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i can’t stop thinking about what anon said about shou when he goes to college. i love the idea of him running his father’s shady business whilst being an arts student??? that would be good. and the fact that he followed ritsu to the same college is also good.

up until now nobody knows what business he’s running but shou would probably tell you if you just ask. he is roommates with teru. teru helps him with his hair. they’re bros. shou is also the Rich friend™  

today was a Rough day at work but it was considerably brightened by this commission of Throw Away the Key by a long-time friend @littlestpersimmon ! I’ve always adored their art (specifically in their comic @eeriecrests ) and this piece is no exception! Thank you sooooooooooooo much Bel! <3 <3 <3

ryden 31/365
this is not just an ordinary hug. you see how brendon buried his head in ryan’s neck and how he curled up his fist into ryan’s shirt. that is an “i love you so fucking much” hug

In our inbox, in ou tag, can someone expain to the IH shippers that we don’t give a shit about them??? Go away and stay in your lane, go talk to someone that gives a damn about your ship and your opinions, is that too hard to get??? How do you even make a post that is pro IH and think it’s a good idea to put it in the IR tag, why do you even do it??? Who are you trying to convince??? Are you that desparate for out attention??? Sad.


ever since talking with @captusmomentum about my sweet baby boy I’ve wanted to draw him again. He’s just a shy theatre child who wants a boyfriend. My poor boy who never got to even exist because his parents in canon perish before he’s born. Which…I really can’t blame anyone for but myself. 

Everyone needs more of these cute nerds in their lives.

xxdtfanxx requested sum big bro with Alan sleepy hugs thing so… :D

And now to glare more at my cats for waking me. T_T


We didn’t have nothing to offer each other
Except for the rest of our lives

I was not having as big of a panic attack as i thought i was going to so, i don’t like crowds so it was hard for me, yeah it was like my nightmare i was pretty nervous, but after a couple times of doing it i got used to it, and its so funny because after we would yell cut, people were going out there Christmas dancing for everybody, Esther was getting the crowd moving, and i was like hiding behind the curtain being like ‘’oh my gosh please go away.’’

Brittany Snow

When He's Jealous of Another Member (Zelo)

AN: Requested by miyhang, I am really really really sorry for the long wait and this is probably not what you wanted. When you said Zelo as the oppa, I totally forgot that girls call their older brothers oppa too and I didn’t know which one you want so I just went with him being your boyfriend.

If you meant it as Zelo being you brother then please tell me and I’ll write another scenario for you, sorry again ><

He doesn’t know how long he can take this anymore.

You’re his girlfriend. His girl.

And yet, here you were, laughing your ass off with Daehyun.

Zelo sat there beside you on the couch with his arms crossed over his chest and a frown on his face as you continued to talk with Daehyun, completely forgetting that the reason you came to the dorm was to see him, your boyfriend.

“______, let’s go out. It’s been a while since we went on a date.” He said, poking your shoulder but he didn’t receive any response so he decided to poke you again. “______.” Another poke. “Baby.” Poke. “Yah, don’t ignore me.”

You sighed and looked at your whiny boyfriend, “What is it Jun Hong?” he tried not to show his annoyance that you haven’t been listening to him at all and put on a smile. “Let’s go on a date! We can go watch that new movie you’ve been dying to watch!”

Biting your bottom lip, you looked up at the ceiling. “About that…I kind of, watched it already.”

Zelo blinked, “What?”

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Because this video is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

One of Castiel’s favourite things is watching James wake. Clad in his blue striped pjs and haphazardly covered in a plush blanket, little Jay yawns and scrunches his nose and brows, shifting and groaning in that jerk-y, clumsy way babies do. His hands move under the blanket until he can push tiny fingers against his face, big grey-green eyes fluttering open before closing tightly due to the morning light. Heart filled to bursting, Castiel reaches into his son’s crib and rubs his tummy soothingly. James yawns again and groans in appreciation. “Your daddy likes when I do this, too,” Cas whispers fondly. 

James’s lips lift into a gummy little smile.

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