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What is with Mashima and trolling us with these kiss scenes?

First, Jellal decided that nah, he’s unworthy of Erza so he’ll come up with some kind of excuse about a fiancé

Gajeel and Levy end up fine, yet their relationship status isn’t actually “official”

Now with Zervis he kills off one half of the freaking ship!

What you got against happy shippers, bro?


So I guess this is me coming out (well to tumblr at least) 
I’ve been thinking a lot about it this summer and yea
I’m bisexual (she/her)
It feels so good to say it I feel so much lighter and i don’t know I just know this is right and i’m scared but i’m relieved too and idk if anyone’s even reading this but yea i don’t even know if this makes sense and i guess i just really really needed to say it 

My Pumpkin Panic! Oc Tiramisu in an alt.Costume, and my DreamSelfy Oc Whatstheirface.  Both of which are extremely terrible little sinners.

  • me :i love u, will u marry me?
  • shay :what? what did u say?
  • me :what? what did i say?
  • shay:i love u, will u marry me?
  • me :omg i love u too and yes!

anonymous asked:

since you have such amazing music taste, i was wondering if you could recommend any songs that would make you feel powerful/cool when you walk?

hehe well I do have a “confident” playlist, though it’s more of a “overly confident 15 years old” one, like it’s slightly ridiculous but oh  so self assured! Some of the songs are nice when walking.

But if I choose more of the powerful/in control/confident side, and just a couple of reccomendations, I would say:

Pacific Rim

Jungle (X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons)

Trouble (prod. DJ Stickle and Steddy)

Seven nation army

Bang Bang


Resten av ditt Liv (Timbuktu)

Ut ur min skalle (Movits!)

Nej (Raymond och Maria) (a bit to fast maybe but with a very good beat and very bitter in a good way)

How far we’ve come (also a bit fast to walk to but also very beat)

The last three are more giddy in their melody but they are things sung when your burn all shit you have to take to fuel you, so they need to be a bit lighter. And in a sense VERY powerful!