gosh he has a cute grumpy face

anonymous asked:

Let's talk about grumpy sleppy dean, shall we? Dean waking up, his hair sticking up everywhere, irritated that cas left the bed until he comes back and kisses his face and they have sleepy morning sex uwu

Um yes

Grumpy, sleepy Dean is the best, okay? So cute. I know a lot of people think Cas wouldn’t be a morning person, and I can totally get behind that, but oh my gosh, I just see Dean as such a grumpy morning person. Cas has been up for hours because he likes to be productive at first light; he likes to garden, and shower, and get some laundry and cleaning done. Dean stays in bed until Castiel finally comes to wake him up because it’s breakfast time, and Dean bitches the entire time, nose all scrunched up, allt he mussy bed head, and Cas just thinks grumpy, sleepy Dean is the cutest, because he is uwu