so it was no longer covering the both of them. The freckled grin that greeted Cas as he attempted to regain the bedding was smug to say the least, Dean’s hand repeatedly snatching the blanket just out of reach.


“Yes, Cas?”

“Give it-Dean!” The angel let out a small growl as he pounced onto Dean, one arm outstretched and grappling for the blanket.

“Get offa me!” Each fighting to gain the upper hand, the pair of them descended into a pile of limbs, the only discernible part being the bedding that remained suspended out of reach. With a small humph at the childishness of the situation, Cas grabbed Dean’s hip and pushed himself towards the blanket, other arm reaching upwards, ready to grab his victory-

A sharp yelp sounded, and Cas found himself tumbling downwards as the hunter beneath him seemed to disappear entirely, dislodging his supporting hand. The seraph landed, confused, on the cushions once more, and frowned at Dean – the hunter was sprawled on the floor, entangled in blanket.

“Dean! Did I hurt you?”

“N-no, no, Cas, I’m fine.”

“What happened?” Head tilting comically, the angel regarded his human, bemusement lacing through his eyes when the freckled brunette sat up and refused to meet his gaze.

“Nothing, it just…felt weird.” Dean was blushing, Cas noticed. The seraph watched with curiosity as he clambered back onto the couch and glared at him.

“What are you lookin’ at?” The Winchester muttered, tossing part of the blanket in Cas’ direction. Ignoring the confrontation, Castiel persisted, shifting closer to his human as he spoke.

“What do you mean it ‘felt weird’?”

“Just drop it, C-AS!” A swift jab from said angel, and Dean was huddled against the cushions, one hand covering his torso defensively. Something clicked for Cas, and he turned to glance at his friend with amusement, a smile playing on his lips.

“You’re ticklish.”

“No!” He didn’t need mind reading power to know Dean was lying - the truth was already in the blush that tinted his cheeks and ears. In a split second, he was above his Hunter, pinning Dean to the couch and observing the green eyes that refused to meet his gaze, and oh gosh his eyes were so much brighter when he was blushing-

“Cas, I’m warning you,” The hollow threat drew Cas back out of his own thoughts. The Winchester’s face was an endearing mix of nerves and mirth, and the angel had to look away when Dean bit his lip in an anticipatory smile.

“You stole my blanket,” A grin playing on his features, Castiel let out a playful growl before pinching Dean’s sides, his legs blocking all escape routes.

Bright laughter immediately filled the room as the hunter threw his head back, eyes creasing at the corners whilst his hands pulled at Cas’ wrists.

“Cahahas! Nohohoho! Stahap!”

“‘No stop’ is grammatically incorrect - but, since you asked nicely, I suppose I’ll continue.”

“Nahahahaha! Nahat what ihi meheant! AH! Cas, Cas…please. Don’t.” Frozen like a deer in headlights, Dean glared warily at his angel’s hands, which had stopped tickling in favour of resting just above his hips. His reaction earned a brief eyebrow raise, followed by a worryingly mischievous smirk.

“Is it that bad?”

“Y-yes, Cas, please-”

“Oh, good. Then you’ll be sorry for taking the blanket.” Wasting no time, Castiel grabbed his friend’s torso and wriggled his fingertips in tandem over the skin, adding a tiny flutter of his grace for good measure.

  The cacophony of shrieking, hysterical laughter that exploded from Dean was music to his ears. A giggle escaped the angel as the squirming Hunter beneath him let out an undignified squeal when Cas’ grace reached his navel.

“NAHAHA! CAHAHAHAS! PLEHEHEHEHAHA!” Hands flailing futilely, Dean threw his head back, allowing the laughter to pour from his vessel like liquid joy. The Seraph watching him merely smiled, sending out more grace and relishing in the shriek it warranted.

“I’ll stop if you apologise,” He bargained, switching to lightly spidering his nails over the buzzing nerve endings.

“SHIH*T! CAHAHAHAS!” Dean’s legs kicked out, feet scrambling on the couch in a mission to distract himself from the torture.


“PLEHEHEHAHA! PLEHEHEASE!” The Winchester’s eyes were screwed shut, a quite frankly adorable smile plastered onto his features that left the room glowing.

“You want me to stop?”


“Then apologise!”


“Alright. Just remember, you asked for it.” Castiel gave an amused sigh, celestial waves of Grace radiating outwards from his fingers and snaking into his human’s vessel, eliciting a series of shrieks that sent his heart soaring. Every few seconds, a snort would punctuate the giggles, tears of mirth leaking from Dean’s eyes. He shook his head slightly, laughter reaching a peak before descending into silence, his hands pushing weakly at Cas’ wrists. With a considerable amount of reluctancy, the brunette withdrew his mojo, leaving Dean nothing more but a blushing, giggling mess.

“Are you going to say sorry?”

“Fine, whahatever, I’m sorry.”

  Castiel raised his hands once more, the fingers twitching threateningly.

“Say it like you mean it.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Dohon’t!”

“Fine,” Grinning, Castiel moved out the way, grabbing the blanket and turning his attention to the screen again. Dean huffed, a blush dusting his cheeks as he shuffled over and leant on the angel’s shoulder. The pair sat in silence for all of a few moments before the hunter turned to smirk mischievously at his angel.

“Cas, you forgot something.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Nobody - and I mean nobody - tickles a Winchester and gets away with it.” The flash of an evil grin was the last thing Cas saw before he was tackled to the cushions, hands pinned. A pair of glinting green eyes smiled down at him.

“Dean, wait - no, don’t! DEAN!”

 Needless to say, neither Cas nor Dean would get much movie-watching done that night.