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happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

Episode 88, part 1: SIDE QUEST TO TRAUMA TOWN

Rishid has a flashback a few minutes into this episode that lasts for like, ten minutes. Jury is out on whether he just stares into space for a full ten minutes or sees all this in some kind of memory fast-forward. No one acts like he spaces out for ages but I trust precisely none of these fuckos to react like normal humans to someone being a weirdo.

Let’s join Rishid on his harrowing trip down memory lane.

Having been (semi)adopted by the Ishtar family, a ~7 year old Rishid overhears the head of the clan, who is the literal worst, and his wife, who seems pretty nice, talking about the future of the clan: Mr Blatantly Abusive needs a child to carry on the Tomb Keeper heritage.

Momma Ishtar suggests Rishid, who has the distinct benefit of (a) existing and (b) really wanting to be part of the clan’s whole Thing.

Okay fine, says Momma Ishtar. Lo, I have borne you a blood-relative child.

“Alright look, asshole, how about you fuck off and lower your damn standards? We live UNDERGROUND IN A DESERT, we all have to make compromises about the things we want. I want fresh fruit and some lipstick but I can’t have those things because we live UNDERGROUND IN A FUCKING DESERT.”

Even though Asshole Ishtar doesn’t approve, Momma Ishtar starts laying the groundwork for inducting Rishid into the clan by means of the horrific scarification ritual they traumatise their children with.

Rishid literally doesn’t care at all that it’s a disfiguring torture event, he just hears “you could be a real part of the family”. T____T 

I kind of feel like he already might be related to Momma Ishtar: they have the same hazel eye colour (while Malik has the same weird lilac as his father, and Isis has blue), and the person who left the baby outside the weird well in the ruins in the desert probably knew there were people there? People tend to give away babies, not kill them by exposure, you know, where possible. And the clan must have an above-ground sister clan or something, or some members of the clan (maybe not direct descendants?) can leave, otherwise they’d starve down here. Plus they’d become unsustainably inbred. So is Rishid actually Momma Ishtar’s nephew or something, from her above-ground side of the family? 

Whether he’s related to her or not, she clearly has accepted him as a son.

But then!

Sidebar: this baby’s hair is NOT BLONDE. Is Malik DYING HIS HAIR from a young age?

Asshole Ishtar leaves his dying wife to go wave his son at the moon like normal people do, leaving her to say goodbye to her other children.

Or actually just appoint one of them as Designated Malik Babysitter

“What about my little sister?”

Rishid reaches for her hand, but her arm falls limp as she dies before he can take it. T____T 

Can I also just take this incredibly sad moment to point out that Rishid’s hair is REALLY STRANGE. 

So Rishid becomes a sort of nanny figure to Malik; Asshole Ishtar considers him a servant, but he also seems to be Malik’s usual playmate, and act as a babysitter and protector. Where is Isis? No one seems to care.

So Malik gets bitten by a snake and Rishid FUCKIN NAILS THE THING



Abusive Ishtar is not amazed; he hits Rishid until he bleeds, telling him that the clan don’t need him, they only need Malik, and if Malik dies because of a snakebite that happened on Rishid’s watch…


Why does he hate him THIS MUCH? Like surely he should be something of a nonentity to him? Unless maybe Rishid is related to Momma Ishtar and Abusive Ishtar hates seeing his dead wife’s eyes in the wrong son’s face? 

So Rishid finally snaps, after years of abuse #fairtbh and decides to lash out at Abusive Ishtar the only way he knows how, by destroying the one thing Abusive Ishtar cherishes: the future of the clan as embodied by Malik. (Not Malik himself; Malik’s father clearly doesn’t care about Malik as a person, he only cares about what Malik represents.)

He just straight up goes to murder him.

This is really cool because it’s foreshadowing when Rishid is lying helpless and Yami Malik comes to stab him to death and pauses.

That’s when Malik calls Rishid “brother”, apparently for the first time, and apologises

ohhh bby, it’s not your fault! He’s always getting beat up because the head of your family is a fucking monster! also what is wrong with your eyes holy shit

and then they match the foreshadowing to Yami Malik with an echo back to Momma Ishtar: Malik, maybe dying, reaches out…

and this time Rishid does grab hold <3

However, this moment, while it convinces Rishid not to kill Malik, doesn’t seem to meaningfully change their behaviour towards each other: Rishid continues to act like a nanny/servant and even Malik sometimes treats him as one

little brat

In fairness, Malik is going through some shit, and doesn’t seem to have anyone emotionally healthy to talk to. Where is Isis? Who cares.

He’s terrified of his fucked-up inheritance. As well he might be.

OKAY WHO TOLD HIM THAT? WHO’S “THEY”? WHO’S MESSING WITH HIS ALREADY-ADDLED LITTLE HEAD?? I swear to god this cult is such a toxic environment the real question isn’t “why is Malik so fucked up?” it’s “how did Isis end up so relatively sane?”

And apparently “they” haven’t even explained why it’s important:

spoiler alert: nothing is so important it excuses child torture jsyk

would it have killed them to carve this shit into a fucking rock and just, idk, hidden the rock?

Anyway, Rishid has a solution that will please everyone!

Malik doesn’t have to go through literal torture, and Rishid will finally feel like he’s his mother’s son because apparently there is no therapy in the Isolated Desert Torture Cult #surprisingfacts

The only person who isn’t happy is Abusive Ishtar because he subscribes to a shitty, cold-hearted and frankly primitive concept of what makes someone a member of the family and also a terrible candle-throwing world-view


Then there is some Symbolism™ with a moth

The moth dies. I think the moth was Rishid’s hope to someday be accepted as a “real son”? But they sort of left it open to interpretation. Anyway, it definitely dies.

And so does Malik’s childhood innocence!

… This is legit hard to watch.

Malik goes through the ritual, with red-hot knives and all. It takes as long as it takes a thick taper candle to burn out. Candles burn at different rates, but it’s going to be at least 3 hours and possible up to 12.

Job done, Abusive Ishtar just dumps Malik back into Rishid’s care. And Malik is not coping well. It’s right here that we get the first glimpse of The Artist That Will Come To Be Known As Yami Malik:

…. How did he get to “the Pharaoh” as the answer? I guess by buying into Abusive Ishtar’s, and the clan’s, belief that they coULDN’T JUST CARVE THIS SHIT ON A FUCKIN ROCK AND BE DONE WITH IT.

Annnnnyway, in further Fucked Up Children Today news, Rishid also scarified himself, but like, for no reason at all, more or less 

I guess it’s technically cheaper than therapy?

What I want to know is: did he do it himself? Because it would be almost impossible, right? Do they even HAVE mirrors down here? And could he do such neat scars on his own facial skin with just a knife, a (metaphorically) blunt instrument? Face wounds tend to bleed a LOT too. Because if he didn’t do it himself, who else is down here that wouldn’t have been present at the ritual and might actually take him seriously enough to help him do it?

Where is Isis?

Dear Journal,

Tonight everyone wanted to spend some time together. We realised that summer was approaching and our time together was getting smaller and smaller. We all sat down in the common room. Sirius, Marlene, Peter and I were sitting on the long couch, James and Lily were sharing a love seat and Regulus and Sophie were cuddled on the soft carpet. We were all remembering ourselves some good memories and Lily took out a cute painted wooden box. The small box was filled with polaroids of us since 1st year. Lily passed us a few and I recognized a young Sirius on the first one. I snuggled closer to him and we looked at a few old pictures.

“Do you remember this day Pads? Lily made us flower crowns!” I giggled.

“Oh Merlin yes i remember this! When was it.. 4th year?” He asked.

“I think it was! It feels like forever ago.. You looked kinda hot with this flower crown!” I giggled.

“Look at you! You were blushing so much!” He said, kissing my cheeks.

It was a sunny day during our 4th year. We had just finished our last exam of they year and we all decided to spend our last day by the lake. James, Sirius and I were throwing a muggle football to eachother while the girls were picking up flowers. Marlene arrived with a picnic bag full of sandwiches and deserts and she called us so we could come eat.

“I’m starving! Thanks Marlene for the food!” James smiled.

“Yeah thank you Marls!” Sirius said.

“No problem everyone! Now let’s eat! We worked hard this year.. so let’s celebrate!” She smiled.

After eating, I took some alone time and walked to the dock. I sat on the edge and took a deep breath of the fresh air. I was going to miss this place. I could hear bird noises from the trees around the lake. My feet were touching the warm water and the soft wind was brushing in my hair. I heard a few steps behind me and a few seconds later, Sirius was sitting next to me. Remeber, at that time, we weren’t together…

“It’s beautiful here..” he said.

“It is. I’m going to miss it this summer.” I said.

“Can you imagine! Next year we’ll be in 5th year!”

“Yeah.. it’s crazy..”

I looked at him and he had his eyes closed. The orange colour from the sunset was shinning on his soft skin. His black hair were flotting in the wind.

“Are you going to visit me this summer?” I asked him.

“Of course I will Moons! You can also come to James’ in July.. i’m sure he’ll agree. Do you really think I would let my best friend alone all summer?” He smirked.

When he used the word “best friend” it warmed my heart. Sure i wanted us to be more than that but Sirius always liked girls…

“Boys! Come try our flower crowns!” Lily screamed.

“Oh no! Here we go!” He laughed.

He stood up and handed me his hand. I took it and he helped me get up. I felt shivers go through my fingers.

“Here, this on is for Sirius, this one for Remy and the final one for Potter!” She giggled.

I looked at Sirius and he was so cute. His hair were messy and full of flowers. He caught me staring and I looked down, blushing. CLICK!

“Lily! Did you just take a picture of me?”

“It’s for the memories Remus! You’ll thank me one day!” She giggled.

Back to now, we looked at all the polaroids Lily took. From our first day to last week. I’m hoing to miss this place.

February 27th 1976

This is something I learned was going on some time ago and it came to my attention today that it has continued. It disheartened me to the point I felt the need to make an attempt to address it.

Myself and those I rp with are fortunate to have a great number of followers who enjoy our roleplay and writing. However, I am aware that there are others being subjected to unjust and unfair comparison.

I cannot and will not condone this behavior. If you do not enjoy a player’s roleplaying, that does not give cause to abuse the privilege of anonymity to put down, attack or harass them. Roleplay is a hobby and is done for the player’s own enjoyment before anyone else’s.

Many of us do strive to improve our writing and characterization and are open to hearing out constructive, thoughtful and fair criticism. If you cannot offer a player this, the unfollow button is just as easy to find as the ask button. Please consider using it instead, leaving the player to enjoy their hobby in peace.

Sweet Dreams, My Cloud

(Hey Juju!! I saw earlier that you said you weren’t having a good week, so I spent all day of something to possibly cheer you up, then I noticed you said you were in a Sefikura mood, so I whipped up this little fic for you!! This is probably set in an au where Genesis and Angeal don’t go through the degradation process and don’t wage war against Shinra, Sephiroth didn’t go mad at the Nibelheim Reactor, but Zack and Cloud and other Nibelheim dwellers are still captured by Hojo to be used in experiments, and when they escape are somehow found by Seph or someone else and Zack lives. I hope you like it!!)


It’s dim in the Midgar hospital, owned by Shinra. Most hallways are still lit up, bright enough for the staff to work and dim enough for most patients to sleep peacefully.

Sephiroth sits in one of the chairs outside a room. Usually people aren’t allowed to stay after visiting hours, but the First Class is an exception. His mind is thinking about if he should visit the patient in the room, or just go home and get some sleep. Angeal and Genesis have told him that Zack and Cloud were going to be fine and that he can go home, but there was something inside of him that told him to watch over the two until he was assured that they were fine-fine.

Maybe it was the nagging guilt for letting them be captured by Hojo. Sephiroth never usually let one emotion hang over him for too long, but this one mysteriously never left. Ever since the two men had disappeared near five years ago during the mission to check the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, there was a tiny little thing telling him it was his fault, that he should’ve known Hojo was keeping them captive when he was spending more time at the abandoned mansion in Nibelheim. He kept it well hidden, though, like everything else.

Sometimes an employee will walk by, slowly walking by with a cart full of medicine to process that the great Sephiroth is here in their presence, then will walk faster with an excited blush when he gives them a wave.

Finally, Sephiroth makes his decision and opens up the door slowly, peeking in at the blond and unconcious infantryman with an IV drip in his arm, the beeping of a heart moniter and soft breathing being the only sounds that fill the room. As much as he’s glad Cloud’s alive, something about the sight just about makes his heart hurt.

The guilt speaks to him again. ‘It’s your fault he’s like this, you know’.

The same line when he went to visit Zack. Zack had been in worse condition than Cloud, halfway near death, an oxygen mask strapped to his face and covered head to toe with bandages. The doctor had told him that there was a possibility that Zack may not survive, but he somehow managed to live.

Sephiroth shook his head, silently telling it to be quiet as he walked over to Cloud’s bedside. The poor thing had been unconcious and bedridden for a week, due to the extreme apparent mako poisoning he’d suffered through. Another doctor that had been checking on him told Sephiroth that Cloud’s conciousness could be diminishing, or, even if he did wake up, his mental state might never be the same.

Gently, Sephiroth sits on the bed, staring at Cloud. When he and Zack had been found, their faces were covered in sweat and grime, their hair a complete mess. Thankfully, they were cleaned up, and now Cloud’s face was beautiful as ever.

From the moment Sephiroth had met Cloud, he had a strange attraction to the young cadet. He smiled at the memory of when he had off handedly mentioned said attraction when he had been placed next to the infantryman, and Cloud had nearly fainted. It was foreign at first, the attraction. Sephiroth had taught himself from his first memory of the labs that everything else came before his feelings.

Sephiroth didn’t remember his hand coming up to Cloud’s cheek, but the next thing he knew he was tenderly stroking it. For a moment, he thought Cloud had turned his head to feel more of Sephiroth’s hand, but he figured it was just his imagination. Then, ever so slowly, closing his eyes, he brought his lips to gently press against Cloud’s forehead, trailing down to his cheek, to leave a chaste kiss against Cloud’s own soft lips.

Eyes still closed, Sephiroth runs his hand through Cloud’s even softer hair, leaning their foreheads together. “Sweet dreams, my Cloud.” He whispers, too quiet to be considered a whisper. Silently, he gets up from the bed and leaves the room.

Unknown to him, Cloud smiles, having dreamt of his hero tightly embracing him as they shared a tender kiss.

In today’s round of Boring News that Nobody Cares About, I bought this soft crate for only $39 on eBay so hopefully it’s not terrible and I can do the crate training thing you Americans are so into.

anonymous asked:

(regarding the last anon you answered) i feel like the thing with Victor that's pissing me off this episode, with him asking Izzy out and all, isn't even that he's her boss (eventhough that's a valid point, too) but the fact that he was literally the one who got her addicted to yin fen???and now??? he has the nerve?? to ask her out???? bruh.

it’s also the way when izzy says no, victor grabs at her arm/hand to physically restrained her so that he can ask again. so much ugliness in one scene.